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Lord God, make us who You created us to be.

Hubert Lindsey, a gentleman used greatly by God in the early days of the charismatic movement, exemplifies a life lived according to God’s heart. Mr. Lindsey was part of that which was eventually called “The Jesus Movement.” This movement was used by God to bring thousands of drug-addicted, sexually perverted, disillusioned, and rebellious young people into the kingdom of God. Hubert Lindsey eventually became known as “Holy Hubert.”

Like King David, who wasn’t called by his father to join the “potential king lineup” (see 1 Samuel 16), nothing about Holy Hubert’s appearance or personality caused him to stand apart. He wasn’t all that charismatic, but again like David, he possessed something more important: God’s heart.

I once had the privilege of hearing Mr. Lindsey speak. He told of his calling to minister at the University of California, Berkeley, and spoke of the miracles and salvations. He mixed in some humor, and we all laughed, cheered, and applauded. What impacted me most, however, was a passing comment Holy Hubert made about how his ministry at Berkeley had been birthed.

“I became so burdened for this generation,” he said, “that I would walk the streets of the campus — sometimes all night long — weeping and interceding for those lost kids. I pled with God to give me those young people.” God had given this man His heart for a lost generation.

The Lord answered Hubert’s cry — because it was His own — and gave him a revival. Church historians agree that the Jesus Movement was of extreme significance in the renewal of the ’60s and ’70s. And when tracing the roots of the Jesus Movement, one invariably ends up at Berkeley with Holy Hubert Lindsey.

His burden cost him dearly, however. His broken heart led to broken bones — not to a large salary or a huge congregation. Lindsey and his wife were beaten on numerous occasions, stabbed, mocked, and ridiculed as they preached the gospel on campus. His wife eventually suffered brain damage from this, and Holy Hubert lost his sight due to the beatings. Just as the apostle Paul did, they bore on their bodies the marks of the Lord Jesus (see Galatians 6:17).

The Lindseys picture for us the principle of allowing the heart of God to become the motivation for ministry. This heart releases pure revival, keeping it free from the debris of pride and selfish motivation.

Father, give us Your heart for lost and hurting people. Give us Your heart for the broken, wounded, and confused. Give us Your heart, even for the rebel. Break our hearts — give us many who will walk the empty streets, weeping for those who are so lost. In the name of Jesus we pray, amen. — Excerpted from Praying for America.

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November 16, 2023

I was at U C Berkeley in the 1960’s and remember Holy Hubert. He always wore a collared shirt with a tie. He loved the young people. He would continually preached to them about Jesus. Most in the student crowds would curse him and say bad things about him. But it did not deter him. He had a love for all of us…even tho we were confused on what he was teaching and didn’t receive the message of Christ.

Bless him. He certainly had courage and was faithful…everyday..to go out on the streets of UC Berkeley with his message of Salvation by Jesus.

Thank you.

Carolyn Venable
November 14, 2023

Praying for Revival! Start a new tradition at Thanksgiving dinner! Sing & PRAY “America, the Beautiful!” Blessings! https://hisinheritance.org/2023/11/14/is-america-the-beautiful-it-could-be/

Sheila Price
November 14, 2023


Bill Scott
November 14, 2023

I had the extreme priviledge of meeting Holy Hubert as he ministeredand was greatly blessed. He was a real man of God.

Mary Beth
November 14, 2023

Thank you for sharing about Holy Hubert and his wife – they paid a high price, but had an eternal impact. They followed Jesus’ example. May we do the same.

November 14, 2023

The Lord has used Dutch Sheets, his books, and Give Him 15 ministry to encourage me for years! Thank You, Abba, and thank you, Dutch!

    Barbara Crouse
    November 14, 2023

    What a nice surprise, to see this article by Dutch Sheets! Although he probably doesn’t remember me, I do remember him from when I was part of Women’s Aglow Fellowship back in his hometown from 1979 throughout most of the 1980’s. I have been blessed by his books through the years. Very interesting, to read of Hubert Lindsey! Thank you for posting this.

Jeri Williams
November 14, 2023

Holy Spirit we asked that you give us direction as we pray, bring us into alliance with you. Allowing you freedom to use us however you desire. We give you permission to work in our lives. We believe as we pray we are planting seeds for revival – for healings- for freedom the setting free of those held in bondage. I speak liberty, freedom and the Fire from Heaven to fill the church and nations. Revival Fries that will change every individual that it will send them to the alter of sacrifice giving all to you. We decree that we are coming into the greatest move of Heaven to ever be seen on this earth. We take the limits off of You Holy Spirit as of this moment, You will not be boxed up but flow in the freedom as on the day of Pentecost. This is my prayer today all in the Name of Jesus

November 14, 2023

Before we raise up and join the ferocious battle that is raging about us these days we had better take this article to heart. We can don our armor and keep our swords sharp as a razor with
Knowledge of His word BUT without the “Mind of Christ “ we are no more than a sounding brass or teekling symbol. Do we want Satan to chuckle or flee in fear when we enter this battlefield !!!
Thanks Brother Dutch and may GOD prevail in your ministry!!

    Barbara Janicki
    November 14, 2023

    so true – not knowledge of the Word by itself but obedience (action) born from having the mind of Christ which comes from time spent alone with Him (prayer) – prayer precedes, sustains, informs and empowers anything and everything Christ calls us to do in this world – prayer prepares the way, opens the doors, softens the hearts – aligns us with God’s will and purposes – I love the image of Lindsay walking the campus alone at night – interceding – standing in the gap for those he did not know but those God knew and loved – thank you for this article. http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

November 14, 2023

Thank you for the article and encouragement


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