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Lord God, please secure our border and solve our illegal-immigration problem. And expose the truth about Colony Ridge!
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Do you know about Colony Ridge, a massive illegal-immigrant settlement in the U.S. created by foreign drug cartels?

From The Daily Wire. The Republican Party of Texas unanimously passed a resolution calling on Governor Greg Abbott to convene a special legislative session to address Colony Ridge, the massive housing development north of Houston that’s become a hub for illegal immigrants.

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The resolution, which passed by a vote of 61-0, says a special legislative session must be convened in order to “prevent further settlement of illegal aliens in Colony Ridge and any other areas of Texas.” The power to call a special legislative session is with Abbott, who has already been urged by the state’s Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick to do the same.

The party’s resolution honed in on a number of specific concerns highlighted in The Daily Wire’s investigation of the development, noting that “the developer allows for illegal aliens to obtain loans to purchase land using Individual Tax ID Numbers (ITINs) instead of Social Security Numbers” and that Colony Ridge “has grown to an estimated 50,000 to 75,000 inhabitants and spans over 60 square miles.” …

Matt Rinaldi, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, told The Daily Wire that Colony Ridge should be a “grave concern for all Texans,” but isn’t getting the attention it merits from elected officials in his own party. …

The resolution comes as several Republican leaders have expressed their concern about Colony Ridge. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton asserted that it is “completely insane that they can set up these villages with illegal immigrants” while also noting that his office is looking into potential “deceptive trade practices.”

“The legislature could address this and should address this. Because right now, we don’t have a real clear path to being able to stop it,” Paxton said. “We can maybe affect the financing or the financial aspect of it to some degree but I don’t think right now the legislature has given me the authority to do anything about it.” …

The resolution charged that Colony Ridge has “resulted in an unmanageable amount of growth” in the neighboring school district, also referencing The Daily Wire investigation, which reported that the Sinaloa and Gulf cartels are believed to be active in the development.

But the resolution did not just call for an investigation into Colony Ridge, but also into the development company’s “possible connections to elected officials in the region.”

Though none of the elected officials were named, there are several with financial links to Colony Ridge and its developer, William “Trey” Harris. Gov. Abbott, for example, has received a combined $1.5 million from Harris and his wife for his political campaigns. …

From Center for Immigration Studies. A Mexican national is on the run after slaughtering a family of five Hondurans next door, including an 8-year-old child, in a small Texas town a two-hour drive east from here called Cleveland. …

[This] horrific crime happened in what is regarded as America’s largest settlement of illegal immigrants, one literally exploding in population amid a U.S.-government fomented mass migration border crisis. In Liberty County, and now spreading into neighboring San Jacinto County where the massacre occurred, old-timers have been fleeing a new diversity of violent crime, murder, all-night weapons firing, and cartel drug trafficking that has boomed alongside the population. Indifferent U.S. immigration enforcement agencies leave this area to itself.

My recently released book, Overrun: How Joe Biden Unleashed the Greatest Border Crisis in U.S. History, dedicates a chapter of reporting to this massive illegal immigrant “colonia” as a warning to America about the coming consequences of an unfettered mass migration event now in its third unmitigated year that has already seen more than five million foreign nationals settle into U.S. towns and cities. Following are edited excerpts from the chapter “Forever Impacts”.

“The originals” of Liberty County, Texas — the self-descriptor of lifelong Anglo residents like Jimmy Rollins, who trace their lineage to early settler families — have mostly fled what they regard as ruinous, irredeemable change. …

Until very recently, the loggers, train mechanics, ranchers, and state prison workers made their homes in and around Liberty County’s quaint old townships carved out of dense pine forests with names like Plum Grove, Cleveland, Dayton, and Splendora. They raised each other’s barns and dug one another’s wells.

Now 72, Jimmy Rollins was still farming near Dayton when I met him in May 2022. …

“It was all country people. We got our meat out of them woods there. They was behind in time, but everybody pretty much knew everybody,” Rollins recalled. “I enjoyed living here.”

Not anymore.

A vast jumble of single- and double-wide trailers on low stilts, hand-hewn shacks made of leftover construction material, and parked motor homes has quickly overtaken tens of thousands of Liberty County acres and eradicated its rural way of life. The community is named “Colony Ridge”. Upwards of 50,000 mostly Spanish-speaking Latinos, maybe more — nobody knows, really — are living on some 30,000 homestead lots they purchased in recent years over some 35 square miles from “Houston Terrenos”, the land development company started by an “original” named William Henry “Trey” and his brother John Harris a decade earlier.

The boom began without letup about a decade ago when Houston Terrenos, on Spanish-language media platforms with international reach, began marketing lot purchases with its unique “owner-to-owner method” that didn’t require traditional bank loans, proven job history, or Social Security numbers.

A significant portion of the new population that bought Terrenos lots are illegally present, according to the settlers themselves, local police, school officials, teachers, and other residents. …

Liberty County and its booming Colony Ridge development make for an apt, emblematic harbinger of the kind of change that sudden explosive growth in illegal alien population can portend for citizens and residents already living in receiving communities as a result of the Biden border crisis. …

A Frightening New Diversity of Crime

Before all the change, crime mostly consisted of a few white country meth-heads, two local police investigators who work in the area told me privately.

But now the crime is so different in the view of local old-timers like Rollins and Walker that they welcomed news that their grown children would flee Liberty County. …

In June 2022, a Liberty County dog brought home a human hand, which led to the discovery of a badly decomposed body of a man who had been buried with his gun. Police couldn’t identify the corpse and were left to post photos of the clothing in hopes someone would recognize them.

In September 2022, passersby in Colony Ridge found the body of a 16-year-old Honduran girl who’d been shot to death and dumped in a ditch by the side of a road, still wearing her uniform from her work bussing tables at a local restaurant. Gang unit police arrested three foreign nationals, all under 21, and charged them with the murder of Emily Rodriguez-Avila, citing “gang overtones” as a motive. …

Mexican Cartels Come to Town

The Gulf and Sinaloa Cartels invested in Colony Ridge from its earliest inception, they said, financing lots for local operatives to run safe houses through which they move smuggled drugs and people from the border to interior America. They were using them still to smuggle people coming in under Biden.

Evidence of cartel involvement dates to the earliest days of the illegal-alien settlement boom. To at least 2013, when federal, state, and local investigators raided a Mexican drug cartel’s marijuana grow operation on 300 acres in Liberty County, finding explosives, 6,000 marijuana plants, worker bunk houses, and guard towers. Local police at the time called it the “largest and most sophisticated marijuana-growing operation” in the county’s history. …

This kind of criminality grew so problematic by 2021 that the fearful town leaders of Plum Grove established a first police department that works in concert with two county-paid bilingual constables that Liberty County funded to exclusively patrol Colony Ridge.

The addition of several police officers amounts to a drop in the ocean, one officer from the region told me. Drive-by shootings, stealing, and drug trafficking are rampant, victimizing mostly the new community. …

What do you think of Colony Ridge? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from The Daily Wire. Photo Credit: John Moore/Getty Images)

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October 18, 2023

It’s a total cesspool here. I live by one of these developments, and the lawlessness is out of control, Law abiding residents are scared to let their kids out and play for fear of them being kidnapped. Little to no police presence. Drunk driving, gunfire all night, sexual assault of children, and murders have become normal thanks the these invaders.
They respect nothing, and wreak havoc on the surrounding communities.

October 4, 2023

Wow, it is unbelievable. Tragic, disgusting. May God have mercy on us and help us to overthrow this evil government!

Grant Windholz
October 3, 2023

Lord God help this country seal off the southern border once and for all to eliminate the wickedness of the drug cartels that come through and continue to damage this country 🙏!! It’s been going far too long!

October 1, 2023

If Elon Musk can go down to the Border why can’t the President and Vice President take a real look at the situation and help their Country. Hatred is of the Devil who only Steal, Kills and Destroy.

Mary Ellen Kelker
October 1, 2023

It’s amazing how joe Biden and the democrats can get away with not upholding the constitution. Only God can help us now..

September 30, 2023

Stop this in it’s tracks!

September 30, 2023

Dear JESUS what can you use this mess for positive results. Only YOU can transform what has happened here. Please 🙏 bring living faith to these Lost souls

September 30, 2023

Thank you for calling intercessors to prayer. The people are here, and we must deal with them. Yes, the cartel is here also. They must be dealt with. The power of God can turn this mess into a thriving community where people are safe. How can the people of Houston mitigate the darkness and bring the light? Pray intercessors! Share the gospel! Minister to needs. Step up law enforcement and education. They came for a better life. Let’s show them a better way through God’s leadership and His power. May God’s mercy and grace be with those who are turning this land into a community, and may it be filled with the peace that only God can bring.

Franchesca Simpson
September 30, 2023

This wasn’t created by the cartels, this was created by the US government. Which, is even worse. There are CCP approved schools. I urge you to look into.
My Pastor just interviewed a man about this about 3 weeks ago. It was absolutely horrifying and we have been praying about it since.

September 30, 2023

I think it is disappointing that ifa posts many articles with headlines that exaggerate issues and only tell one side of the story without doing do diligence so that prayer can be informed and effective. I read other articles about CR…those are real people living there, raising families, hard working etc. And there is no law in america that prohibits foreign investors from buying land. My prayer is that CR will become a thriving community where children can grow up safe and free to be educated, worship God, love their neighbor. I pray neighboring towns will stand behind the efforts of business owners and educators in CR who are actively stewarding and serving their community. Amen

    September 30, 2023

    This is NOT an exaggeration. I used to live near there a few years back. I have friends who still live near by and it is a dangerous situation. They are afraid to go outside and to even leave their house due to the criminal activity going on. You cannot believe every thing you read. Please take a drive into the area and see for yourself, ( I personally wouldn’t go unarmed) and then you will understand the truth of what goes on there. I would LOVE for it to be a community where children grow up safe and educated, but it will not as long as the cartels are involved and the crime is rampant. There is no freedom there as if you “buck” those in charge of CR there are consequences. The local businesses in the area are/were already struggling before this community started as the area is a poor, under-educated East Texas region and has been for generations. Yes, please pray but also understand the problem is real and not an easy, quick fix.

    October 2, 2023

    Are the people in the community here legally or illegally? FATHER GOD please begin separating all of the people in our country illegally from citizens and legal immigrants! Please send YOUR angels to surround them and remove them all from our country! FATHER please restore law and order to every inch of America and remove lawbreakers from office and our country immediately in JESUS NAME! Amen!

    October 2, 2023

    No one is exaggurating anything here. If you believe msm you are duped. The lives of those with illegals purposely breaking our laws by coming here unlawfully do not follow our laws. Nowhere in scripture does it say to allow an invasion into your backyard or home. I do believe this is God’s judgment on our country and has turned his blessing away as the church has gone woke and pleases man over him. Buckle up as it is going to be dangerous for all.

    October 17, 2023

    Here’s an absolutely perfect analogy that I learned from the company I am now retired from. Our company hauled a lot of chemicals, oil, fuel, etc. We were trained every year in “prevention & emergency strategies” for spills or what was called “small, ongoing leakage”. I learned that 1 drop of oil has been shown to affect (pollute) 100 gallons of water. The preventative answer to ensuring that doesn’t happen is ongoing prevention maintenance, clean up (as necessary), vigilance in monitoring, etc. You get the idea – we were “required” to do everything necessary to prevent or correct pollution through spillage.
    These very same principles & applications are grossly needed in this settlement. Estimates are ranging from 65% to 90% that occupants are there illegally, not citizens , etc. As to how many are involved in cartels, drugs, criminal activity….is anyone’s guess but I can tell you this. Even if you are trying to make a living, support family, etc., you don’t want drugs, cartel members or supporters, human trafficking or such living next door or close to you.
    The word of God is pretty straightforward regarding what happens when we allow evil or sin “to continue it’s existence” and how it affects an entire town, city or nation.
    I pray that the appropriate but much needed forceful action will take place. And if someone is trying to support their family or they are here for good reasons, then they have nothing to be concerned about. They just need to be here legally, paying taxes like everyone else.

September 30, 2023

At one time a couple of years ago, a friend’s vehicle broke down in that area while he was working construction on a school. We called for a a wrecker to haul his truck, received notification that one had been dispatched, and waited, for 2 hours! The sense of evil was very strong in that place and even Google maps couldn’t pin point exact locations. The wrecker driver told us we would have to come back and lead him to the vehicle tomorrow since it was getting dark. That in and of itself should be a stark picture for you!


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