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Father, we pray against politicization and deception in the military. You are the God of truth, so we pray that You would let your truth reign in the military, in our government, and across the world.
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The Benghazi attack was tragic, and it exposed the politicization in our military. How can we prevent something like this in the future?

From Center for Security Policy. Eleven years ago this morning I watched the dark blue and grey waters of the West African coastline illuminate with the morning sun. Our team of Marines from 3d Force Recon Company were training naval commandos of a partner nation as part of a “Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force” (SPMAGTF) on the African continent. What began as a normal training day quickly changed when one of our temporary guests – a U.S. Army veteran infantryman turned American Legion war correspondent – came to me with the news that “something bad was happening in Libya.”

Do you want state prayer alerts?


I immediately handed our correspondent the Iridium satellite phone and told him, “You’re now our ‘unclassified intel guy.’ Call all your media contacts and find out what’s going on.” I fired up the USMC-issued classified laptop and connected to the satellite communications network to begin searching for intelligence reports pertaining to recent events in Libya.

Before I could even locate any intelligence reports on the classified side, our war correspondent got back to me with a sobering message. “Sir, it’s bad. There’s a consulate under attack in Benghazi.”

Despite being many miles to the south of Libya, our team was determined to prepare ourselves to respond. I told the men, “We’re not training our partners today, but they can watch everything we do to prepare for this potential mission – from the zero-checks on our optics, to the gun drills, to the pack-out procedures…get started.” I called the embassy and alerted their staff to what I had learned.

It was news to them.

Our African partner unit was commanded by a man almost my dad’s age.  I told him, “Commandant, we aren’t going to be training you today as planned. Today, your commandos can watch us train.” He agreed. (A motivated Force Reconnaissance team doing gun drills in preparation for combat is truly inspiring.


The men prepared with sober seriousness and enthusiasm while I went back to the classified laptop to try to learn more about what was happening in Libya. Within an hour I located a classified report describing the attack which had taken place overnight. Accurate mortar fire, rocket propelled grenades (RPGs), machine guns – a combined arms ambush –followed by ground attacks with small arms and arson. To me it seemed obvious it was a pre-planned attack timed to coincide with September 11th.

I pulled the team together and briefed them on what I had learned. I called the embassy again and informed them that we would be ready to move north to their location to reinforce the embassy security detail if needed or to stage for pick-up by other DoD assets in the case they needed us to move elsewhere. The embassy was grateful but told us to sit tight while they tried to find out what guidance they were getting from the State Department.

By this point the partner nation commandos had learned fully what had happened in Libya. Some of them had driven over to the nearest town to watch on the television the footage of burning buildings and black billowing smoke from the U.S. consulate. The aged commandant returned to me with a very serious demeanor.  “Major, when your helicopters come…when they come to pick you up…please make room for us.  We saw what is happening to your fellow Americans. We want to fight with you.”

The helicopters never came.

As America now knows, our situation was hardly unique. U.S. military personnel from around the globe were desperately trying to help, prepared to respond, and told to stand down.

When we flew back to the main operating base for the SPMAGTF in Italy I looked down through the window of the C-130 and saw an airfield stacked with JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) aircraft. Walking through the base, we saw it crammed full of some of America’s most capable warriors. Across the base men were flipping tires, doing pull ups, and running in combat gear everywhere you looked –trying to burn off pent-up anger and testosterone built up from preparing to go to combat, and then being told to stand down. I would soon be joining them for my own anger-induced physical training.

I re-integrated myself into SPMAGTF staff and began attending the mandatory meetings and briefings.  This is where I was first introduced to the deceit creeping into an increasingly politicized military.

Using material passed to him from various higher headquarters, our unit’s intelligence officer provided a classified briefing on current events, which claimed what occurred in Benghazi was spontaneous – the result of an American-made video that insulted Islam. Because of my unique circumstances that day, I already knew that was a lie, and that those in charge knew it was a lie when they passed it down the chain.  I was struck by watching an otherwise good guy forced to pass down deliberate falsehoods received from above. And the other good men in the room forced to hear it, knowing it wasn’t true.

Our hearts go out to the victims of the attack on Benghazi, and all the other American victims of global jihadist terrorism. One cannot help but be inspired by the knowledge that so many of America’s fighting men are willing to risk everything for even the smallest chance to protect their fellow citizens from danger. One wonders also what that wizened African commando leader thinks now, having been willing to risk the lives of his own men for a partner nation that wouldn’t lift a finger to save its own.

The reality is that there is no terror attack that can do as much harm to America, its allies, its military, or its citizens, as a leadership that lies –and forces others to repeat those lies.

What I witnessed that day eleven years ago played a significant role in my willingness to join the Center for Security Policy and has shaped my vision for it. The work of our “OSINT” intelligence analyst and his journalism contacts reminds me that an uncompromising search for the truth beats out expensive high-tech systems and “classified” data, every time. The motivation of my Marines and our partner commandos to answer the call reminds me that it’s the regular people –the grunts, the grassroots– who if they are simply told the truth, have the willingness and ability to make things happen.

Ultimately, Benghazi reminds us that keeping faith with the American people is more important that any narrative, no matter how politically advantageous it might be at the time.

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(Used with permission. From Center for Security Policy. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

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September 20, 2023

Father God, we pray for Your blessings on the Center for Security Policy and their important work. Thank You for Frank Gaffney’s daily email, Secure Freedom Minute. The Benghazi debacle exposed Hillary Clinton’s agenda. Her infamous words, “What difference at this point does it make!” were an affront to every patriot. Men died because it was more important to her & her cronies to cover up what the CIA was doing. I believe this had a lot to do with why the nation rejected Hillary Clinton for president. It was so odious to us. Since then, a lot has been uncovered regarding the Deep State, Globalist Agenda, the abject deception from our govt. It is disgusting and is anti-God. It is anti-Christ. We pray that You would continue to expose the abominations in our leaders so the American people can see what is happening and rise up to fight the evil agenda and return to You, the foundation upon which our nation is built and from which we have strayed. We repent of our sins as a nation. We seek Your help and Your mercy. In the name of Jesus. Amen

September 19, 2023

Thank you Lord for continuing to bring truth into our lives and the world. Thank you for this example of the true heart of our military-that of these United States and led by our true Commander in Chief, Donald J Trump.
Go to rumble.com and watch “The Greatest Show on Earth” to see and understand.

Darlene Estlow
September 17, 2023

Thank for this article. Yes, let us never forget. And may truth replace lies and those responsible feel God’s justice and repent.

September 17, 2023

Dear Lord Father God,
We pray also for Maui at this time. When President Biden heard of the destruction the fire had caused, his words were, “Is that all?” People there know it was a plan to build ‘Smart cities.” They’ve realized previous plans set in place. Others items point to a plan.
Lord Father God, shine the complete truth in Maui. Thank you that the people there are standing strong. Give them your strength to endure, Father God.

Ann NMN Shaw
September 17, 2023

Almighty Father grant us wisdom to protect and defend our Nation.
In Jesus’s name Amen

September 17, 2023

This is very interesting! I am glad it’s brought out to light as a prayer challenge. At the time I read the report given by Judicial Watch. Our ambassador at Benghazi knew days ahead that his life was in danger and asked for help that never came. He was ushered into a room and left there where the smoke and fire would kill him. Chris… The truth was exposed then but covered over with lies. Thanks very much for this call to prayer.

Marsha Bashor
September 16, 2023

Dear Lord I pray for evil to be removed and righteousness take its place in our military, in our government, everywhere in our country . Let the lies be uncovered and stopped in Jesus’ name.

Ron Glenn Deere
September 16, 2023

Benghazi has forever indicated that a Leftist head will waste untold national treasure and personnel to continue to lie and tell truth tellers and actors to “stand down.” Sadly, were it to go over, these American distant forces should have disobeyed the “stand down” to mediate the theft and the carnage far away. Yes, they would have been court marshalled and lost their pentions, but they would have done the right thing and gone down as heros.

Gene Torres
September 16, 2023

I will never forget BenGhazi and the lies Hitlary tried to push on us. Brave men died in vain because decisions were not made..
Cpt. T, retired

    September 16, 2023

    Agree. Those brave men who perished now walk with God.

    And thank you, Cpt. Torres, for your service. God bless you.

September 16, 2023

Benghazi, Clinton emails, Fast & Furrous, Russia Russia Russia, Biden Laptop Lies, 2019 Plandermic, 2020 Election Steal, J6, “summer of love”, Bagram Air Base and Afghanistan pullout failures… We cry JUSTICE JUSTICE FATHER IN YESHUA’S HOLY NAME AMEN AMEN

September 16, 2023

You know that many have prayed for Your justice, to come for Benghazi. There were men and women on the ground who endured that horrific assault and people who died for a political agenda. In Your mercy and for the sake of the survivors, their families and our nation, would You in Your mercy and grace rectify this enormous wrong and bring to account all who were responsible for the lies and actions on that day.
In Jesus Holy and Mighty Name. Amen.

Mari Williams
September 16, 2023

Dear Heavenly Father,

You saw it all!
There are no words to describe the horror of that situation!
I pray for the whole truth and nothing but the truth to be told about Benghazi and for justice to be served.
Proverbs 21:13
Whoever shuts his ears at the cry of the poor will cry out himself and not be answered.
Vengeance is Mine saith The Lord I will repay.

Barbara Janicki
September 16, 2023

Thank you for this article – we should never forget Benghazi and those who lost their lives there. You are right when you said it is lies that harm America more than any terror attack ever could. Today we are being destroyed by lies, constant lies from our leadership about everything – covid, the border, a false climate narrative, January 6th, the war in Ukraine, our elections, where our tax dollars are going, what “investigations” are currently under way and on and on. We need the truth about all these things, about everything if we are to make good and wise decisions. Decisions based on lies will not be good ones. We need truth in our military, in our government, from our elected officials, from everyone. Truth is hard but lies do infinitely more damage. Truth sets free – lies enslave. “Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

Linda Brubaker
September 16, 2023

Father God, in the precious name of Jesus, bring quickly to light exposing those responsible for the attack on Benghazi. Expose all who had a part in the lie. Bring those people to justice for you are the God who loves justice. Let your people see the justice and bring peace to those families who lost loved ones in that massacre. Also, Father, bring justice for those who were forced to stand down and not help their fellow Americans.
Thank you, Father, for your continued attention to this.

Vangie Larkin
September 16, 2023

We will NEVER forget what happened in BENGHAZI!! God WILL uncover what is being hidden and bring the truth to light.

Jackie Hardman
September 16, 2023

Thank you for this article. Bengazi should of never happened. No one has ever been held accountable for the lives lost when action could have saved them. Another dark day in our history.


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