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Father, we pray that You would prevent Disney from indoctrinating our children. Protect them, God, and restore family-friendly values to Disney.

Disney’s gay agenda, proudly announced earlier this year, is continuing to barrel on with film after film. Let’s pray for our children.

From CBN News. Disney’s next animated motion picture release titled Strange World will mark a first for the company founded by Walt Disney in 1923. It will feature a gay teen romance. …

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To promote the upcoming film, Disney screened three separate segments of the movie at the 2022 Annecy International Animation Film Festival in Annecy, France last June.

In the first segment shown to the film festival audience, the character of Ethan (voiced by actor Jaboukie Young-White) flirts with another boy named Diazo in front of his friends, “teasing him in a friendly way and warm-hearted way” in the scene described by Variety at the time.

Then Ethan’s father Searcher Clade (voiced by Jake Gyllenhaal) joins in, but embarrasses his son with an overeager show of acceptance, the outlet noted. …

‘Not-at-all-Secret Gay Agenda’ to Target Kids

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro is warning parents prior to the film’s release date about Disney’s ongoing push at their “not-at-all-secret gay agenda” to target children. …

The Company That You Knew as a Child, ‘Doesn’t Exist Anymore’ 

As CBN News has reported, long considered the place to turn for family-friendly entertainment, recent moves and statements by the Walt Disney Company indicate a turn toward a cultural agenda that threatens that legacy and possibly its future.

“I grew up with the Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights and you curl up with a blanket with your family and watch a great Disney movie, and that, that company doesn’t exist anymore,” Adam Holz, director of Focus on the Family’s Plugged In told CBN News in June

In April, amid the controversy centered on Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, Disney CEO Bob Chapek pledged during an internal summit to be “a better ally for the LGBTQ+ community.” …

Parents Should Be More Intentional with Entertainment, Talk With Their Children

According to a Trafalgar Group national survey, nearly 70 percent of American voters say they are less likely to do business with Disney due to their push to expose young children to woke sexual ideas.

“Disney was absolutely synonymous with trust. There’s all this other stuff out there, but Disney was okay. And now, this is just another entertainment provider and we don’t trust them. And we don’t want that agenda necessarily preached to our children,” explained Holz. …

Other streaming services becoming popular alternatives for parents include Pure Flix, Minno, and DW Kids. Another option is just sticking with the classics. …

What do you think of Disney’s gay agenda? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from CBN News. Photo Credit: Brian McGowan on Unsplash)

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Pam Hahn
November 22, 2022

Oh wondrous Creator, I most humbly thank you for my Christian family and faith.
Today it feels as though the secular world has been invaded by the LGBTQ+ (“woken”) culture.
I am most saddened that one of the only family oriented film companies – Disney – has succumbed to the LGBTQ+ pressure.
Lord, please save all children of the world from this evil lie.
In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Darlene Estlow
November 21, 2022

Father, thank you for revelation of what is happening. I pray that you would change the hearts of those who head up Disney, or bring them down, out of favor. May parents be aware and protect their children.

Amberlyn S.
November 21, 2022

This is simply ridiculous. This is the reason why I homeschool and stay home with my girls. I sacrifice alot being home but the biggest sacrifice the greater the blessing. I will protect my girls from being exposed to sexual stuff and foolishness all I can. We will never visit Disney. Bible stories are great alternatives to the mess they have on TV. Super book has awesome bible episodes for children on YouTube and my family loves them.


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