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Father God, show me if I am under an orphan spirit--and if so, show me how to renounce it and walk in sonship.

You have probably heard the expression “Don’t trade your freedom for security.”  It couldn’t be more true for us at this time. As I have watched the pandemic and reactions unfold, I was especially struck by one thing—how willingly Americans gave up massive amounts of freedom just to feel “safe.”  I agree that we don’t want to be foolhardy, and we should care about our fellow man, but the level of restriction, control, and orders that were put in place—some states more than others—was massive, and willingly accepted by most Americans.

What is it inside of us that causes us to be so fearful for our security that we would allow such measures? As I mulled this thought and prayed, I felt like the Lord revealed that what causes many of us to seek safety at any cost is what some call an “orphan spirit.”  In fact, it may be one one of the most prevalent attitudes (or spirits) we see most in our nation right now. An “orphan spirit” replaces our faith in the care of our heavenly Father with a desperation for someone on earth to care for us. It is driven by fear and lack of control over circumstances and most often combined with loneliness, abandonment, and isolation.

Please don’t misunderstand my comment. Our leaders are making difficult decisions in difficult circumstances and we need to pray for them. My comments are more about how people have reacted. How willingly freedoms are being given up just to feel safe.  How many freedoms are people willing to give up in order to feel safe about any national foe, whether COVID-19 or the next threat?

A sense of social responsibility has entered our culture like I have never witnessed. Have you seen mask wearers at the grocery store look condescendingly at the non-mask wearers?  There seems to be a new breed developing of those who choose the good of the collective state and feel a sense of righteousness for their views and choices. If this choice of the collective over individual freedoms continues unstopped, we will be headlong into socialism and not even realize it!

This super social responsibility is fueling a perceived obligation that government is our ONLY provider for safety.  Christians who have a biblical worldview (and many don’t) should question the unchecked willingness of people to obey any authority other than the God of the Bible.

But there is good news! We are not orphans and we don’t need to live like it.

But when the set time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under the law,  to redeem those under the law, that we might receive adoption to sonship. Because you are his sons, God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, the Spirit who calls out, “Abba, Father.”  So you are no longer a slave, but God’s child; and since you are his child, God has made you also an heir.
(Gal 4:4-7)

God is our Father, He has grafted us into his family and we can live as heirs—we are designed to enjoy this sonship that is described in Galatians.

How can we move from orphan to living in sonship?

We can choose to turn from hoping someone will take care of us to exercising our faith in a loving heavenly Father. We can choose to release and forgive others that we have looked to for happiness, worth, and security. We can ask for forgiveness from those we have hurt as we have pursued praise of men, or lived in competition and jealousy. We can ask God to forgive and deliver us—and forgive ourselves—the next time the Holy Spirit reveals that we are hoping someone will make us happy. We must renounce this attitude in the name of Jesus. Important next step: as we seek to cut off the orphan spirit in our own lives, we need to replace it with our right standing with the Father–the concept of sonship.

What does sonship look like in contrast to the orphan spirit?

Peace. There is a sense of greater peace when we can rest and trust in the Father’s direction for our lives. Without the fear that results from unreasonable expectations, we can enjoy the care, confidence, and peace of knowing our Father, who is all-knowing and is directing us.

Identity leads to provision. We are the children of the Lord of the universe–our identity is now of the highest pedigree.  The Father’s loving care for us provides provision for us in every circumstance.  We will only find this provision as we are reminded of our identity. We look to His plans and purposes for our lives, instead of relying on someone around us to provide these. The fulfillment that God can give us when we live out our sonship will be much greater than that which could be provided for us from and external source—like government.

Kingdom-minded.  When others are fearing their future we can choose to focus on the Kingdom of God. The benefits of His Kingdom include what we need for today AND tomorrow. We have stopped focusing on others providing for our needs and we can truly seek what God wants. This brings a greater capacity to be light at a time of great darkness for some.

Fulfilling relationships. Because we no longer come across as expecting others to care for us, the people in our lives will find us more enjoyable and even attractive. The love we seek will come to us when we are not constantly desiring someone to care for us, but more interested in caring for others with God’s power.

As we daily take on the mantle of sonship for our Father who cares for us, let us declare that He is ours and we are His. Invite God the Father to guide and direct you–listening for moments of the Holy Spirit whisperings that tell us, “This is the way, walk in it.”  Let us pray that in this time of shaking our security in the natural, believers would look inward for how we can be set free from the orphan spirit and walk in the sonship God has designed for us.


1252 People Prayed
12027 People have read this article

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  1. I am reminded of a talk I heard Francis Schaeffer give in Atlanta back in the late 1970s (or early 1980’s) where he cautioned his listeners about risking the loss of freedom. Specifically, he stated that Americans had reached a point of putting a high value on “personal peace and affluence.” And that we are in danger of sacrificing our freedom in order to maintain that personal peace and affluence. Now, decades later, whether it be terrorism or pandemics, we are being tested as to whether we seek God’s Kingdom first or our own personal peace and affluence.

  2. Please forgive me but I’m not sure an “orphaned spirit” is a biblical concept. In my 46 years a Christian, I have never heard this term. If we are truly children of God, then we have sonship – period!. Just because, one is fearful or mislead doesn’t make them an orphan or have an “orphaned spirit”. I might be wrong, but this is questionable theology at best.

  3. I can see what you see about the mindset of humans. I have been just as shocked to see how easily Americans have given up their Constitutional rights. And, the preachers who stand firm have been punished. This is very dangerous to our freedom. At first, I could see the need to be considerate, distancing, but no more than any other flu. Clearly, there is an evil plot. But, our Father is aware. I pray that hearts will turn to Him.

  4. Lord we thank YOU for the insight Dave has communicated and we pray into it together binding the orphan spirit and loosing the Spirit of Adoption over the people in our families, our cities and our nation in Jesus Name. We thank you Lord of Host for working this ultimately out for our good, their good into your divine plan to take back what the enemy would try to steal. We ask and pray this in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. We declare victory over this matter, again thanking You for it and for hearing our cry.

  5. So GOOD! We are LOVED, not according to anything WE can or cannot do but because of the Father’s love manifested through Jesus ahd what JESUS did! We are also equipped. Jesus did not leave us ‘comfortless’ but sent us a ‘Helper’ who would lead us into ALL TRUTH. And he who ‘knows’ the TRUTH is made FREE from the power of sin and death! AS Jesus told his amazed disciples who witnessed the cursing of the fig tree, “Have faith in God!” That faith can say to a mountain, “Be removed, and cast into the sea!” and it shall be done!

  6. This article brought to mind a statement that Hermann Goering said at the Nuremburg trial in 1945:

    Hermann Goering – The People Can Always Be Brought to the Bidding of the Leaders
    “Why, of course, the people don’t want war. Why would some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best that he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece. Naturally, the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship…
    Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.”
    – Hermann Goering (as told to Gustav Gilbert during the Nuremberg trials)

    1. Pacifism is Satanism and it is just as bad as blind patriotism, not to mention that it is just as much of a promoter of idolatry, witchcraft, and sorcery as that and any other human made traditions, societal superstitions, denominational doctrines, and religious ritualism. We, as a species, should not be focused solely on combat, but, short of being too mentally incompetent, and/or physically unable to fight, we must learn to defend ourselves, our families, our friends, and innocent people that need our help, otherwise our wicked choice to refuse to protect and defend those things will not only lead to the blood of innocent people on our hands, but it will also ensure our place in Hell.

  7. Unfortunately after having read most of the posts (105 at this time of posting), what i see is that the liar has attempted to bring division among us and the community at large with these issues. Both “sides” present some important elements to support their perspectives. Critical among all of them is the need for each of us to hear from the LORD personally. It is obvious that Hananiah, Mishael, Azariah, Daniel, the Prophets, Paul and others had clear words from GOD as to the righteous actions each was to take.
    Currently, one important consideration is whether we are treating each other through it all with love and respect. The points made, yes, even those with which i disagree, are based on deeply held beliefs of what seems best in view of GOD’s heart and guidance. Yes, there are those who have believed the main-stream-media reports and are motivated by fear, which should sadden all of us enough to ask GOD, “How may i minister to others in such a way that Truth is revealed, recognized and embraced so that fear is dispelled?” “How may i help people who need greater revelation related to the goodness of GOD and His care of the people He has created, including His determination to conform us to the image of His Beloved Son?” “What am i personally willing to sacrifice in order to help those who have financial or other needs?” “How am i replacing ALL of MY insecurities, idols and ignorance with Truth, Faith, Wisdom and the fruit of the Spirit?”

    Like most of the wonderful intercessors who support this forum, i want to be in the very center of GOD’s will — doing only what i see Him doing and saying only what He says so that i am a vital part of the body whose primary immediate purpose is to bring heaven to earth through our actions and words. I thank Holy Spirit for His power to bring transformation into each of us so that we truly walk in the unity that adorns His beautiful bride. If not now, when? If not i, who?

    Bless each of you who has contributed to these and other postings and those who have been praying, your dedication to walking in righteousness is impressive. Thank you all for sharing.

    1. Mrs. D,

      What a thoughtful comment. Two proverbs come to mind: A gentle answer turns away wrath and a word fitly spoken is like an apple of gold in a setting of silver. Thank you.

  8. Lord help us to walk in the security of knowing You. Show us what that looks like during this time. You tell us in Your word-Psalm 118:8″It is better to trust and take refuge in the Lord than to put confidence in man.” May it be so Lord. We want to live our lives taking refuge in You. In Jesus name.

  9. Hey Keith. I understand what you are saying and that is why I inserted in my previous comment that “ this is me and I don’t know what other people are going through”. I am trying to make the best of a though situation. The Apostle Paul was on house arrest (I guess a form of quarantine) when he wrote 4 of his letters and don’t forget Romans 13:1-2. I agree that some of those ordinances imposed on people make no sense but I am not sure if the kind of protests on the streets are the best way to go about it since I also see the advice or rule of distancing and masks wearing are being defied as well again I am thinking of the safety health of people On my personal basis this has brought me closer to My Lord and led me to examine many things in my life but the real test will be when this thing is over. I just ponder on that

    1. History will tell the story for sure. 20/20 hindsight always does. But, I have to wonder if even “social distancing” has been helpful, since it denies people the power to develop an immunity.

  10. First I acknowledge I don’t live in an area where there have been arrests or fines issued for someone leaving their home for non-essential reasons. Therefore my view of Stay at Home isn’t seen as a threat to my freedom. I believe a reason the leaders have had to make the decree “Stay at Home” is because we usually discipline and educate to the lowest common dominator. Our culture is self-centered, lacks exercising common sense to wash their hands, cover their cough/sneeze and stay home if sick. Then add the non-symptomatic carrier of this virus. I don’t believe that I am relying on the government to save me. I believe this pause has allowed me to concentrate on my relationship with God who IS the rescuer.

  11. Nearly everyone here is talking about trusting God, not government, yet those same people earnestly talk about the need to submit to that government and do not feel that our freedoms are being unjustly prohibited. Why? Because God instituted that government. So, God and our governments are parallel in terms of how we are to submit. Fear may or may not be their motive, but the result is the same.

    I appreciate the author’s intent here. I don’t know about any “orphan spirit”, but I do agree that people have turned their eyes away from God and onto man. Many have substituted God for State. We all have to believe in something bigger than ourselves, so remove God and something must take His place. Unfortunately, that is always a recipe for disaster.

    In balance, I will say that I have no problem living and acting cautiously. I live near no elderly people, so I don’t have to worry. But if my grandmother were still around, I’d consider changing a few things to limit her risk. But, to shut down the national economy… tell people they cannot even drive up to a parking lot service… declare that you cannot even take walks… I’m sorry, this is the Progressive pol’s dream — power. Absolute power.

    Y’all can submit to that if you think that’s God’s will. I for one will not — unless God clearly directs me elsewhere.

    1. I agree and would add that this country was established because the colonists refused to submit to a government that had enacted unjust laws. The same can be said of those who led and participated in the Civil Rights movement, although rather than take up arms, they chose civil disobedience to protest unjust laws–my parents were among them. There is a time to pray, but there is also a time to take action against injustice and violations of our Constitution.

    2. Correct! ..that was a good post kieth…..very good.

      To many people don’t realize this ain’t gonna stop. ….. and sooner if Trump is not re-elected.

      The destruction of the US economy is in the interest of liberal democrat because poverty is the source of their strength.

  12. I thank you for this insight and truth. The Spirit inside of me is in complete agreement. I wish I knew a Body of believers that felt the same way. I see my church so wrapped in denominational bondage. I pray God will use this time of repentance to bring about a change in His church. The world is the world and we pray for those we love who are in the world. But the church…this shouldn’t be a tough one. But unfortunately it is. My heart is breaking over it as I see them willing to hand over everything for the sake of fear.

  13. I see a few things here, but these may be due to my own humanness and therefore, a lack of sight of the entire picture. But…

    I see people too willing to allow the government to put its wing over them, to hug them, etc., to feel… “safe”. What am I, 5? I am not so dang scared and wimpy that I need to feel “safe”. I’m surprised the various governments haven’t made public safe spaces, replete with coloring books and play dough. Oh, but that would violate “social distancing” (love these terms that catch on so fast and get repeated ad infinitum).

    Why are people so dang scared of a virus that has a kill rate of less than 5% in this country, and which number will probably come down as all the data comes in? This is not exactly an airborne AIDS, which has a 100% kill rate.

    They’re scared, in my opinion, because many are children. They’ve been taught that gov’t. is the great benefactor, and their maturation has been discouraged by Leftist forces in their schools, news media, etc. Government is the answer, as it were. Gov’t. is Big Parent. Welcome to progressivism.

    They are also scared because CNN and others talk about this virus like it’s knocking people over in the streets. They make it sound like the Black Plague. If it bleeds, it leads, and these orgs are desperate for ratings. Plus, they want to make the Trump Admin. look bad. But, the people who buy this nonsense and, who have no fear of God, turn to these “experts” for safety. Unfortunately, “these people” are many. Looks like we, as the Body of Christ, have dropped the ball. Our message has been replaced by the enemy’s.

    I agree with the author. I never heard of an “orphan spirit”, but I do believe that a lack of proper fear of God is one cause for this. There are others, but I think this is a major one.

    Government is our servant. It is not the answer for everything and certainly should never be seen as a giant parent. That IS God’s territory. But, this is what happens after decades of Leftist indoctrination and molding the population into useful idiots for fascism.

  14. This is so timely and accurate, Dave! Since the very early days of this pandemic, I felt Holy Spirit asking me to pray specifically that governments – first in Washington and then states – would enact measures that protected BOTH LIFE and LIBERTY. These crises really do expose who or what we trust in. Sadly many believers are among those to look first to medicine or the government to care for them and provide. I was very thrilled that our church leaders refused government money offered them and God has met our church’s needs and then some! It is time for bold faith rooted in identity – God’s covenant faithfulness and our identity as His beloved children. His divine power has given us EVERYTHING we need for LIFE and godliness.2 Pet.1:3. Someone said recently (Mike Bickle?) that this is a pop quiz that the church cannot afford to fail!

  15. Thank you for clarifying the differences between an orphan spirit and sonship. I am sure many have not considered this, or even know what it looks like in order to address it. The impact this spirit has on life is crucial in advancement in personal growth and impact for the Kingdom.

  16. I love all the comments. It shows believers are contemplating the will of God for them and others in every situation. Almost everyone recognizes God is doing a thing here, and that is good. Also people are concerned for others, their safety, their opinions of christians behavior as to whether we actually love like we preach. Do we care for them. Also I hear respect for authority which is commanded in the word that we might live peaceful lives. Another thing I see is a deep love for America the beautiful with an understanding that this nation was founded by God and therefore belongs to Him. Patriots don’t want to throw that out because many are deceived. They understand the battle for “one nation under God, indivisible with liberties and justice” fought for by the lives of our christian forefathers. They are ever aware of the enemies tactics to remove those liberties and believe they need to take a stand against deceptive policies that finance evil, proliferate socialist agendas that create unjust platforms that seam good for the common core but remove constitutional liberties. The scripture warns of little foxes like deceptive sin, it was just a few at first then we were overran and unable to remove them. I love you all. Lets pull together without criticizing or judging fear no man and no thing, only God. We are all His here.

  17. I too had never heard the term “orphan spirit” and in relationship with sonship. After your first article about this topic I had to pray and seek what it said in the Bible. In the KJV, NKJV, NIV are the following scriptures in regards to “sonship”. Gal 4, Romans 8:12-15, Romans 8:23, Romans 8:4, Ephesians 1:5.
    This article made it much more clear to me. There are those who already have a sound relationship with the LORD. But many others not as strong in their faith that have been thrown off balance by this pandemic. I personally believe it is for those people we need to be praying for as well as for my own foundation in Christ Jesus. Thank You O LORD for this revelation. AMEN

  18. I love the encouragement this ministry is to me. I very much appreciate your feelings, truly I do, and I have the highest regard for you and all you do to serve the Lord and minister to His people. I pray you might hear my heart as this won’t be easily shared…but I am increasingly conflicted in the many voices and opinions swirling about as the weeks of the corona-crisis have passed. I feel that I cannot, I must not be silent. Rebuke me, correct me if you feel you must, but I hope you might at least weigh my words on the scale of God’s Word as I will do yours. Most respectfully, until our freedom to obey the clear Word of God that applies to every believer is jeopardized or denied us I find no support for God’s people to revolt against our government. The freedoms we have come to regard as rights have not prevented our worship nor our service to God but have merely required us to go about our Father’s business in other ways. Moreover, the freedoms we’ve enjoyed in our country–which are far and above those of most of our brethren anywhere in the world–were given to us by God. We take them for granted. If we believe that all we have has come from the Lord then must we not also believe that it is He Who has removed them? Where is the heart to say as Job said when he suffered loss of all, “The LORD has given and the LORD has taken away?” ??? Is not He Who is sovereign over this plague, over the reactions of our government–including the unreasonable power grabs, over reaches and “bullying” by some government officials? Ought we not to recognize that all that God has ordained or permitted is for the accomplishment of His purpose, and be on our knees uniting our hearts with His that His His purpose be accomplished…in us, His Own household, first of all, and then in others who may be concerned? Ought we not to be making our appeal to God Most High when we are unfairly treated, humbly calling upon our Kinsman Redeemer to vindicate us while praying that those who have mistreated us might be convicted of their wrong ways and be corrected? Our social freedoms are restricted and we are confined…but the church has had no restrictions placed upon it that the secular world has not also been asked to endure. I personally have not suffered hunger or any form of abuse during this time of sheltering and distancing. I have shopped for my needs and God has bountifully supplied. I have made deliveries to disabled, elderly, quarantined friends and enjoyed the cheer and gladness shared between us–even surprising them with Easter flowers. I have enjoyed spaced fellowship with like minded believers albeit wearing a mask. I have not been hindered from assembling with others each week of this ordeal (3 Bible study groups, 2 prayer groups, and 2 worship groups) via technology God has graciously provided for us for a time such as this. No one in my household has been ill during this time. We have enjoyed this season of “quality time” with the Lord and with one another; our hearts are very, very grateful. However, many in our nation–and more in our world–are not as blessed. MANY people are grieving the loss of souls dearest to them in this life even as I write, even as you read these words. Many are still very ill and many are praying fervently for the lives of their loved ones–children, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, beloved friends–struggling for breath to be spared. Several families I know have had family members stricken by this unseen enemy that travels on human hosts who appear to be perfectly healthy and well, I know people currently under quarantine. Most have recovered but not all. In one family I know, the grandfather recently died of Wuhan-virus and his funeral was the same day his son,who is both husband and father, was hospitalized with the virus. The wife and children are still very sick with this virus. Most respectfully,from my perspective submitting to the safety measures requested by our government’s effort to combat something the world has never been faced with before in order to prevent the tragedy many are suffering from being even more widespread seems a small thing for the people of God to suffering willingly rather than railing about the suspension of freedoms and privileges we have come to regard as rights. We live near near the coast. In a normal year we would have enjoyed the early part of April at the beach. I agree that it’s unreasonable not to be permitted to enjoy my motor boat or buy seed to plant my fig tree, but how does screaming about my recreational activities and my garden patch along with the world who does not know God nor look to Him for all we need for life and godliness convey that “though the fig tree may not blossom, yet will I rejoice in the LORD”?

    1. Fran – Thanks for commenting. I couldn’t agree more with “until our freedom to obey the clear Word of God that applies to every believer is jeopardized or denied us I find no support for God’s people to revolt against our government.”

      The point of this article was to remind Believers that we are sons and daughters of the Almighty God and should not put our hope in government to the point we are willing to sacrifice our freedoms for security.

      1. Hi Fran, I can agree as Dave did. We do have to be alert to the schemes of the devil. Sometimes things taken from us are the work of the enemy, we need discernment in knowing what is government over reach. There have been churches that have been wrongly accused of breaking the law. The church (universal) has been complacent over long, we have God’s guidance and should use it effectively in the public square. Be blessed with the joy of the Lord as your strength.

    2. Amen, and amen. We have been praying for eyes and ears to be opened, so everyone would see the things that are not of God and that this country and all the people in it would work together again, and begin to love each other, and talk again as though they at least respected one another. This situation has certainly started to do that in many ways. We can see that God is in control, and like you we see in so many ways, he is answering prayers and performing miracles for all to see.

    3. Some things are overreach, that’s why. Just because these directives are not telling us to betray our God (though some of the responses to churches meeting in their cars are certainly in that ballpark), doesn’t mean they are not worth fighting for. Being free means being able to live your life in a way that does not infringe on the rights of others. This is the way the founders intended it. “Negative freedoms” is the term.

      Some poor guy in CA got a $1,000 fine for surfing. No one was within a 1,000 feet of this guy. The MI governor’s gone completely off the deep end. People can’t drive to a second home if they own one, e.g.

      I’m not saying it’s time to tale up arms, but there comes a point when we need to consider civil disobedience. If I’m not breathing on grandma, or touching food in a supermarket, I’m not seeing the need for these draconian measures.

      1. I’m aware of the cases you cite and quite a few more besides. I’m not suggesting the bullying and craziness and overreach is to be ignored nor excused. I am suggesting that God is sovereign, sir, and that He has a more excellent way for His people than our joining in the throng of the godless in shaking our fists and demanding our civil rights. I am suggesting that He is able to right the wrongs when His people allow Him to be God to them. I am fully convinced that His judgments are righteous and true and His ways are always wisest, kindest, best. I am reminding us only of what we should all already know–that there is no authority good or bad that does not come from our God, and our God has a chain of command we do well to understand and respect if we want God’s favor. Ours is a nation in which God has graciously given us avenues through which we are to make our voices known. God has also given us both instruction and examples in His Word of how His servants who wish to honor Him conduct themselves in appealing to those whom he has placed in positions of authority through the legal system He has been pleased for our nation to govern by. Our Lord Jesus is our primary example in all things. Our brother, the apostle Paul, has given us an example as well of submitting to an unjust government. We do well to remember that Paul is the one in all of the New Testament whom God’s Word exhorts us to imitate as he also imitated Christ. We also have the example of Daniel and his god-honoring companions in Dan.1,2, and 3, 3 chapters in which they were faced with life threatening situations as captives in the hands of an evil King–very timely chapters to mediate on for a time such as this. The time for the people of God to consider civil disobedience is, in my opinion, is only when God undeniably ordains it. But the time to consider Jesus, and the time to conduct ourselves as ambassadors of the King of Heaven is always now. Shalom to you, sir.

        1. Paul said that God instituted government to protect right and punish wrong. But, what happens when a government stops doing that, when those purposes become inverted? Do the same rules apply?

          Take the example of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Did he act in sinful rebellion when he tried to assassinate Hitler?

          Also remember that Paul did not have God’s backing to lead a revolt against Rome, as Israel’s time had not yet come. They were under national judgment and not an independent country.

          Know that I do not subscribe so fully to the extreme pacifistic notion of being a doormat. The Bible is full of examples of both fighting back and submitting, and God backed both. This is not a black / white issue.

          That being said, I would agree that praying for our leaders is necessary and should be our first course of action, followed by speaking up to our elected officials, demonstrating, etc. In our system that God instituted, government represents the people, rules at their behest. If they stop doing that, then those leaders are violating our laws. Just because they are in positions of leadership, does that absolve them from being accountable to the people?

  19. I disagree with the fact we are rebellious to want our rights back. Have you read the truth about viruses This corona virus deal isn’t as deadly as other influenzas have been in the past what I’d the agenda behind All this the elitist make a crisis so they can state their answer which is their agenda in this case new world order socialism is goal and can’t you see what’s
    happening in other countries a person’s right to freedom has to be addressed and spoken out. If you are sick stay home, wash your hands, keep your immune system up is common sense!! Listen and read other things besides mainstream media and WHO which are entities controlled by those elitists who own the world. God is our only answer but he also says: my people perish for lack of knowledge do your own research! Find out the facts about how your body and the cells in our body work and find facts about microbiology and you’ll
    realize that there is mistruths being spread to fear people into their own agendas.

  20. I have become concerned about the recent push to regain our freedoms. The regulations put out for the protection of people have been to enable our country to protect the people from a serious health concern. I’m using my own judgements on the masks for example, but am not going out to show others I’m free of man’s regulations. It’s too early to decide we can do as we please. We don’t need to be mindless followers, as some are becoming as they respond to the rebellious groups. I choose to be led by God and respect the efforts of those who are working hard to defeat this virus.

    1. “We don’t need to be mindless followers,…”

      Some would argue that you do this when you cover yourself in masks, gloves, and don’t go out to do anything but grocery-shop, living in fear from a virus that has a 4% kill rate, and submit to orders — orders, not laws passed by a legislature — that prevent people from going even to a DRIVE-IN church.

  21. Where in the Bible is the “orphan spirit”? I looked at this (our response to what our leaders have asked of us) completely differently. I see Christians praying that God gives wisdom to our leaders, and then complying with what they asked. I see Christians putting others first, caring more for others than for our selves. Isn’t that what our Jesus teaches?

    1. I don’t know where in the Bible is the “orphan spirit”, although someone else in another posts says they found mention of it, so I’ll research later. However, I respectfully disagree that standing up for one’s rights is not putting others first. Taking a stand to protect our freedom and demand that our leaders/governors obey the Constitution protects all of us. It ensures that are inalienable rights–which are God-given, not government given–are maintained for us and future generations. The Founding Fathers understood the importance of ensuring government did not overstep in the governing of its citizens which is why they took great care in drafting the document to ensure that such rights were protected. In some way or another, through either natural immunity or vaccine, this current virus will dissipate–most of the medical experts and scientists agree on this–but the freedoms that we are sacrificing now for the sake of safety we may not get back if we don’t let those in government know that we the people do not consent to them being taken away in the first place. Further, as an African American, I am extremely grateful that my parents and grandparents and millions of other Americans who participated in and led the Civil Rights movement did not remain content to do what America’s leaders were asking at that time. The governors of the Southern states that enacted the Jim Crow laws claimed to be doing so to protect members of its population, but those laws were unjust, as were the stringent voting restrictions/tests placed on Black people. Had Martin Luther King, Jr. and countless other citizens not taken a stand to challenge these laws and orders, they might still be in effect today.

      I understand there is a need to protect those who are at-risk for having more severe reactions if they catch the virus, my mother is in that at-risk group and its why I pray over her daily. I also believe people should comply with those measures enacted by governments that are reasonable. However; our government leaders are obligated to use the least burdensome approach to dealing with the crisis to ensure it does not unduly violate the inalienable rights of its citizens. Our governors and mayors have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution, when they fail to do that it is the people’s responsibility to let them know it.

  22. Honestly I have never heard the term “Orphan spirit” nor felt the concept of. Speaking personally I do not feel I am giving up freedom for security for I know this is a temporary situation that is requiring drastic measures I am only complying with the Government guidelines to trying to stop this pandemic, they already have a very difficult job ahead of them and we should not make it any more difficult than it already is and yes there is an element of fear in this, personally the fear of being defiant and careless and bring the virus into my family. I do trust in God entirely but would my Lord want me to be protesting and defying what sounds to be a sensible precaution for now for the sake of people health even lives? I don’t really mind staying at home I have been reading more, praying more, I still go walking and meditating. I don’t feel I have lost any freedom at all. But that is me, I don’t know what other people are going through Just a little bit longer and this also will pass like all the others dire situations we have been before I pray for God’s help to give our leaders wisdom and to draw people unto Him in the midst of trouble times

    1. I agree with you Phil. Our President is a Christian. A scripture on a prayer call I join had a scripture quoted by two separate people several days apart. It answered this strange requirement we have been told to do. Shut none essential things down and stay at home. Isaiah 26:20.Come, my people, enter into your rooms and close your doors behind you; hide for A LITTLE WHILE until indignation runs its course. Equally important(I believe) vs.21 for behold, the Lord is about to come out from His place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity; and the earth will reveal her bloodshed and will no longer cover her slain.

      I believe God is getting ready to judge some VERY, EVIL people.

    2. Not every state is allowing its people to go out for walks. In one state, forget which, there is an order — not law, an order — to not even assemble in a church parking lot sitting in your cars. One guy in CA got a $1,000 for surfing, with no one within a thousand feet of him. You’re also ignoring the economic cost of this. Over 20 million people are out of work. That’s insane.

      All this for safety? Well, in that case we should knock the national speed limit down to 10mph, since last year almost 40,000 people died in car accidents in the US. How many die from heart disease? Ban fast foods.

      How far are you willing to submit?

      I have no problem with some LOW-LEVEL regulations, passed by a legislature, and a lot of *suggestions* on how to protect those around us. But, orders that prohibit people from taking walks? Driving into a drive-in church service? This all not to mention this fear that seems to be gripping everyone, as if this were an airborne, contagious form of cancer — an illness with a far higher cost, treating us like abandoned 5yo’s who need to feel… safe.

      A population that sees itself as children needing Big Parent’s protection is a population that is ready for much greater government overreach. I think being aware of this, and not blindly trusting our governments (state and national), was the point of this article. Good is our Big Parent. Not Uncle Same or our state or city governments.

  23. I don’t sense that most people are being overly careful, or are under an orphan spirit. I think it shows more faith to trust God, and obey our [righteous and God-fearing president] than insist on returning to our ”normal” life prematurely…This is wisdom.

    Our government is exercising caution in an effort to protect every American. People may feel a false sense of security at seeing some progress, but bear in mind that it is there because of the stay at home orders working. Only the Lord knows what would have happened without mitigation…His grace has intervened.

    I believe that God has placed Donald Trump and Vice President Pence in their positions for such a time as this. They have openly spoken of God, and have shown by every measure that they acknowledge and reverance Him. I think they are leading well.

    Our ”freedoms” have not been violated in any way. What we are doing in following social distancing guidelines is wisdom to protect ourselves and others.

    We are called to trust the Lord, but we are also urged over and over by God to use discretion [at the same time]. We are admonished in the Word of God to use wisdom, not to recklessly disregard it.

    As Christians, I also think it should be foremost in our hearts to think of and protect others, not just ourselves. God cares for the vulnerable and counts each life as precious.

    God did not initiate this crisis, but He is allowing a shaking in this nation, to shake out false idols and securities, that will usher in change and awakening. He is allowing this because He desires for us to turn our hearts to and look to Him.

    Many have become worn down by the world and lost their zest in their relationship with God. The Lord desires the one thing that only we can choose to give Him…our time….our attention.

    That is what He wants, and that is His desire for us in this season. To be strengthened, to rest, to trust, and to go deeper with and seek after Him.

    I think that God also desires to shake, reset and recalibrate the church. Many churches have become steeped in compromise, and there is corruption. Some have tried to become too relevant and ”seeker sensitive” to draw people in with attractive, appealing messages, rather than simply lifting Jesus up. They have lost their salt.

    It is God’s deep desire for the people (saved and unsaved) to turn to Him. This is a time of grace for every believer and ministry to truly examine where they really are in relationship to God, and seek Him more. To change and make Him a priority….He wants us to choose Him.

  24. This is so right. The breakdown in our nation is a lot to do with breakdown of families. I’m just learning about an orphan spirit and the depths, lengths, widths and breadths of love the Father has extended to me. Jack Frost book From Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship is my latest way to seek. I had a fear of disapproval the Holy Spirit revealed. And it’s amazing how that tries to get hold of my mind during times where I could feel rejected and not approved of. I’m just going into the word with the Holy Spirit and resting in His peace and love. I’m not fearful of the virus but because so many are I do not flaunt my freedom but try to honor and respect. But it is time to start shutting down the shutdown. There are so many who need to work. And to provide for their families. That can be a place of robbery and destruction. Satan has already tried to kill with this and some have been lost to death. But we must speak to this mountain and tell it to die at the roots. Use our authority to bind the disease and call in life and healing for those afflicted. It doesn’t have to lead to death. In Jesus Name

    1. Matt – You raise a great question. I have struggled greatly over benefitting from the stimulus package, but to me this article is raising the question of whom we should place our trust in. If a persons only hope is in government taking care of them then utilizing the benefits of the stimulus package only reinforces a misplaced hope. When government is the solution to our problems our freedoms will vanish quickly.

      1. I realize this is a side issue, but just to make a quick comment…

        I do not believe I’ll be receiving such a check. But, if I do, I will destroy it. This is not out of some overreaction to government overreach or to something that appears socialistic. This is out of a desire to not suck blood out of the American tax payer. It is also out of patriotism and my concern for the national debt.

        Unless I legitimately need the money, I will not keep it.

  25. Our beloved country, founded on freedom under God, has been blessed by God with so much success that freedom has become our god. We are following the pattern of the Israelites in the biblical record. And just as with them, God has allowed a powerful force to remind us that we are not self-sufficient. We need God and we need each other. We’d better learn that lesson while we have the opportunity.

    Many of those who warn us about losing our freedom depend on firearms to regain it. It seems we would be threatening others’ lives as we protect our right to allow the virus to move naturally through the population taking more lives.

  26. You are so right on as this applies to many. There are many Christians i believe though, who are giving up freedoms not on the altar of fear but honoring our Presidents recommendations and patiently trusting in the Lord. Also in doing so believing that we are demonstrating “what would Jesus do” in this situation right now. That can change moment by moment. Our confidence comes in doing what we believe the Lord wants each one of us to do. Many people have not done this for self only but for others also
    for the sake of the fruit to come. Preparing for a third great outpouring. Many things have been coming into the light through this situation. Our president is navigating through a pack of wolves. God has been at work in our lives and homes preparing us. Many good things have come out of this. Many bad things have been avoided and have been exposed. Pray for our president and leaders like our lives depended on it. God did a miracle in putting Trump in office. Some are very blatant now about this being about our rights refusing to participate right from the beginning. There is a time for everything. Now is the time for each one of us to hear and follow what Holy Spirit shows us in His word and promptings. I have heard many things things that are intimidating in a sense calling certain of us weak and I don’t wish to do the same thing in criticizing anyone else. May we all see clearly in the Light of our Savior and allow Him to reveal our hearts to us. We will volunteer in the day of His power by the grace off God. I believe there is also a battle for clear discernment. God richly bless you all as you carry His light in this darkness.

  27. I was raised during World War II. Even as children, we were told, “Loose lips sink ships.” and were encouraged not to speak of our armed forces activities lest the enemy hear us. This is a time for silence! A time to stop all nay saying, but rather a time to seek the LORD with all our hearts and keep our own counsel. I wear a mask because it is the sensible thing to do, and I am very grateful for the social distancing because that is a wise thing to do, too. The world has not walked through a situation like this before–it is an amazing learning curve–let’s just be positive and grateful for those who are trying to help us as best as they know how.

  28. I have never in my life seen so many people responding to fear as I have in these recent days. It’s sad when I see Christians act like this as well. I believe that there are more people willing to give up their freedom’s for security. And I pray for the healing of our country.

  29. Father what a privilege it is to bring everything to You in prayer. We come to You because You are the only one who can do anything about any crisis or situation that we may be experiencing. During times of uncertainty may we be reminded to pull from Your strength and Your wisdom. I pray that You will move on the hearts of those who are placing money over souls. Instead that we will be moved with compassion for grieving families who have lost loved ones in this season and was not able to provide comfort to them or to say goodbye; we pray for those who died or are dying without the hope that You’ve given us through Your Son, Jesus Christ. We are praying for all of the healthcare workers and first responders who count it not robbery to leave their families in order to minister to “the least of these”. Give them, Father, a prophet’s reward. We pray for those suffering from other medical issues that cannot be addressed (chemo, dialysis, rehabilitation, etc) due to overcrowding in medical facilities. Increase their faith Father and relieve their suffering. We pray for business owners sharing their goods to feed “the least of these”. We pray for those who have lost jobs, are struggling to make ends meet and could be facing becoming homeless. We pray for good mental heath and that anxiety will not be heightened. We pray for the scientists and other physicians seeking a vaccine for this virus. Give them wisdom and unity Lord. We pray that greed will not result in price gouging but the law of supply and demand will be conducted with Christlike intentions. We pray for those making decisions (our local, state and federal government leaders) for the better good of ALL mankind. That they will seek You before one thought or word is uttered. I pray that during this tumultuous time, more than ever before, that the world will heed the call of 2 Chronicles 7:14. Soften our hearts Lord to pray daily for those who are unable to pray for themselves and for the lost. We confess that we’ve made a mess of this world, Father. Forgive us of our sins. Let this season be the brightest moment for Your Church. May we rise and stand tall showing Your love without pride or prejudice. In Jesus’ Name, I offer these petitions, AMEN, AMEM, AMEN🙌🏾

  30. Thank you for sharing what the Lord showed you. My spirit just grabbed on to it. For we are truly in a day and hour in which we must decide if we will walk fully in the kingdom of God or the kingdom of man. Will I believe what God says or what man says. There is no gray area any more. Either His blood is enough or it isn’t. Either His word is true or it isn’t. We know by His Spirit that it is. It is astounding how quickly churches can be shut down in this country. Very sobering.

    Father, forgive me and all of Your people anywhere we gave in to fear and an orphan spirit. I call forth Sonship to arise in us. For we are indeed sons and daughters of the Most High God. Thank You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  31. Where are the Joshua’s and Caleb’s in this day? Did they fear the “GIANTS” in the land?
    Be careful, be wise,use common sense, but don’t allow fear to Rule your day.

  32. What I don’t see is people talking about the mark of the beast Rev 13:16,17. Not to be fearful but aware that as we lose each little freedom for safety we come closer to the mark. The Gates Foundation already has created a vaccine with an ID chip. Dr Fauci is talking about immunity passports – the need to show that we are safe to be around. God has this. He is in control. Fear is what is leading to losing freedom and fear is not of God. Thank you for the perspective of the orphan spirit. It is like if we can trust Jesus for our salvation why can’t we trust him in all aspects of our life.

  33. We have been taught in the Bible to obey the governing authority unless it goes against God. We don’t get to pick and choose what or which laws to obey or disregard. God hates all disobedience and it also separates Christians from Him until we repent. Please do not teach believers that because we are losing certain freedoms now, it is better for us to rebel and disobey. You will be held accountable to God for it one day. God bless you and I hope your day is blessed.

    1. Chris – Thank you for your thoughts. I am neither for blind obedience nor for constant civil disobedience. History has taught (Hitler rise to power) that we should always be diligent in watching the growth of and reliance upon government. Watch and pray.

    2. Thank you for your comments. We have so much to learn. God is trying to teach us something, but we want to have our way. The governing rule in Jesus’ time was Rome. In fact, the Jews had hoped that Jesus had come to free them from their tyranny. Oh my! They crucified Our Savior! This was as base and vile as it could get in that day. Jesus never taught His followers to rebel against the government. If God has sent someone to help us during these tragic days, I THANK HIM FOR THEM! These are people of the medical profession who know of what they speak. We are tempting God. Not a good move. Thanks again.

  34. Thank you Dave, for this article and for courageously bringing to light the importance of guarding our freedoms. Not eveyone in athority has noble motives…spreading fear and then promising security is how people begin to relinquish their freedom. There are govenors who are over-stepping their authority and people allow this because they have been told to fear, and then “regulations” are enacted to “keep us safe”. Seek the truth and pray for discernment. We must cry out to our Father in heaven to deliver us from fear and deception, and ask Him to fill us with His Godly wisdom and to provide for our needs. We can be both responsible and keep our freedom.

  35. AMEN! More confirmation from God’s Word in Romans 8:32 NASB “He Who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him over for us all, how will He not also with Him freely give us all things?” Praising God for His truth and asking that the eyes of the heart of those who are already part of His all will rejoice in Christ our Savior and that many will be added to His all in these days so that God’s kingdom will come here on earth as it is in heaven and we will be His Light to restrain lawlessness through our prayers first of all and to stand in those places God has called us to be His servants to stand firm in God’s truth.

  36. Along with sonship comes wisdom. Why is it more important to ignore the laws of states that have helped to save lives (particularly those who are less fortunate) than to believe in an administration driven by greed and racism? What has happened to the thinking and beliefs of modern day Christians that we would sell our souls for a party label. This blasphemous line of thinking is nowhere published in the Holy Bible. Try asking God to create in us a clean heart and maybe our thinking will become more in line with that of Christ’s. God help us.

  37. I have not experienced the anxiety so often mentioned. I wondered if something was wrong with me, but I kept praying. Now I understand through reading this article. Now I can pray specifically. Thank you for this well written encouragement.

  38. From the beginning of this situation that has taken our moments of “freedom” from us there are 2 verses that have remained constant…’My’ times are in His Hands and Since before the creation of the world. These verses have provided me with peace and great comfort. I read your article and will choose to disagree with you in love. I am also reminded that We must also agree with those in authority over us who have tirelessly have gone about attempting to restore the freedom that many have been taken for granted. I am also reminded that my freedom is also to not take at liberty the responsibility of those around me.
    These men and woman that are working so hard to get us back to the America and world as well that we so take for granted on a daily basis have given us these protocols for a reason and it is because of our safety. The distancing, the masks, the stay at home are for very real reasons…not to strip us of our freedom but ensure our safety in it.
    This virus spreads silently and quickly and people are infected and do not know it…it is no respecter of anyone as we have seen and just watching the news once allows us to see the numbers grow and grow rapidly. It has left a health care system overwhelmed and stressed the ones at the front lines with technology not being able to keep up with the numbers of the sick and dying. And these members are not only from our society but the world. They relentlessly put themselves on the front lines to restore our freedom and movement…some will never experience their freedom again. I am a health care worker and my heart grieves for my fellow piers who are on the front lines and go to work daily to do just that… care for those dealing with this terrible disease.
    I believe as a Christian I am called to think of others as more important than myself as Christ did and He too humbled Himself and became obedient for our good. If for a season we must all come together and be obedient so we can enjoy the liberty of the freedom we have experienced and love and wear a mask..practice social distancing… and stay home more than any of us like…so we can fully enjoy the freedoms for me I will.
    This is a horrible pandemic …not over yet…causing us great moments of uncomfortableness. We were created to have relationship. The LORD has it within Himself and invited us into it when He created us. We must protect this great invitation…BY praying…supporting and loving…and we show that in obedience to Him and those in His Sovereign Grace He has placed over us. They are not violating Him with what they are doing. I see them working tirelessly to relieve this plague of darkness from us.
    So In love I disagree with some of the things you have said. We are not headed for a society that embraces “socialism” because of these needed precautions or replaced our understanding in a Sovereign LORD and KING and moved to believing government “provides our safety”…although it is one of their main responsibilities!I believe at this appointed time in history Our Sovereign LORD who from before time knew this pandemic would be here and provided these men in authority over us to provide protection for us as a nation and as those who pray for those in authority over us for a season must obey these burdensome rules. When I wear the mask or walk more than 6 feet from a friend as I did yesterday or do my counter tops or wash my hands it is not because I feel I am giving up something that violates my freedom….BUT acting in the freedom that Christ has given me to regard others MORE important than myself and hopefully NOT putting someone else at risk despite the inconvenience it may bring to me. IN HIM Mari

    1. Mari, I fully agree. I do not feel our freedoms and civil rights have been taken away from us. These restrictions are for our good and for our nation. Some states have gone overboard on the restrictions and in those states I can agree some freedoms are in jeopardy. We have been able to still worship God in our homes. There is a pastor that disobeyed the restrictions and held church and now he is dead from the virus. No telling how many people he spread it to in his congregation.

      1. Why were the people stupid enough to go to church? I am 65 I have had Lupus since 1992 and have a heart problem. I started social distancing a week before they closed our schools in Michigan. My church has no church services since the shut down.But I did not go the Sunday before that. It is not the Pastors fault nobody made anyone attend. To take away my freedom does not fix stupid.

        1. You are right, no one forced anyone to attend church. But the role of the pastor is to lead his church. He refused to follow the rules of no large gatherings. I guess he felt his religious freedoms were being taken away. Not only did he put hisself in danger, but he put his flock in danger.

          1. I disagree it was not about his freedom he was stupid. He may have been a Pastor but he was not a leader. I love the scripture Phil. 2:12. work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. Sadly, his flock was as stupid as he was. NO amount of taking away my freedom will fix stupid. The article is warning us not to be orphans to be in sonship with Father God we can not be stupid Christians. I thank God because of the blood of Jesus I am not a orphan.

    2. Well written response Mari. Dave’s article is well written but I feel that people who deliberately flaunt sensible precautionary measures (spring-break beach parties, etc.) put my wife and I at unnecessary risk. I am 78 with high blood pressure and she is 71 with rheumatoid arthritis.
      There is another fear associated with the pandemic – the spirit of poverty which is closely tied to the orphan. As intercessors we need to bind both of these lies of the devil and lift up our leaders to follow the Godly counsel and wisdom that has been placed near them.

    3. Mari, I agree with you. I do agree with the article that there are areas we need to be aware of and watch our backs. There are evil and self serving people and beliefs out there. BUT I sit at home in quarantine, as a vulnerable senior, probably for many more months (stage 3 of re-entry into life) and know that there are people fighting for my life. I am SO BLESSED! They keep saying “for a time”. The Bible uses the the phrase in Esther “for such a time as this”. It is easy to get hot under the collar. Wisdom, direction, at times -obedience, God allows these times to teach all of us. I hate to be dependent – But God is teaching someone how to help and me how accept help. I learned how to help years ago because of the dependence of someone else. Speak wisdom and not all things government is wrong. We will have the Victory – because God won it for us (that is from the Word)- But there has to be a Chief, a King, a Priest – someone who guides us to the victory. I thank our Father, our King, our God for those He saw fit to stand in the gap of leadership to help us fight this horrid monster and to protect us against the evil that is out there. I trust God knows what He is doing. Thank you all for prayers, for knowledge, for wisdom and for helping all who need care. Blessings of Shalom.

    4. Thank, you, Mari. We are 100% agreed. Your voice has edified and encouraged my own heart. Let the people of God stand firm in the true grace of God on the holy ground of the pure Word of get. agape ~ fran

    5. What I can’t understand is a handful of people — typical small American congregation, already decimated in size — being too scared to come and worship in a building designed to handle a gathering 10 to 15 times the group’s size. Social distancing under such circumstances is certainly not a problem, and the small church my family and I have been worshiping at during this Covid epidemic (our own church has posted a sermon to Facebook and been holding phone conference services with mixed results), practices social distancing with obvious ease, has tons of hand sanitizer on hand, and is well under the governor’s 50+limit guidelines (the average size of their congregation being about 12).
      It looks to me like too many people in these small congregations are just too fearful.

  39. A truly dangerous moment, thank you for articulating this expertly. Prayer will take us to the right side of the tension between slavery/fear to freedom/ faith as a nation. Come Holy Spirit.

  40. I appreciate how you connected the dots between feeling like we are orphans, free falling through this global pandemic, rather than sons and daughters of the most high. But I really take issue with one sentence, even though I didn’t take offense at it. But there will be those fringe believers who would jump on this. Of course, fringe believers are probably not members of IFA! You wrote: “Christians who have a biblical worldview (and many don’t) should question the unchecked willingness of people to obey any authority other than the God of the Bible.” That flies directly in the face of what Paul wrote to Timothy and other biblical mandates. The only time we should absolutely refuse worldly authority is when it is opposed to Kingdom principles.

  41. Dave,

    Thank you for this timely message. It is inspired. I am ready to stand against fear and for our God-given freedoms.

    2 Timothy 1:7 (NKJV)
    7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

  42. God uses every issue that enters our space to teach us to trust Him completely. This learning curve is a lifelong process and spans issues that are worldwide and those that may enter our space through a missionary and his or her needs. COVID 19 is a world-wide issue and impacts those who have never faced such an issue in their entire life and could be overwhelmed by it. However, if this is true, then those believers need to seek God to give them guidance in such a time as this for He will gladly reach out to assist them, “Call upon Me and I will answer you…Seek and you shall find…”. Complete trust in God can be a great test for the human spirit especially in a country like America. We tend to meet our own needs and only pray when “the storms of life” overwhelm us and when the storm is over we return to our “normal” way of looking at Our Creator at a distance. “Heavenly Father, teach us to trust you in all of life’s issues even those that reach the “covid 19″ level. In the Name of Jesus our Lord, Amen!”

    1. I am taking time during this epidemic to spend time with my family and with the Lord. I choose not to live in fear but to walk securely knowing the Lord will protect me. I trust him, for he will never leave me or for sake me. I pray for the leaders of this country and I pray for the families within it. I believe this virus is a warning to the world that we need to have our lives in order and consider our walk with the Lord.

  43. Thank you for this inspired article. I have received surprising responses from several Christian friends when I expressed similar thoughts. I’m so thankful to know God is in control!

  44. Dear Lord freedom is important but so is security. God help to not give up too much freedom for security. Father please guide us and give us courage and strength. We need You God our true Lord. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


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Please understand that all postings, messages, text, files, images, photos, video, sounds, or other materials ( “Content”) posted on, transmitted through, or linked from this website, are the sole responsibility of the person from whom such Content originated. More specifically, each person is entirely responsible for each individual item (“Item”) of Content that they post, email or otherwise make available via the Service. Please understand that IFA does not control, and is not responsible for Content made available through the Service, and that by using the Service, you may be exposed to Content, as much as we try to prevent it, that is offensive, indecent, inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise objectionable. For the health of the IFA community you must agree that you will evaluate, and bear all risks associated with, the use of any Content, and that under no circumstances will IFA be liable in any way.  Be wise and understand that IFA does not pre-screen or approve Content generated by our community of website users, but IFA does have the right (but not the obligation) in its sole discretion to refuse, delete or move any Content that is available via the Service, for violating the letter or spirit of the terms of understanding or for any other reason. If you ever find objectionable material please contact us at 800-USA-Pray or use our contact form to notify us.

Questions or Suggestions
Please direct all questions or comments regarding this privacy policy to Intercessors for America at  Intercessors for America P.O. Box 915  Purcellville, VA 20134

This web site may provide links to external web sites maintained by individuals or organizations external to Intercessors for America. Once you access information that links you to another web site, you are subject to the privacy policy of the web site containing the information you have linked to.

Online Personal Safety
We hope and pray that all intercessors involved in Intercessors for America are trustworthy, well-meaning, and have a heart for prayer for our nation.

However, please take the same common sense precautions online as you would offline. People online are not necessarily who they say they are or seem to be. Never give out passwords, credit card information, or other private data. Be very wary of disclosing private information to a stranger you meet via prayer messaging. Even apparently innocent information, like the name of your employer, can be used against you by scammers.

When meeting with someone for the first time to gather to pray or establish a prayer group in your local area, please remember to:

Taking these precautions will help make your online experience safer. Any risk in using Intercessors for America’s online web tools to connect with others is assumed by you. Intercessors for America disclaims any liability or responsibility for acts, omissions, or conduct by you or any other party using its online web tools.

For more information about online personal safety, check out these resources:

Statement of Use
All of the content, images, logos and photos appearing on this website are copyrighted and are the property of Intercessors for America. Other images, brands or logos are copyright of their respective owners. Information and images found on the site cannot be reproduced either in print or electronically without express written permission from Intercessors for America.

The IFA or GAP Web Site may contain links to third party web sites such as those posted by members of the Get America Praying website.  These third party web sites are not controlled by IFA. The links to these web sites are provided for convenience. IFA is not responsible and assumes no liability for the contents of any of these web sites, and unless expressly stated does not endorse these web sites or their contents, products, or services. IFA is not responsible for the content of any sponsor’s Web page linked to the IFA web site, and the opinions and views expressed on the sponsor’s Web pages do not necessarily reflect those of IFA. The contents of the sponsor Web pages are not reviewed in any way before they are linked to the IFA web page. Intercessors for America reserves the exclusive right to remove any links, posts or members that it deems necessary for any reason. The intended usage of the website is for the facilitation of prayer groups.  Requests for donations other than for the owner of the site, posting of blogs and misuse of site is expressly forbidden.  Inactivity of any group or site for more than 90 days will constitute an automatic removal of the member or group from the site.

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