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Lord, we pray the truth continues to be revealed concerning the coronavirus.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government’s top infectious disease expert, said Thursday that he doubts official COVID-19 figures released by the Chinese regime.

Fauci, who heads the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told Fox News in an interview that he does not find China’s claim of less than 5,000 COVID-19 deaths credible, nor does he believe the regime has released all the pertinent data.

“That number is really rather a low number. That number surprises me that that number is so low,” Fauci said, referring to the regime’s official claims of the number of people in China who fell victim to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus, commonly known as the novel coronavirus.

“I think any of us who have been dealing with this now, for the last few months, don’t feel confident at all that we have all of the data of the originally infected individuals, how long there were people in the circulation, or even now, how many deaths there really are in China,” Fauci said in the interview.

His comments come after increasing scrutiny of the Chinese Communist Party narrative around both the numbers and the origin of the virus, which the regime claims came about when the pathogen jumped from a bat to a human at the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan.

(Excerpt from Epoch Times. Article by Tom Ozimek.)

What do you think? Are China’s numbers accurate? Leave a comment.

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April 19, 2020

Fauci = James 1:8
A a double-minded man….Unstable in ALL his ways.
We can Judge a man by the company he keeps.
Enough said.

Fear not, America! Luke 12:2 In His perfect timing, God will Reveal everything & everyone!!

Save their souls, Jesus.
Have Mercy. Amen

So grateful for our Incredible President Trump and for X22 Report; Andweknow.com ; Epoch Times.
Sources of Truth, Courage and Faith! Thank you. God Bless Y’all & God Bless Israel & America!

April 19, 2020

Don’t I don’t think their number are honest and I think they were unfair to the world not to let us know the truth

fran idziak
April 18, 2020

I’ve listened to the president’s daily news conferences throughout the corona-crisis. I’ve watched and heard Dr. Fauci carefully every time he’s been out there with the president…and I’ve *done my own homework* to learn a great deal about him in recent weeks, including his *work* with AIDS, HIV, the homoosexual community, China, and his long history of fervent support and expressed admiration for Hillary Clinton. Frankly, he troubled me repeatedly from the beginning when it seemed to me that he ever so subtly contradicted the president. Only after it was so widely reported that it’s *undeniable to the entire world*, it seems to me, does the good doctor now claim he was misinformed by the Chinese. I personally view the contradictions of our president’s words of leadership as having contributed to the environment which has spawned the distrust in our government’s good judgment and care for the American people that has now given birth now to open revolt in demand for perceived freedoms to abandon caution to the wind even though people are still dying and grieving–and both Italy and Germany are already reporting a 2nd wave outbreak just as their numbers were significantly lowering. I personally would not recommend putting confidence in Dr. Fauci. Rather, pray all the more fervently that our God might equip our president and other elected representatives with the very best and most truthworthy advisors and information to make the wisest decisions on behalf of this nation.

janet taylor
April 18, 2020

I would not believe anything FAUCI says he is a lier. He has given millions to the labs in China and has worked with Bill Gates
formulating who knows what and has prior connections with Souros and many on the left. Watch, He is about to be found out.

Karen Secrest
April 18, 2020

Did Dr. Fauci come to that conclusion before or after it was revealed he’s been funding Chinese research for quite a while?

Lawrence Unger
April 18, 2020

Heavenly, truth has been revealed in that Dr. Fauci and most wicked cohorts have created and led this deception in which Dr. Fauci funded this catastrophe by $3.7 million paid to the Chinese in further researching this virus that was created in America. Lord we pray binding up these who have sewn the seeds of lies and deceptions, and that they be swiftly brought to justice in the powerful name of Jesus. And we pray loosening of Your Heavenly Host (angels) to fight for us (Psalm 91:11) in this mighty spiritual war (Ephesians 6:10-18), in the powerful name of Jesus.

31 Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on Him, If ye continue in My word, then are ye My disciples indeed; 32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:31-32 KJV.


Ken Budz
April 18, 2020

Lord please help the people of China reach out to You. Help pull down Chinese government that oppresses people. Help the church in China. May the people be strong and courageous. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. God bless Hong Kong.

    janet taylor
    April 18, 2020

    Amen, has anyone been hearing from any of our american Missionaries in China or have they all come home? It seems too silent.

      April 18, 2020

      Boots on the ground in China say to take the numbers China is admitting to and multiply that by 40 times. WAY more deaths and cases than are being reported.

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