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Lord, bring clarity and truth to this situation. May your justice be a cleansing on our government!

[Ties go deep with Christopher Steele, author of the fake dossier, and the Obama Administration State Department.  More information discovered:]

  • State Department emails show that former State official Jonathan Winer facilitated meetings between dossier author Christopher Steele and multiple private consulting firms.
  • Winer served as Steele’s main point of contact to the State Department and was the official responsible for disseminating the anti-Trump dossier through Foggy Bottom.
  • Winer’s emails were obtained through a lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch on behalf of The Daily Caller News Foundation.

A State Department official who played a key role in handling the Steele dossier facilitated meetings between Christopher Steele and private consulting firms, according to State Department emails obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Jonathan Winer, a longtime associate of former Secretary of State John Kerry, set up a meeting in late 2014 with an executive at APCO Worldwide, an international consulting firm where Winer worked before and after his most recent stint at the State Department.

Winer also attempted to set up a meeting in November 2014 between Steele, a former MI6 officer, and executives at McLarty Associates, a consultancy founded by Bill Clinton’s first chief of staff, Mack McLarty. He also put Steele in contact with a former ambassador to Morocco and APCO partner related to a “Morocco immediate need.”

Another email shows that Winer gave Steele and his business partner, Christopher Burrows, advice on how to handle a commercial dispute in Mongolia that involved the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

The State Department released the emails as part of a lawsuit that Judicial Watch filed on behalf of The Daily Caller News Foundation. The lawsuit seeks Winer’s correspondence related to Steele, as well as the 100-plus intelligence reports that Steele reportedly provided Winer on issues in Russia and Ukraine.

Winer has previously acknowledged his role in passing information from Steele to his State Department colleagues. But the newly released emails suggest he played another role — that of facilitator for Steele’s business interests.

Winer was Steele’s main point of contact to the State Department, and the official who disseminated the dossier to others at Foggy Bottom. Winer, whose official title was special envoy to Libya, also set up a meeting on Oct. 11, 2016 for Steele with Kathleen Kavalec, the deputy secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs. . . .

Winer is also linked to a second dossier on Trump, this one authored by Cody Shearer, a controversial political operative who is closely allied to the Clintons.

Winer obtained the so-called Shearer dossier from Sidney Blumenthal, another longtime Clinton associate. Winer has said he gave the report to Steele, who then provided it to the FBI.

“It’s amazing how hard our government tries to keep the truth from the American people,” said Neil Patel, the president of The Daily Caller News Foundation.

(Excerpted from Daily Caller, article by Chuck Rose.)

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June 11, 2019

Thank You Dear LORD, for Your amazing Light that is able to pierce through all darkness. I stand in agreement with the previous prayers. And I pray that You will deliver many blinded eyes and minds from the deceptive lies of the enemy concerning all this. In Jesus precious name. Amen.

June 11, 2019

Oh Father hear our cries! Protect us from this evil lurking within our government. Give President Trump and his administration the wisdom, courage and strength to glorify you and uphold your righteousness within our country Lord. To stand on Your Word Father that as we seek Your Face and turn from our wickedness, You will heal our land. Thank you Father, for Your continued support and exposure to these evil-doers. We pray and cry out to You for justification and glorification in the name of Jesus! Your Will be done.
In His glori0us Name I pray……..Amen

June 11, 2019

Amen! I’m in agreement with these prayers for our country. Expose all wickedness in leadership and rid our country of those who would call bad, good, and those who call good, bad. Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers. In Jesus name, Amen

Cathy Costanza
June 11, 2019

Father, let the LIGHT of TRUTH shine and uncover the hidden unlawful works of darkness. Cause A. G. Barr, John Durham and team to uncover all the corruption and take full judicial action. Bring all involved in these subversive and unlawful activities to justice. Restore integrity to our governmental agencies and righteousness to America. Establish the righteous in places of authority and influence, remove the wicked. We petition you, Lord, to heal our land. Righteousness exalts a nation!
Protect Trump, his family and team from the assaults of the wicked. Give him supernatural wisdom, courageous strength and divine protection. In Jesus’ Name

June 11, 2019

My Father in Heaven, I petition this dossier propaganda into your hands to open this case wide and clear to the people of the USA so that we could move on with the healing of our nation. I know you have called your people who are called by your Name to pray so that you can heal our country. Revive all of us in your Spirit to continue with the truth and to expose the lies of the enemy. Lord and Savior give wisdom, peace, and protection to our sitting President. This I ask in your mighty name amen.

Lynda Boudreau
June 11, 2019

Lord I pray that you lift the veil of deceit and expose the plans used by partisan government officials to denigrate and ruin a presidential candidate and sitting president – all to retain political power and control over Our Nation.
Please empower prosecutors to bring those responsible to full justice and sentencing to deter future attempts to dupe voters, in the precious name of Jesus.

Jerry E Sauls
June 11, 2019

Heavenly Father, our Nation is in the deepest quagmire that I have ever see in my seventy-seven years, which means our only hope will be found in You, Your Word and Your Spirit. Grant to us Your Spiritual Wisdom as we plow through this deep darkness that, at this time, there seems to be no “light at the end of the tunnel.” Yet, we Your followers know that “All things are possible with You”, so our faith is in You and You only. Help us I pray, in His Name, Amen!

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