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Heavenly father, please expose the lies of the enemy for all to see. Bring Your justice down upon those that pursue injustice.
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Robert Mueller’s two-year-long fishing expedition found no evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russians. So why is Mr. Mueller now hinting that Mr. Trump is somehow guilty after all?

Maybe it’s because the media, which had heaped praise on him, now see him as a sellout or loser. Or maybe it’s because he wants to distract from a glaring fact: He never addressed the real scandal, which is the Obama administration’s flagrant abuse of the FBI and intelligence agencies to damage a presidential campaign and then, failing that, to destroy a sitting president.



Since the “Russia collusion” scandal dominated the news every day, Mr. Mueller may have helped Democrats take the House in 2018. You’d think they’d be grateful. But, since he did not outright nail Mr. Trump, Mr. Mueller’s star has fallen.

For his part, former FBI Director James Comey has been outed as a squirrely partisan who used his office to target Mr. Trump and allowed Hillary Clinton to skate away from actionable offenses connected with her unsecured email server. Her people wiped evidence-bearing computers and used hammers on cell phones. What’s the big deal?

Mr. Comey, who admitted identifying as a Communist when he was a young man, and still reveres Marxist theologian Reinhold Niebuhr as his spiritual lodestar, is running around posing as the last, uncorrupted man in Washington. This is the guy who collected a mountain of evidence against Hillary and then publicly exonerated her. He also leaked information to the press in a self-serving attempt to damage the president. He lied under oath to Congress, insisting that the FBI had not put the Trump campaign under surveillance….

(Excerpted from TOWN HALL article by Robert Knight)

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Patricia Moulton
June 10, 2019

Father, Your kingdom is not a republic, communist or Marxist…it is based on love and from your throne mercy, grace, righteousness and justice are pouring out to those who seek it. Help our President to find in the maze of political games the way, Your Way, to outsmart the enemy craftiness and break the cords of confusion off our leaders and media so we the people can have the scales on our hearts, minds and eyes lifted off. In our arrogance of educated “sophisticatedness” we have become ignorant. Forgive us and heal our land.

Ken Budz
June 9, 2019

Dear Lord Almighty thank You for everything. Thank You that we can look to You for truth and guidance. Our representatives in Washington are corrupt and unreliable. God may the bad that happens be reduced and may the good in this country grow. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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