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Father, we lift up the drug crisis before You. Heal the people of America, Lord, and keep these dangerous substances off our streets!
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The drug problem in America, especially in our big cities, is only getting worse, forcing officials to take creative and drastic measures.

From New York Post. Big Apple officials unveiled a street vending machine Monday that covers it all when it comes to catering to drug-users, offering free handy paraphernalia such as crack pipes and lip balm — and also Narcan for overdoses.

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The vending machine, one of four set to be placed in some of the city’s most drug-infested neighborhoods, swaps out what would be more typical offerings such as candy bars and potato chips for the drug-related freebies to try to combat the surge in overdoses in the five boroughs, city Health Department bigs said.

“Every three hours, we’re losing a New Yorker [to drugs]. And it looks like 2022 is on track to be our highest year ever in overdoses,’’ Health and Mental Hygiene Commissioner Ashwin Vasan said at a press conference next to the first machine. …

“We have a rising tide of fentanyl, and now we have other substances entering our drug supply, which is really putting us behind the eight ball,” Vasan said.

He specifically noted the increasing presence of Xylazine, a veterinary drug known as “Tranq” or the “zombie drug’’ that can leave users in a catatonic state and with conditions that eat their flesh off.

The available goods include the overdose-busting drug Naloxone, commonly known by the brand name Narcan, drug-test strips that detect fentanyl and “Safer Smoking” kits complete with a heavy stem pipe, mouthpiece and lip balm that can be used to smoke crack and crystal meth. …

People don’t have to pay for the items; they simply punch in their zip code to get access.

While the first machine does not include syringes, future ones may include them, Vasan said. …

While the anti-drug vending machines will be new to New York City, Vasan said they have already been installed elsewhere, including in Philadelphia and Nevada in the US and in Australia and in Denmark in Europe. …

What do you think of these vending machines? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from New York Post. Photo Credit: Ashima Pargal on Unsplash)

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June 8, 2023

This is not an answer to the current drug problems. Pray for the users, as this is a continued journey to destruction. God can cure addicted individuals who turn to him for healing.

Carol M. Hill
June 8, 2023

Years ago I read or heard somewhere that drugs in Mexico are cursed over by Satan worshippers before they are sent here for distribution. Warrior prayer is needed against this evil in the powerful, Blood-bought name of Jesus Christ! The army of the Lord is great and He is our Captain. As their are many victims, we, through mighty faithful prayer, can produce overcoming victors.

June 8, 2023

Father, change hearts and bring freedom to all those who struggle with addiction. Give us wisdom in our prayers and actions. In Jesus’ name, Amen

Elizabeth Garcia
June 7, 2023

I dont see how this is going to help! Strongly agree with Jim Blackmon.

June 7, 2023

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June 7, 2023

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Jim Blackmon
June 7, 2023

We know the only solution is Jesus . It will take born again believers to saturate the streets . When I was born again in 1971 we saturated down town San Antonio, Tx and many came to the Lord. The problem was that we had families and had to support them with a job. As George Soros and others like him support the devils workers , we Christians must begin to financially support Street Evangelist. The Lord is raising up new leaders and supplying them with riches in order to take back the lost cities. As the homeless are born again and delivered many will remain on the streets as evangelists and receive a pay check . I see Christian Organizations sending out thousands of paid Evangelists.


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