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Father, we lift our nation and food supply up before You: Give our leaders wisdom to protect us from CCP attempts to control the world through food.

America and China are in a battle over the world’s food supply. How can the U.S. prevail over its greatest adversary?

From CBN. During the pandemic, Americans experienced food shortages due to the impact on the world’s vulnerable supply chain. While that situation has somewhat recovered, another global event could make that recent experience the new normal.

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Two experts warn a brewing battle between the United States and China over control of the world’s food supply could become such an event. …

“Food is power. We need to remember that. And this is very dangerous for the United States,” warned Kip Tom, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations for Food and Agriculture.

Tom explained that China is determined to seize control of the African continent. “It’s not about the mining and the critical minerals. It’s about agricultural productivity,” he explained.

Gatestone Institute’s China analyst Gordon Chang agrees believes China has a food problem. “It’s worsening food shortages, self-sufficiency, percentages for food for China are relentlessly falling,” Chang said.

That’s why this year, ports in Shanghai are reportedly on target to receive a quarter of a million tons of food from Africa, valued at more than half a billion dollars. The African Union wants to expand trade with Beijing and gain Chinese innovation to help expand long-term food production. …

“The reality is the Chinese Communist Party goes in through every country in Africa investing in infrastructure and other projects and capturing the country’s natural resources,” Tom explained. “But their ultimate goal is to have Africa be the breadbasket for the country of China to feed their 1.4 billion people.” …

A future conflict over Taiwan, or tariffs and trade battles, could place the U.S. food supply at risk. …

So, what can be done in the short term to strengthen the food security of the United States?

Ambassador Tom insists the country needs to increase domestic food production and manufacture critical agricultural products like fertilizers and others rather than getting them from adversaries like Russia, Belarus, and China. …

Chang contends China is motivated by the doctrine of tianxia — the belief that the CCP has the right to rule all under heaven and is obligated to do so. …

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(Excerpt from CBN. Photo Credit: sanfel/Getty Images)

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Mari Williams
October 10, 2023

Why has China been allowed to purchase vast acreage of American farmland, some of it close to American Army bases?
If America experiences food shortages, it will be the fault of the present administration, so we ask Our Father GOD to change the laws of this country which allow foreign countries to buy our farmland and control the food supply for the World. Reveal, LORD GOD, the names and countries of the people who control our grocery stores, so that we can be fully furnished with all the information that is needed to make essential changes, so that America will not suffer food shortages herself and will also continue to be able to supply other countries with the food that they so badly need. In Jesus Name, Amen

Grant Windholz
October 9, 2023

Lord God Almighty, Communist China has always been our enemy and now through their wickedness they try to control the food supply at the same time our government becomes weaker makes for a huge problem! Please give government leaders some kind of wisdom to stand against the enemy 🙏.

October 5, 2023

The Lord almighty God as we prayed: gave us a call to work for HIM: the first thing HE gave us a name, we would have fishes, fishes fishes: a barrel of oil and meal like the widow who bought her 2 mites to the temple and the widow in Samaria who fed the prophet. So we prayed hubby and I: how are we going to do this? The name HE gaves : Joseph’s coat of many colors house of bread: still we didn’t have the complete plan. Then the LORD gave me a dream of an old gallion ship with the flag of Joseph hands up to heaven in prayer with his beautiful coat: the ship also had to banner one saying legacy the other love: and on the gallion wood was written hope our Love lives and never dies: John 3: 16 : I kept praying declaring standing that what the HOLY One of Israel GOD almighty and HIS JESUS would bring it to pass. A few days passed an a neighbor gave us a fish tank: which we put the name GOD almighty gave us. Then our daughter called and said she had a dream with a old ship: I decided to draw the picture of the dream and I sent it to her: she said that’s what I dreamt! Then later our oldest son decided to get us 55 fingerling tilapia for us to raise to eat! But the Lord JESUS told us fishes fishes fishes: those became 6 aquaponic tanks teeming with fishes: the LORD JESUS said remember the miracle of the fishes: because hubby and I determined to feed the hungry, clothe the naked,heal the sick, waiting for those fish to get big enough to feed the multitude: with the message of Love. Now we’re praying in the vegetables and herbs.

October 5, 2023

It is written, “Thus saith the Lord, It shall not stand, neither shall it come to pass.” Isaiah 7:7, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, ame

Christina Du
October 5, 2023

Sickness, Plagues, And Diseases Removed

Speak the Declaration and Scripture to partner with Heavens Army

We decree the powers of disease, sickness, illness, and plagues are removed from our nation. We call upon the Lord God to take away the environment of disease from the people, and we say that this nation shall not be marked by infirmity. We command every outbreak, malady, and invasion of disease to be neutralized by the hand of God! In Jesus’s Name, we declare that the pharmaceutical industry, medical centers, research institutions, the Center for Disease Control, and World Health Organizations cannot restrict medical breakthroughs or healing remedies for financial gain or any other agenda. We decree they cannot inflict the populace with harm through gain of function research, intentionally released epidemic and viruses, or through the poisoning of food, water, and medicines. We break the power of any entities from controlling the public through the means of falsified measures and mandates regarding health and wellness. We prophesy a manifested wave of healing, health, and wholeness to blanket this land. We call upon the Lord to remove sickness far from us, and we call America a nation of health, wellness, and wholeness in Jesus’s Name!

And the Lord will take away from thee all sickness, and will put none of the evil diseases of Egypt, which thou knowest, upon thee; but will lay them upon all them that hate thee (Deuteronomy 7:15)

Word of Encouragement
God has always made a provision of healing for His people. He told Israel that if they would serve Him, He would promise to remove sickness from their midst. Scriptures promising divine health are woven throughout the Bible, which reveals God’s heart for people to live in good health and wholeness. Of course, people’s poor choices can open them to various illnesses, but the key is to know God’s intent is for people to be well.

That said, one might ask if we can really ask God to supply healing power for an entire nation. While He did that for Israel, His chosen people, does that truly apply to other nations? First, we must realize that we, the Church, are also His chosen people. As His people, we can ask God to heal our nation and cause it to be marked by healing rather than be invaded by widespread disease. While it seems the pandemic of 2020 caught many believers off guard, imagine what might have happened if Christians across our nation began to pray and decree against the disease rather than recoil in fear. I believe the pandemic taught us many things that we need to improve and do better, one being we need to stand up in the anointing against the power of sickness. If we can pray for our nation regarding countless other things, why can’t we pray and ask God to heal our nation, not just spiritually, but physically? Why can’t we pray and ask God for a wave of healing to blanket our land? We definitely need to do this and declare in faith that sickness plagues and disease shall not invade our land in Jesus’s Name!

Daily Decrees for Government & Nations by Brenda Kunneman
Raise Your Voice, Agree with Heaven, and Shift Your Nation

October 5, 2023

We need to grow our own food in our own backyards whenever possible. We also have food growing in our front yard 🙂

Linda Hanratty
October 5, 2023

Lord, we repent on behalf of the globalist agenda which is working to control food production through random and unsubstantiated issues of climate change, thereby taking farmer’s land, removing their ability to produce food that use petroleum tractors, fertilizers, and other things. They are trying to cancel the production of dairy and meat production in efforts to control the population. There are whole cities in the United States jumping on this agenda. Father, we cry out for You to raise up a mighty army to combat this false agenda. Raise up a shout and consumer support of our farmers. Awaken our cities to where their food comes from. Just like “Defund the Police” became a nightmare, and is slowly being corrected, we ask that this false narrative and every legislation to cancel food production and transportation be overturned powerfully. We cancel the Globalist’s over reach into the world… this includes the Chinese in Africa. Expose it. We cancel the purchase of farmland by globalist leaders who take the land out of production. Let God arise and our enemies be scattered. Let their demonic policies be SHATTERED. We pray for our small family run farms that have made America great and fed the world to be protected, strengthened, affirmed by our consumers, our cities, our states and our nation. We unshackle them from weighty regulations that have nothing to do with food production, but are used for control. Lord have mercy. Raise up leaders who understand the ramifications of the rules they make. In Jesus Name, amen


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