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Father, we pray that you would protect our kids and expose the lies that are being pushed on the transgender issue. Bring the truth to light, Lord, and give those in the medical field and in research the conviction to stand up for truth.
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The lies coming from some in the research and medical community on the transgender issue are appalling, and we have to expose them.

From Fox News. Emails between staff at the University of Washington and the Seattle Children’s Hospital, who teamed up to publish a misleading study claiming puberty blockers led to better mental health outcomes for transgender youth, reveal that researchers were reluctant to correct it because of the positive media coverage they had received.

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“As there is an overwhelming amount of positive coverage of the study’s findings, I don’t believe there’s a need for a proactive response beyond continuing to monitor, but welcome your ideas for any other actions or messaging with the study team,” read part of an internal email from UW Department of Epidemiology spokesperson Laura East after the results of a study published by the department were called into question.

In multiple emails, which were obtained by the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH and reviewed by Fox News, staff from UW and the Seattle Children’s Hospital discuss how to handle criticism of the study, which was released earlier this year.

The study claimed that “gender-affirming care,” such as puberty blockers, led to positive mental health outcomes for transgender teenagers, while transgender teen patients who did not receive such care saw their mental health situation continue to deteriorate.

The study’s publication was accompanied by a glowing press release highlighting that “gender-affirming care… dramatically reduces” depression in teenage transgender patients, calling such care “lifesaving.”

“Researchers recently found that gender-affirming care for transgender and nonbinary adolescents caused rates of depression to plummet,” the release read….

However, UW’s characterization of the findings was called into question by independent journalist Jesse Singal, who began emailing questions to researchers in an attempt to gain access to the data used to draw their conclusions.

Researchers did not provide the data to Singal, who later published a lengthy Substack article attempting to poke significant holes in the study’s conclusions….

Emails between the university and children’s hospital staff show that they quickly realized that Singal’s article presented them with significant problems, but they remained unsure on how to push back….

Nevertheless, the criticism led UW to start quietly making edits to the original release, with Gregg acknowledging in one email that the producer behind the release “originally misinterpreted the data.”

Replacing the part that read depression rates had “plummeted,” UW changed the release to read that “gender-affirming care for transgender and nonbinary adolescents likely decreased rates of depression and suicidality.”

Even that characterization was called into question in Singal’s critique, something researchers seemingly acknowledged while asking for more tweaks to the language….

On April 8, more than a month after publishing the original release, UW added an editor’s note to the top of the page that noted that “language has been updated below to more directly reflect the findings as reported in the study.”

Questioned by KTTH as to why the university did not more proactively seek to correct the misleading release, a UW spokesperson told the outlet that “the transgender research was no longer a news story” by the time the correction was made….

These lies are affecting children across the country, and many hospitals, because of faulty research like this, have no problem irreparably harming boys and girls. For more information, check out this article about a disturbing phone call from Libs of TikTok.

How are you praying against the manipulative lies of the transgender agenda? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from Fox News. Photo Credit: Canva)

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