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Father, we pray that You would burn away the lies of our government. Save us, God, from leaders who would lie to us for their own gain. Raise up honest and transparent leaders who will honor You in everything.
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Selectively cherry-picking ‘The Science’ to suit a political narrative is not ‘Following the Science.’ It is malpractice and fraud.

From The Federalist. According to a recent headline from The New York Times, “the CDC isn’t publishing large portions of the COVID data it collects.” That headline downplays what the article in fact reveals:

Two full years into the pandemic, the agency leading the country’s response to the public health emergency has published only a tiny fraction of the data it has collected, several people familiar with the data said.

The article says when the Centers for Disease Control “published the first significant data on the effectiveness of boosters in adults younger than 65…it left out the numbers for a huge portion of that population: 18- to 49-year-olds, the group least likely to benefit from extra shots….”

After “several inquiries from The New York Times,” CDC unexpectedly decided to publish its data on the risks of hospitalization and death from both unvaccinated and vaccinated Americans, with or without booster dosing. But it did so in a manner that obscures younger individuals’ overall Covid risks, which is very low, instead attempting to force a comparison between vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals’ hospitalization. The exact data about Covid risks by specific age has not been released in any graphical or easily viewable form anywhere.

This rationale for deliberately hiding government-collected effectiveness data was even confirmed by the CDC’s spokeswoman, Kristen Nordlund. This taxpayer-funded agency didn’t want to give taxpayers the full picture of vaccine effectiveness—for their own good….

It is not the duty of America’s putatively “non-partisan” CDC or the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to mindlessly echo support for White House talking points or to protect failed, poorly thought-through policies. Many Americans trust these agencies to objectively give Americans a full scientific disclosure and state the unvarnished facts on vaccine effectiveness and safety. Anything less is clinically, scientifically, and ethically contemptible.

The official narrative was put forward most clearly by President Biden when he said, “If you’re out there unvaccinated, you don’t have to die . . . get the vaccine.” This was followed by mass vaccine mandates, mask mandates, continued lockdowns, and rushed vaccination projects for children as young as five years old and even younger. It all flew in the face of the science that showed young healthy people, and especially children, were incredibly unlikely to die from Covid, but no matter.

In spite of the safety issues and the lack of efficacy in Omicron, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has begun pushing a fourth dose of its vaccine, yet still hasn’t presented any clinical data to support that claim, and doesn’t have a single thing to say about safety or natural immunity….

CDC scientists and clinicians are violating their own taxpayer-funded agency’s ethical, scientific and public health codes and policies to protect the American public. What should the consequences be?…

An even more gruesome thought is: If these officials were despicable enough to omit these data, what else do Americans still not know about “for their own good”?…

How do you feel about this article and information? Share your thoughts and prayers below about the Covid situation an how it has affected so many people through forced mandates and divisiveness.

(Excerpt from The Federalist. Photo Credit: CDC on Unsplash)

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George Leaf
March 30, 2022

The government that does not trust its people can not be trusted by the people.

March 25, 2022

The CDC is a “captured” agency; captured by Big Pharma. Nothing they say about any vaccines can be trusted. Actually, the idea that the same agency in charge of vaccine safety is also the agency in charge of promoting vaccines. Most of their funding comes from Big Pharma, so they aren’t going to say anything to effect that money flow! It needs to be totally disbanded, Congress needs to interview the whistleblower that they’ve ignored for years, and we need a new agency that’s only in charge of vaccine safety, not vaccine promotion!

March 25, 2022

You know I think said this before but I really sort that of feel like this COVID craps really just been about control and a test to see how much these radicals can get away with. I’m not saying COVID isn’t real and I’m sure a lot of people with underlying health conditions have died but really a lot of it was blown out of portion especially with the media coverage and the whole masks thing and also how they’d blame then President Trump. For those who actually paid attention to what’s actually been going on if you would have noticed from the beginning Pelosi down played COVID and said everything is fine come to China Town this was around the same time Pres. Trump started travel bans and he was accused of being a Xenophob. Faucci flip flopped countless times on masks at first originally he actually spoke the truth about “masks don’t work” but then something changed right “the science” (more like they saw an opportunity to see how much freedom they could actually take) do I think it’s just Faucci and the radical left? Not necessarily because if that were the case why did the whole world enforce lock downs and masks mandates. Then all of sudden the vaccines comes out from “operation warp speed” toward the end of Trumps presidency. You had Kamala, etc. saying don’t get the jab and not to trust it. Again at first truth spin to make you think oh it’s Trump orange man bad but really call me a C Theorist but it’s all related to the One World Order Global Reset that Globalist want. Is Trump part of it? Honestly I think he was played but I think he knew it and chose the lesser of 2 evils. Deep down he knew he had to play their game in order to get rid of the masks. He has always stuck by the vaccine should he a choice. Yet as soon as the Biden regime takes over all of sudden the vaccine the elite claimed was bad and not to get it or that they wouldn’t get it all of sudden changed their opinion to oh now all of sudden they want to mandate it. This tells me that the Biden Regime is not in control but they answer to the Globalist leaders and who ever the satanic secret societies maybe whether it be the builder bergs, illuminoties, free masons, what ever either way they’re all bad news. Anyway now the CDC is finally releasing data mainly due to Republicans in congress and maybe a couple of dems and a whole lot of Jesus the CDC is finally releasing data. I’m not shocked by it because my opinion on masks was really just sort of you wear it but only if you actually feel sick. Fever, bad caugh, whatever and that’s only when your in crowds or know your going to be around others. Which really if your really feeling that bad then if possible you need to stay home. When “the experts” began claiming asymptomatic which to me I’m not a medical expert but to me that sounds made up to promote more fear and do whatever they say. You better wear your mask to protect others because you never know you might have COVID and not no it. Then as I was following this I noticed that off of the resources I was watching (Steven Crowder Louder with Crowder) I was listening to the real science and real doctors who explained the mortality rate of 1% chance of getting COVID and dieing and how the COVID #’s where actually bring manipulated by hospitals and doctors taking bribery money from health officials to report COVID cases and deaths. Media reported the death tolls to cause more fear. The real doctors also said the COVID mainly effected those with underlying health conditions and those within the range of 45 and older. As for the vaccines that the Elite want to force through mandates to me was a no brainer. I immediately saw right through it because I was like okay something is a muk and it doesn’t make since to have vaccine mandates for a virus that’s only got a 1% chance of killing me but yet the vaccines on the other hand has a whole host of potential side effects and risks. Now this was prior to the crazy Jab claims and Conspiracy Theories about the jab. I was already vaccine hesitant because I’m only 31 I’m healthy I take my vitamins. I stay mostly active why would I need to get a vaccine. The then there’s the herd immunity argument and then least of all were the conspiracy theories talking about nano particals or carbon fiber granuels or what ever used for brain control. That one was a bit out there but the spike protein that it’s in the vaccine now that to me is more believable because the argument is that it’s the spike proteins in the vaccines that cause the blood clots. The reason why I find that believable is because I have read countless stories of athletes who have gotten the vaccine who have either died from a blood clot or enlarged heart or something a long that line. Either way to me when the side effects from the vaccine was released which included 1,000+ side effects I was not surprised and really just relieved that I didn’t get the vaccine. The CDC release on COVID doesn’t really shock me either. I thank God for blessing me with the wisdom and common since to see right through the lies.

    Barbara Janicki
    March 25, 2022

    healthy people have much more to fear from the “experimental, for emergency use only” vaccine than the virus – 99.87% recover from the virus (this is pre-vaccine – through Dec. of 2020) with the vaccine we may see higher death rates in the future as the vaccine seems to make people more susceptible to the virus and have a harder time recovering – check out Israel on its 2nd booster potentially (four shots) and numbers for COVID remained high – another lie – the hospitals are full of the unvaccinated, no – data for UK I think, was 80-90% of COVID hospitalizations were the vaccinated . . . but in U.S. we suppress any info/data that doesn’t fit the approved narrative – why would young healthy people need a vaccine for a virus that poses mostly no threat to them, especially children? And now we know, the vaccine doesn’t even protect anyone from getting the virus it is supposed to be protecting us from – a milder case? how do we know? maybe it would have been mild anyway – a bad case? but it would have been worse without the vaccine – really? how do we know that? maybe it was a worse case BECAUSE of the vaccine. the unprovable hypothesis – http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

Ingrid MW
March 24, 2022

Speaking as an ER RN 2 years into this pandemic, or what I call a “hope killing international coma”, Christians and seekers after truth came to say: there is ‘the science’, small letters and meaning whatever political gobbledygook is being released, and there is “true science”, where honest seekers meet and challenge and review and are open to learning once and many times over, maybe even learning – they’ve been mistaken….. and try again.

Praying for those days when “practitioners“ for medical and nursing science can offer their opinions and listen to other opinions and no one’s feelings are hurt, no one‘s job is at risk, no one‘s career is ruined MORE importantly the patient, the reason we were invested so much in our careers, in our lives THE patient is in a better position to make their best possible decision knowing nothing is guaranteed in this reality.

Knowing at all times, God the great Creator is in control. In Jesus name. Amen.

marc homok
March 24, 2022

Why is the effectiveness of natural immunity being obscured, especially since with Omicron, I would think the majority of Americans have the natural immunity now? Why are treatments that have proven effective not been pushed, especially when drug companies would benefit financially? Why have the adverse effects of the vaccines and boosters not been revealed?
Besides the political control these things would steal from the government if made known, I wonder if the reason is because the vaccine makers want their vaccines to become standard issue along with polio, DPT, MMR, and smallpox to be given to all children before entering school–a much more lucrative possibility. I understand that inoculations cannot be approved for diseases that have a treatment option, so the facts have to be hidden from the public.
All this CoVid Craziness has come about due to the government declaring a “Pandemic Emergency.” What would happen if they next declare a “Climate Emergency”? What mandates and restrictions and loss of freedoms would that result in? We must fight back.

March 24, 2022

I think that there will come a time when history will look back and see what happened as worldwide, mass murder. There will be a lot of people who won’t be implicated here on earth…but on judgment day leading to eternity…it will be a different story if they don’t repent. Sad as it us from our earthly perspective, a lot of the deceased are in a better place than us…but it is hard to say that about our loved ones…we want them here. But, their murderers…whether 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree are reckoning with the creator of our universe, mocking Him. I actually feel sorry for them because of their blindness and ignorance. I don’t want to see anyone rot in hell. God lives all if us regardless of our track records.

Chelsea P
March 24, 2022

I haven’t been in the anti vax camp as long as others, but all of this is a huge revelation and answered prayer from God, not just about the fraud that went on with covid, but even before it with all vaccines and the fraud and corruption
of the companies manufacturing them. Its my firm belief that God used covid as an exhibition to the corruption that has long been going on, not as some kind of weird “one off” situation that bad people took advantage of. This was a loooong time coming and as long as they can make billions off of each new shot they come out with, this aint going anywhere. All this did was prove that even when the deception is painfully obvious, people will STILL line up, sleeves rolled up.

No vaccine has ever eradicated a disease. If you go to this web address (had to go to duckduckgo to find it again because the old link i had bookmarked no longer works… go figure 🙄) and click on the link you can download and see for yourself a comprehensive explanation of where these diseases went, and the fact that many of them were almost eradicated by the time a vaccine was even made for them.


The maker of vaccines, Jonas Salk, killed his own son experimenting with them. These pharmaceutical companies DO NOT CARE about you or your children or your health. Perhaps there are many people within who would disagree, but at the top, they are all about greed. I am thanking God for the answers He has provided to not only my prayers but the many others who have been praying for Him to expose the evil going on in these places. Reject this manmade model of “health” and live free of fear under Gods miraculous design for our bodies. I pray He continues to bring this to light, but more importantly I pray that as He continues to expose this evil, that the Church will wake up to these realities and come out of this stupor and be willing to speak against these evils. If anyone wants any more information on this feel free to ask. Thanks for reading and God bless you all.

Bob Whitaker
March 24, 2022

I am not surprised that our government suppressed critical information. It not the first & won’t be the last.

March 24, 2022

i pray all will be revealed about the evil plots behind these shots. This entire plannedemic was meant to take our freedom and make the USA a socialist nation. These illegitimate leaders are evil and praying God removes those who hearts will not surrender to HIM. That America will be saved from these insane people and we fill our leaders position with God fearing , God loving people who remember what our founding father s built this nation upon ! THE WORD OF GOD

    March 24, 2022

    Agreed, Carrie. Yes, the “plannedemic” was carefully orchestrated and executed to destabilize democracies around the world.

    God Himself will judge the evil Left for all the deaths they have caused.

    “For the Lord loves justice; He will not forsake his saints. They are preserved forever, but the children of the wicked shall be cut off. ” ~ Psalm 37:28

March 24, 2022


Patricia Cutlip
March 24, 2022

CDC needs to stop lying to tax payers and tell the truth. They need held accountable for the deceptive ways they have tried to force Americans to take a vaccine thar truly was not tested the way other vaccines have been. They gave done a shorty job and many people have gotten sick or had health issues that they gave hidden from the public. And giving this to children 5 is a disgrace. I hope they pay for what they have done. They will reap what they have sown.

Mik Sutton
March 24, 2022

Keep researching, persevere, bring the Truth forward from the darkness of deceit to the light of discovery and transparency. Thank you for not only seeking factual information, but also for sharing it with the world. Honor Christ, not culture.

March 24, 2022

It has all been lies when it comes to Covid and the vaccines…they have killed a lot of people and may God have mercy on their souls. Amen

Barbara Janicki
March 24, 2022

We have been lied to from the very beginning about all things concerning COVID – these are crimes against humanity, blocking two effective and safe treatments – Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine – thereby letting people die needlessly when treatment was already available – using false “case” and death numbers to justify closing schools, churches, businesses etc. – which did far more damage, (depression, suicide, drug use and overdose increases, people not getting their regular medical care ie. cancer screenings/treatments etc and being too afraid to go to the hospital for real issues that were not COVID, not exercising etc.(gyms closed) ) – all of it was needless pain and suffering that was not caused by the virus but by our response to it – false death numbers as death certificates were routinely falsified because they were paid to put COVID as the cause of death on the first line – there are way too many crimes to mention here – all done “for our own good” in the name of protecting us from a virus that definitely doesn’t pose a threat to young healthy people and especially children – but this experimental, for emergency use only “vaccine” poses many and very real threats to the health of the individuals receiving it (heart problems, blood clots) and this too is being covered up – so unless it happens to someone you know or you – you aren’t aware of all the side effects which are far worse than the virus the vaccine is supposed to protect us from. And in a further ironic twist, the vaccine doesn’t even do that, protect us from contracting the virus – we all know that by now. The fact that our case is “milder” is an unprovable hypothesis, since it might have been mild anyway. This is a flu shot, not very effective, but with some serious, often deadly negative side effects. I was going to lose my job, but then the mandates were lifted here. What good is keeping my job if the vaccine kills me or debilitates me? I continue to pray for truthtellers to rise up in every area where the truth needs to be known so we can make informed decisions. This has all been about money, greed and control. This has created new divisions that didn’t exist before, masked vs unmasked, vaxed vs unvaxed – we need to “be wise as serpents, harmless as doves” and make our own decisions knowing we cannot trust the CDC, the government etc to make decisions for us. Hopefully we all return our trust to God and look to Him for how we are to live our lives in these times. He is a God of truth and truth is what we need in the post-truth era. His truth stands for eternity. http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

Sheryl Dawson
March 24, 2022

Where is the link to the original article?

March 24, 2022

Let’s not forget that treating patients for covid was not just discouraged, it was not allowed! How many people could have recovered had they been able to take drugs and treatments that they and their doctor wanted to try! We left covid patients to die especially the elderly and that was by design..
Entire hospital systems interfered with the doctor-patient relationship by preventing treatments. My deceased uncle was given morphine and a vent and his family’s cries for more treatment were ignored. He passed away due to treatment withheld.
Lord shine your light on this crime against humanity so it never can happen to your people again.

Reena Varghese
March 24, 2022

Agree whole heartedly with the article.

I am primary care physician myself and am so angry with what Fauci and the likes have done.

Even Board Certification organizations working with certain state medical boards go along with the same narratives and threaten those of us who want to practice medicine correctly.

Karen Cornwell
March 24, 2022

I’m confused. I’m not clear from this story what information was left out by the CDC and what side of the story this missing data fell on.

Marco Colombini
March 24, 2022

Don’t blame President Trump. He is not a scientist and was doing what the “experts” said needed to be done. He is a can-do guy but can be fooled by criminals like Fauci. There are really effective treatments that are being suppressed by those criminals. I got COVID and am 73. I took ivermectin and other supplements of the IMASK treatment and it was over in a few days and much much milder than the flu…almost no fever and no disruption of my work…including splitting wood.
Whatever happened to honesty, telling the truth, allowing each person to make their own decisions? Why were Churches closed? Are we more afraid of dying than trusting in God? Atheists should fear death, not believers.

Cheryl Myren
March 24, 2022

It is a crying shame this so called science has been pushed by our government and the mainstream media. When they won’t tell us what’s in the kill shot, and their companies have no liability, that’s a problem. So many people have died from this kill shot, it’s not a vaccine. Vaccines irradiated the disease, which this clearly doesn’t. Also have a problem with Donald Trump being the Father of the vaccine. He knows what this really is. That is why I do not support him any more!!

March 24, 2022

I really hate the mandates. Especially the military one as it effects my family. There are safer vaccines out there that are still researching. And the FDA is blocking them. I just wish someone in charge would put their political game away and be honest.


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