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Lord God, we pray for the truth to come out in Canada about liberty,, about the caravan, about what is happening in the world.
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Although the mainstream media are utterly silent about it, something very big has been happening in Canada.  Truckers have pushed back against the Canadian government’s mandate that they show electronic proof of vaccination to enter their own country from America.  Canadians are flocking to the truckers’ flag.  In a viral video, a woman named Gina, clearly raised in a former communist country, is seen trying to explain to a condescending Canadian reporter what constitutes freedom.  Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau is planning to make his country even more of a prison for those resisting experimental, useless vaccines…

A reporter in Ottawa talks to a woman named Gina, who explains that she came to Canada 25 years ago.  By her accent, it’s apparent that she grew up in Eastern Europe, and by her age, it’s clear that she grew up when Eastern Europe was under Soviet control.  She understands totalitarianism firsthand.

Gina gently chides the reporter, telling him to report honestly about the thousands of people who gathered to greet the convoy as it entered Ottawa.  She then points out that these are people who want life without a mask and points out that the reporter is without a mask.

The reporter smugly informs Gina that he’s showing his face because he’s outdoors.  Were he indoors, he believes in “following the law.”  Gina reminds him that the law is based on false science and accuses him of knowing that the official narrative is a lie.

What was most interesting to me was Gina’s effort to school the reporter about liberty.  She explains that she arrived in a very different Canada 25 years before.  The government, she says, is hostile to that real Canada, while the people showing up for the truckers represent the true Canadians.  Why?  Because they’re committed to freedom.

The reporter, clearly baffled by that word, asks, “What do you mean by freedom?”  Gina answers, “Since when government force to make it medical procedure?  Since when?”  And then she says something heartbreaking, with which millions of people around the world can sympathize: her mother, who doesn’t speak English, was taken to the hospital, and Gina was arrested for trying to stay with her.  That’s the sadism of the new regime.

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(Excerpt from The American Thinker. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Beverly Patterson
February 1, 2022

Praying for freedom from tyranny, I believe the prayers of the righteous are being heard in the throne room of God, and we will see God’s hand move and pull down corrupt leaders, and raise up REVIVAL around the world, in Jesus name amen!

Michael Thielen
February 1, 2022

I know that many people think there is science behind the drugs for COVID, and for mandates. Most people are not open to actually study this disease via real scientific study.

Lord open our minds and hearts to the realities of this present world, feebly believing what the media is feeding us, to follow the voices of tyranny. Let us love all the people, no matter what their thinking is doing in their lives. May many find peace in the Lord Jesus Christ before the Lord blows the Trumpet, and we meet Him in the air.

February 1, 2022

If we give up our right to Live which is our God given right given to us by The Creator who created us.. we give up all… and to whom ??? Hypocrites who enslave others while they practice the Freedom they take away from others. Man has gone too far with His control issues. It is still possible to Stop the chaos …. Stop talking about the Problem. We know what the Problem is Let’s get to the Solution and restore our Home.

Herb Johnston
February 1, 2022

Thank you to the columnist the author or the feature analyst that wrote this article from American Thinker that use the phrase.. experimental useless formulas( the writer used the word vaccine but we know there are no vaccines her covid-19 there just experimental formulas)
Lord,once again I come before you in Jesus name.. thanking you for your solution a courage of the truckers in Canada for standing against the Tyranny and thank you for the American truckers that joined them,-and groups from around the world that joined them in support. Lord May their courage and their tenacity to stand against evil be the force that you use to end this scourge against humanity.
In Jesus name, Amen


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