I Prayed have prayed
Lord, grant wisdom to lawmakers fighting for equal treatment of student groups that want to be Your light on college campuses.

Analysis. Legislators are standing up against a “shameful” Biden administration move to tank an equal-treatment protection for such student religious groups as Intervarsity, Cru, and others at public universities. Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C.; Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla.; and Rep. Tim Walberg, R-Mich., are leading a charge to push back on the rule change and to cement good policy into law.

Join others crying out to the Lord day and night.


Last month, IFA readers explored a U.S. Department of Education announcement about rescinding a Trump-era regulation that simply required public institutions of higher learning to allow faith-based student groups “any right, benefit, or privilege that is otherwise afforded to other student organizations.” Otherwise, an offending institution could lose access to federal grant money.

Now, these officials did not ignore religious rights. They just did not think those rights — apparently, unlike civil rights related to race, gender, disability, etc. — needed any proactive defending. Instead, they suggested that the Trump rule is “not necessary” and “unduly burdensome,” and they essentially signaled that students facing discrimination should take the matter to court themselves.

Lankford and Scott called this latest attack on religious freedom “unconstitutional.”

“Colleges need to remain an open arena for debate, discussion — and most importantly — faith,” Lankford said. “It is shameful that the Biden Administration is working to eliminate a rule that guarantees religious student organizations are not denied recognition, funding, or any other rights that secular groups receive.”

Scott added, “Too many public institutions of higher learning are silencing the voices of faith-based student groups. … Freedom of speech isn’t just a nice idea — it’s a core American ideal.”

The Biden team seemed to downplay the risk to religious groups, but history proves otherwise. While common benefits for student groups at colleges often include access to meeting space on campus; listings and announcements on physical and digital college platforms; participation in student fairs; and eligibility for student group funds, Christian student organizations have often faced discrimination because of the biblical beliefs they seek to uphold. The Christian Legal Society, which has its own campus chapters, has documented a host of situations in 37 states that underscore the need for the Trump rule.

On the flip side, Scott, Lankford, and 15 Senate colleagues pointed out in formal comments to U.S. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona that — despite its premise that the rule was a burden — the department could not point recent congressional inquirers to even one complaint about confusion surrounding the regulatory shield. That shows that the rule is not confusing. To the contrary, it “provides assurances and clarity to institutions and religious student organizations.”

The Biden administration’s reasoning on this matter is remarkably weak. The senators are right to state that assertions of a burden on the government “ring hollow.” The reality is that removing this equal-treatment protection will actually be a significant burden on students and their faith groups. The evidence makes that clear.

In a FAQ document about the importance of the Trump rule, the Christian Legal Society notes: “Religious students don’t want to sue their colleges. They don’t want to spend their college years in litigation simply to obtain what should be a given: fair treatment at the public college they pay tuition to attend.”

Scott, Lankford, and their colleagues added in their comments: “In abdicating its responsibility to protect the constitutional rights of religious student organizations, the Department is abandoning religious student organizations to address these discrimination claims in costly, time-consuming litigation.”

In addition to opposing the likely regulatory change, Lankford and Scott are also introducing the Equal Campus Access Act to codify the rule in statute. If the bill were to be enacted, public colleges or universities denying faith-based student groups equal treatment because of their “religious beliefs, practices, speech, leadership standards, or standards of conduct” would be ineligible for taxpayer funds.

The senators are joined in this effort by Walberg, who, significantly, holds a seat on the House Education & Workforce Committee.

“We should strive to reaffirm diverse theological beliefs and solidify religious freedom rather than encouraging discrimination,” said Walberg. “Students should not have to give up their First Amendment rights of speech, religion, and association to attend a public college, and this piece of legislation will ensure that these religious groups are afforded the same rights and protections as other student organizations.”

Will you pray for these legislators as they stand up against the stripping of a fundamental equal treatment protection? Please pray, too, for Intervarsity, Cru, the Christian Legal Society, and other faith-based campus groups, and especially for the students who are blessed through them.

Share your own prayer below for those involved in this struggle.

Aaron Mercer is a contributing writer with two decades of experience in the Washington, D.C., public-policy arena. Photo Credit: Charles DeLoye on Unsplash.

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Kathy Emahiser
April 27, 2023

Father, we ask that you intercede on behalf of college students First Amendment rights regarding having religious freedom on college campuses. Please empower the legislators as they stand up against the stripping of a fundamental equal treatment protection. We also pray that college students will be able to exercise their religious freedom to continue gathering together. Empower them to have an even greater influence on those who haven’t received Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and put a desire in them like never before to be powerful, influential Jesus followers. I ask this in the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

Grant Windholz
April 24, 2023

AMEN bring truth and light into college campuses that desperately need to be fed the truth of the Holy Bible. It brings the Holy Spirit to evil and darkness provided by Biden and his demonic minions!

Mary Ann Canfijn
April 12, 2023

Oh God! Deal with President Biden, who is “kicking against the goads.” He is doing
everything He can to undermine America’s religious heritage. You know the man’s heart and the hearts of those spearheading these attacks. The Gospel is “the news of a great
victory.” (Frederick Temple) Let that Victory resound throughout the land in a powerful
awakening, beginning with university students on university campuses. In JESUS’ matchless name!

Melissa Costner
April 12, 2023

Lord, we lift up those lawmakers fighting for your Kingdom and stand together with our brothers and sisters to be a light and a lamp unto your feet in this dark world. May you continue to equip us with the Armor of God praying in Ephesians 6:10-18 that we put on the armor to protect us from the enemies attacks and stand firm in obedience to your truth . I pray for your protection over all the students, colleges and organizations standing on the rock In defense of our faith in Jesus name, Amen

Russell Garman
April 12, 2023

Equal rights enforcements with non-faith groups is necessary. I submit this based on my personal experience as a former student at UCLA, UCB and UW who participated in Christian groups.

R. Garman

Mark McKoy
April 12, 2023

The Constitution of the United States of America grants the right to all Americans citizens the right to free speech and assembly. There is no college or university administration that has the right to limit or countermand or, for that matter, even attempt to define the these rights.

Corazon Hall
April 11, 2023

Biden very dangerous to our country

Montoya, Richard James
April 11, 2023

Dear God Jehovah, Please support and protect your students in Colleges and Universities cross the land.guide the leaders to be just and fair to all. remove the influence of Satan in these institutions of learning and encourage them really teach then useful knowledge they used to teach before satan’s woke agenda took over our culture. PleaseLord God Jehovah take these evil people away along with their corrupt ideals, cowardly yellow violence, extortion, iie’s and mureder. Take them away Lord.I ask and pray in Jesus’ Name

Herb Johnston
April 11, 2023

Like Senator Scott said; ..
“..Too many public institutions of higher learning are silencing the voices of faith-based student groups. … Freedom of speech isn’t just a nice idea — it’s a core AMERICAN IDEAL.”

(and I will add-, it is THEE core American ideal.. second only to the life-giving impartation of God’s Word into everything that we do)
I do not see how continuing to create new rules or laws to prop up old laws will be effective.. more than continuing to have legislators stand up to protect constitutional rights by using their voices and their argumentation based on their education and experience in debate when standing up for our constitutional rights-, as has been done historically. The whole purpose of constitutional rights, – obviously as everyone knows.. is to guarantee our rights.. maybe if legislators would start quoting Bible verses that support individual freedom and human dignity- based on God’s created intent for us-, as his children-, followers-,and as his creation.. those words uttered in that proposed situation as I am stating…would begin to have the same effect as the original creation of our constitution.. looking at the first 50 years of America when we outpaced the rest of the world in every aspect.. so much so that Alex De Tocqueville was moved to comment that “America’s greatness lies in her goodness, and if America ever loses her goodness, she will lose her greatness”..

that is precisely what is happening.. I realize that I am preaching to the choir here.. but it must be stated.. because continuing to layer more rules on top of other rules and laws-,that are not already being observed anyways-, is exactly the same thing as putting more layers of icing on a cake that is already stacked up with icing so high that the original creation is unrecognizable. We must insist.. even as we are sacrificing our comfort and our daily lives in this Pursuit anyways-,.. just as our founders sacrificed their lives-,their fortunes, and their sacred honors.. we must insist vocally-,demonstrably.. that the original document is observed and respected.. if that document is not observed.. the only method that would employ sanity to undergird our laws is to quote the original book of Law and Grace that God gave us that instituted our constitution to begin with.. and let me ask, how many legislators.. even conservatives that we feel safe with-,and respect,are quoting God’s word in the chambers.. in sessions..?? And in case somebody says that that is too much to ask for-, or is not wise.. or maybe even a worse comment -,(God forbid).. why do we not allow the whole Foundation of our existence which we trumpet so loudly everywhere else.. why should we not allow that glorious declaration to once again nurture the very ground that God gave us to till, and prepare and nurture- to ensure our current, and future lives would represent the impartation, -and a conduit of.. the holy spirit manifesting in our lives.. and being extended to the lives of others.. and yes being the standard by which our laws are instituted into our lives and into the very ground that we stand on. If the events of the last 3 years is not enough to convince everyone or anyone that Satan’s minions the globalist puppets in charge of our country are not impressed by our laws and have no intention of following them.. and cannot realize that speaking God’s word in their face is an only real solution.. while declaring Liberty as outlined and our founding document which emanated from God’s word.. then to me it is only two obvious.. and I hate to say it this way.. and it may be even thought of as a cheap comment and I apologize for that.. but then-, we’re just blowing smoke.

Lord please give legislators Scott and Langford, the courage and the wisdom.. and bring it to their mind Lord, to speak your Word in session as a witness unto your glory-,and an example to others to follow.. because courage is contagious.. and others will follow if someone leads the way.. and let those who have had a tendency to behave as rhinos, repent-,and see the error of their ways.. and returns to the path of righteousness for your namesake-, and represent You.. in their legislation.
In the mighty name of Jesus,- Amen

April 11, 2023

Father bring our nations to its knees and help us seek your face and return to YOU.

Ralph G Hawkins
April 11, 2023

In a way this should back fire in Biden’s face!!!! We all should and will be praying more and just maybe GOD will hear are prayers!!!! We certainly want these evil leaders to just go away and with Gods will it will happen soon!!!!

April 11, 2023

Also, we need to protect our girls/women and not allow them to be beaten up by perverted transgenders. Contact your reps to start doing something about the abuse of women.

April 11, 2023

We as believers must be proactive and not take for granted any of our rights. Liberal/progressive leftist etc. are hoping that the believers and other people who vote will conform and won’t put up a fight in any way shape or form against their evil mandates etc. We can’t be silent anymore. We need to pray then speak up and be counted; Go Vote!!!!. We can’t be intimated by the loud voices or those who are full of hatred and sin and want to turn our country into a living hell. My second prayer is for the integrity of our voting process. Contact your reps and let them know that you are sick of the nonsense going on and that they who are suppose to represent us need to step up and do so.

Jennifer Kulivan
April 11, 2023

Deborah, we have an enemy who loves to use and abuse power through people with power. It is refreshing to see leaders fighting for Americans and our constitutional rights that many want to destroy.

Jennifer Kulivan
April 11, 2023

While I agree with your comment concerning the US Constitution, we have an enemy who loves to use and abuse power through people with power. It is refreshing to see leaders fighting for Americans and our constitutional rights that many want to destroy.

Deborah Guebert
April 11, 2023

I do not understand why any new legislation is needed, when we have the constitution and the bill of rights, which clearly protect the free exercise of religion.

    April 11, 2023

    I agree. The Constitution like The Bible speaks clearly to everyone that is willing to live under its yoke. Our Rights” are defined. How does defining them a second time give us more Rights? Or anyone else. The failure is in the Citizens and enforcements not Law. We get what we deserve not what we want.

    April 11, 2023

    You are right, Deborah. Not only are there enough laws to protect our right to worship freely. President Trumps regulation should not have been necessary either, but in 2023, too many ignore constinal mandates and other laws. It should be about enforcement since the United States Supreme Court ruled in 1990 that “The Federal Equal Access Act says that if a public high school or SCHOOL THAT RECEIVES FEDERAL FUNDS allows any student group that is not related to the school curriculum, so if they allow any student group that’s not, like, math club, science club, then they can’t deny other student groups the right to be able to meet and have the same access as other clubs,” said Scout Richters, who is part of the Legal & Policy Counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Nebraska (Lancet). The case was about a Nebraska high school, but colleges/universities also receive federal funds, thus should come under the same ruling. If you look at this from another point of view, that ruling also led to the inclusion of LGBTQ clubs on the free speech issue. No law is supposed to single out groupsor individuals, but be enforceable for everyone. Nevertheless, our tax dollars should not go to any organization, whether it’s a school or something else, if they don’t enforce existing laws.
    I pray that this new bill will pass so that all laws related to the first amendment freedoms will be enforced.

    In Jesus name. Amen

April 11, 2023

Thank you for this article, and for all that you at IFA are doing to keep us aware of the need for prayer in such matters as this. I ask the Lord to bless you all and give you the assurance that you are doing the work of the Lord that is so vital in this time of such great evil. When I think of these godly men, working for what is right in the eyes of the Lord, my gratitude is overwhelming and I am grateful to know about them and have the privilege of praying for them. God is not a whimp. He knows what His people need and He is a God of mercy and loving kindness. There is never enough praise for Him!
Thank You, Lord, for everything You do for us and for Your steadfast love and mercy. In Jesus Mighty Name and for His sake. Amen.

April 11, 2023


Dale & Janelle Johnson
April 11, 2023

Father God, please guard your children everywhere, but especially those on college faith groups. Give them life and give them increased support from all resources! Amen!

Julie Marx
April 11, 2023

The Lord God shall bring justice. Is His arm too short? No, it is not. In Jesus’ mighty and anointed name, I DECREE: President Trump’s regulation that requires public institutions of higher learning to allow faith-based student groups “any right, benefit, or privilege that is otherwise afforded to other student organizations” will stand. By the power of the blood and the name of Jesus, I DECREE: this current “administration’s” attempt to rescind this regulation will fail today .

    Nancy Shaw
    April 11, 2023

    I don’t wish to ‘report’ anything. Was hoping to Read the full story about the issues..

David Ortiz
April 11, 2023

Yes, LORD — thank You for Sens. Scott and Lankford, and Rep. Walberg.
Bless them. Strengthen them. Protect them. Continue to use them for Your justice and righteousness in a land that lacks those attributes. And raise up more in the Congress like them. This country has need of honor.
We have lost our way. Attend to us and to our cry, and please restore us — we who have wandered so very far from You. Have mercy on us and on our children.

Elizabeth Thomas
April 11, 2023

Lord, thank you for these lawmakers and I ask that Your favor be upon each one protecting religious freedom and that You, Lord Almighty, will defeat their foes. In Jesus Name.

Roger Buggle
April 11, 2023

Biden, your no more a Catholic or the Faith of a Catholic! Your more the monster as Saddam the leader hiding in a sewer!

George Berry
April 11, 2023

May the Lord bless these Congressmen in their efforts. May the Equal Campus Access Act pass with flying colors and give Satan a black eye!

Robert J Scanlon
April 11, 2023

May God bless these legislators for fighting the Biden administration’s thinly veiled attempt to abridge the rights of these faith-based groups.

Ken Wright
April 11, 2023

We pray for legislation that will make this need for religious and academic discourse a fundamental right for all and for strength and wisdom for our legislatures..

Canada Jerry
April 11, 2023

Father, thank you for prayer. Today I lift our leaders up that are fighting for our students. The christian community not only needs you but other believers also. We pray for wisdom, grace and above all your will. In the name of Jesus. Amen

April 11, 2023

Lord, thank you for the efforts of Scott, Lankford and Walberg. These men are putting their “necks” out for righteousness. Strengthen them,
Guide them as they walk in your will and in your ways. Let their lights so shine before men, that others will see your good works.

Pamela C
April 11, 2023

Father, bless these men and all who will support them in making right what the crafty are trying to undermine. Remove the scales from the eyes of the lost leaders who are being led by Satan. Thank you.

Char Kolzow
April 11, 2023

Dear Heavenly Father, As you promised, you WILL be with us to the end. Our Lord did not HAVE such a promise — we heard Him cry to you when – for OUR sakes and IN OUR PLACE – He WAS forsaken by You. We are living in these last days of Earth’s existence. May we be found faithful!!!

Mark fossen
April 11, 2023

Christian legal society links in this web page are broken, returning 404- page not found.

April 11, 2023

This is simply a revenge against President Trumps policies as are all of his policies. His hate for President Trump are all to obvious .

    April 11, 2023

    Actually, Trump was upholding a right for Christians, and Christians uphold Jesus, and the world hates Jesus, so it hates Trump, and those of us that love Christ! Their hatred of Jesus, us, and their TDS stems from their worship of their father- satan.
    🙏🏼✝️LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, help us stand us stand firm, be bold, and be ready on that fast approaching day! In Jesus name we pray, Amen


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