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Lord God, we pray for all our leaders in all spheres of our culture. They have the power to influence and change our nation. Show us how to pray for them.

Black Entertainment Television (BET) founder Robert Johnson is calling on Black Lives Matter to break away from the Democrat Party to form an independent political party. . . .

During a Tuesday morning appearance on CNBC, the billionaire explained, “I’ve been convinced for a long time that 40 millions African Americans who tend to vote as a bloc in one of the two parties limit their leverage in getting action from both parties.”

Last week, Johnson wrote a letter to Black Lives Matter urging them to do exactly that. . . .

Earlier this month, Johnson argued for $14 trillion — with a “T” — in slavery reparations, which would be pretty difficult in a country that only has $1.5 trillion in cash floating around. Anyway…

On CNBC, Johnson expanded on his Black Lives Matter independent party idea: “I think it’s time African Americans to form an independent party, not be an appendage of one party or ignored by the other party.”

“Had African American interests been fully embraced by one of two of the dominant parties, we wouldn’t have the tremendous social and economic racial issues that we have now,” he continued.

Johnson added that he would like to see Black Lives Matter candidates run at all levels of government, local, state, and national.

Johnson admits it is too late for an independent party to gear up for this year, but believes now is the time to have the discussion. “As you can see, the Democrat Party is terrified of the notion that black folks might either vote a protest vote at the top of the ticket or decide to sit this out.”

As an example of how the Democrat Party takes the black vote for granted, Johnson referred back to Biden’s declaration last month that black people who don’t vote for him “ain’t black.” Johnson said this was a “horrific statement [that] reflects the need for a black independent party. That someone can be so presumptuous that you have to vote for a Democrat or otherwise you are not identified as black.”

“That is the principle reason why we need an independent black party — to change that kind of behavior so that we’re not taken for granted by the Democrats and ignored by the Republicans.”

Robert Johnson has been supportive of President Trump in the past, so fake journalists like the Daily Beast’s Sam Stein, who apparently didn’t listen to the full interview, are suggesting Johnson is floating an idea to split the Democrat vote in Trump’s favor. But as someone who did listen to the full interview, Johnson makes it pretty clear this can’t happen in 2020, so it will be of no help to Trump.

(Excerpt from Breitbart. Article by John Nolte.)

What do you think would be the implications of a Black Lives Matter political party? Leave a comment.

1431 People Prayed
7169 People have read this article

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  1. Lord, unite our country. Root out anarchy, deception, and pride. Heal our land. You are our only hope and salvation. Show yourself strong and bring glory to your name! In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

  2. It grieves my heart that our country is so divided
    Please church be an example of Christ’s unconditional love to those of all cultures and skin color . Lord give wisdom to those in the political appointments to reconcile and not continue to divide America

  3. Amen you’re absolutely right it’s the blood of Jesus. The only way we’re going to have unity in our Nation is by repentance. We must continue to pray and ask the Lord to soften the stony hearts and give them a heart of Flesh. Blessings🙏🙏🙏

  4. May God help us. Satan is the author of division. But Father God’s will is that we will come together in unity as one true body emulating the very nature of His Son. In that unity abounds righteousness, love, peace,joy,kindness and everything good.

  5. Great idea – will cepham off most of the black democrat vote – those that are Republican will stay and everyone gets heard, while Republicans get elected. I’m all for it!

  6. If they established their own party it will be a disaster. All life matters. If that’s the case why not establish or Puerto Rican party or a Greek party or white party o a Jewish party. I have a better idea let’s establish a Christian born-again party!!

  7. There has been a two party system since the beginning of time! There will be a two party system until the end of time! The two party system I am talking about is GOOD and EVIL, end of story. Which side are you on, that is the question? It is the only question you should be asking yourself?
    This man in this man is trying to start a war. Is that what you want?
    If so this what will happen, GOD will win, are you on his side?
    History proves that GOD always wins eventually.

  8. When you have the leader of Black Lives Matter to go on Foxs Nexs with Martha McCullam and threaten the the present administration with their demands and to burn down the system if not met, that sounds like a terrorist to me. Reparations are not owed to anyone that has to do with slavery from mid 1800s and before. Everyone from that era has been long dead and judged by Almighty God for their actions when they breathed their last breath. So my reply to having a Black Lives Matter political party would be to acknowledge terrorists and the corrupt organization that they are.
    May the Lord reveal truth to my heart other wise!

  9. We need a third party to break up the Left-Right political paradigm that’s been destroying our Republic since the beginning. The biggest problem we have is that each emerging Third Party movement throughout our history have inevitably been swallowed up by either of the 2 monopolizing parties, thus keeping the Left-Right paradigm/monopoly in motion.

  10. There is evidence that BLM is tied to Marxism and Muslim Brotherhood. Blacks who like freedom should think twice before supporting this bondage linked org whatever their plans.

  11. This could be good or very bad. What I have heard so far from the black, is far to violent, words like “burn it down” have come up several times. Destroying takes just a few minutes but building up a long time. One of the only reasonable voices, is Candace Ovens, but when she sits on a panel with blacks they boo her and wont even listen to her, very scary.
    The ones they look up to are mainly rappers and that violent rappers.

    1. I agree with you. May God tear down this veil of falsehood that is crippling the hearts of those deceived. May Father God cause His Truth to thunder and reverberate in the hearts of all Americans so that we will crave His righteous standards and uphold the rule of Law for America.

  12. I believe this would create more heartache for the people who seek to have righteous leaders so the nation can sustain more cooperation. We don’t need more angry voices of all skin colors speaking slanderous words & vying for power! We need leaders who offer constructive strategies to heal our present divisiveness. More division is not the answer, more WISDOM would help!

  13. This is an interesting concept. It appears, one of the things that minorities have not understood about the Democratic party is the way they “bribe” the minorities to vote democratic. Examples- Welfare, food stamps, on & on keeps the minorities tied to the democratic party. If they stop voting democratic, then what happens to their benefits?

    Now to the idea of a Black political party. I can see the merit in o-it for the blacks UNLESS they do NOT have enough power to keep the benefits.

    To pattern the Black political party after “Black Lives Matter” is insane. Have you read their website? Full-blown socialism, lawlessness, absolutely no morality. It also demands trillions in payments to the descendants of slaves.

    The big negative, actually it may be positive, of a Black political party is how it will break the Democratic party apart and the Democrats will have to find a whole new set of issues which will likely involve even more government control and stealing from taxpayers to support government services.

  14. I thought BLM already had their own party. It’s called the “Socialists Workers Party.”

    Is there anyone who still thinks it’s really about black lives?

    Shame on them.

  15. I am both disappointed and surprised to read of Robert Johnson endorsing BLM, although I shouldn’t be surprised. The organization has done a very good job of deceiving many Americans and people around the world into believing that they are concerned for advancing/aiding black people. Still, I am surprised by Mr. Johnson’s and so many others endorsement since a quick visit to BLM’s website easily reveals what they stand for and it isn’t justice for equality for blacks. They are anti-Christian, anti-traditional family, purveyors of homosexuality and transgenderism, pro-abortion, pro-separation/division of society based on race, and instigators of hate and violence toward fellow human beings.

    As a Christian and as a Black woman who cares about the lives of all people, I cannot and will not align myself with their ideology. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr.:

    “A doctrine of black supremacy is as dangerous as a doctrine of white supremacy. God is not interested in the freedom of black men or brown men or yellow men. God is interested in the freedom of the whole human race, the creation of a society where every man will respect the dignity and worth of personality.”

    And in the words of the Apostle Paul:

    “God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands; Neither is worshipped with men’s hands, as though he needed any thing, seeing he giveth to all life, and breath, and all things; And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation; That they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us…” (Acts 17:24-27)

    Father, in the name of your son Jesus, open people’s eyes to the truth of who you are and who we are in you. Give us wisdom so that we will not fall for satan’s lies or counterfeits. Even the organizers of BLM and those supporting their organization, soften their hearts to receive the truth of your Word and experience your transforming love. And teach us how to walk in unity with one another, rather than be in strife, discord, and division. “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” (Psalm 133:1)

  16. Personally I think that BLM is the worst thing that could have happened to the cause of racism, it Has only resulted in more animosity between people and fear. I saw on tv a little girl asking her mother if the police was going to shoot her, really? ( I am sure many “oh!s” were expressed). I wonder who is installing fear in a precious little girl as this. and at the same time I saw a picture of a little 7 year old white boy praying over a policeman. Basically what I am trying to say is how are we preparing the next generation, what are we teaching them? V. Lenin was a Russian communist from the late 19th century he said. “If you can separate people from their history they can be easily persuaded” There is good history and bad history. Trying to erase the bad one is not a solution but a void to be filled with something else perhaps worse. Prejudice is closely related to racism, I am white but I have been in some states were I was not very welcomed just for being from California. I was in Paris France and a waiter at a cafe will not serve me breakfast just because I was an American. May God help us with this terrible situation

    1. You’re absolutely right. May God help us. Satan is the author of division. But Father God’s will is that we will come together in unity as one true body emulating the very nature of His Son. In that unity abounds righteousness, love, peace,joy,kindness and everything good.

    2. I used to live in D.C. and as a white woman had a hard time competing with black men or women in getting a taxi from Union Station to downtown. I’ve been heckled by blacks while I was standing in line with them at a Gov’t office for stepping aside in full sight for literally a few seconds to take forms from a staff member. When I was denied my spot by the woman behind me the crowd yelled to go to the back of the line–and that was 20 years ago. I can’t imagine what it’s like now.

  17. Shame on Bill Johnson for suggesting this nonsense! Blacks make only 13% of the population, and are behind Latinos who keep breeding like chickens, raising their population while blacks kill their babies, with abortion clinics in their neighborhoods! Blacks have no leaders! Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc., are sell-outs to Satan and don’t care about blacks but their own pockets! Blacks need to jettison the slave mentality, by which Democrats make them victims to get their votes. I’m black, straight from the motherland, and I detest BLM and everything they stand for! Has anyone bothered to check their website? I urge blacks to leave the Democrat plantation and join hands with Trump who’s done more for blacks than Obama, another sell-out to Satan!!

  18. Black lives mater {except in chicago}. And the abortion clinics in the black communities. Ok a black live matter party. A joke. All they stand for is hate. Why hasn’t Johnson done something before now. The demoncrats have used the blacks for 50+ years an they remain on the plantation at their will. This is a sham to disrupt the 2020 election.
    Blacks have been marginalized by the demoncartic party because they offer handouts and the Republican party is about a hand up. Blacks choose to be treated the way they claim they are. They have the poor me mentality. I’m tired of the victim crap.
    President Trump has done more for all communities as opposed to all the charlatans Sharpton, waters, Clyburn, Jackson, Elijah cummings who {died working on impeachimg Trump}, black caucus etc etc. and their black jesus obamination.

    This is all propaganda from the left, its all about confusion, division and discord.
    Blacks can work together hence no businesses. This is a joke. All the states who are in peril are RAN BY DEMONCRATS. ITS TIME TO WAKE UP AMERICA. BILL JOHNSON THIS IS A FARCE, FROM THE PIT OF HELL.

    I’m black and this is not something that I would participate in. All lives matter and it is an absolute disgrace for him to suggest this. This would absolutely be built on sinking sand. A house divided will not stand. This will be built on hate. I want no part of this crap. Lord help us from all of this manufactured chaos. This plan to disrupt America is a cunning scheme from satan. Open the blinded eyes of the Christian’s who support this demonic cause . All lives matter to You Lord. In Jesus name I pray this. Amen

    1. Terrific!! I cannot agree with you more, brother!! Ben Johnson is a racist piece of scum to suggest this, and it won’t help black folks, just like BLM doesn’t! Shame on Bill Johnson!!

  19. All lives matter from conception to the grave.
    GOD has no favorites.
    The LORD JESUS was not black, nor was He white; many people from that region are olive skinned.
    It is time, past time, to stop describing people by the color of their skin!
    We were give names when we were born; our name is our identity!
    The brown lady down the street, the white man across the road–Why include color in the description of our fellow man?
    Do we need to be reminded that GOD chose our color before we were even born?
    The scriptures tell us that GOD knitted us together in our mother’s womb.
    This problem needs to come to an end.
    Pray that day will come.

  20. ALL LIVES MATTER… People are forgetting Who created them and that their are more than 2 races in this country and that God can remove earth at the split of a second

  21. BLM is a terrorist organization, as is Antifa — they are Marxist/Communist organizations determined to overthrow & destroy America as founded! This is NOT about black lives — that’s their front, deceptively used to start protests, which quickly were taken over by domestic terrorists! Obama began all this before he announced, “In 5 days we’ll begin to fundamentally transform America!” Obama & George Soros have long been working to bring this about: Obama announced his candidacy from the living room of 1970’s Communists Bill Ayres & Bernadine Dorhn, who headed the Weather Underground, running around bombing government & other buildings! They should still be imprisoned. Obama announced after his terms ended that he’d stay in Washington DC & continue Community Organizing thru his OFA (Organizing for America), meaning a Marxist America!! He’s running this largely Soros-funded destruction to destroy our beloved country & get rid of President Donald Trump, in order to bring about globalism— a One/World Government, to be established just before the rapture of the Church & emergence of the Antichrist before the Lord Jesus Christ’s 2nd Coming to this earth, which God clearly tells us in His infallible Word is all going to happen! Please Listen to Pastors Jack Hibbs & Amir Tsarfati— also Jan Markell at Understanding the Times & to help you clarify all this!📖🙏✝️🇺🇸

    1. Thank you Nancy! I’ve been saying this since the racist card was first brought up! I couldn’t have said this better myself! Thank you and God bless you!!

    2. Yes, well said. I cannot believe that so many people have fallen into believing all these destructive ideologies. Yesterday I heard on the news a man saying that Jesus was the greatest black activist ever lived but we may not know how the Lord Jesus looked like but we know that He didn’t organized protests and lead rebellion against the Roman Empire. Perhaps the man should have read the sermon on the mount and know Who Jesus really was. But I must admit how sad all these events are making me and really very concerned of the direction our country is headed for, this is not about racism or the death of a man but to purposely tear down this country, I always thought that the fall of the USA 🇺🇸 will from internal but I never thought I would see it happen and this seems the beginning of it, less The Almighty God intervenes now, so we pray and pray some more

  22. Ironic how the Democrat party panders to people of color for votes at election time, yet aggressively places abortion clinics near their communities and eliminates potential new voters. Truly, Satan is in this incongruency. Heavenly Father, open the eyes of people in this country to see these divisive attacks on Americans as coming from Satan. May our voting and decisions align with your will for Americans to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with you, and among our fellow man. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

  23. Well, I see his frustration with both parties. Who isn’t frustrated? But BLM is not for black people. It is for revolution, an overturning of US govt. One was on Martha MacCallum’s show/Fox yesterday. They are insane to talk to and just fine with violence. Violence is a means to an end for them – to get what they want. So, Mr Johnson, who sees through a lot of what is going on now, but apparently does not see thru BLM. Black people would be stuck in a hateful, violent, lawless party. God forbid!

  24. There are many African Americans that are running on the Republican and Conservative ticket this election year. We are as Ken Hamm states in his DVD, “One Race, One Blood”. This voting for a particular party or person because of their skin color is wrong. We are all Americans and should be voting for what this country stood for when 0ur forefathers form it and God’s principals.

  25. I like Ruth M.’s ideas in her post below:
    “strong family initiatives, fatherhood advocacy initiatives, vegetable gardens in food desert communities and trade skill apprentices for young people”.
    I suggested a few days ago a jobs skills training initiative within the welfare system in a reply to representative Doug Jones, and will suggest similar ideas you wrote to our benevolence department at church. If the government takes a long time to repair welfare, maybe the church (individually those who allow Jesus, via the Holy Spirit, to rule lovingly in their hearts, thus collectively forming a yielded to God kingdom, though with a president living in heaven, but some of its people living on earth…you can view some elements of the unity and love caused by the Holy Spirit in yielded-to-God Christians). Currently, the anti-family effects of welfare include that there is no buffer to help those women who get more on welfare than their potential husband who fathered their kid could make in his job, so women are discouraged from marrying the daddy of their child, even though they otherwise have a stable relationship. Consequently, there is much discouragement in welfare from getting jobs once on welfare, causing potentially a long-range lower income. Also, in my line of work I come across many who are single moms with many kids. I know of one single-mom family with 5 kids including one with special needs and I know another single-mom with 9 kids. There must be something in the welfare system that also encourages having more kids to get more money. This economic system of incentives is not the best and appears to be anti-family and apparently traps people who are afraid they cannot survive another way that would be better in the long-run. We do have a tech school nearby, so maybe our church could work with them to build a bridge to offset the gap caused by broken welfare system that I described. Also, we have lots of land on church property, so our benevolence could after the first hand-out make a vegetable garden that takes a little bit of work, if able-bodied, in order to get the next $. This is something that I’d like welfare to appropriate as a model, so that it goes by percentages more and more job-skills training and work and instruction how to get jobs, the longer one is in welfare. Guess I’ll send this idea to government leaders. I recently saw a great statistical analysis by Phil Vischer who wro Veggie Tales. My conclusion after seeing the video analysis is that getting jobs and jobs training is one ofte the biggest best solutions to help African Americans have greater equality. The video showed the series of historical problems that set back this and caused the lower paychecks statistically. I found it. “Holy Post – Race in America” by Phil Vischer.

    Yay! You can watch this and get some of the same information.
    I only learned recently learned that Kathryn Johnson did such great mathmatical work that got us to the moon and that John Glenn said that he wouldn’t ride to the moon unless Kathryn Johnson, who was an African American working for NASA who was responsible (before computers did the figuring of trajectories) for the math who got man on the moon. She also taught math. John Glenn didn’t want to rely only on computers, but specifically asked Kathryn Johnson to check the figures. I voted for Ben Carson in the primaries. Wonderful how he could separate the Siamese twins’ brains. I’ll bet he doesn’t believe in abortion being promoted as it is in America. I’ll bet, being a doctor, that he knows that life begins at conception. I love that verse in Psalm 139 that says God knit me together in my mom’s womb, proving that my personality is OK with God, since he designed me. Thanks whoever read this as far as you did to get here. Hope it helps.

    1. The depth of your ignorance is truly staggering! There are so many things wrong that you expresses in your writings I don’t know where to begin. I’d be all day rebuking you. I pray that God Almighty reveals the superior, condescending spirit dwelling within you. Here’s one correctionthe majority of people on welfare are WHITE and primarily located in southern red states.

      1. “Nearly 20 years after the end of the war in Southeast Asia brought thousands of Cambodians, Laotians and Vietnamese refugees to this country, many still languish in poverty, giving Southeast Asians the highest rate of welfare dependency of any racial or ethnic group.May 19, 1994” (per search on Google) So it’s NOT WHITE.

  26. I think it would be a good thing
    They would and the world would be able to see the viewpoints they would have and the church could begin to bring forth truth from the Word that does not distinguish between skin color and ethnic differences

  27. I could be wrong, but splitting the democrat party up like this could serve conservatives well. Don’t discount the idea of this being something God uses to bring about His purposes. In the Old Testament, Israel’s enemies sometimes turned on one another and wound up destroying themselves. I have been praying that BLM and all those siding with them would devour themselves.

    I also believe there are a lot more quiet conservatives out there than we may realize. People are watching all of this insanity go down and they know they don’t want this anarchy in our nation. Pray for those who are on the fence, that they will look to the future and recognize the destruction that the democrat party and BLM will bring to our nation.

    Lord God, I pray for our nation, that You would glorify Yourself and return people’s hearts to You and to Your righteousness! Let those who are Your enemies turn on one another and let us who love you watch as You win this battle. Fight for Your name and for Your glory, Father.

    1. And I will say I absolutely believe the phrase “Black lives matter.” I just know that the organization itself is built on evil because Marxism is evil. Research Marx to fully grasp that his ideas were given to him by satan. I believe black lives matter, from the womb to the elderly. BLM doesn’t share that view with me. They are all about murdering the unborn. That could be the wedge that keeps true Christians from joining them, that and the demonic principles of Marxism.

  28. Why does this group called “Black Lives Matter” not think that lives before birth and slightly after birth matter. Why are those black lives ignored in your calling. I think they all matter, regardless of age. My assessment is that somehow there must be a deception or blinding about this issue. I adjure you by the mercies of God to consider all life. Your population is statistically being the most proportionately affected by this scam. If honest counseling and reading of hearing information in a flyer about the facts showing the baby is a live human, and ultrasound picture so parent(s) could say goodbye to the baby before final decision to kill and so they could say goodbye to baby, were required opportunities, then I think the parent could have a more informed “right to choose” and a better opportunity of “right to life” for the baby. How come your agenda ignores these little ones who haven’t done any wrong external actions yet as the rest of us obviously have? Why take away the rights of the most close to innocent and the most voiceless?

    1. I agree that if Black lives truly matter to the BLM organization, they would do something to stop the tragic murder of unborn black babies. In a 2/25/20 article from the Arizona Captiol times, 19 million black babies have been aborted since the 1973 ruling of Roe vs Wade, making abortion the #1 cause of death in blacks.

  29. Theresa, you sound very sweet. BLM hates what America stands for, and wants to destroy everything this country was founded on. And it doesn’t appear that Robert wants to embrace all Americans. It’s tricky because people emotionally rally behind the ‘social justice’ aspect of this, as though they are solving something, and facts don’t seem to interest them. Identity politics is only creating division. God is with us and never leaves us alone, but we must continue to seek His face and draw near to Him! May He enlarge our courage to stand on truth and walk in love like never before. Christ hasn’t come back yet, so there are still people who will believe the gospel and their hearts will be changed. He’s our only hope.

  30. I understand that Black lives do matter, God created us all equally, every life matters, especially for the babies that have been targets for abortion to sell body parts. I pray for conviction that they will stop this evilness and lift all things evil.
    I’m sure when “Jesus Wept” he knew then that these things would come to pass then & in our future.
    We cry out to you Lord.
    Amen & Amen

  31. Black Lives Matter (except for those in the womb), by their leaders own admission, are trained Marxists. And the Democratic Party are communists. The conservative Democrats were all disposed. I suggest you all watch the film Agenda 2 on YouTube made by a Christian man who received rewards for it. Now I see that communism never died, it came here and took over our schools which took over the minds of our children. The battle is for the mind as you know and we have mostly been blindsided. We desperately need a move of God and for the church to up and speak up.

  32. Dear Lord may Your will be done. May those who want to pull apart the country be pulled apart themselves. May those who want disorder and a lack of unity be in disorder and not unified. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  33. Here’s another interesting thing. Robert Johnson was called upon by President Trump to help initiate ideas and programs that will help the black community and he declined with the reason that he wants to stay out of politics. Why is he suddenly now wanting to stir up a new political party for the black community which will further cause a divide in the black community and our nation. And please remember, I am an African American. This tells me his motive is questionable.

    1. Father, I pray that the eyes of people’s understanding be enlightened to YOUR truth. That oppression must cease, and will cease, but not through more oppression. I pray that the truth regarding the BLM organization be revealed. Abba, please expose the leaders. Expose their calls for violence and gaining control “by any means necessary”. Please help our brothers and sisters of color to see the sham and take a stand as true leaders of justice, not angry leaders of hate. Father, please heal this arm of our nation, our world. We need each other. In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen y amen.

  34. Bob Johnson like Donald Trump is a savvy businessman, but an inept politician,sociologist, and historian. These guys should stay in their lanes. Prayerfully, after the Trump fiasco, we America will re-learn how to identify and choose a President(rich and famous is not a good place to start; a history of service to mankind is). I pretty much agree with the other commentators. The idea of a BLM political party is ludicrous on so many levels. The main one being: it will further divide the races and the nation. America is a multicultural experiment, we have made progress in becoming “a more perfect union”, but we are not there yet, we have more work to do. I espouse and believe in the founding principles of our nation:”all men are created equal…one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” Perhaps one day we may discover how to revamp our two party system in a way that betters our nation,but until then let’s stay the course.

    1. I will not even compare him to Donald Trump because God can use anyone He chooses to accomplish His mission. The issue is the heart behind the motive which I believe is wrong with Robert Johnson.

  35. As an African American, I do not share Mr. Johnson’s suggestion or perspective. Mr. Johnson is NOT the voice, Representative, or authority for African Americans. God is our source, NOT the government. God is our advocate NOT an immoral, angry, Marxist organization.

    Here’s my counter suggestion for Mr. Johnson. He would do well and better in seeking justice for African Americans by using his wealthy influence toward strong family initiatives, fatherhood advocacy initiatives, vegetable gardens in food desert communities and trade skill apprentices for young people so they can have a legitimate hustle to feed themselves for life. As much is given, much is required.

    1. I literally thought the exact same things! He has so much money but can’t spend it on helping those he supposedly cares about? Jesus did say it is harder for a rich man to go to heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. Praying for my brothers and sisters in Christ who are African American to heal and to seek Jesus because He is the only one who can fix this hate and division. I can sense the demonic influences of division, victimization, and anger in his quoted text.
      Please use your voice as an African American Christian sister because so many are deceived! As an undocumented Mexican going through the whole Trump thing it was a mess BUT I Had discernment and did not let myself see through the eyes of the media or the world I saw things through the WORD OF GOD. Bless you sister

    2. Thank you, Jesus for this prayer so thoughtfully shared by my sister, Ruth! We praise you for Your work within our country and all over the world to bring salvation and righteousness to all. We ask that You work in the hearts of all believers to bring unity through Christ Jesus. He is the only solution and the only permanent change necessary to bring peace to this world. Lord, thank you for Ruth and these prayer warriors who long to see Your kingdom come! Maranatha, Lord Jesus. Come quickly in You Name I pray

      1. And Father, we ask that you would choose on this matter. We declare and believe that YOU will choose whatever scenario opens and paves the way for the Gospel to be shared fearlessly and freely, in Jesus’ name

  36. It’s not the answer to the black community rather it will continue to lead to division even among the black community. Any Christian should vote and support biblical values. BLM is not an organization that should be heralded for any reason. It’s controlled by the deep state. As a matter of fact, all lives matter to God. I am an African American and I can definitely say his move is a solution.

  37. My first thought is this would bring an even greater divide between races! My second thought is that the agenda behind the BLM movement needs to be researched and shared with this group before this type of question is thrown out. BLM is more than a race movement.

    1. Yes Julie, in fact Black Lives Matter has very little to do with advancing equality for black Americans. They are, at the core, a Marxist group and part of their manifesto includes LGBTQ activism. One can’t help but wonder if a “third party” was created with BLM, that in reality it would be a Marxist communist group in disguise. So twisted!

      1. Lord God, please bring the truth of the BLM organization to the light. Expose it’s origination, ideology and funding including monies received and donated. Please expose this group and it’s ties to Antifa. Thwart their plans and expose their motives to the light. Turn hearts and change lives through the love of Christ! In His Name I pray

  38. Terrible idea, bc 1) it appears to be a militant group that might easily be manipulated to join with Antifa to cause violence and chaos 2) ALL lives matter. Splitting ourselves into such factions would likely cause further division.

  39. This is a great Idea .. The democratic party has gone so far off from their founding principles.. they seem (to me) to be leaning towards fascism principles. They are no longer the party FOR THE PEOPLE .. As long as this BLM party embraces our founders Declaration of Independence .. why not? America needs a new political party. But it shouldn’t be a black against white party. That would be considered racism.

    I thought after living soooo many years, that I would never see racism again like in the early 1900’s. I was so very sure, seeing so many blacks being successful in so many area’s of the business field .. the medical field .. etc. (I never see a color when I’m making a friend) and living in Brooklyn, N.Y. for so many years ( I am now 86 y/o) .. I saw alot of good progress made.

    Go for it guys.. just don’t do it to bring more heartache to our already hurting nation.. Don’t do it to divide us any more than these last couple of months have done .. Do it because there is a need for a new political party .. where it will embrace everyone in America. God bless and good luck!!!

    1. Please read the history of BLM! This is a HORRIBLE idea! BLM is for “blacks” only, not all people, which wouldn’t embrace everyone in America! For sure would divide America even more!I’m an African American woman, and this personally, is very devastating to me!!

    2. Black Lives Matter is not really the organization You may think it is. Visit their site and read the About section and see what they believe. They are self-proclaimed Marxists, LGBTQ activists and militant.

    3. Theresa – it has become apparent that the door has been opened for extremists like BLM to sneak in. I’m 78 years old so I’ve not witnessed quite as much as you but I’ve always had an interest in history. When you mentioned New York City early 1900’s have you read “The Battle with the Slum”? One of the main people in this book is Teddy Roosevelt. Do you agree his statue should be taken down because of a photo-op after his years of being a champion for the poor?

      1. NO. I don’t agree with his statue being torn down, nor any statue that has been erected depicting our history and special people who contributed to it. I do believe that the blacks of our country have done extremely well from when they were ‘slaves’ to our early American’s.. I further believe that to bring that up constantly is an affront to those who believe in their abilities the same as others in America no matter what color. It hurts me to see what is happening in America today after so many have worked hard over the years to overcome prejudice and the such. When my grandparents came to America .. they were the WOP’s .. Italian, mafia, etc., and it was hard for Italians. And people had their hey day with the Irish who overcame it.. Mr. Johnson, with his monies can do well if he wants to help black American’s .. not the BLM. Some people are still on the backs of the Jewish, who brought much to America. .. we are a country BLENDED .. and as such if monies are to be spent by this Mr. Johnson, he should consider helping them gain more respect. When I posted to go ahead, I meant it for the blacks .. the BLM would never go for what I was stipulating. But maybe.. just maybe .. this Mr. Johnson will do a turn around and see a new political party in a different light and use his monies accordingly. I wasn’t advocating for BLM .. I was advocating for the Blacks. There are many intelligent people among them.. not just people who are on welfare and to be criticized as such. God gave us all free will. It’s up to us what we do with it. Hating one race .. pitting race against race is horrible. We are one people .. made in the image of God. Black Lives DO matter. As well as all our lives.

        1. Thank you so much for your clarification Theresa. We have so much in common regarding our feelings on this issue. When we discuss the race “issue” there is a demon that hangs like a cloud over the situation worldwide – the spirit of poverty. In the United States it has gravitated to black vs. white and been used increasingly as a tool for manipulation by the political parties.
          We as intercessors have been called to discern this evil and bring it to destruction. When I say spirit of poverty I am talking about the “poor me” victimization mentality that has spread so wide and been rejected by so few.
          Confirmation that we are in the right place at the right time is found in today’s story about BLM wanting to remove statues of Jesus. The mask is coming off…
          Love ya, Sister – keep pressing on

          1. Thank You Maynard. I tried to point out that there was a reasoning behind the Slaves of our forefathers. Only God knows why he brought America to be a blended country. Perhaps to show other Nations in our world that all peoples can live together in peace and unity? We (whites) shouldn’t be blamed for our forefathers sins and we should pray for God to forgive them ‘their trespasses’. (The bible tells us that the sins of the fathers remain on all their children. Maybe fervent prayer can remove/repair that?) It’s a good thing people were brought to America in different ways, people of all color and races. God has a great plan for our country and we can only accomplish it through the prayers and faith of all. American citizens including future citizens have a purpose here and I don’t believe it’s to destroy one another. It’s towards the good of ALL mankind across the Earth. I say to pray to God to forgive our forefathers for their limited insight to what slavery would possible mean to future generations. And todays blacks should be understanding for the suffering (tho many, history tells us, were treated well by their ‘owners’ basically) their ancestors lived through which brought their future generations into a world of much prosperity afforded to ALL citizens for all generations to come. Once more thank you> In Christ.. Terry

      1. You and I know that I bought out that the the BLM group’s hate would disregard ‘stipulations’ .. work within our government laws/guidelines .. that all men are created equal, etc. A political party will not stand a chance without the vision of what America stands for. People of ANY color would never go for a candidate that preaches racism, communism, fascism and the like. We have too many wonderful freedoms to live by. And too many wonderful friends and neighbors of ANY color who won’t lean in that directions. I aplogize for using ‘sarcasm’ in my post..

        You do have to realize tho., being a free country we have freedoms, one of which would allow such a political party to be born.. to exist. They COULD try .. and will lost momentum very quickly when the likes of the Sanders and Warren’s spew living in a world of restrictions such as Nazism, Communisms, Fascism and the like were being advocated. Americans, regardless of their political affiliations, are too too smart to lose the wonderful freedoms and ways of life that exist in America.. the home of the FREE and the BRAVE!!

        May God keep our country forever under the protection of his wondrous wings and love.
        Terry C.

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