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Father, keep ungodly, divisive flags off taxpayer-funded buildings. May Your truth again pervade our culture and government!

Republicans narrowly managed to ban pride flags from being flown by U.S. embassies, but President Biden is vowing to fight back.

From The Christian Post. The Biden administration is promising to fight a GOP-led rule in the recently signed $1.2 trillion spending package that effectively bans the rainbow pride flag from being flown at U.S. embassies and consulates.

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A provision slipped in the bill spanning more than 1,000 pages requires that “none of the funds appropriated or otherwise made available by this Act may be obligated or expended to fly or display a flag over a facility of the United States Department of State,” other than the U.S. flag, with some exceptions, according to Axios.

Other permitted flags include the POW/MIA flag, the U.S. Foreign Service flag, the Hostage and Wrongful Detainee flag, as well as flags that represent states, American territories, Indian tribal areas, and the District of Columbia. Flags of other nations are also allowed.

President Joe Biden signed the spending bill on Saturday, but a spokesperson for the White House expressed the administration’s disapproval of the pride flag ban and promised to pursue repealing what they suggested amounts to discrimination against LGBT Americans.

“President Biden believes it was inappropriate to abuse the process that was essential to keep the government open by including this policy targeting LGBTQI+ Americans,” a White House spokesperson told the outlet.

“While it will have no impact on the ability of members of the LGBTQI+ community to serve openly in our embassies or to celebrate Pride, the Administration fought against the inclusion of this policy and we will continue to work with members of Congress to find an opportunity to repeal it,” the spokesperson added.

House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., a Southern Baptist, praised the provision behind closed doors as a win for conservatives, according to a source who spoke to Bloomberg News.

Some U.S. embassies began displaying pride flags to mark so-called pride month or other LGBT-related holidays during the Obama administration. The blanket authorization was repealed under former President Donald Trump, though some continued to display the rainbow flags anyway, according to The Washington Post.

The Biden administration then reversed Trump’s ban in April 2021, allowing the flag to be unfurled again at U.S. embassies such as the one to the Vatican, which prompted outrage from Roman Catholics in June 2022.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken has also permitted the Black Lives Matter flag to be flown at U.S. embassies, which critics denounced as unnecessarily political.

The provision in the current spending bill remains effective only until Sept. 30.

In 2023, Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-S.C., introduced the Old Glory Only Act, which would permanently ban such displays at diplomatic facilities.

“Our beautiful flag, Old Glory, should be the only flag flying and representing our country over our diplomatic and consular posts worldwide,” Duncan said in a statement at the time, according to Fox News Digital. “The American flag is a beacon of liberty, and no other flag or symbol better portrays our shared values than the Stars and Stripes.”

In 2021, Rep. Nicole Malliotakis of New York proposed a similar bill and accused the Biden administration of permitting “inherently political flags that are in no way affiliated with the U.S. government.”

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(Used with permission. By Jon Brown from The Christian Post. Photo Credit: daniel james on Unsplash)

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Mari Williams
April 6, 2024

First of all:
We have Christmas Day
We have New Years Day
We have Mothers Day
We have Fathers Day
We have Presidents Day
We have other special DAYS in this Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. . . .
Pray tell, why in the world do we have the entire MONTH of June for Gay Pride?
Why, when we have glorious Star Spangled Banner for the USA, do we need to fly any other flag?
O GOD in Heaven, have mercy on us all and restore sanity to this land. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Darlene Estlow
April 1, 2024

Father, I pray the rainbow flag may never fly over our embassies! May we as a nation unite behind our flag and not bow to sinful activity.

April 1, 2024


Lisa Foti
April 1, 2024

How often can we cry out, ” God have mercy on us sinners?”
Father forgive us for flaunting our sin, our arrogance, our refusal to submit to Your leadership and altogether perfect precepts! Father, forgive us and have mercy on America.

Jo Hebert
April 1, 2024

Pride comes before the Fall. GOD gives Adam the first LAW. One Prohibition in Paradise. Genesis 2: 16-17. And the Lord God commanded the man saying, “from any tree of the garden you may eat freely BUT from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat from it, “you will surely die.”
Since the Devil has no ORIGINAL THOUGHT of his own, he can only ‘parrot’ the words of GOD.
That’s the first and same PlayBook of the Father of the Lie. He simplies ‘flips the Truth into the Lie. So, in Genesis 3:1-4 “Now, the serpent was more crafty than any beast of the field which the Lord GOD had made. And he said to the Woman” “Hmm, uh, .. has God really said that you can’t eat from ANY of the fruits in the garden . . . .? Eves replies dutifully, clearly having been taught by Adam the LAW. “From the fruit of the trees of the garden we may eat; but from the fruit in the middle of the garden, GOD has said -‘you shall not eat of it (or touch it -her addition) – or you will die.”Enter Satan in the serpent gaslighting the Woman,” what, wait, no you will NOT surely die. ” the first Lie.
Just flip the Lie back to the Truth. Oh, Yes, if you disobey my Law, Justice must be served and you will surely die!” But fear not, My Law of Love through Jesus Christ, My Son, on Calvary has overcome by His Blood. The
Psalm 139:14 ‘I will Praise you, Lord, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made..”Lord, Prevent or bring down any Banners unfurled to advocate the perversion of the human body. ” And we Praise you, Lord, for You are mighty in bringing down Strongholds.

Linda Curtis
April 1, 2024

Remove the evil one from our government. In Jesus’s Name, 🙏

April 1, 2024

And not to be overlooked is Biden’s Easter blasphemy: choosing THIS year, when “Transgender Day of Visibility,” March 31, fell on Easter, to declare from the White House that going forward, “Transgender Day of Visibility,” will be officially recognized.

I am so tired of this degenerate Biden/Obama/Clinton White House.

Father God, please keep the sinful rainbow “pride” flag from being flown at U.S. embassies and consulates. Please bring these people to repentance and to the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, in Jesus’ Precious Name, amen.

    April 1, 2024

    Ditto on all counts.

    Amen and Amen.

    Mari Williams
    April 6, 2024

    Somebody needs to inform those responsible for the new ruling to be made aware of the promise of Mark 9:42:

    Mark 9:42
    “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea.”

    There is an end to GOD’s patience.

    April 6, 2024

    Praying that our Majestic and Holy Father God would reveal His displeasure in such a way that the fear of Holy GOD would touch multitudes of people and repentance would result.

April 1, 2024

Let God arise and His enemies be scattered! The LORD rebuke this evil spirit of perversion in our country. Where The Spirit of The LORD is there is freedom (not bondages to sinful living) and again I pray for God to arise and His enemies be scattered. May God arise and squash the money, power, prestige, and the media that promotes the shaking of one’s fist in the face of Almighty God. May all of the evil resources available to this evil spirit dry up, disappear. God will not be mocked. Arise Father, scatter Your enemies. Raise up men and women of God, prayer warriors, to fight against this evil. Let there be a mighty outpouring of Your Holy Spirit in Washington d.c. and across our land. In Yeshua Messiah’s holy Name, amen.


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