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Lord, strengthen these governors as they stand up against these executive actions. Help President Biden to realize that he is ultimately under Your authority.

The Biden Administration made waves in taking action on guns, especially with the viral statement that rights in the Amendments aren’t absolute. States were ready to push back. Here is our summary of the top news on guns .. .

According to The Daily Wire, “Multiple governors signaled that they will be taking action against Democrat President Joe Biden after Biden officially unveiled his initial plan to attack Second Amendment rights.

Biden announced a series of actions, which he articulated during a press conference where he made multiple false claims, targeting two types of gun parts: pistol braces and chunks of plastic and metal that are unfinished firearms. The Biden administration also will be publishing “model red flag legislation” for states to consider.  . . .

Numerous governors immediately pushed back on Biden’s attack on Second Amendment rights and indicated that they will be taking action to protect their residents from Biden’s agenda.

“Biden is threatening our 2nd Amendment rights. He just announced a new liberal power grab to take away our guns,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) wrote on Twitter. “We will NOT allow this in TX. It’s time to get legislation making TX a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State passed and to my desk for signing.”. . .

According to Breitbart, “President Joe Biden declared Thursday that “no amendment is absolute” while unveiling a series of executive actions targeting American citizens’ Second Amendment rights.

“Today, we’re taking steps to confront not just the gun crisis, but what is actually a public health crisis,” Biden announced in a speech at the White House’s Rose Garden, claiming: “Nothing, nothing I am about to recommend in any way impinges on the Second Amendment.”

“No amendment, no amendment to the Constitution is absolute,” the president continued. “You can’t yell ‘fire’ in a crowded movie theater — recall a freedom of speech. From the very beginning, you couldn’t own any weapon you wanted to own. From the very beginning that the Second Amendment existed, certain people weren’t allowed to have weapons.” . . .

As part of his orders, Biden directed the Department of Justice to write laws requiring background checks for homemade “ghost guns.” The president also requested the DOJ develop a model for “red flag” laws for states as a guideline. Additionally, he announced the nomination of gun control advocate David Chipman to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). However, in announcing his pick, Biden referred to the federal agency as the “AFT” — twice. . . .

“Gun violence in this country is an epidemic,” Biden said in his remarks, calling the situation “an international embarrassment.”

“The job of any president is to protect the American people, whether Congress acts or not,” the president added. “I’m going to use all the resources at my disposal to keep the American people safe from gun violence. But there’s much more that Congress can do to help that effort.”

Biden’s orders swiftly prompted West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey (R) to threaten to sue the Biden administration.

“Defending the Second Amendment remains one of the most important priorities for the West Virginia Attorney General’s Office. I will not allow the far left to run roughshod over our citizens’ gun rights. If President Biden follows through on his proposals, we will be in court very quickly,” Morrisey said in a statement. “Gun violence and the senseless death attributed to it should pain all Americans, however, the evil acts of a select few should never be a catalyst for stripping the lawful masses of their constitutional rights, especially their right to self-defense and to bear arms.”

It’s likely other Republican attorney generals will follow through with their own warnings to the Biden administration. Last month, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) pledged to protect Texans’ Second Amendment rights after Biden reaffirmed his call on Congress to pass legislation aimed at banning “assault weapons” in the wake of the deadly Boulder, Colorado, grocery store shooting. . . .

Click HERE to read another example of how Tennessee is pushing back against Biden’s recent Executive Orders.

Share your prayers about these Executive Actions and for these governors & states in the comments below!

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Joan Diane Bartruff
April 13, 2021

Father, in Jesus’s Name, fan the fires of revival across America and the world. “Lord, come near and rescue
us” from lies and deception of those who have no respect for our Constitution. Bring their attempt to
eliminate the “right to bear arms” nil and void.

Thank You for governors who are opposing administration’s attempt to remove protections afforded by Second Amendment. I pray, by Your guidance and power, all states will oppose efforts ofadministration to legislate in ways that remove our freedoms, and rights to protect ourselves. Wake up America to truth as noted by others, it is not about guns, but sin. Strengthen those on the frontlines of this battle to “stand strong”. Lord, let Your almighty power expose the wrong motives of those who desire to “change” America and our Constitution. Have mercy on us, Lord. “Let Your glory be over all the earth”.

Stop those in our communities who choose to harm others for any reason. Lord, just as your delivered Israel from Egypt, so deliver our nation and world from people who wantonly destroy lives. I plead Your protection over America, Lord. Thank You, for hearing my prayer, Triune God. Amen

April 12, 2021

Father, please strengthen these governors as they stand up against these executive orders. help this “president” to realize that even he is untimately under Your authority. Jesus name I pray, Amen.

    Catherine Johnson
    April 12, 2021

    Restore our nation to Godly principles.
    Stop the plans of the enemy using leftists as his pawns set out to destroy a Constitution set in place by God fearing men.

Kathy S R Heppner
April 12, 2021

There isn’t much yours truly can say here that isn’t said in other comments. Dear Lord we pray that you would raise up many Godly, courageous souls to serve in positions of authority who will not compromise or sell out to those with nefarious and ungodly intent. We pray that you would prick the hearts of those who are on the fence to recognize that America does not have a “gun” problem but that we do have a very BIG SIN problem. While none of us in our right mind want to hurt another person we know that unfortunately there are those who do not share our convictions and willfully engage in violence to get what they want. Lord, please help us to protect those rights that come from you and are affirmed in the U.S. Constitution. In Jesus name, amen.

April 12, 2021

Father God, this illegitimate President and his legislations are coming down. He can continue to try and spread fear, but what he is doing is waking your people to take action and put on the full armor to pray against these demonic assaults. Prayer is our greatest weapon especially with the evil doers who sit on their throne in Washington trying to take our freedom on the land you blessed and coveted to to our founding fathers. Let us keep our eyes on you and continue to hold fast to the revival that is going to hit our nation! In Jesus name.

April 12, 2021

Rick Green has a U S Constitution class that can be found on line. It brings out the corruption and the abuse and the power grab of our U.S. government over the past 50 years. It is a must watch/read for everyone. His book CONSTITUION ALIVE! However, videos explain how the elected officials have ignored, denied and abused their powers that the CONSTITUTION explicitly forbids. It should be a required class in very history and government class.
Our people are uninformed, uneducated on how the abuses are destroying our liberties, our public funds, and our freedoms and rights granted in that document. Rick Green explains it all with the assistance of David Barton @ Wallbuilders.com. A must teaching for all.

Lorene Warren
April 11, 2021

President Joe Biden needs to wake up!! It’s not the gun that’s doing the evil it’s the evil doing the shooting and taking our guns away is just more evil add on to evil. Father God help president Joe Biden to open his eyes and see who is really doing the shooting. In Jesus Holy Name Amen

April 10, 2021

We are very grateful and supportive of any governor in any state that upholds the Constitution, citizen rights and the right to defend themselves or others around them.
Biden is a pure puppet. He has no backbone and sold himself to the shadow government in exchange for a fixed election and his long desired “goal” of the title of president. (because as an actual functioning president or leader, he doesn’t have what is needed) It didn’t take much to sway him to do whatever the shadow government dictators tell him to do. His past habit of compromise and selling out made him an easy mark. His word or promises, to date, have been completely void and meaningless. Say one thing, promise another but never fulfill what he said.
State governments and their officials will have to continue to fight back to defend the people of their states and to uphold their already established rights as guaranteed by the Constitution and state laws. The governor’s and legislators of the states “that actually serve and care about their citizens” are doing just that. And it’s not hard to see what states care truly care about their people vs those who have sold out to the corrupt politicians in the Dem party as well as a few RINO’s who dictate from DC.

April 10, 2021

All it takes for evil to take over is for good people to stay silent and do nothing! Where are the silent Pastors, Christians, patriots?? Guns have nothing to do with a health crisis….it’s a sin crisis!! Let’s call it what it is…SIN! We don’t hear much about that, even from the pulpits. They’re afraid of “offending” people!
Let your governors and legislatures hear from you about this unconstitutional gun rights issue! If they get enough calls, they will vote to stop Biden and the Democrats. They want to stay in office! You can’t stay silent! We’ve been silent too long!!

    Carol Wright
    April 10, 2021

    I am shocked and saddened by the pastors who are not speaking up. So much like Germany when the pastors were silent as Hitler murdered millions of Jews.? They will give an account to God.

      April 10, 2021

      Yes, that’s why we must pray, consistently, that Americans never do like the German Christians and pastors did. We have taken our freedoms and Constitution for granted too long. I, for one, repent of that.

    April 12, 2021

    Thank you, Pauline. Now please send this message to as many Pastors as you can. And, phone Senators and ask them to vote NO on HR!. The Bill that will remove this Republic–or what is left of it.
    We can no longer stay inactive and uninvolved in government. It has become abusive, illegal and destructive to what the Founding Documents state clearly.

April 10, 2021

Even our Lord and Savior understood that arms were an unfortunate necessity for his disciples, modern “higher critics” devilish misinterpretations notwithstanding. Numerous scriptures show the value of weapons in the hands of God’s People, and the efforts of the servants of darkness to remove them. Consider how Israel at one time was so oppressed by their enemies they could not even sharpen their own tools, but had to take the to their enemies for simple maintenance lest they make weapons to free themselves from oppression. Would thieves enter and steal when a strong man is in the house? Without resolve and ability to defend against evil, all manner of wickedness will arise. Those with red letter bibles need only turn to Luke 22:36 and read the words of Jesus:

“Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.”

We cannot fulfill the command to occupy if we cannot stand against aggression and oppression from the wicked. Pray your legislators and leadership at the State and local levels will be moved to take firm actions to unite the People and Law Enforcement. May we all stand against the evils of disarmament and resist all encroachments of God given rights. The liberty to worship, speak, and assemble are necessary elements which support our obligation to evangelize. All these are secured by the right to keep and bear arms, as commanded by Christ Himself. Pray for Peace while retaining the capacity to maintain that Peace in your immediate vicinity, remembering that Faith alone, without Works, is dead.

Rose Colombo
April 10, 2021

Obama and Biden know each other’s secrets and Obama is still behind the curtain in the basement whispering the same agendas that their Masters in the NWO pre planned long ago when GHWB declared his allegiance to the New World Order no longer the U.S. Constitution…..and Biden’s family is compromised by the Criminal Court Documents filed in the Ukraine and compromised by the billions alleged in the news siphoned through Hunter Biden and Kerry’s stepson as well as his brother’s financial ties to Iraq. A disarmed nation which China seeks to do to the USA is a conquered nation.

Danny N.C.
April 10, 2021

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that You will allow the wicked to be exposed and their lies swept away. Great is the evil that has ensnared our land, but greater still is Your power. Lord, may You work through ordinary folks like us to reverse the flood of evil and deceit that has swept over our land. In the guise of social reform these wicked people seek to strip us of our God given rights and put on us the yoke of tyranny. Lord may the eyes of the masses be opened to their true intentions, and may these evil doers be removed from their positions of power, hopefully in repentance. In Jesus precious name I pray O’ Lord, Amen.

April 10, 2021

This current administration is NOT about the safety and protection of Americans. Their agenda is total control of the citizenry of this naion. We as Christians and citizens must stand boldly to defend our rights. We must elect godly politicians, stand against ungodly legislation speak out against tyrany, PRAY!!! and seek God as to how HE would have us serve our nation – we have been called for such a time as this.

Bill Tobey
April 10, 2021

I truly believe that Biden & the Democrats believe the solution to gun violence is more laws and restrictions. Recently there was a Facebook page that with a picture of a criminal saying “I don’t get my guns from legal sources so write all the laws you want!”

Let’s back up a step. If Biden & the Democrats don’t think saving an unborn child is the right thing to do, in other words, they have bought a lie, why would you think they would not buy a lie about the Second Amendment?

    April 12, 2021

    Is it possible that the CCP is dictating what they want Biden to do? I think it truly is….They will destroy us if the border remains open just 6 more months. We will be overrun and cities will be out of control by the massive invasions.

Larry James Langston
April 10, 2021

Praise God we have Governors in multiple states who are willing to take a decisive stand in protecting one of the most important freedoms, our Second Amendment. You must first disarm the people to gain complete control of a nation. A populace who allows this to happen has just traded freedom for tyranny. As Americans, it is our duty to speak up and staunchly defend this freedom. We must not cower nor remain silent. The very existence of America hangs in the balance. May God restore and protect America from evil men and women who are bent on destroying our foundation.

April 10, 2021

If he is so intent on protecting Americans, why is the birder still open.We are vulnerable to diseases brought in along with terrorists with intent on harming us. Its not about the American Citizen..its about control and we have had enough…come and get it Mr Biden ( not my President)

Voco Veritas
April 10, 2021

Biden is a pathetic, mentally incompetent puppet who unfortunately was illegally installed as POTUS after the Nov election was stolen from President Trump by massive fraud. His remarks are clearly lies he used to attempt to justify his unconstitutional decisions. It is one reason that nullification exists, for NO EO, law, or bureaucratic dictate can override anything in the Bill of Rights, for those rights were NOT given to us by corrupt men but by God Himself who has laid them in the hearts and minds of men forever. It is precisely why our Founders used the word unalienable to describe them, for they CANNOT be lawfully taken from us.

Belinda Whiddon
April 10, 2021

Lord give wisdom to our Governor, and Attorney General Ken Paxton on how to defeat this legislation. Our second amendment right has stood the test of time and this administration wants to destroy it. This is truly the work of the enemy using them as his tool. Wake up your people to sound the alarm before we loose our whole constitution. Pray that the Lord will raise up a voice of reason that will be heard.
May freedom ring in our country. We can no longer be silent!!! God in your mercy restore America !

Pamela Jean Emery
April 10, 2021

When will people in the government/Democrats realize that this is more of a Mental Health problem. NOT a gun problem. And as I recall during President Trump’s 4 years we didn’t have mass shootings (correct me if I’m wrong) This Started back up with the Democrats back in office.

    Voco Veritas
    April 10, 2021

    Pamela, they all KNOW it has nothing to do with guns, but it has everything to do with CONTROL, for only by stealing our rights to keep and bear arms can the marxist traitors in government be able to totally control us without fear of being overthrown by a well armed Militia, something they all fear which is why Militias must be reinstated in each state.

    But they cannot tell the truth as they would have to admit that their goal really is to disarm the People so those traitors can them enslave us, murdering anyone they choose solely on their wish with no regard to the law as all dictators & tyrants have done throughout history.

      Lynn M.
      April 10, 2021

      Monica, you are right. Hilter talked the Jews into handing over all their guns. When they did they were all thrown in concentration camps. They had no defense.its all about controlling the people. Just like the stupid mask. All about control. Time for the mask to go. Pray for our enemy in Jesus’name

    April 10, 2021

    That’s how Hitler started! Rise up Body of Christ!


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