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Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. (Eph 6:13)

Attorney General Merrick Garland called on the FBI to “use its authority” against parents who threaten or use violence against public school officials in a Monday memorandum.

Garland said there has been a “disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff.” He said he is directing the FBI to work with each U.S. attorney and leaders “in each federal judicial district” to discuss strategy to address threats within 30 days of his statement.

The Department of Justice’s memorandum did not specify what it classifies as a crime and did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for clarification on the matter.

Garland’s statement follows a letter from the National School Board Association (NSBA) that asked the federal government to get involved in the “immediate threat” of violence from parents faced by American public schools and its education officials. The NSBA said the incidents could be “the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.”

“It is shameful that activists are weaponizing the US Department of Justice against parents,” Nicole Neily, president of Parents Defending Education told the Daily Caller News Foundation in response to the memorandum. “This is a coordinated attempt to intimidate dissenting voices in the debates surrounding America’s underperforming K-12 education – and it will not succeed. We will not be silenced.”

The Department of Justice said it takes instances of threats, or violence against school officials “seriously and is committed to using its authority and resources” to discourage, identify and prosecute the “rise in criminal conduct directed toward school personnel.” (RELATED: Is The Current School Board Culture War Really That Different From The Past, Or Are We Just Paying More Attention?)

Parents have led the charge against controversial issues such as Critical Race Theory (CRT), masking mandates and vaccine requirements.

CRT holds that America is fundamentally racist, yet it teaches people to view every social interaction and person in terms of race. Its adherents pursue “antiracism” through the end of merit, objective truth and the adoption of race-based policies. (Excerpt from Daily Caller. Photo Credit: Getty Images.)

Intercessor, do NOT be afraid. God has been training us for this. Now is the time to continue to stand and to refuse to be intimidated. Share your prayers in the comments.

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October 7, 2021

Lord, I pray for unceasing conviction of Garlands godless heart to become his constant companion. I pray that your holy conviction will not leave his side. I pray that conviction of his wrongful ways, his illegal use of our laws and his lack of moral strength will cause him to never rest or have peace… until he calls on the Savior Jesus. May he be granted a Damascus road encounter with you Lord. Amen.

Danny N.C.
October 7, 2021

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray this day that you will confound the efforts of these wicked people to once again call good evil and evil good. These false bureaucrats and the evil ones they serve wish to corrupt our children with their Satanic and deceptive doctrines. They call all that is righteous and good evil and all that is evil good. They would teach our children that criminals are really victims and heroes, and the police and historic figures are villains. They call brave parents domestic terrorists while they paint BLM rioters as champions of justice. Lord I pray against all these deceitful and evil people. Lord let us all remember Isaiah 5:20, “woe unto those who call evil good and good evil; who put darkness for light and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter “ Lord bless and protect the brave parents who are standing up for our children. Lord I pray with all my heart that you will topple all these wicked people from their places of power and expose their wickedness for all to see. Dear Lord, save our children from these demon-inspired deceivers and their false teachings. In Jesus mighty and precious name I pray, O Lord, Amen.

October 7, 2021

Merrick Garland shows us exactly why the Senate didn’t proceed with confirmation to the SC. He is and will always be an activist pawn and puppet. Someone who ascended in his field but now has no need of following the Constitution or laws of our nation. A head full of knowledge but no spine. A puppet wokester for progressives, had he been placed on the SC, he would have said “what Constitution – it doesn’t matter”! Because as AG, that is exactly what he is doing. Lord, we ask for a change of heart from Mr Garland or we ask that you would remove him from the position in any manner you deem just. Replace godless, selfish people in leadership roles with godly, righteous men and women. Amen.

October 5, 2021

PULL YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS! You can always move them back once the radical school boards are gone. If they don’t have your children, they won’t have schools. I am a teacher that retired January 5, 2021. I have been telling parents this for years when I would see certain students picked on by both students and teachers. I always advocated for those students. Some have pulled their children out and are glad they did. I’m not a traitor to my profession. GOD called me to teach and my first allegiance is to HIM; and my second allegiance is to the students. There are many retired teachers that will help you organize a private school. There are private Christian schools that has curriculum for homeschool or private school groups. Biden, just like Hitler seems to be attempting to rein in police groups to come against private citizens exercising their free speech rights guaranteed by our Constitution. I believe they will attempt to have (own) your children in the more radical schools that are teaching CRT and filth! How? By reporting to Child Protective Services that parents who oppose them are bad parents. While fighting to get your school boards back, do not sacrifice your children. Put them in a safe educational environment until you have regained your school boards. FATHER GOD please direct parents’ paths that want what is best for their children in schools. Give them total victory in these matters and protect them and their children from all evil in JESUS Name! Amen!

Herb s Johnston
October 5, 2021

at this point in the history of behaviors of this regime,whether or not they are lying is a moot point.The solution is the same,..only The Lord answering our prayers to have this evil monster removed will accomplish anything.They are going to lie,distort,and etc,on every front.
As Dutch sheets has prayed,
Lord we ..DECREE,that by your mercy and power this UNJUST gov’t will be removed,that the giants will fall..In Jesus Name, Amen

October 5, 2021

This.is absolutely the time to STAND, do not be moved!! We are on the right side and we ALL know that! These adversaries are so arrogant and so filled with pride, they will try everything!! It is NOT harassment or intimidation when you are standing against the teaching of CRT, pornography, absolute filth, that some of these schools and teachers are trying to “indoctrinate our children with!! Parents and grandparents, our children and grandchildren, were given to us, not to the government, not to schools or anyone else! They are OUR children and grandchildren! How appalling, that a U.S. Attorney General would have the gall to insinuate parents don’t have the right to stand up for their children! Is it any wonder AG Merrick Garland was not put on the Supreme Court?? We STILL have a Constitution, or did they forget??
It is a national disgrace that the U.S. Dept. of Justice would be weaponized against parents!! Do they not have enough REAL crimes to keep them busy?? The last time I checked, America was a Republic, with a Constitution and Bill of Rights, and a First Amendment, that is supposed to protect, WE THE PEOPLE……. FROM THEM!!
Parents and grandparents, DO NOT LET THEM GET BY WITH THIS! Keep going to those school boards and meetings, and speak up for your children, with boldness and faith in your God! Any Christian, SHOULD stand against what this administration is trying to do! Yep, this makes me really angry! But, this is enough!! It is way past time to say, STOP, that’s enough! As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!! And, our Lord has something to say about harming the children.
They obviously haven’t read the Word that clearly says how anyone who harms one of the little ones is dealt with by the Lord!

    October 5, 2021

    Dear Pauline,
    Sadly, the U.S. Constitution is only as good as a judge or court system is willing to uphold. Part of our justice system has been corrupted. Judges have been bought off or intimidated. Since our society in the last 60 years has raised an immoral group of leaders, they do not have the morals or moral courage required to stand up for what is right. We are reaping what we have sown. One of our founding fathers (I can’t remember which one) said our form of government is for a moral people. Since we have turned from being a moral people, our system won’t “work.” As I and, no doubt you, have asked God for a revival of the Church, let’s continue to pray for that. Good thing is, God is full of mercy. He told Abrham he would spare Sodom if there were 10 righteous people. I have prayed that God spare America for His Kingdom’s sake and for the sake of those here that love Him. But whatever His will is …that is what we want. Even if His will is to hand us over to our enemy, so we can witness to them or other victims that are with.

    October 5, 2021

    Dear Pauline, I need to add that I agree with everything you said. It is well past time for the Church to stand up and show the world that God cares for the children and the oppressed. I spoke at my school board meeting just last night. I have the courage God gives me. All other Christians need to do the same.

      October 5, 2021

      Marlene, GOD BLESS YOU! You are so right about our judicial system. Thank you for speaking up at the school board meeting! Well done!

Scott Singletary
October 5, 2021

JESUS please come down!Forgive us in the first place for allowing Dewy the God hater to start public schools!
Father please bring us to the place of our Founders who defined education as being able to read the Bible! In church ran schools or home schools.

Rosalie Skwiers
October 5, 2021

Loving. Merciful, Father, I ask for favor for parents to get the curriculum that they want taught to their children. Lord I ask reading, writing and arithmetic be returned to our America classrooms. I plead the blood of Jesus over our American schools. In the wonderful name of Jesus I ask this. Amen


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