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Oh Lord, we pray that we would be informed about what we are putting into our bodies. Give us discernment on this issue.

At least two possible coronavirus vaccines that are on a fast track for development use cell lines from aborted babies.

Despite a strong outcry from pro-life and Catholic leaders and despite ethical alternatives being available, a number of research teams still are using the cells from aborted babies in their work, Newsweek reports.

These include Janssen Research & Development USA, a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, and the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca, which could be the first to make a coronavirus vaccine available in the United States, according to the report.

Both research groups are on a Trump administration short-list for funding to develop a coronavirus vaccine by January 2021, the report states.

Other researchers also using cell lines from aborted babies include CanSino Biologics, Inc. and the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology and the University of Pittsburgh, Science reports.

Some are using a cell line from a baby who was aborted sometime around 1972, while others are using one from a baby who was aborted in 1985, according to the report.

As the report explains:

Decades-old fetal cell lines are already used to make a number of common vaccines, including against chickenpox, shingles, Hepatitis A and Rubella. A cell line is the term used to describe a culture of animal cells, in this case taken from fetuses, that can be cultivated repeatedly in a lab. The relatively common technique sees viruses grown in the cells, as the bugs aren’t alive and need a host to replicate.

According to Dr. Paul Offit of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, who was not involved in the protests, this results in vaccines created using this method containing residual or “very, small, small, small quantities of trace DNA” from the original fetuses.

University of Pittsburgh researcher Andrea Gambotto said the cell lines from aborted babies are more useful than ethically-derived sources.

“Cultured [nonhuman] animal cells can produce the same proteins, but they would be decorated with different sugar molecules, which—in the case of vaccines—runs the risk of failing to evoke a robust and specific immune response,” Gambotto said.

But other scientists disagree. Earlier this year, the Charlotte Lozier Institute identified 60 potential treatments for the virus that are being investigated using materials that do not come from aborted babies.

Respected researchers Drs. James L. Sherley, MD, PhD and David A. Prentice, PhD recently reviewed the vaccines in development for the coronavirus and published a list identifying which are being made ethically and unethically. They found at least 10 companies that are not using cell lines from aborted babies in their vaccines.

Pro-life leaders also have highlighted how ethical alternatives to cell lines from aborted babies are available, including pluripotent stem cells and tissue from placentas, umbilical cords and amniotic fluid. In 2018, the Trump administration created a $20 million grant to invest in these ethical research alternatives.

Catholic and pro-life organizations have been advocating against research using aborted baby body parts for years. During the coronavirus crisis, they have renewed calls to scientists to abide by basic ethical standards in their efforts to save lives.

(Excerpt from Life News. Article by Micaiah Bilger. Photo Credit: Getty Images.)

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June 15, 2020

Fetal cells from the aborted lives of infants. This nation is so off the course of morality, decency, respect for life, and God honoring leadership, that I fear for our demise. We have sown the wind and are reaping the whirlwind>
Where were the churches (we the identify as Christians) when they removed the Bible from Schools. Read John Adams biography…, then started this transgender and homosexual life styles…and the churches were silent. Nor did they try to influence lawmakers to stop allowing this being taught in schools and allowed the schools to teach false history…and we were silent. I write a 100 letters about every six months to lawmakers condemning, questioning, asking them to make changes etc. How many do you write. You can email. If 5,000 would communicate faithfully to them, they would get very worried. Why are you all so silent? How freedom to worship our God is at stake, and our other Bill of Rights freedom.

Lorie Stevens
June 14, 2020

Dear Heavenly Father,

We repent for all the things that we have done or omitted to do that have caused these horrendous things to occur to use aborted babies for such grossly evil purposes. Father, we know that you are always with and will never leave us. Help us to take a stand for pro-life activism and to help in any way possible to help bring an end to the atrocities that occur in our country and around the world! We will remember these babies, their parents, the doctors and nurses that participate in these atrocities- we love and forgive them as you have done for us. We pray that they will hear the call of Holy Spirit to repent from their atrocities and turn completely away from all the evil done to children in any form! We repent LORD, and give you Honor, Glory, and Praise as you are the Gardener, Jesus is the vine and we are all the branches. In Christ’s name, Amen!

June 12, 2020


June 12, 2020

Oh, God, hear our prayers for our leaders. Charge them with not ever using Aborted baby parts for anything. In the Name of Jesus’ I pray, amen

June 11, 2020

I heard Trump mention one being close in Israel. I don’t know, but I would say, it most likely is not using aborted baby cells. I hope someone, like IFA would be kind enough to let our President know about this matter.

June 11, 2020


Tom Rooney
June 11, 2020

This reduces mankind to cannabilism. Are we really willing to “eat” our young in this way? God, hear our prayer…save us from this wretched practice! Open blind eyes and soften hardened hearts. We pray that the bright light of revelation shines on this dark practice, and that the public conscience is healed enough to care and reject even the thought of harvesting these cells for this purpose. God, we cry out for Your mercy!

Eloise Dorres
June 11, 2020

Forgive them Lord, for they know not that they do. They are blind. Protect us from evil. We ask for forgiveness. Mercy and grace.

    June 11, 2020

    May the eyes of their understanding be enlightened….Ephesians 1:18

M. J. McFalls
June 11, 2020

Satan’s plan all along. His devious manipulation of the mind’s of the population results in people not even hearing these facts or disbelieving that they are truth or not even caring.

Dear Lord God Almighty, please replace our hearts of stone with hearts of flesh. Wake up the American people. And as for the rest of the world allow the information to get to the peoples.
Cause them to question everything Give to them the ability legally, culturally, and physically to be able to opt out or to get alternatives to fetal infused vaccinations
You, Our Dear God can do anything Please hear our prayers on this and create havoc, destruction and world wide exposure to vaccinations that have fetal cells in them. Put in people’s hearts repulsion to this practice on a world wide stage.

IJN Amen

Anita Murphy
June 11, 2020

Tears flow. What words would matter if the gift of life itself is not treasured?
We wonder what has happened to America, why so much violence? When innocent babies
can be torn from their mother’s womb, what could be more violent than that?
How many of those babies could have been the answer to the many problems our world
is in the midst of? America has opened a door that has let out all sorts of violence,
may we ask God to forgive us.

    Mary Gansen
    June 16, 2020

    Heavenly Father; I cannot Imagine how you are weeping so bitterly over what America has become. Please Dear God, know that all people are not like this and pray everyday that America will return to our Judeo-Christian values. It is only a few who are doing this damage and they do not know what they are doing. We must pray for them every day. Please Jesus and Mary spare America. Pray Pray Pray and fast.

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