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Father, give us discernment in this time of deception. Protect us from temptation to become fearful. Allow the peace of your presence to dwell in our hearts.

Are you familiar with Senator Ron Johnson? He appeared on IFA”s Thursday Pray with America’s Leaders recently to share his eyewitness account of the crisis at the border. If you missed that compelling interview, you can click HERE.

We were very interested to hear his common sense, reasonable approach to the COVID vaccine.

During an appearance on this week’s broadcast of FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) argued a degree of skepticism about the COVID-19 vaccine was warranted given there is an apparent risk associated with the vaccine, according to the Wisconsin Republican.

Johnson urged transparency for the process and called it a “right-to-choose issue.” . . .

“I was tested positive twice within three days to confirm the fact that I had COVID, otherwise completely asymptomatic. And there is growing concern that people that get vaccinated if they have been previously and particularly recently infected, there may be some dangers there. We have close to 3,000 deaths reported on the VAERS system within 30 days of — approximately 40 percent of those deaths are occurring on day zero, one, and two.

“We have over 10,000 hospitalizations being reported that same time period on the same VAERS system,” he continued. “And, unfortunately, our health agencies are just pretty well blowing off that information. And that should concern people. Again, I was a huge supporter of Operation Warp Speed. I’m up to date with all my vaccinations. But I think we need to make sure that we are fully investigating what is happening here, recognizing that this is not a fully approved vaccine.” . . .

“Right now, we’re undergoing phase two and three, using the American population as pretty much part of the investigatory process here. So, we need to be very transparent. Americans need to be informed before they make a decision whether or not they want to get vaccinated or not. And nobody should be forced or coerced or pressured into taking a vaccine if they don’t want to. This is a right-to-choose issue.” . . .

Share your comments on Senator Johnson’s thoughts on this topic below!

(Excerpt from Breitbart. Article by Jeff Poor. Photo by Toni Sandys-Pool/Getty Images)

1561 People Prayed
5648 People have read this article

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  1. Senator Johnson,
    Thank you for advocating for our right to chose COVID vaccine or not. I have serious concerns about it’s safety as well as short and long term effects to my health. An acquaintance of mine died of blood clots within weeks of taking the vaccination.

    Amen! 1
  2. Lord, safeguard the right-to-choose status of the Covid vaccine. You said it is for freedom that you set us free, so we ask that you give supernatural success to people’s right to accept or decline the vaccine. Bless Senator Ron Johnson’s efforts to safeguard the rights of the American people concerning this health issue. Protect him and his family and continue to endue him with the necessary courage and boldness.

    Amen! 2
  3. 2020 and the intro of the Corona Virus was the “distraction” to introduce the “Vaccine”. This isn’t even a Vaccine, its a gene therapy which was already formulated back in 2017 with Fauci and Gates. The agenda was one of control and distraction to bring people into believing this “V” would allow them to “return to normal”. Less than l% of vaccine injuries are even reported and the process is tedius. Right now there have been well over 4,000 deaths a thousands upon thousands of injuries. Follow the money trail, billions made by Big Pharma and by anyone who is distributing these injections. Mainstreet media has censored all truth so many out of desperation believed the lies and still are. The agenda is depopulation and their tools are working. Big pharma has no liability at all, this is Crimes against Humanity at a level we have never seen. It was never about our health, its all about control..

    Amen! 8
  4. I’ve seen a number of reports that the Mainstream Media have tried to censor which have shown the dangers of the “vaccine.” In fact, one of (if not the) most important vaccine developers in the world is imploring people – “DON’T TAKE THE SHOTS!” My former doctor (retired) and his wife attend my church, and they have another former patient who was almost forced by her current physician to get the shot. She now is experiencing pains in her stomach, which didn’t come on until AFTER she was vaccinated. My wife and I are among the die-hards in our community who haven’t “drunk the Kool-Aid,” and we’re getting some flak from others. Stand strong, Sen. Johnson! We’re praying for you!

    Amen! 14
    1. Some doctors are saying not to call it a vaccine but an experimental shot. Our family is never being injected with this either. We also do not get the flu shot. My children and I have never had the flu shot and we are healthy. My husband got it 3x and every time he got the flu so now that he doesn’t get it, he does not get the flu…funny huh? We’ve done research on it and there are too many questions…we are careful with other vaccines as it it but again, this is experimental and sadly the people are the experiments. Praying daily, for we know God is sovereign as several loved ones and family in Christ and friends have gotten it already. I’m so sad but surrendering it all to Him.

      Amen! 15
  5. Yes! Thank you for noting that this is, in fact, a live experiment with zero guarantees of safety next week, next year or five years down the line. This should NOT be forced. Many of us want to wait to see outcomes. And evidence shows that although undoubtedly serious, it is a virus and acts exactly as a virus. Fear mongering is bullying. Period.

    Amen! 25
  6. I pray that Senator Johnson, continues to stand. I pray others in Congress will stand with him. However, I am deeply concerned that our children and grandchildren are going to be mandated to have this vaccination!! Unfortunately, some parents will relent and do that. This should NEVER happen, it is wrong! Even believers are in fear! Fear is NOT the reason we should do anything!! “God has NOT given us a spirit of fear.” So, we should know where the fear is coming from…our enemy, Satan! We desperately need to know the truth about Covid, the vaccinations, etc. and we are not hearing it! Only on a few Christian stations are you hearing the total truth. Think about what the government, and some “healthcare” people, as well as people like Bill Gates, are trying to get you to do! Think about how many times Dr. Fauchi has changed his mind on everything! He has a huge “conflict of interest!” Think about the censoring of people who dare to speak against this vaccine!! Do these things seem okay with you?? Are these vaccinations effective…..the answer is no! This is all EXPERIMENTAL! Don’t experiment with your immune system! You don’t put something experimental in your body! To me, this is all about control, greed, and fear. May God help us to wake up!!

    Amen! 51
  7. Where do I begin? God bless Senator Johnson. With all the news, media, entertainers, schools, etc demanding we get this vaccine, well I want to scream. I have done so much research on this from knowledgeable doctors and virologists which the main media and social sites refuse to put on. We live in the day of so much information, folks can just pick and choose. So I go to VAERS and this is where you can get an idea of what it means to take this vaccine. It is not pretty. 3000 deaths sat Sen Johnson? Well…actualy, now its more like almost 4000 deaths. Then there are those who were seriously damaged physically with seizures comparable to Parkinson and paralysis I’ve listened to doctors who say in the past if even 25 people died from a vaccine, the vaccine would be SHUT DOWN. You may ask why this one is not? Let me tell you there is not enough room here to explain the sinister evil intentions of those who are pushing this gene therapy. But I can give you one word. Depopulation. Planned also. Bill Gates yes he is behind it big time. HUGE! It is not even a true vaccine. It does alter your dna and it never goes away once you get it. It is called “Trojan Horse” for a reason. You literally become a Covid manufacturing machine in your cells. No I’m not kidding. Look up transmission on the drug. This is diabolical. I can’t believe I’m even typing this evil. According to the myriad of doctors on Brand New Youtube, the one place they can freely speak, millions are going to die from this vaccine. Much more than the virus, which btw I had. This vaccine is biowarfare and so was the virus. This is Satanic. I can’t explain it all. Do your own research. What saddens me the most is so many Christians just jump on this band wagon. Shame on Franklin Graham. They want the quick fix not realizing that they are opening their bodies up to something so sinister its beyond words. Read the bible folks! Wake up! You take this injection, you are done. This stuff stays in you and changes your immune system, putting it in overdrive. Most of the animals who were injected did develop an antibody, but then when reinfected with COVID died or suffered horribly with disease. It’s called elevated Autoimmune reaction. Your immune system can’t shut off!!!! This is how so many will die. Blood clotts, heart attacks, you name it. Look on VAERS also. You can search by symptoms. The real numbers of deaths from this so called vaccine will start occuring within the next few months to a year. For more information go to Brand New Tube. You can just search COVID19 vaccine or Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. She is a wonderful Christian doctor who has spent her life fighting against the vaccines that they are putting in our children and destroying their lives. No, it’s not a conspiracy theory as the enemies to our children push out. Stop believing the lies. Learn the truth. Go to Childrens Health Defense headed up by Robert Kennedy Jr. and learn the truth. Did not our Savior say “The truth shall set you free.” Well let’s start by learning the truth and setting our children free. Oh my heart breaks for the evil that has come into our land. Repent America! The only one who can save us is Jesus Christ. Sorry, but that’s the truth. Pray, repent, and trust God. After all, no matter how dark it looks, and this is as dark as I can ever remember, there is still God and God is still on the throne. The name of the Lord is a strong tower and the righteous run into it and are safe. Prov. 18:10

    Amen! 54
  8. The Lord had to show me why I am so certain
    that I am not to take this trial experimental shot.
    I had prayed that the Lord would back me up in my refusal to take it.
    My whole family was against my decision and this caused me much pain.
    Only in the last two days was I able to formulate in words what He had shown me.
    The answer is that I received an eternal vaccine in March of 1971, when I accepted Jesus
    and received the covering of the blood of Jesus over me and the power of the Holy Spirit
    began to work in me, leading me into all truth. I pray that this will give others a very
    meaningful response to the forceful efforts coming against us to conform to this evil thing.
    In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

    Amen! 35
    1. I am so overwhelmingly glad you listened to the Lord. Jesus says “My sheep hear my voice and none other will they follow.” If it is any comfort, I’m pretty much singled out in my family as well. I will not ever take this poison. They could not pay me a million dollars. No amount. It is Satanic.

      You did good. God will bless you for your obedience. So many cowardly fearful people out there. Where are those who stand in faith?!!!! Well you are one.

      Amen! 24
      1. Thank you so much, Vickie. I had not read your previous comments
        until today, after your very heartening (is that a word?) comments
        in response to my post. You are remarkable in the ability to grasp
        and convey the actual truth about this satanic (last gasp) move of
        his. I take notes and save things that attest to the actual truth
        about it, but I am kind of shy about putting information out there
        as you have done. Thank you for doing this, because it is very
        necessary and is in short supply. As to your response to my post,
        the Scripture you quote really blessed me. I more or less said this
        to my son who is so upset that I won’t take the wicked thing. He is
        my oldest son and has an Asian wife (Buddah) sp? He actually said
        “only 6 people have died from it” I did not argue that, but I said,
        “I am not afraid to die. I trust the Lord and He said for me not to
        take it and so I can’t take it.” After I said this, he let up on the
        forcefulness of his argument. Also, it is very important that we
        plead the blood of Jesus over ourselves (inside and out) and over our
        loved ones who have taken this shot from hell. The Lord affirms that
        our ONLY defense is the blood of Jesus. I am praying for you and for
        your family as well. There is much sadness in regard to the lost that
        I have to take to the Lord and exchange for His peace.
        Shalom! and thank you so very much for your stand on God’s Word.

        Amen! 11
        1. Marty, your reply really blessed me. Many struggles in the world with all of this. Families are in dispute about it. Mine for example. I pray over my baby granddaughter. I will pleed the blood of Jesus over her and do pray scriptures of protection over her. Her mother is not against the vaccines…but thankfully she is not sure about this COVID19 one, but she is not willing to listen to what I know. She knows I’m an Anti-Vaccer. Only since I learned about them and whait they put in them and the history. Most folks don’t understand that these pharmaceutcal companies have immunity from law suits. If a person dies or gets harmed from these vaccines, they have no help. They can’t go to court and sue Big Pharm. Everything is on the individual or their family if someone gets hurt from a vaccine. The Congress in 1986 passed a law giving these Pharmaceutical companies protection. They then went wild making vaccines and profiting off of our children’s health. Ever since that, one out of six children has become either austic or had other health disabilities says Robert Kenney Jr. head of Childrens Health Defense. It’s all about money. The Lord spoke to me back in 2020 when it all began. The masks, the shutdowns were all for evil and would not end. And here we are.
          A year and some months later. But God is still on the throne. He sees all and is coming for his Bride soon

          God bless.

          Amen! 8
          1. The hardest part is the children being unprotected.
            We (you and I) are of the older generation, if you have a granddaughter
            I would think that is true. We have lived through many things and our
            lives really only began when we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior.
            Think of any one of the hard times you have survived and how much in that
            hard time you learned more and more about God because the Holy Spirit is
            our Comforter, Counselor, Helper, Intercessor, Strengthener and Standby.
            We have something eternal that He has taught us; not many have this blessing.
            This blessing is going through hard times, with Him, learning to lean on Him,
            trust in Him, rely on Him. How can someone know this without the experience
            of going through hard times with Him? Therefore, we offer praise and thanks-
            giving to the God of all mercy, love, justice and truth and this brings Him
            into the matter more and more. What more can we ask than to have Him? It
            would certainly be nice to sit and talk with you, as there are so many things
            I would like to share. I feel so selfish when the Lord teaches me so much
            and I am not able to share it. But, for now I just felt you needed someone
            to encourage you and that is a delightful task to me. Thank you for your
            abiding faith and courage. Blessings to you and your family in the mighty
            name of Jesus. Amen.

            Amen! 8
  9. Thank you Senator for listening to the HS and doing the right thing. WI is very blessed to have you a man of God and courage to stand up and protect the people in his state. We need more leaders like you!

    Lord, raise up more courageous men and women with Your heart. This world needs You!! During these days of uncertainty’s please soften hearts for You. Give us Saints hearts of love and compassion so we can love the lost to You. Let us be Kingdom focused! Keep us united and on our knees for the broken and our nation. Protect your people in Israel and cover them with your Shalom. In Jesus mighty Name, Amen

    Amen! 57
    1. Mighty and All power God, de program every wicked programming over this Nation and all our families… In Jesus Christ name Amen…. Avenge us of our enemies and break every yoke, strongholds concerning our lives our destinies and the destinies In Jesus Christ name Amen… Let every delay be broken in by the same power that raised Jesus Christ name Amen… Chains be broken now in Jesus Christ name

      Amen! 18
  10. The only problem with the Covid-19 vaccine has been the Johnson and Johnson. Pfizer in fact is going ahead with full FDA approval. We need the country to be fully vaccinated to reach full herd immunity. It is talk like this that keeps people from not getting the vaccine.

    Amen! 3
    1. I pray for people like you who allow fear to make your decisions. You are very deceived that there have been no problems with the other vaccines. My daughter saw a man get a vaccine shot and a few hours later he was dead. We have the right to choose and no one has the right to try to force others to take the vaccine. I trust in Jesus to protect us from the virus. Both my daughter and I have been exposed to covid and because of prayer neither one of us has gotten it. I’d rather continue to trust Jesus than put my trust in man.

      Amen! 102
      1. Every deprogramming over the people in this nation… By Covenant of Abraham and the power of the blood of Jesus Christ be dismantled now! In Jesus Christ name Amen

        Amen! 13
      2. Amen Kathy. The spirit of fear has come on so many. I did catch COVID19 as my husband and a few family members. It was a cold/flu and for about a month I was not myself. Two weeks almost of a cold and the rest getting strength and energy back. I did pray Psalm 91 but I still got it. I don’t know why but I count it all joy anyway. Why? I’m glad I did. I heard one doctor on Tucker Carlson say those of us who survived it have the gold star of immunity with out T and B cells protected now Not so with the vaccine. The vaccine is deadly. The media are in on it all by blocking the truth and shutting down any decent over the vaccine and saying awful things about those of us who don’t want that nasty injection. Most folks do not understand just how psychotic and vicious the left are and the globalists who want to reduce the world’s population by millions and millions. Death of men woman and children is of no concern to these evil people. They are on record. Bill Gates is on record saying this. A friend and I watched it yesterday. It’s so evil. If you listen carefully, to the likes of AOC and all these Green Deal global climate change nuts, they warn people, not to have children and that the population is destroying the world. They are Satan’s children. Liars like their father. Deceived. They are godless and believe if the population is reduced, they can save the plannet and rule the world. Psychotic nuts! God will deal with them. Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum and all those globalists planned this with I believe yes Fauci, China, and the military. I will leave these videos for anyone who is interested.
        We must be wise like the serpents, meek as the lambs. Please watch and share. God’s peace to you all and protection.

        Amen! 7
    2. Dear Lisa,

      It was never a particular narrative that convinced me not to take the “vaccine.” It’s the fact that it doesn’t fit the definition of a real vaccine. If it were proven, and if it were in fact a vaccine and not a shot, then I would consider it. It has become a matter of contention. We don’t need it to be a matter of discrimination. People should never have to divulge their medical information. Please try not to be one of those who feels the need to restrict those who choose not to take this shot. Thanks.

      Amen! 75
      1. The thing is there is no informed concent with this injection. They are not telling people in the mainstream media what it really is. You are so correct it is not a vaccine but gene therapy. Its the mad scientists using the whole world as guinea pigs. It’s nothing but a bunch of Nazi’s putting experiments into the prisoners. Most folks don’t realize I bet that at the Nuremberg trials, these Nazi’s who experimented on men, women and children with drugs, I believe they were put to death? The law says in our country atleast, that it is not allowed to force people to put an experimental drug into our bodies. And that means by coercion such as saying you can’t shop here, eat here or go to this school or whatever unless you are vacinated. This is illegal. This drug is not FDA approved but only authorized for emergency use. Folks don’t get it. The drug companies with Fauci who has pattons with his company for fifty percent of these vaccines, atleast one company, these vaccine pushers want everyone shot up and dependent on these vaccines. It will make you dependent. They have 89 other vaccines lines up. This is all prep for the One World Order, the AntiChrist, and the mark. Get people conditioned and use to these shots. They are trying…and Americans and the world, we all have to say “Enough”. Ignorance is not bliss…it’d deadly.

        Amen! 10
    3. Lisa, the reason they stopped the J&J vaccine is because doctors did not know how to accurately report all of the adverse reactions and deaths to the Vaccine Adverse Reaction Event System (VAERS). I have a friend who’s mother in law has COVID after being fully vaccinated. These are not vaccines because they do not stop transmission. At most, they lessen symptoms. I know of three people who have had adverse reactions. Herd immunity previously was obtained through natural infection, not vaccination. The figures Senator Johnson cites are correct.

      Amen! 9
      1. I had COVID19. I would have that any day over these vaccines. I know some people thou die from COVID19 but that is a small fraction of those who will die from this vaccine or become very ill with autoimmune diseases. People die of diseases every day. Unfortunately, in this world, sin brought forth death. Its inevitable. The fear of death is driving people to these vaccines without thinking! Knowing Jesus as Savior removes that fear, well it’s suppose to. Herd immunity works. God gave us an immune system. If we take care of our bodies, it will work. Mine did and I’m very grateful to God. Being overweight is not good. Americans need to take better care of themsselves and get out and get fresh air, sun, and eat fruits and vegies and take vitamons. All of the rxs, bad diet, lack of exercise and stress are killing Americans I believe.

        It’s incideous.

        Amen! 7
    4. Lisa, I’m sorry but you are very deceived. Please go to Brand New Tube. Listen to all the doctors, they are being shunned by the globalist media and banned. They are telling the truth. This vaccine is not a vaccine, but a gene therapy. It will kill more people than COVID ever could. And that is the plan. Please stop believing the lies. Almost 4000 people have died. Go to VAERS and search. The amount of people injurred and put into seizures is there as well. Other issues. This is not anything but an attempt to kill millions of people by those who are Satan’s children. Bill Gates, etc.

      If you are listening to Youtube, using Google searches, Facebook Twitter or ABC, CBC, NBC, MSNBC CNN, even Foxs, they are owned by only five corporations who are controlled by the globalists. Foxs may be a little better in that Tucker Carlson is exposing a lot with his guests on Tucker on Fox Nation.

      This virus and this vaccine are biowarfare. Anyone who gets it, will eventually die or be very sick with autoimmune disease. God help us.

      Amen! 6
    5. There is not FDA approval, yet! It has always taken YEARS to get FDA approval! My prayer is that the FDA will not approve any vaccination, because I don’t want this forced on innocent children!! That is wrong! No one should be mandated to take anything out of fear or because the government tells you to! This is against everything this country has stood for!

      Amen! 8
  11. It concerns me that this vaccine has not been approved by the FDA, only the CDC. This should be a definite red flag. This is true, it should be right-to-choose. And people should not be punished or restricted from doing certain things if they choose not to get the vaccine. Thank you for this helpful article.

    Amen! 110
  12. Thank you Senator for being a voice of reason. I will pray that you continue to be that.
    I just want to be given the choice and not be forced, socially or otherwise to have an experimental vaccine that is not yet FDA approved. I also don’t want my kids or anyone else’s kids to be forced to take something that may have serious long-term consequences that we may only know about in 10+ years time. I would rather they spend time and money on therapeutics than vaccines as the variants will continue to be produced for years to come and how many vaccines or boosters will people need to have.
    I have had covid and has it extremely lightly. I also still have antibodies 6 months later so why are they pushing those of us who have had it to have a vaccine…..makes zero sense.

    Amen! 84
      1. The only people who are getting COVID19 twice, according to one doctor is not those who had it, for those who had COVID19 and survived it, which is most, have a robust natural immunity to it that ias the best. Those who get the virus or the varient are those who took the vaccine. That is how this injection, this gene therapy works. It’s incideous and diabolical. If you get reinfected after the vaccine there can be serious life threatening reactions as which happened in animals tested. If people knew this, I wonder would they still take this injection?

        Amen! 5
    1. You should look into Robert Kenndey Jr. He is the head of Childrens Health Defense organization of which I joined recently and he has been for a long time exposing vaccine dangers for children. I had to repent for my ignorance with my own children when they were little. I trusted the doctors. I had no idea that these vaccines were filled with harmful chemicals that has put one out of six children with severe disabilities and disease that no other generation of children had prior to 1986. He says that is where all these childhood food alergies and arthritis and skin diseases plus Austism are coming from. We use to only have a few vaccines, now they are up to like 72 and filled with harmful chemicals like aluminum, and a bunch of other stuff I wrote down, some cancer causing. One time Big Pharm was brought before Congress because they put mercury in the childrens vaccines. They were ordered to stop. They did but just in the making. They still sold the ones that had the mercury and then substituted later with aluminum in the vaccines. Metal in our children that crosses the blood brain barrier and goes through the whole body!!!! He’s a wonderful man trying to expose the Pharmaceutical industry and what they are doing It’s all about money. Dr. Fauci’s organization owns fifty percent of one of the pattons for COVID19 injections. These people…..all will answer to God for what they are doing because of their greed!

      Amen! 7
  13. Senator Johnson is my Senator. People may not know but he has held at least a couple of sessions on early treatments for COVID. The only way a vaccine gets EU status is because there are no treatments. That is not true. I am fortunate in that the Supreme Court in WI turned over the governor’s unconstitutional emergency orders. Some counties then slapped them right back on. Fortunately, not here. They are pushing this vax so hard. If it is such a great product, it should stand on its own. I pray for Senator Johnson for standing up for the truth! I also prays he decides to run again.

    Amen! 98
    1. Our Father in Heaven, let every evil Altars against this Country and the people in this country be dismantled today in Jesus Christ name Amen

      God you are our deliverer us…. Wake us and cause us to see,give us the right things to say and do… Restore us Abba…

      Amen! 11
  14. My question is why are they making this such an issue?
    Is there something hidden behind the push?
    This vaccine is still in the experimental stages and should never have left Big Pharma until all R & D has been completed.
    There are just too many “if’s” connected to this entire fiasco!!

    Amen! 82
    1. Please refer to my comment. The only reason that the vax is EU is if there are no other treatments. This is simply not true. Also, Fauci holds stock in Moderna.

      Amen! 56
  15. I agree that it is a right to choose. We as parents also have the right to choose for our children and this also needs protection. Vaccination is the topic and mostly those I talk with who have the vaccine now think they are invincible to getting sick.

    Amen! 78

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Please understand that all postings, messages, text, files, images, photos, video, sounds, or other materials ( “Content”) posted on, transmitted through, or linked from this website, are the sole responsibility of the person from whom such Content originated. More specifically, each person is entirely responsible for each individual item (“Item”) of Content that they post, email or otherwise make available via the Service. Please understand that IFA does not control, and is not responsible for Content made available through the Service, and that by using the Service, you may be exposed to Content, as much as we try to prevent it, that is offensive, indecent, inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise objectionable. For the health of the IFA community you must agree that you will evaluate, and bear all risks associated with, the use of any Content, and that under no circumstances will IFA be liable in any way.  Be wise and understand that IFA does not pre-screen or approve Content generated by our community of website users, but IFA does have the right (but not the obligation) in its sole discretion to refuse, delete or move any Content that is available via the Service, for violating the letter or spirit of the terms of understanding or for any other reason. If you ever find objectionable material please contact us at 800-USA-Pray or use our contact form to notify us.

Questions or Suggestions
Please direct all questions or comments regarding this privacy policy to Intercessors for America at  Intercessors for America P.O. Box 915  Purcellville, VA 20134

This web site may provide links to external web sites maintained by individuals or organizations external to Intercessors for America. Once you access information that links you to another web site, you are subject to the privacy policy of the web site containing the information you have linked to.

Online Personal Safety
We hope and pray that all intercessors involved in Intercessors for America are trustworthy, well-meaning, and have a heart for prayer for our nation.

However, please take the same common sense precautions online as you would offline. People online are not necessarily who they say they are or seem to be. Never give out passwords, credit card information, or other private data. Be very wary of disclosing private information to a stranger you meet via prayer messaging. Even apparently innocent information, like the name of your employer, can be used against you by scammers.

When meeting with someone for the first time to gather to pray or establish a prayer group in your local area, please remember to:

Taking these precautions will help make your online experience safer. Any risk in using Intercessors for America’s online web tools to connect with others is assumed by you. Intercessors for America disclaims any liability or responsibility for acts, omissions, or conduct by you or any other party using its online web tools.

For more information about online personal safety, check out these resources:

Statement of Use
All of the content, images, logos and photos appearing on this website are copyrighted and are the property of Intercessors for America. Other images, brands or logos are copyright of their respective owners. Information and images found on the site cannot be reproduced either in print or electronically without express written permission from Intercessors for America.

The IFA or GAP Web Site may contain links to third party web sites such as those posted by members of the Get America Praying website.  These third party web sites are not controlled by IFA. The links to these web sites are provided for convenience. IFA is not responsible and assumes no liability for the contents of any of these web sites, and unless expressly stated does not endorse these web sites or their contents, products, or services. IFA is not responsible for the content of any sponsor’s Web page linked to the IFA web site, and the opinions and views expressed on the sponsor’s Web pages do not necessarily reflect those of IFA. The contents of the sponsor Web pages are not reviewed in any way before they are linked to the IFA web page. Intercessors for America reserves the exclusive right to remove any links, posts or members that it deems necessary for any reason. The intended usage of the website is for the facilitation of prayer groups.  Requests for donations other than for the owner of the site, posting of blogs and misuse of site is expressly forbidden.  Inactivity of any group or site for more than 90 days will constitute an automatic removal of the member or group from the site.


Intercessors for America Comments Policy

IFA is a prayerful community of believers interceding for the nation. We want to foster a community of commenters that reflects our values: Prayerful, Truthful, Generous, Hopeful, and Relational.

Comments are welcomed and encouraged on this site, but there are some instances where comments should be reported.

• Comments deemed to be spam or solely promotional in nature will be deleted. Including a link to relevant content is permitted, but comments should be relevant to the post topic.
• Comments including profanity or vulgarity will be deleted.
• Comments that condone, encourage, or incite violence of any kind, for any reason, will not be tolerated.
• Comments containing language or concepts that could be deemed offensive should be reported and will be removed. Note this may include abusive, threatening, pornographic, offensive, misleading, or libelous language.
• Comments that attack an individual directly should be reported.
• Comments that harass other posters should be reported. Please be respectful toward other contributors.

IFA reserves the right to edit or delete any comments submitted to the blog without notice. This comment policy is subject to change at any time. If you have any questions about the commenting policy, please let us know at

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