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Lord, we pray peace on our land. We pray that justice would be served regarding people who create harsh division in America. We pray that you would encounter ANTIFA members with your radical love and change them forever. Nothing is too difficult for you!

Antifa activists brought chaos as they descended on the weekend’s annual Western Conservative Summit in Denver, drawn by favorite targets such as Oregon journalist Andy Ngo and Rep. Lauren Boebert, Colorado Republican.

Videos posted by Mr. Ngo and The Blaze’s Elijah Schaffer showed multiple fights, including a brawl between a man who confronted dozens of protesters outside the Hyatt Regency Denver, site of the two-day conference hosted by the Centennial Institute.

Protesters, some with bullhorns, harassed people entering and exiting the hotel. Activists blocked traffic, prompting one driver to jump out of her car and accuse them of throwing a water bottle at her vehicle. Others chanted “Boebert’s b*** boys” at a line of police outside the venue.

Antifa view events like this and even just this speech as extremely threatening to them, which is why they’ve organized the so-called protests outside,” said Mr. Ngo in his Saturday appearance.

Denver police said Saturday there were no arrests made at the protest, which was advertised on Facebook as the “Western BLM-Antifa Summit,” or “two days of fiercely jubilant opposition to the Western Conservative Summit!”

Organizers included the “Denver Communists, Front Range Mutual Aid Network, WITCH Denver, Front Range Community Defense Collective, Anon Resistance Movements, Anti-Repression Colorado, Denver Action Network.”

Centennial Institute director Jeff Hunt said the Antifa presence shows that the conference is having an impact.

“The fact Antifa has chosen to protest our event proves to me three things: 1.) the Western Conservative Summit is doing things right; 2.) they’re afraid of the impact of the conservative message; and, 3.) they’re just rabble-rousing idiots,” said Mr. Hunt in an email. . . .

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Antifa activists continued their antics into Saturday, yelling profanities at police as officers lined up outside the hotel to protect attendees as they left the conference, as shown on video.

“Denver Police did a great job keeping the peace,” tweeted Mr. Hunt. “As opposed to these protestors, we celebrated America and #backedtheblue at the Western Conservative Summit.”

The Facebook announcement included graphics of milkshakes and mocked Mr. Ngo, who was hospitalized for a brain hemorrhage and other injuries after Antifa activists beat and threw “milkshakes” at him as he tried to cover a June 2019 protest in Portland, Oregon.

“This year, big names have been replaced by lesser losers like local grifter and professional victim Lauren Boebert, Lakewood’s anti-gay cake-maker Jack Phillips, Portland’s right-wing provocateur and infamous milkshake-wearer Andy Ngo, among various other d-list culture-war reactionaries,” reads the Facebook post.

Mr. Ngo wore a knee brace Saturday from injuries suffered last month as he was beaten and chased into a hotel by Antifa after he attempted to go undercover to cover a protest in Portland, saying “they came very close to killing me.”

“Things are really bad in Portland. I feel like I can’t overstate it,” Mr. Ngo said. “This is what happens when you turn a blind eye to left-wing extremism. The population has been cowed and silenced because if you dare speak up again them, then you’re called a racist, a fascist, and all that, and then they will dox you. They really have held the city, the population as hostage, in a way.”

He cited the autonomous zone created by protesters last summer in Seattle, a six-block area that they ruled for three weeks until the city cleared them out. Two people were shot and killed in the zone.

“Look at what happens when they are given territory,” said Mr. Ngo. “They want to create anarchist-communist communes where there is no law, there’s no order, and they can do whatever they want. And they got to experiment with that, and it leads to people dying and getting murdered.”

Ms. Boebert, who spoke Saturday on a panel with fellow Colorado Republican Reps. Ken Buck and Doug Lamborn, said that the Democratic-controlled state legislature has passed “unfunded mandates” that are exacerbating the “urban and rural divide.”

“At some point, we have to recognize that you’re not voting compassionately by putting Democrats in office because these policies destroy everything that we are working so hard to build each and every day,” said Ms. Boebert.

She also gave a shout-out to police officers providing security at the conference.

“It is devastating to see how our law enforcement officers have been demonized and vilified over the last year,” she said. . . .

Do you think the media is giving enough attention to the destruction ANTIFIA is still causing? Let us know your thoughts and prayers in the comments below!

(Excerpt from The Washington Times. Article written by Valerie Richardson. Photo by Dreamstime)

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Glen H. Kippel
June 22, 2021

I agree with all of Mr. Hunt’s comments. Antifa (“Anti-Fascists”) are really fascists. They cannot get their way through rational argument, so all they have to offer is domestic terrorism. While the weapons of are warfare are not carnal (i.e. not worldly – 2 Corinthisns 10:4), there may be a time and a place for kinetic weapons. But let’s start with prayer.

June 22, 2021

Agree with you totally, Brian! If Antifa can be ignored and people not react to their nonsense, their power would probably be greatly diminished. It’s a shame that these radicals aren’t thrown in jail to stay there.

June 22, 2021

No I don’t think the media gives enough “truthful attention” to anti-American ANTIFA. The vast majority of the media are nothing more than total puppets that have cowards running their organizations as they “sell out for $$ and ideology that doesn’t work”.
There comes a point (and we crossed that line a long time ago) where a nation and it’s leadership quit playing nice games with those who insist on harassment, anarchy, internal terrorism and the like. The time for useful dialogue is wasted on these groups. The 1st amendment allows them freedom of speech but not freedom to terrorize innocent people. We have become a soft nation in dealing with those that insist on breaking the law and their total disrespect of those who believe differently than they do. When the law or lawmakers don’t make the hard decisions they need to, anarchy follows. Then the regular law abiding citizen is forced to defend themselves and their property and rightfully so. Sadly, we are that place now.
Perhaps the only road to salvation for many in ANTIFA or some of these radical organizations is when they come face to face with spending years in jail.

June 22, 2021

The best thing that the opponents of Antifa can do is just treat them with benign neglect. They are looking for people to react to their nonsense. If they are ignored, their power over their targeted people will be diminished greatly. Lord, please give people who are attacked by this group the wisdom and guidance from Holy Spirit to deal with Antifa as you see fit. We trust in Your guidance and direction for them. In Jesus’ name.

June 22, 2021

We the ekklesia declare that King Jesus with his Angle armies is invading Denver and the anti-christ camp.everyplace that the enemy showed his face is bound helpless and inoperative as the Spirit of the Lord is sweeping thru Denver and Portland planting his flag of VICTORY!!! and everyone will know it!!

    Gina P.
    June 24, 2021

    Yes and Amen! For our struggle is NOT against flesh and blood, but against the world forces of this present darkness…. Jesus authorized us to enforce the enemy’s defeat using His name! We ARE commanded to OCCUPY until He comes back for us.

Mary Lawless
June 22, 2021

I pray that those involved with this domestic violence will encounter Jesus…a road to Damascus experience. I pray for divine encounters.

david camarillo
June 22, 2021

Antifa should be treated as a terrorist group.

June 22, 2021

Come Lord Jesus come.

Every knee shall bow

Every tongue shall confess

Jesus Christ is Lord

Victory in Sweet Jesus

He will fight my battles

Thank You Lord


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