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Father, we thank You for the victory Dr. Meriwether experienced. We pray that You would continue to turn the tide and protect our freedoms against the societally accepted sin of transgenderism.
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Shawnee State University Professor Dr. Meriwether recently won a court case over a student’s preferred pronouns in a huge win for freedom of speech.

From Center for Christian Virtue. Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio, disciplined Dr. Nicholas Meriwether, a longtime philosophy professor, over his use of gender pronouns. Now, to settle a legal case filed by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), university officials have agreed they may not dictate Dr. Meriwether’s use of pronouns in the classroom. They will also rescind their written warning in his file and pay $400,000 in damages, plus attorney fees.

This three-year legal battle began with two little words: “Yes, sir.”

One day in 2018, a male student raised his hand in Dr. Meriwether’s political philosophy class. Dr. Meriwether responded, “Yes, sir” as he had typically done with other students for years. He often referred to his students as “sir” or “ma’am,” or by a title like Mr. or Miss followed by their last name. The formality fosters an atmosphere of seriousness, mutual respect, and courtesy.

But after class, the student approached Dr. Meriwether, identified as a woman, and insisted on being referred to with feminine pronouns and titles. When Dr. Meriwether expressed reservations, the student became belligerent, threatening to get Dr. Meriwether fired if he didn’t give in to these demands.

Dr. Meriwether offered several different ways to accommodate the student while remaining true to his conscience. But Shawnee State demanded Dr. Meriwether use the student’s preferred pronouns or eliminate all sex-referencing terms from his vocabulary—for all students, at all times. If Dr. Meriwether didn’t comply, the university’s disciplinary action could have ended his career.

“Courage pays off,” said Aaron Baer, President of Center for Christian Virtue. “This First Amendment victory is a testament to the power of standing up for your convictions.”

With ADF’s help, Dr. Meriwether went to court. Last year, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruled that Shawnee State had violated Dr. Meriwether’s free speech rights, sending the case back to the lower court. With this settlement, the case is now over.

“Shawnee State University and the state of Ohio were wrong to try to penalize Dr. Meriwether for his freedom of expression. Hopefully, this victory sends a clear message to every American that you don’t need to surrender your First Amendment freedoms just because you work for the State.”

“Once again, when Constitutional freedoms are under attack, our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom stepped up to stand for liberty. There’s no one with a record of success in the courtroom like ADF, and CCV is grateful for their faithful service to our nation!”

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(From Center for Christian Virtue. Photo Credit: Canva)

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Jerry E Sauls
April 18, 2022

I give praise to God for Dr. Meriwether and his courage to stand for his rights and eventually for the rights of others who are taking the same stand. In an evil world it takes Truth longer to break through than it does for evil. It has always been that way and will be until Christ returns to the earth and sets up His kingdom.

Jacquelyn Rocca
April 18, 2022

Praise God! That student should be liable for court fees, as well, to put a stop to their actions going forward.

Dana Sue Canary
April 16, 2022

What a win for sanity in the classroom!
Praise God. Let’s all stand up for Righteousness.
“Righteous exalts a Nation but Sin is a reproach to any land.

Jo Anne
April 16, 2022

Thank you, Lord Jesus!

Darrell Bickel
April 16, 2022

So glad to hear the court s correct ruling. We all have rights . Use them. Many died for that over our country’s history. Praise God

Steve Sabol
April 16, 2022

There has only TWO genders ever mentioned.
ADAM – Male
EVE – Female
Our LORD – Jesus Christ – Male
MARY THE MOTHER OF OUR LORD – Jesus Christ – Female

Alain Pierre Muzongo
April 16, 2022

Amen I received and agree praise God Hallelujah

Alain Pierre Muzongo
April 16, 2022

Hello, I ask you to contact the light to change my life and that of my community All the delay in all areas of my life be broken by the power of the resurrection of our savior Jesus. Amen

Catherine SHERMAN
April 16, 2022

AMEN !!! Praise God from Whom all Blessings flow!

April 16, 2022

Thank you Lord, God for Dr. Merriwether’s win in the courts. May this case show others that our 1st Amendment rights as well as the rest of them are our God given rights and will stand for all times…in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen


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