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Father, we thank You for empowering these legislators to fight for the unborn. We pray that these lawsuits would amount to nothing and that You would protect those who fight for You.
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Kentucky legislators overrode their Governor’s veto on a 15-week abortion ban, sparking the ACLU and Planned Parenthood to threaten lawsuits.

From 89.3 WFPL News. Minutes after Kentucky’s Republican-led legislature overrode Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear’s veto of a sweeping anti-abortion bill, abortion rights advocates announced they they will sue to block it.

House Bill 3 would make it harder for minors to access abortions and ban the procedure after the 15th week of pregnancy, mirroring the Mississippi ban hanging in the balance of the U.S. Supreme Court. Supporters of the measure say it would make it easier to restrict abortion access in Kentucky, depending on the high court’s ruling.

During a debate on the Senate floor Wednesday, Leitchfield Republican Sen. Stephen Meredith called abortion a “stain on our country….”

The Kentucky House voted to override Beshear’s veto 76-21 and the Senate voted 31-6.

The bill goes into effect immediately because it has an emergency clause attached to it. But shortly after the measure’s final vote in the legislature, the American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood announced they would file two lawsuits to try and block the measure from being implemented….

Sponsored by Republican Rep. Nancy Tate of Brandenburg, the bill makes it harder for minors to get abortions by raising the standard for judges to sign off on the procedure without parental consent. The bill also requires an in-person examination to receive abortion medication and bans the medication from being sent through the mail….

The bill includes no exceptions for rape or incest.

In his veto message late last week, Beshear questioned the bill’s constitutionality….

Republican Rep. Norma Kirk-McCormick, of Inez, said abortion is against her religious beliefs.

“Every day we convene in this body, we open with the pledge and with prayer and we stand here in this body before a sign that says ‘In God We Trust,’” she said.

“The abortion of a baby is plain wrong and I pray that God would have mercy on anyone that would take the life of a child. There’s no mercy on that baby in abortion.”

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(Excerpt from 89.3 WFPL News. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Susan CC
April 17, 2022

May Jesus Christ be praised over each and every effort to put abortion to death. Our God is a God who saves! The Sovereign LORD rescues us from death. Sing to God, O kingdoms of the earth;
sing praises to the Lord—

Psalm 68: 20, 30

April 16, 2022

Thank you God for all the Kentucky Legislators who stood strong against their Governor for the Life of the unborn. When we stand for life & righteousness, God is on our side!
Keep praying for victory against the lawsuits of Planned Parenthood , the battle is the Lords!!

Clayshia A Willis
April 16, 2022

Praising the Heavenly Father for each success toward banning the murder of His children.

Brian lynch
April 16, 2022

Praise God! I firmly believe that, if we are able to change things at the grass roots level( state by state) regarding abortion limitations, we will see a difference. I pray for a snowball effect, where other states will follow suit. I believe that this will create a powerful witness to the unsaved, and to the judges on SCOTUS. Lord Jesus, please, hear our prayers! Amen.

Marsha Bashor
April 16, 2022

Yes, I am encouraged by the Kentucky legislature in doing the right thing by you Lord! Please let it be in spite of the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. Please protect and see to it that this bill stands in Kentucky! Thank you for the godly lawmakers who are fighting for the right thing!!Thank you Lord, thank you! ✝️🤍🌷

April 16, 2022

Praise God!!!


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