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Heavenly Father, today we give all glory, praise and honor to You. We ask You to remove the veil of apathy and deceit from those who have voted for pro-abortion politicians in the past. Open the eyes of their understanding and cause them to become a righteous army in our fight for life. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

A multi-strand cord of people standing for life accomplished what many thought impossible in Maryland’s 2022 legislative session.

Before the session began, Democratic Party legislators professed confidence that Maryland’s radical infanticide statutes were safe from any U.S. Supreme Court rulings involving the Mississippi Dobbs case or Texas Heartbeat law. Released in December 2021, the Maryland Office of Policy Analysis 2022 Session Issues Paper stated, “…Even if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns precedent set by previous cases involving abortion, abortion access in Maryland would remain unchanged due to the provisions of § 20–209 Health – General Article.” Nevertheless, they doubled down on their progressive promises to expand the culture of death.  As in Colorado, California, and other states, special-interest sponsored legislators reignited a coordinated barrage against infants inside the womb, including a shameless campaign to codify the right to kill babies during and after birth, for reasons as inhumane as Down Syndrome.  (Democrats also renewed their annual push to legalize physician assisted suicide and to fund selective euthanasia.)

Yet, we have reason to praise the LORD.  Ephesians 4:12 says, “And though a man might prevail against him who is alone, two will withstand him. A threefold cord is not quickly broken (AMP).”

During the 2022 Session, Maryland Right to Life (MDRTL) analyzed 2,500 bills and mobilized grassroots citizenry across denominations to defeat efforts legalizing perinatal infanticide (HB626/SB669), guaranteeing expanded abortion-on-demand access in the Constitution (HB1171), and legalizing physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia.  This committed group lobbied, testified, initiated, and delivered more than 77,000 messages to lawmakers in Annapolis. Consider the impact of MDRTL’s efforts in a legislature with a pro-death Democrat Caucus outnumbering pro-life Republicans by a ratio of 2:1. Their living witness of Leviticus 23:8 is cause for celebration: “Five of you will chase a hundred, and a hundred of you will put ten thousand to flight; your enemies will fall before you by the sword” (AMP).  We know that the battle for life is not over…yet.  This is particularly true in Maryland because the Abortion Care Access Act (HB937/SB890) passed both houses. It will appear on the ballot for voters to decide in November. If approved by Marylanders, taxpayer funding to expand abortion access through non-physician abortion providers will become law.

Intercessors please share with friends, add your prayers and comments on behalf of Maryland and/or your State.

Mavourene Robinson is a homeschool mom, author, and intercessor. A former Senior Professional Human Resources, Mavourene began full-time ministry in 2014. A life-long learner about the intersections of faith with international relations and public policy, Mavourene is actively engaged in the areas of government, education, religion and domestic policy. Photo Credit: Canva.

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Kathryn Lynn
April 25, 2022

In prayer over the appointment of our Scotus something dropped into my prayer.Surprised at the strategy I giggled at the confidence of our Lord
In order to bring out the strength of our 3 and God working thru them he sent in this obvious ill prepared factually illertiate woman to allow them to see the consequences of poor rulings. It will be quite a spectacule for their learning curve. Kathryn Lynn Jax Fl

    Kathryn Lynn
    April 25, 2022

    So every problem has a victory daily? The 3 judges Pres. Trump put in have been slow to step into their conservative Christian principles God is just giving them an experience to tighten their resolve.
    He went straight to them. That is the victory.

Susannah Rice
April 25, 2022

Article confusing. What is the victory?

April 24, 2022

Father we stand shoulder to shoulder in this fight for life!!!! In Jesus name we decree Mavoureen Robinson success in her political agenda in th state of Maryland . To the corruption in Colorado, California and Pennsylvania we speak VICTORY over you !! Believers in TEXAS are joining your fight and we Won’t Relent!!! 2cor10:4
For the weapons of our warfare are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds….. Satans forces are created beings just like we are. They are indeed very cunning but their weapons are made folly by the BLOOD of JESUS!! So in th name of Jesus and th power of his Blood we use our swords of th spirit, which is th word of GOD , to nullify any attempt of destruction and death in these states . Eph. 6:17

April 23, 2022

The moment we put a BUT or IF in any stand we take against abortion or a stand for “women’s rights” (a right to choose), we put a crack in our armor.
If we trust GOD with the babies, why are we thinking, “well, should a woman get raped?”, “she can then abort! I say NO! This baby belongs to GOD and so does the woman. GOD is faithful and will bring them through!
I say, “AMEN,” Lord🕊️♥️🙏

Carol Peet
April 23, 2022

Thank you everyone who prayed and God Answered for life at conception. Let’s call any form of killing an unborn baby what it is: MURDER. What comes next in the devil’s agenda, killing the old people and infirm people. Abortion is Murder, period. God creates human life and no human being has a right to cause the death of another human being because it is imperfect, unwanted etc. Let’s face it when a man and a woman have sexual intercourse, a woman may have the egg in her womb fertilized. That is the beginning of life for all of us.

Monica Hall
April 23, 2022

Praise you Lord for small victories and thank you for raising up leaders that worship and honor you. Bless and clear a path to victory for Mavoureen Robinson. Cover her and her team in the blood of Jesus. Draw them all to yourself. In Jesus name. Amen!

Marsha Bashor
April 23, 2022

Oh Lord God, I ask that you take hold of the states of Maryland and Colorado and California, and others, and my state of Pennsylvania, to foil the efforts of these pro abortion bills, and please stop the intense fight to kill babies inside and outside the womb. Whatever has become of our virtuous values and faith in God in this country. Please restore faith in you and your values for America. Let there be an uprising in these states against evil and for good. Open the people’s eyes in these states and bring a turning of their ways , let all people realize the deception of the enemy here, and want to have righteous values in order to be proud of their state and what it stands for.
In Jesus’ name.

Elizabeth Dailey
April 23, 2022

Hod,have mercy on Maryland and for Mavourene Robinson to win the district 12. Go before her to find favor with people of her district and voters. In Jesus Name 🙏 I 🙏 🤲 pray.

Carroll Dannettell
April 23, 2022

I ask all to pray for us in Colorado. Our governor Polis just quietly signed one of the most agressive abortion bills ever! It allows for not ony abortion, but infanticide. In Colorado we are also fighting for our voting freedoms as our very corrupt Secretary of State is trying to get a bill through that would put elections entirelly in her hands. We ask all prayer warriors to pray for our state.


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