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Father, we pray that You would strengthen America. Give Biden wisdom, God, and help him and all of our leaders to guide our country well.
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Many Americans feel that America’s international standing has fallen since Biden took office. Let’s pray that our country will be strengthened on the global stage, not weakened any further.

From Townhall. [A] new poll found that most Americans believe the U.S.’s influence on other countries is sharply declining.

According to a Pew Research Center Poll, 47 percent of respondents say that the nation’s influence on outside countries has weakened in recent years.

Only 19 percent feel that it has gotten stronger, while just 32 percent say it has stayed roughly the same. 

The poll contradicts Biden’s claim that “America is back.” …

Biden’s “Build Back Better” slogan seemed to build back everyone else but the U.S.

To support this, look at the Democrat’s multi-trillion dollar omnibus bill in which the majority of the money is set aside to provide aid for other countries. 

“In every country surveyed, respondents who say they are not satisfied with their democracy are more likely to think their world influence has gotten weaker in recent years,” Pew research found.

Share your prayers and scriptures for Biden and America below.

(Excerpt from Townhall. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Donald Vader
January 2, 2023

Joe Biden is not the president… I pray for his soul… Amen


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