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Lord, we pray for the women and girls of America. Protect them from biological men who claim to be women, God, and put an end to this transgender madness!
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This article, written by Rep. Diana Harshbarger and Riley Gaines, makes the case for a women’s bill of rights in America.

From Fox News. What is a woman? And what does it matter? It is becoming increasingly difficult to talk about women’s rights, or even basic biological reality, in a common language.

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While most Americans understand that a “woman” is an adult human female, radical gender ideologues want to redefine womanhood as a subjective state unrelated to biological sex. This redefinition of once-assumed basic facts has serious consequences for equal opportunity, privacy, safety and freedom of expression.

Right now, females are losing athletic, employment and educational opportunities to biological males. Biological males are gaining access to sororities, domestic violence shelters, locker rooms, women’s prisons, and rape crisis centers. And the women and girls who object to these practices are being threatened, coerced and shamed into silence and submission. …

To address these and the myriad of potential future consequences of the redefinition of sex, we are working to advance the Women’s Bill of Rights (WBOR). …

Importantly, the Women’s Bill of Rights does not create or establish new legal rights for women. It simply preserves women as a legal category and makes it clear that terms like “women” and “men” must accord with biological sex, not gender identity. And it codifies current case law, which forbids unfair discrimination but allows the law to recognize sex when relevant. …

Opponents of the Women’s Bill of Rights have misleadingly labeled the bill “anti-transgender.” While this label may make it easier for some people to dismiss the legislation out of hand, it’s not accurate or honest.

The WBOR does nothing to curb the rights of people who identify as transgender, nor does it bar states or the federal government from addressing the question of identification in other ways. It simply makes the law recognize the biological and very real differences between the sexes, and protects the rights women have been enjoying in America for decades. …

The WBOR will help us navigate into a future where all people have the highest degree of freedom. We cannot sacrifice women’s rights or sideline their interests amid social changes that promote greater inclusivity or gender equality, however well-intentioned. We cannot – and need not – push some Americans back to move others forward. …

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(Excerpt from Fox News. Photo Credit: Canva)

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May 24, 2023

Father God, it is with a heavy heart that we seek You as we pray for so many people who do not identify as You made them. That so many are deceived and going so far as to mutilate their bodies. Lord open their eyes to see themselves as you made them, wonderfully and fearfully made. That You have a plan and purpose for them far greater than their own. Dispell the lies that they are being told. Stop those who are pushing this in our schools. Schools are for protecting and educating our children in the basics of learning life skills, not individuals pushing sexual changes. Government has not been given authority over teaching our children. You have given parents the authority and responsibility of teaching their children the other life lessons including time for worshipping You, growing and learning more about You. Help the parents and families as they grow, giving them Your wisdom. Show them the truth, love, peace, and contentment that only comes from You and Your Son. Give them a desire for You and Your ways which are always better than our own. May they find what they are looking for in You. Help us to show Your love and compassion to all. Protect Your children. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen

May 24, 2023

Father, you made us male and female. Help us to promote and support your word. In Jesus’ name, Amen


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