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Father, we pray that You would open eyes to the very real physical, emotional, and spiritual dangers of the abortion pill.
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The Supreme Court may have thrown out this case over legal standing, but the fight against abortion pills is far from over.

From The Hill. The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected an effort by abortion opponents to limit access to mifepristone, one of the two drugs used for a medication abortion.

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The case was brought by a group of anti-abortion doctors in Texas called the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine, which formed in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision ending Roe v. Wade in 2022.

The Court ruled that the anti-abortion doctors and associations that filed the lawsuit do not have legal standing to sue, because they don’t have any direct relationship with the regulation of mifepristone. …

The ruling was unanimous, and procedural

The 9-0 decision was authored by Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was appointed by former President Trump.

The ruling was procedural, meaning it didn’t address the underlying regulatory or safety issues the plaintiffs raised. Instead, Kavanaugh wrote that the alliance couldn’t show that any of its doctors had been directly impacted by the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) actions.

“We recognize that many citizens, including the plaintiff doctors here, have sincere concerns about and objections to others using mifepristone and obtaining abortions,” Kavanaugh wrote. “But citizens and doctors do not have standing to sue simply because others are allowed to engage in certain activities — at least without the plaintiffs demonstrating how they would be injured by the government’s alleged underregulation of others.” …

Access isn’t changing, but it’s still a patchwork

Thursday’s ruling maintained the status quo but did not make mifepristone widely available.

The drug will remain available to people up to the 10th week of pregnancy and will still be available through the mail. Nurses and other nonphysicians are still allowed to prescribe it.

But it all depends on where you live. …

Abortion is almost completely banned in more than a dozen states, meaning mifepristone is illegal. …

This case may not be over

Thursday’s ruling may not be the end of legal challenges to mifepristone.

The ruling doesn’t rule out a new lawsuit by plaintiffs with stronger arguments on standing.

But the bigger threat could come from a trio of red states.

Idaho, Kansas and Missouri sought to join the case. The Supreme Court rejected the request, but a conservative judge in Amarillo, Texas, who initially ruled against the FDA, allowed them to intervene in his district. …

But even if the case is ultimately dismissed in Amarillo, abortion advocates said they expect to see copycat lawsuits in either Idaho, Missouri or Kansas.

Share your prayers and scriptures against the abortion pill below.

(Excerpt from The Hill. Photo Credit: Liudmila Chernetska/Getty Images)

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Carolyn C DuBrino
June 18, 2024

This pill is dangerous. You will see many women rushed to hospitals hemorrhaging to death. The medical community knows it is dangerous.

Michelle Jackson
June 16, 2024

Seth Gruber did two podcasts last week about the abortion pill. Definitely worth the time to listen.

June 15, 2024

Lord, save the unborn. Open the eyes of the people, Lord, to see the truth that a fetus is a human being. Lord, shut down the continued murder of the unborn. I decree the unborn shall live and not die and fulfill the destiny that God has assigned to them.

Patricia Owens
June 15, 2024

Every household has a stake in this ruling. Simply because the drug, the fetus get flushed down the toilet, affecting (infecting?) our waterways, The government department in charge of testing, verifying there is no change in the water chemical make-up have yet to assure Anyone they have tested, determined any type of results.

Michelle Grinstead
June 15, 2024

I pray the eyes of their hearts would be enlightened that they would know the hope of their calling.

Jesus let the scales on people’s eyes drop off and let them see the truth that you are the giver of all life. You came that we might have life and have it abundantly.

Ron Glenn Deere
June 15, 2024

Sad to hear that the Supreme Court elected not to rule on this case, but sure that unrighteousness WILL be ended one way or another by the Lord Himself. Righteous people are coming against these evil practices, but if we fail, the Lord will NOT.

Darlene Estlow
June 15, 2024

Father, forgive us for this great sin of abortion. Change hearts and minds. Reveal the truth about the harm of the abortion pill to women. Open their hearts to their babies. Give them courage where they are being pressured to abort that they will see truth and desire life. Open their eyes to your salvation and draw them to you.

Grant Windholz
June 15, 2024

Yes Lord, please help women of all ages to realize how much damage mentally and physically this abortion pill truly is! I pray for God given wisdom 🙏 to ALL women to see how catastrophic their decisions are! Completely against the will and laws of our Lord Almighty 🙏!!!!

June 15, 2024

And the battle rages on , my friends !! This is what intercession is all about-steadfastness.
Father we unite and shout “Thy kingdom come and thy will be done “ in our blessed JESUS name. Amen and Hallelujah!!!

M Whitney Womack
June 15, 2024

Do we how do we how much do we do we really
Care who’s crying
On the
Other side of
When the waters from the sewers
Rush into our homes and
Down the throats of
Our Children—the ones we Wanted—
Meeting at last
Those others
Who were—
Only in the way
Our way
Our way Where
Where Our way
Show US
Show us
The Way
Home, Home, HOME!
Where there is
Human remains.
God Save Us from
For we are not


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