I Prayed have prayed
Father, we pray that You would use this book and whatever other means possible to wake up the church. Give us the courage to stand against the storm, God.

Analysis. Eric Metaxas’ newly released Letter to the American Church, is a biblical bugle blast in the ear of all the churches feigning sleep while our country is besieged by anti-Christ and anti-American ideologies from every direction. Metaxas takes ready aim at the churches and pastors who are reluctant to stand up and speak out against the well-coordinated assault upon the health and stability of our nation today — and he names names.

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The book delivers a battle cry for the church to rise up and face these most serious matters of our day. He asks us why God’s people would evade speaking against the murder of the unborn. He asks us how the church can be silent in deference to our education system and its pernicious incursion to induce sexual confusion within our children.

He asks us why church pastors are not pounding the pulpits to end the mutilation and castration of minors under the subterfuge of gender expression. And why is there so much acquiescence to the endless unfurling of Marxist tenets as the rise of global tyranny is boosted before our very eyes?

How can seasoned church leaders fail to understand that philosophies like Critical Race Theory are founded in Marxism and purely atheistic? Further, how can the church that is charged with discipling and cultivating healthy loving families, not realize that Transgender and Queer Theory is “…inescapably anti-God and anti-human. So they are dedicatedly at war with the ideas of family and marriage…”

Metaxas’ thesis is: We must wake up and speak up.

Throughout the pages of this prophetic work, the reader is faced with a startling proposition: We can blithely enjoy the insular safety of our small group discussions as the passing boxcars amplify the hideous shrieks of the Jews on their way to Treblinka, or — we can put down our highlighters and find our place on the battlefield.

Critics will deduce that any comparison of today’s American church with the German church of the 1930s is a reckless exaggeration. After reading Letter to the American Church, even the most outraged critics will be exposed as being wholly and desperately wrong.

Drawing richly on his prolific and meaty research of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the failures of the Christian church in pre-WWII Germany, Metaxas roars the same warnings of heaven that Bonhoeffer did. Because the tragic reality of history is this: The vast majority of German churches remained silent, or worse yet, complicit, as one of the evilest regimes in history rose to power.

…when we think of the death camps and the murder of so many millions, we need to understand that in the beginning [the church] had no idea where it was leading, and had no idea [the church was] facing nothing less than the forces of anti-Christ. We are now facing those same forces in different guises. But the extent of it is even worse than it was ninety years ago, because those forces do not have an agenda that is hyper-nationalistic, as in Germany, but that is actually anti-nationalistic — which is to say that it is globalist.

~ Eric Metaxas, Letter to the American Church

It was widely customary for Christian churches to hang the German flag in their sanctuaries. But as Hitler’s influence began to spread, churches began hanging Nazi banners and swastikas — known as the “Crooked Cross” — as a willful or fearful indicator of compliance with the regime.

In today’s language, it’s called virtue signaling.

It is sobering to watch Metaxas correlate this with the American churches today that are getting tangled in the same type of pagan political activism by displaying BLM placards and Pride Flags.

Most of them ‘know not what they do’ and are only trying to show solidarity with those they have deemed somehow disenfranchised. They only wish to show that they are not like those other rigid and narrow-minded churches, that they are inclusive, and generally mean no harm. They don’t seem to know the forces behind those banners are only smiling at them in order to deceive them.

~ Eric Metaxas, Letter to the American Church

Another prominent character throughout Letter to the American Church is German Theologian Martin Luther. Luther’s lifelong wrestling with the doctrine of faith is juxtaposed with the book of James’ doctrine of works. This section of biblical exposition reinforces to the church that there are no options other than to act. Faith without works is dead. (James 2:17)

Metaxas summons the many churches today that are committed to not being political in quest of not offending anyone. These churches resolutely declare their work is only to “…preach the Gospel — as though such a thing were logically possible, as though the Gospel ever could be kept from touching upon all issues of human life.” Metaxas warns that such a position is, “an abdication of God’s calling.”

Metaxas strongly charges that for the church to be the transforming agent our culture desperately needs, we must stop relying solely on our Statements of Faith and fighting over the precision of our beliefs — “because our actions illustrate what we actually believe.”

What tangibly emerged for me as I journeyed with Metaxas through the pages of the book is: At the end of all the debates, quarrels, divisions, and criticisms stands a Person. It is wholly impossible to speak anything of the church without acknowledging that Jesus Himself stands in the midst. And Jesus is the perfect embodiment of truth and love.

So the One who is Truth is also the One who is Love, and it is not possible to separate them without degrading each of them. It is nothing less than sin to have our own fallen view of truth apart from love or love apart from truth. God demands that we deal with the whole, that we understand Truth and Love are God Himself, who is a Person.

~ Eric Metaxas, Letter to the American Church

He goes on to say that we can’t claim to be loving if we step away from truth. Likewise, we can’t claim to uphold truth if we step away from love. And this is precisely why the church must rely upon and surrender to The Lord, who is the Head of the Church.

* * *

This book can be summed up in this quote from Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesian Church:

Awake, O sleeper! Rise from the dead and Christ will shine on you.

It causes me to reflect on the passage of scripture where Jesus was asleep in the stern of the boat during a raging storm. As the disciples fearfully cowered from the storm and were rendered powerless, they woke Jesus up.

Jesus spoke to the wind and the sea and they became peaceably calm. While the disciples marveled how the wind and the seas obeyed Him, Jesus was amazed by something they still could not see:

Why are you cowardly, you people of little faith?

~ Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 8

They were not wrong to go to Jesus, but what He wanted awakened was the faith that was still too small and weak within each of them. So next time, by faith — He wanted them to calm the storm themselves.

May Letter to the American Church be the protein shake that puts muscles back on the church and its leaders. We all agree the storm is raging. The question is: will you stand up and speak to it?

Find out where to get a copy of  Letter to the American Church at ericmetaxas.com.

Share your response in the comments.

(Used with permission. The Wine Patch, by Keith Guinta. Photo Credit: Anne Nygård on Unsplash)

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Priscilla Meyenburg
October 10, 2022

As I listened to Eric Metaxas speak on Flash point, I was pleasantly surprised as he spoke honestly and with much passion in his voice about his book. The success syndrome is a great enemy of effective ministry. We recently moved here 2 years ago, went looking for a church in our area, tried 5 different churches. We were looking for a church that had the presence of God inside of it, that spoke on what is the meaning of salvation, that they praised the lord, friendly, spoke out and prayed about what Covid was about, one pastor said I will not talk political issues I do not like anything to do with Government issues. We never missed a church sermon in the last 2 years. We plugged in with two different churches on TV that we knew would stand and pray about the mess America was in. One was EMIC, the other SBN we watched both services each Sunday. I even purchased a container of Communion cups/ bread so we could keep up honoring Jesus. Psalms 91: became one of my daily prayers. I prayed to our Father asking what happened to the churches? He began to show me in my heart, I said to God how can these ministers not perform and speak on things that people desperately needed, such as encouragement, strength, prayers to keep Satan at bay. I would come home and say to My husband where is their Faith, where is the alter calls for people to be prayed over concerning their fear. When Eric said we must speak up and get out of the closets I agree. I want to say a Big thank you to the churches I attend on TV each Sunday they have both spoke regularly, loudly, praying like warriors should. I have been asking God to direct us to a church in our area, it is important to be around other Christians. God led me to a building that said “ Coming soon” about 30 minutes from our home. It is one of the Churches that is on KCM TV, they are going to renovate this Hugh building into a annex of their Church that is located in St. Louis. I’ve listened to the pastor and his wife they are filled to the brim of speaking and praying like they are in a constant revival. If you love Jesus and want to be able to connect with people of your congregation you must step out in Faith by using your mouth and pray as if you will bring Gods house down. Not happening, so disappointing that some pastors forgot what They were called to do, or maybe it was just a job to them?? Mark : 11:22-23 says “Have Faith in God” Where was the Faith? Eric Used example’s of the German, Hitler take over. He hit the nail on the head! I said when I prayed to God this is a reproduction of a communist take over, what must I do how should I pray. I felt overwhelmed there was so much to pray about. I had been following GH15 for several years Dutch taught me Decrees were important to pray into. I agree with Eric Metaxas and his book, maybe it will be what helps wake up the Pastors and churches. I am going to insert a portion of what he says and pray that people will find the heart of God again. I pray that people do not criticize his writing because it was God inspired. I know God is hurt and disappointed how the complacency of some parents are not concerned about the schools, the grocery prices high and empty, shelves, and what O Biden is doing by taking our oil away. From us & giving it away to others. I believe and know from the prophets messages this is true, because God is saying having CRT and empty shelves has not made a difference to a lot of people; that people in general act like they are in a trance and do not believe what is happening or care. “The book delivers a battle cry for the church to rise up and face these most serious matters of our day. He asks us why God’s people would evade speaking against the murder of the unborn. He asks us how the church can be silent in deference to our education system and its pernicious incursion to induce sexual confusion within our children.
He asks us why church pastors are not pounding the pulpits to end the mutilation and castration of minors under the subterfuge of gender
from us & giving it away to others.
oil. “
Father God use this book that Eric wrote, he is trying to help you get the attention of Families, parents, youth so that they can help Take America back and understand that your love for them and The Cross is essential for their salvation in Christ Jesus and eternal life. God pour our your spirit upon Eric so he will be blessed. Thank you God for second chances. 🧎‍♀️

October 2, 2022

We are made in the image of Christ.We are still sinners no matter the label we give it.Gal 2v 20:It’s no longer I who live,but Christ who live in me.Repentance is the gift for the sinner to the cross.

September 30, 2022

Additionally, how many pro-life Christians are there who believe in the “god of science” when it comes to vaccines. This article should be a wake-up call for all pro-life advocates (especially in related to the mRNA shots). https://greenmedinfo.com/blog/pro-life-and-pro-vaccine-ultimate-hypocrisy

Kathleen Schofield
September 29, 2022

Amen and Amen!!

    October 2, 2022

    Help us Lord to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves , give divine Godly wisdom I pray in Jesus mighty Name, Amen

Thomas Loop
September 29, 2022

Does it ever occur to firebrands like Metaxas that many of us gay Christians love and follow Jesus. His broad brush accusations are too over the top.

    September 30, 2022

    Jesus said “If you love me, you will obey what I command” (John 14:15, John 15:10 & 14). He himself affirmed the original creation paradigm for the expression of human sexuality of one man with one woman for life (Matthew 19:4-6). His Word says that sexual behavior outside of marriage as He defines it is sin (Matthew 15:19, I Corinthians 6:9-10 & 18, I Cor 7:2, I Thessalonians 4:3). Any sin that we are not willing to forsake to follow him leads to eternal death (Romans 6:23). Jesus repeated twice “Unless you repent you too will all likewise perish” (Luke 13:3 & 5).
    How much would someone who believes God’s Word is true have to hate you to not warn you that you need to be killing sin or sin will be killing you, and for eternity at that. This is the ultimate tragedy. God is holy and does not tolerate sin in his presence. Because of his great love for you he gave up his son in a cruel sacrifice for our sin. But you have to make that choice- life or death, blessing or curses. Choose life !(Deuteronomy 30:19)

Beverly Rush
September 29, 2022

Thank you Eric for blowing the trumpet. The church you are discribing is the aspostate church, which is a sign of the end times, that many will fall away having made their choice not to answer the call to come up higher.

At an appointed time the Lord will separate the His sheep from the goats. The goats are already idenifing themselves. And His Bride has begun to rise up and be stirred into action. When the Bridegroom calls, the wise virgins will have extra oil and it will not be shared with the foolish virgins who did not plan ahead. Chose wisely. The hour is already late.

Sharon King
September 29, 2022

Amen !
We cannot be silent-again…..
We must be the voice for those who have been denied a voice (unborn, victims of crime, students/parents, persecuted Christians, etc.)
2 Timothy 1:7 ” For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and sound mind.”
May our united voices of Truth, Justice, and Love be the motto for the Church-the Bride of Christ.

Susan CC
September 29, 2022

Amen! I add:

Isaiah 59, Sin and Redemption https://biblehub.com/hcsb/isaiah/59.htm

I believe:

The LORD saw that there was no justice and He was offended.

His own arm brought salvation and His own righteousness supported Him.

This is the LORD’s declaration.
“As for Me, this is My covenant with them,” says the LORD: “My Spirit who is on you, and My words that I have put in your mouth, will not depart from your mouth, or from the mouth of your children, or from the mouth of your children’s children, from now on and forever,” says the LORD.

Thank You Father. Thank You Jesus. Thank You Holy Spirit.

Praise the Lord for what He will do. I believe!

September 29, 2022

Father God we thank You for Eric and many others who continue to sound the alarm that many of our churches have failed on so many levels. We thank you for pastors who are committed to standing for what You stand for. We repent that we have not been more supportive in our churches. Tithing alone does not get the job done. We ask Father for a continued refining of the Body. We ask for revival within the churches and community. Help us Father as Your representatives to be the first ones to stand up and come alongside those that are needing support. Nothing can come against God’s church if we work together in unity and for the Glory of God. In Jesus name. Amen

Susan K
September 29, 2022

I pray that every pastor, priest, minister and all those in Christ’s church would read this book and heed the warnings. Or any other means that the Holy Spirit uses to open eyes and ears and hearts to the Truth. I pray for wisdom and the courage to speak out and not bow to the woke ideas and threats permeating society.

Barbara Janicki
September 29, 2022

The silence and/or acquiescence of the church has surprised and concerned me since March 2020 when this began and I began writing “Corona Chronicles-True Confessions of a self-isolator” – churches displaying BLM signs is an oxymoron – BLM is a Marxist organization, Marxism is an atheistic ideology, completely leaving God out, therefore, “what fellowship has light with darkness?” (2 Corinthians 6:14) Just as concerning is remaining silent, turning a blind eye and a deaf ear. I will certainly read this book and share it with others, in hopes it is not too late for the church, Christ’s bride, to wake up and live out our faith in action with courage and conviction. Government should not be global, but God’s true church, His bride, actually is made up of individuals from “every nation, tribe, people and tongue.” – we are a global body of believers and together we can be God’s salt and light and make a difference for God in this dark world. Praying we each “stand up and speak to the storm.” Sometimes I don’t feel heard over the wind, but Lord help me not to give up. http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

    September 29, 2022

    ” . . . churches displaying BLM signs is an oxymoron – BLM is a Marxist organization, Marxism is an atheistic ideology, completely leaving God out, therefore, “what fellowship has light with darkness?” (2 Corinthians 6:14)”

    Absolutely agree, Barbara! A local church does this and I can’t fathom how they can fellowship with an anti-God Marxist organization founded by three women practicing Nigerian voodoo (Ifa) – which is worship of ancestors and voluntary possession by “ancestors” (which we know are really familiar spirits.)

    You wonder how naive a church can possible be!

September 29, 2022

“I AM GOD”. (3)
As I obey the above WORD standing in the knowledge of HIM, You should too. (15)
HE is here – ALMIGHTY. (4)
CHRIST never left us. (4)
JESUS shed every drop of Blood for you and me.(10)
But a Texas physician practicing medicine on Galveston island was afraid of lifting up HIS pure Blood in Victory. (19)
Yet OUR fore FATHER did.(5)
And CHRIST fulfilled the Law of Love.(7)
It is written.(3)

Gail Wood
September 29, 2022

We know this. When we pray for anyone or about anything. God does hear us.
Precious Lord. We come to you on behalf of the Church’s, Pastor’s and Christian’s in America. I pray Father that you are dealing with the heart’s of those Pastor’s who have slipped away from the calling that once brought them to you and into your Holy presence. Help them remember You , their first love and how You called them to speak for You and how important they are to You,
Help them to be strong and bold in the face of this Woke environment. Help them be bold and speak the truth out of Your Holy Spirit which will offend and anger those living in opposition to your word but prepare their hearts to receive.
Help those who have lost their way and embraced any lifestyle that your word tells them plainly ,that there are going to be consequences to the lifestyles and ways that they have chosen to live.
We pray for Your Spirit to be poured out upon us Lord and that Your word will bring each Pastor , Christian and those who are running from You, back to You. All glory , honour and praise be to You Lord.

Rick Foster
September 29, 2022

In John 18:37 Jesus says “everyone who is on the side of Truth listens to me”.
One of Gods attributes is He is Love.
Please pray that those who reject these truths will be awakened by the Holy Spirit and lead others to this knowledge.
In the name of Christ our Lord
let it be done. Amen


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