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We pray for secure elections which will put into place men and women of God who will stand up for life, for freedom, and, most of all, for our Creator. We pray for voter discernment, and for the confidence that we can make meaningful change when we all show up!

Your vote really makes a difference! IFA has partnered with several other organizations to help you, and the people within your circle of influence, have all the resources you need in the upcoming election.

Take the pledge!

If Christians started turning their prayers to action and voted in every election- primaries, local, school boards- we can impact our nation for generations. Never forget an election again! Take the PLEDGE. Sign up here.

IFA encourages all Christians, and all citizens, to vote. You can take a pledge to pray and vote in every election with IFA partner Christians Engaged. By signing up, you will receive IFA’s Praying for Elections bookmark prayer guide and the IFA’s Praying for Political Parties prayer resource. Here’s what to expect. Every voter will receive 4 texts and 4 emails for each election that is happening in their district. IFA resources and other helpful resources will be featured among the emails.

Register HERE at the Christians Engaged site.

Join the movement!

The American Restoration Tour

More and more concerned citizens are volunteering to watch polls and other ways in the election. This movement is a direct answer to prayer! When intercessors volunteer in these ways, praying while working, the presence of God is in our voting places.

We encourage you to check out our friends Chad Connelly and David Barton and their The American Restoration Tour which is criss-crossing the nation.  Learn more about how you can sign up for election volunteering and get trained! Watch for an invitation for these events in your state from IFA. (Make sure we have your state listed along with your email address by clicking here.) Here is the link to The American Restoration Tour website with a master listing the events, if you are interested to know more. More events are being added daily!


Voter Guides

We are also partnering again with iVoterGuide and encourage IFA intercessors to use iVoterGuide to evaluate candidates for most races.

Want to know which candidates think like you do and will vote consistent with your biblical beliefs and values?

To help you answer this question, iVoterGuide spends thousands of hours researching the candidates on your ballot.  For those who have previously held office, we look at how they have voted on legislation important to conservatives, who has supported them financially, who has endorsed their candidacy, and how they answer our extensive issue questionnaire.  All this will lead to ratings of over 12,000 candidates this year!

But even if you know nothing about each candidate other than their political party, that alone tells you a lot.  What each party believes on the issues you care about, their “mission statement”, is their party platform.  Your member of Congress is likely to vote with his or her party 70% of the time, so it is crucial to know what that party stands for.


IFA’s Biblical Worldview and Praying for Political Parties resources

Since most candidates run as either a Republican or Democrat, it’s important to know what each party has said in their own words what they believe and what they plan to do. As mentioned above, Congressmembers are likely to vote with their party 70% of the time. It is good for intercessors and people of faith to be aware of what the Bible says about issues–these are issues that are first biblical issues that later became co-opted for political purposes.  You can read more about those platforms and how they stack up with what the Bible says about 12 key issues for people of faith. Click here to download IFA’s Biblical Worldview Prayer Guide, and click here to download the Praying for Political Parties. Download or request a copy by calling the IFA office at (800) USA-PRAY.


We pray for secure elections which will put into place men and women of God who will stand up for life, for freedom, and, most of all, for our Creator. We pray for voter discernment, and for the confidence that we can make meaningful change when we all show up!

Please share these opportunities with your praying friends!

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October 2, 2022

It’s not that effective anymore to vote for someone just because they are running as a particular party member. There are now candidates who run as Republican, but intend to govern and agree with the current administration. We HAVE to do our research and ivoterguide is one good tool.

raleigh b Robertson
October 2, 2022

prayer without action is incomplete in the eyes of Jesus, wake up people and get involved by knowing what your candidates stand for and challenging them when possible for any unbiblical beliefs, vote for God

Melvin Westerman
October 1, 2022

To encourage those who might be reluctant: iVoter is an excellent source for sound info. You can get assigned to be a poll watcher through your county political org. This requires training, so don’t delay. My county Elections Office was glad to assign me to count mail ballots in Nov. My county’s party office is setting me up to watch drop boxes. It takes so little time and effort to do something! P.S. And I pray daily.

Laura K
October 1, 2022

Lord I pray You will draw ALL Your people to the polls that our voices may be heard.

October 1, 2022

Lord God, I know that you hear us when we pray, I thank you that you are raising up men and women that will stand for righteousness and justice in America. Give us boldness to do our part in voting them in and You Lord pulling down the unrighteous ones that are there now, in Jesus name I thank you Lord.


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