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Father God, we pray for a sweeping revival, first among all those who call themselves Christians and then the world. We pray for widespread, societal redemption of sexuality.
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There is good news mixed in with the bad news of this study. Read it in light of this verse: “Don’t you have a saying, ‘It’s still four months until harvest’? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” (Jn 4:35)

While most millennials view Jesus and the Bible as at least “a little positive,” nearly one-third of America’s largest, most educated and misunderstood generation also identify as LGBT, and 75% of them admit to “searching for a sense of purpose in life,” a new report from Arizona Christian University shows.

The report, New Insights into the Generation of Growing Influence: Millennials In America by George Barna, who leads research at Arizona Christian University’s Cultural Research Center, explains in an analysis of the findings that a number of the daunting challenges faced by the generation of 78 million — defined in this report as those born from 1984 through 2002 — are deeply connected to their spiritual perspectives.

“For understandable reasons, millions of millennials reject organized religion, or have qualms about religious leaders, and especially about religious people who may prove to be hypocritical. Their experiences, observations and assumptions regarding religion, spiritual beliefs, and faith practices have produced a turbulent spiritual experience,” wrote Barna, who’s also an ACU professor focusing on worldview assessment, development and cultural transformation.

The report notes that some 59% of millennials see Jesus as at least “a little positive” with some 39% viewing Him as “very positive.” Another 51% view the Bible along this spectrum with 29% having a “very positive” impression. And when it comes to Christianity in general only half of millennials see it as at least “a little positive.”

A majority of the generation also reject atheism, with only 25% seeing it as “a little positive” and 8% viewing it as “very positive.”

While most millennials view Jesus and the Bible positively and 65% still identify as Christian, many do not embrace a biblical worldview on sexuality, the sanctity of life and other issues. Some 30% of millennials, including nearly 40% of adults 18-24, identify as “LGBTQ.”

The proportion of young adults who identify as LGBTQ is roughly three times the proportion identified among the combined older adults of the nation. Given the moral and political implications of such an identity, that self-characterization alone raises a range of emotional challenges,” Barna said. . . .

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November 7, 2021

I am praying in agreement with those praying in Jesus’ Name for FREEDOM from bondage and lies. My teenage son and many of his friends are confused and following the crowd. They are being deceived in knowing who they really are in Christ. The enemy is afraid of them knowing the authority they have in Jesus. I pray in agreement with all those praying for the breaking of chains and a loosing of the Spirit! Thank you Lord that You pursue and love these children.

    November 9, 2021

    Praying for your son and for his friends, K.E., in Jesus’ mighty name!

    “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” ~ John 8:36

James E Embry
November 7, 2021

Knowing something of demographic statistics, I’m not inclined to believe this study until I can personally examine their methodology. I think the numbers cited look preposterous.

November 6, 2021

Lord I pray that you will set the captives free. Allow the millennial generation to find their identities in you Lord. Allow the deception of the enemy to be obliterated. Heal their spirits, souls and bodies from the destructiveness of sexual perversion. I pray that your grace and truth will come upon this generation and that you will “open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in you” Acts 26:18. Amen.

Marie Bright
November 6, 2021

Shalom beautiful people of The Most High God and many blessings to you and your beautiful families.

Many of them have seen a lot hypocrisy within churches and ministries and have had bad experiences with people under religious spirits. But they still deserve to know the truth about their identities. Because The LORD does not remove distinction from the male and female gender. If He did not want us to know the difference or the distinction between the two, He never would have mentioned them in His Word. But He makes the distinction loud and clear in the book of Genesis and there is no way around it. Because both the male and female have an entrusted role and part in reproducing His image in the earth in a fashion that does not dishonor or disrespect the design He has set in place for mankind to follow.

The enemy is trying to do everything in his power to keep people confused about their existence. As long as they do not understand that they are an actual reflection of The LORD’s image and the cross, he can keep them bound to his deceptions and lies. The LORD loves them and desires to see them set free and so do I and many of us in the kingdom of God. I hate the enemy is trying to pervert the beauty of their value and worth in this world. But I do find it a joy that there are those who have been set free from this world and are living a life of real freedom. And may there be many more.

November 6, 2021

Father in the Name of Jesus we DECLARE the youth set FREE! We declare Your plans, purpose, and will for their lives in Jesus Name! We declare that You God are infinitely BIGGER than the serpent and that nothing it does will stand in Jesus Name! You WILL bring EVERYTHING of the enemy to NAUGHT! We declare SALVATION, HEALING, and DELIVERANCE for ALL who have been enslaved by this trap of the enemy no matter their age or how long they have been under it for You Jesus are ENOUGH, Your BLOOD is ENOUGH, Your SACRIFICE is ENOUGH and You love them too! Show them who they REALLY are as the devil is AFRAID of them knowing YOU! Thank You for hearing and answering our prayers and decrees in Jesus Name! Holy Spirit go get them and bring them in, send angels and the host to free them by the blood of Jesus and His authority that they may hear Your voice and RECEIVE from YOU today! You are the God who goes after the 1. We give you our agreement for their souls to be saved in Jesus Name! We proclaim LIFE over them and that LIFE ONLY comes from You, SHOW them TRUE LOVE Lord Jesus! AMEN and AMEN!

Darla S.
November 6, 2021

I have prayed for Denise’s 3 daughters. How discouraging this must be! My grandson, who is a millennial is living a gay lifestyle with a permanent partner. He stopped attending church one Sunday at church when the pastor stated that homosexuality is a sin. He was raised in a Christian family. It also alarms me that my daughter, his mother, believes he was born a homosexual. I cannot believe this is true. I am almost 80 years old and never imagined our culture would change so drastically in my lifetime. I encourage all of us to pray for revival, beginning with our deceived young adults.

Darla S.
November 6, 2021

This is very discouraging.

Bill Tobey
November 6, 2021

My observation of this age group, they are into affection and it is not driven by the sex of the giver or receiver. I watched a threesome- one male & two females last night & they were very comfortable being affectionate toward each other regardless of sex.
My observation of people such as this threesome is they are just hungry for affection & are completely lacking of any boundaries.

Boy, do they need Jesus!

Desert Dweller
November 6, 2021

The enemy has been at work deceiving millenials about their true identity for some years but the presence and glory of God is well able to transform their thinking into believing they are who God created them to be.

Sharon Manifold
November 6, 2021

Nothing impossible for God🙏

November 6, 2021

My 3 millennium daughters all associate as LGBTQ and live in that sinful lifestyle. Praying the eyes of their hearts be opened to this abomination, and like the Prodigal Son, they all return to their first love-Jesus Christ our Lord.

I appreciate the prayers of the Saints to stand firm with me. Amen 🙏🙏

    November 6, 2021

    Praying in agreement, Denice, is Jesus’s mighty name! Amen!

      November 6, 2021

      Sorry about my typo! Meant: “in Jesus’ mighty name!”

Will Winn
November 6, 2021

The Lord’s criteria for the destruction of Sodom was certainly much less than 30%. “Then (Abraham) said, “May the Lord not be angry, but let me speak just once more. What if only ten can be found there? He answered, “For the sake of ten, I will not destroy it.”

On the other hand there was only one intercessor pleading for Lot’s family and the city. Perhaps God will withhold His judgement for the sake of the remnent church.

November 6, 2021

In the late 1960’s- early 1970’s I was part of “ a field that was white for harvest,” the hippie drug culture. I was lost and empty, brought about by living in that drug world and with it’s anti-social attitudes and behaviors. Then some Christians came across my path and told me about Jesus….

In Matthew 3:1-8, the Bible talks about John the Baptist who brought the message of repentance, saying that “the kingdom of heaven was at hand and that the people should bring forth fruits of repentance “,( take some action…make some changes in direction); and it says that the people went out to John , confessing their sins, and were baptized by him….before I met the Christians I had already been making some changes in my life because the Holy Spirit was drawing me to Jesus. I had stopped using drugs and I left some friends that were still on that path….and just like Jesus said would happen in John 17: 14 He said to His followers that they would be hated by the world because He was hated by the world. Some may wonder about the cause of that hate, I think one of the reasons is found in I Peter 4:3,4 “ Let the time that is past suffice for doing what Gentiles like to do, living in licentiousness, passions, drunkenness, revels, carousing, and lawless idolatry. They are surprised that you do not now join them in the same wild profligacy, and they abuse you…”.

Jesus is the most attractive and powerful figure of love in this world. Yet He always was dealing with wrong attitudes people have, stinkin’ thinkin’, sin, etc. But His love for each of us never wavers, no matter how deep the sewer is that we live in….He goes deeper still to deliver us from sin. Sin is bondage….we are not really free, no matter what we think.

One of my relatives lived a homosexual lifestyle for 10 years…but because of the work of God in her heart, she gave up that lifestyle permanently.

I pray for the “ field that is white for harvest”, those that identify as LGBT, to be drawn by the Holy Spirit, and to bear fruits of repentance. Come to Jesus

In Jesus’s Name

    November 6, 2021

    Appreciate your very courageous, forthright testimony, ML.

    I pray in agreement with you that these lost LGBT youth be drawn to Jesus by the Holy Spirit.

    I also wonder if some/most of the 30% who “identify as LGBT” are just saying that to appear politically correct and in step with what they perceive as the “correct” attitude of their peer group. While I don’t doubt the Arizona Christian University’s Cultural Research Center’s survey results – I’m sure they’re accurate – every young person wants to be accepted by their peers, and I’m guessing most of these respondents are only saying what they think they “should” say.

    I doubt that 30% of today’s youth are actually having deviant sexual relations. Not that the devil and his hordes aren’t attacking them with this filth, I’m sure the devil IS promoting this in every way possible. I just don’t think he’s been THAT successful. Just my opinion. And of course, the bottom line is that this generation needs our prayers – and they need truth.

Lorraine Boyd
November 6, 2021

LOrd God, we older people can’t handle this! Help us in our every interaction with those (especially Christian) who feel no conflict about their behaving in the freedom of LBGTQ. Help us in our thoughts, especially! Help us live mercifully.

November 6, 2021

hmmm….30%? I want to believe that there is a mistake somewhere but if this is true then this generation is in more confusion than one might think. 30% identifying as LGBTQ is really scary and reflects the state of the minds of these young folks. If these numbers are correct, i will think most of those in the 30% probably identify as bisexuals. The constant intrusive nature of the LGBTQ agenda in every space- business, work, church, school has succeeded in desensitizing and swaying multitudes and generations of innocent people away from Biblical view of sodomy and perversion. This problem continues to plague folks, not just the young amongst us because of the “silent majority” who have refused to speak the truth for fear of being labeled as homophobic. It is what it is -sodomy, perversion and inordinate affections according to the bible. Peddling and promotion of the LGBTQ ideologies and movements under “inclusion”, “diversity” and one-sided “tolerance” has eventually permanently confused everyday christians. A lot of christians in trying to show love, and love their neighbors have not learnt that the greater love is in speaking the truth, in love about what LGBTQ is. Anyone who practices such has their part in hell fire. The gospel of Christ is the solution. Many LGBTQ have been healed of their condition. They have a website http://www.changedmovement.com. Let us continue to speak the truth in love. It is not enough to just pray for them. The bible says “you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”. Only the truth you know is able to set you free. The number of “likes” on social media does not set anyone free. Only the truth of the love of Jesus, when LGBTQs receive Him into their lives and genuinely ask Him for help is he able to deliver them from this affliction. If my friend shoplifts and cannot stop shoplifting, he has a problem. Telling him that he has a problem is not “hate”. Telling him that he needs to get help is not “hate”. It is love. This problem has grown and is still growing because of the silent majority who are gradually becoming the silent minorities. Please speak up, speak out, speak and stand up for Jesus. God bless you. Amen!

    Dale Wilson
    November 6, 2021

    Well said Bunmi….VERY well said. Blessings to you

Geri Alexander
November 6, 2021

Father God, we bless You and thank You for this generation, and we decree in Jesus name Your word over them that declares that “the seed of the righteous (us) shall be delivered” (Prov 11:21). Let the word of The Lord be released over them, that “in the last days You will pour out Your spirit upon all flesh, and OUR SONS AND OUR DAUGHTERS SHALL PROPHESY” (Joel 2:28) – HALLELUJAH! Now, we prophesy and say, “this generation is coming out of confusion…let there be no more confusion for this generation. We call them out of agreement with the plans of the enemy and we bind and take authority over satan, in Jesus name (Matt 18:18). satan, we command you to loose your grip and take your hands off of this generation, WE PROPHESY THEY BELONG TO GOD (Ezek 18:4)! We decree that their identity is in Christ alone, and they shall come to know intimately and love with their whole hearts the only true God and Jesus Christ who The Father has sent (John 17:3)”. Let Christ (The Anointed One and His Anointings) increase over this generation, and they decrease (John 3:33). Thank You Heavenly Father, that “You know the thoughts that You think towards these precious ones, thoughts of peace and not evil for them, to give them a future and a hope” (Jer 29:11)! WE SAY, “LET GOD ARISE OVER THIS GENERATION AND LET HIS ENEMIES BE SCATTERED” (Psa 68:1) – GLORY TO GOD! We THANK YOU Father that Your Word will not return unto You void and You hasten Your word to perform it (Isa 55:11, Jer 1:12)! WE GIVE YOU ALL THE PRAISE IN JESUS NAME, AMEN & AMEN!

    November 6, 2021

    Powerful prayer!!! I agree!

    The demons have poured out their vial of filth on this generation and the young ones are “ confused” because the foul unclean spirits attack their emotions and feelings, making them “ feel “ that they are something they are not. Because they have no weapons of warfare they are clueless about what to do and thus believe the LIE.

November 6, 2021

Yes Lord, open their eyes to the truth, transform them into the men and women you created them to be to the praise of your glory. Lord remove the scales from their eyes, turn their hearts of stone to flesh. And as Deb said all of them, everyone seeking your kingdom!!!

November 6, 2021

Lord, Lord. This generation is a ‘seeking’ generation, as they ‘seek purpose’ and ‘gain clarity’ of who created them for His purposes and Glorification … Let them find You, Lord Jesus. Let them all – every single millennial – find ‘the friend’, ‘the healer’, ‘the freedom-fighter’, ‘the Messiah’ You are Lord. Let the ‘finding You’ transform the current cultural worldview to God-revering, God-fearing, God-glorifying culture and future generations. We love you Lord Jesus, we beseech you to forgive us, heal us, give us compassion and boldness to love this generation as you love them. I place them in your hands Lord … in Jesus’ powerful and loving name, I pray.


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