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Father, give us creative ideas on how we can reach out to others in this time of quarantine!
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With all of us spending most of our days in our homes, our regular opportunities to bless others, meet together, and interact with other humans besides our families, is all but dried up.  How can we look for non-contact ways to encourage others and offer hope when we aren’t seeing other people?  Let’s get creative! We have compiled a list of ideas of how you can offer hope in these strange days.  You will probably have a few ideas of your own–be sure and share them in the comments at the end of the article. And check out the Covid-19 Prayer Wall–nearly a hundred thousand prayers have been posted.

  1. Create a sign to place in your window with a simple message. “Find Hope in Christ” or “God’s Love Never Fails”
  2. Share positive and uplifting memes on social media.  As we all know, social media is a hotbed for rumors, panic and fear.  Share a hopeful message that will be a welcome message.  IFA has compiled a huge library of positive uplifting memes – visit our Facebook page and scroll through our posts and SHARE to place them on your own page.
  3. This one is great if you have kids: on a walk, bring along sidewalk chalk.  Intermittently write out messages of hope or scripture for others to encounter as they are walking. Keep them short and easy to read.  And if you have time, add some great kid art to go along with it! (And if you don’t have kids, this is still a great creative way to place messages of hope, peace, and God’s love on walking trails, sidewalks and even parking lots.) Share below in the comments what you would write out on sidewalks…
  4. Fly your American flag.  This isn’t necessarily spiritual, but it is a message of solidarity and unity with others in our nation.
  5. Make an appointment to drive by the windows of a nursing home or care center with happily decorated vehicles.  (Another great activity with kids.)  Invite your friends to participate.  Each one of you is safely in your vehicles, but you can make your own parade!  Decorate with posters, window markers, balloons–whatever you have to make things look fun.  You can even drive by several different facilities in one outing.
  6. Write notes to hospital staff, police officers, postal workers, grocery employees and more.  Write a letter, thank them for their work in these times, let them know you are praying for them.
  7. If you live in an area where cars and walkers would see a sign in your yard, create a message and post it so it can offer hope to all who pass by.
  8. Reach out by phone to those in your neighborhood or on your phone list who may be alone. Encourage them. Pray with them if you are led.
  9. Create a video on your social media page.  Simply Facebook LIVE a message of hope, read a scripture, or offer a prayer.  People will love being able to see another live person! A great way to stay in touch with others, and give people a personal touch they are likely craving.
  10. SHARE the resources, posts, and teachings from IFA.  Some of your friends may not have visited our website to see the plethora of resources that are available not only for intercession for the nation but also in the Covid-19 crisis.

10 ideas for reaching out with hope–now, share your ideas and messages below!


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Alice Pontius
March 28, 2020

Great ideas! thank you for sending these out.

michelle Jewell
March 27, 2020

Pass this along:
As a licensed mental health counselor, I am acutely aware of the impact COVID 19 has had on many Christians who are isolated and will be unable to gather with friends and family to celebrate Easter. Obviously, most of us who are Christians will not be going to church on Easter. I would like to suggest that on Easter Sunday, those of us who are Christian would step outside our front doors, wave and say Happy Easter to our neighbors followed by a one-minute prayer for our country. We could all do this at a given time like 10:00 AM CST and we could even ask our churches to ring their bells synchronicity at that same time. Michelle Jewell, LMHP

March 27, 2020

I thank God for IFA for the work they do, the way they encourage us to pray and also the great ideas how to show Jesus love to our neighbors.
Today I’m going to encourage someone by making a phone call, sending a card or an email. I will remind them how much Jesus loves them and that I’m praying for them! ✝️❤️

March 26, 2020

Some residents of our senior community are hanging strings of white Christmas lights in their windows as reminders of Yeshua’s birth and ore happy days to come.

Kris Fray
March 26, 2020

I love all the above ideas, thank you IFA!! I feel the Lord gave me an idea this morning and it probably came because of the prayers specifically for this. I love to hand out the Chick tracks from chick.com and I want to go door to door in my neighborhood and give them out asking if I can pray for them. I can write my name and cell phone # on the back and email so they can send me their prayers or if they open the door I can stand at distance and pray for them right there. God bless you all my IFApray family.Thank you for all you are doing!!

Donna Freeman
March 26, 2020

Some folks in our neighborhood are lighting up the outside of their homes with Christmas lights. It brings hope and joy to our neighborhood.

Linda Gerwig
March 26, 2020

One thing I’m doing is reading two chapters a day in the Bible and discussing what we are reading with my granddaughter. We’re in the book of Mark right now.

March 24, 2020

Send a cheery card to widows who may feel vulnerable. Tell them you are praying for them and reassure them that their best Friend is right there beside them day and night. Tuck in some money.


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