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Father, we pray that You would prevent China from becoming the new global superpower, and that You would prevent this alliance between China and Russia from threatening America. Protect us, Lord!

“Peace” in Ukraine, economic and military alliance, and a new world order were the subjects of discussion between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin earlier this week. What does this all mean for America?

From Breitbart. Russian leader Vladimir Putin lavished praise on visiting Chinese dictator Xi Jinping on Monday as Xi began his visit to Moscow. …

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Putin sang from China’s playbook about how Western notions of human rights and international good behavior are just a scam to keep the rising authoritarian powers of the world under control:

The ‘collective West’ clings more and more desperately to archaic dogmas, to its elusive dominance, putting the fate of entire states and peoples at stake. The course pursued by the United States of dual containment of Russia and China, as well as all those who do not succumb to American dictates, is becoming more acute and assertive. The architecture of international security and cooperation is being dismantled.

The Kremlin said Putin would offer Xi “exhaustive clarifications” on Russia’s plans for Ukraine, giving the Chinese dictator a “first-hand view of the current moment from the Russian side.” …

This seems like a polite way for Putin to tell Xi that China’s “12-point peace plan” is not good enough to end the fighting in Ukraine. … Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov flat-out dodged questions about if China would be welcomed as a peacemaker and intermediary between Russia and Ukraine’s supporters in the West. …

Xi is clearly still hoping to build on momentum from the China-brokered rapprochement between Iran and Saudi Arabia, perhaps hoping that China could cement its position as the new dominant global power by negotiating an end to Putin’s Ukraine war while the Biden administration glares sullenly from the sidelines.

Xi said when he landed in Moscow that his regime is ready to “stand guard over the world order based on international law.” …

For their part, the Ukrainians have signaled a willingness to accept China at the negotiating table, perhaps even at the head seat, but only if Beijing modifies its sketchy “peace plan” to require that Russia vacates Ukrainian territory. …

From CNN. Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin have made a sweeping affirmation of their alignment across a host of issues – and shared mistrust of the United States – in a lengthy statement following talks between the two leaders in Moscow this week.

Their meeting, which took place under the shadow of Russia’s onslaught in Ukraine, left no question about Beijing’s commitment to developing its rapport with Moscow, despite Putin’s growing isolation on the global stage as its devastating war continues into its second year.

It also failed to move the needle on bringing that conflict to resolution. …

Here’s what you need to know about Xi and Putin’s meetings.

No meaningful path forward on Ukraine

The meetings yielded no breakthrough on resolving the conflict in Ukraine.

Both leaders called for the cessation of actions that “increase tensions” and “prolong” the war in Ukraine, according to their joint statement released by China’s Foreign Ministry. The statement did not acknowledge that Russia’s invasion and military assault were the cause of ongoing violence and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. …

In recent weeks, China had appeared to position itself as a peace broker, releasing its position on a “political solution” to the conflict calling for a ceasefire and peace talks. …

But the proposal has been viewed as a nonstarter in the West and Ukraine, because it includes no provision that Moscow withdraw its troops from Ukrainian land. …

New world order and alignment against the US

Experts say that China and Russia’s inclination to build their alignment against the US — and a world order more suited to their own more autocratic agendas — was driving the meeting, not interest in resolving the conflict in Ukraine.

As Xi left the Kremlin following a state dinner on Tuesday evening with Putin, his parting message reiterated his view that global power dynamics are shifting.

“Together, we should push forward these changes that have not happened for 100 years. Take care,” he said during a goodbye handshake with Putin, alluding to what Xi sees as an era where the West is fading and China is ascendant. …

They also hit out at Washington at multiple points – including saying they “urge the United States to stop undermining international and regional security and global strategic stability in order to maintain its own unilateral military superiority.” …

‘Military mutual trust’ and defense ties

Perceived threats from bodies like NATO and AUKUS – a security pact comprised of Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States – emerged as a clear focus for both leaders, including their implications on Asia. …

Russia and China pledged to “further deepen military mutual trust,” citing strengthening their military exchanges and cooperation and regularly organizing joint maritime and aerial patrols. …

Economic and energy boost

Putin said Tuesday that Moscow was ready to support Chinese business “replacing Western enterprises” that left Russia since the start of his invasion of Ukraine. …

The partners appeared poised to expand what has already been a surge in energy trade over the past year as Europe cut its reliance on Russia’s key resource. …

The joint statement did mention working together to promote “research and consultation” related to a “new China-Mongolia-Russia natural gas pipeline project.” …

How are you praying over this alliance between China and Russia? Share your prayers and scriptures below.

(Excerpts from Breitbart and CNN. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Grant Windholz
March 23, 2023

Lord God Almighty please save America from the Communist power alliance of China and Russia. Just like Isaiah 2 : 4 states, cause any country that is planning to destroy us fail. Disorganize their evil plans!! AMEN 🙏

Darlene DeAngelis
March 23, 2023

Father God your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven father God you see your sons you know them from the inside out you know their ulterior motives father God you are the Almighty all-powerful and you will have your way with these two men father God no weapon formed against the USA will prosper father God confused them in the mind father God make them shake to the core of their soul and bend them at their knees when needed in Jesus name we pray

Susan Bryan
March 23, 2023

I humbly ask that we look at the prayer given above for America. It is, in essence, telling God what to do. We instinctively want the outcome that would be the most ideal for America. But don’t you think more than anything we must put repentance first (revival has broken out) and then the prayer of surrender to His will. To say, I surrender to your Holy Will, I yield all my rights, submit to your authority, acquiesce to You as the wind in the trees and abandon all to You and Your holy Will.

Ö Jesus, I surrender America, my family and myself to You, You take care of everything.

    March 23, 2023

    Yes, Susan, we must first confess that we have stood by, turned a blind eye while the evil one takes over. We have shirked our responsibilities as the Body of Christ and are at best lukewarm (which God despises). We must get on our knees before the Holy of Holies and repent of our sins and then get up and be the soldiers that Christ wants us to be. We must do this now for if not now…when? If not us…who?

March 23, 2023

LORD JESUS (YAHSHUA) if this is truly the end of the age for our planet and Jesus is coming back really soon … Thy Will Be Done on Earth according to your prophecies and promises … All Glory and Honor to the TRUE GOD His name to be glorified in all the earth.
Prepare to meet your GOD … His Kingdom to come and let us all search our hearts and repent for the Kingdom is at hand and it is to be within us as we are Kingdom Citizens awaiting the return of our KING !!! HalleluYah!!!!

Toni Kushner
March 23, 2023

I voice agreement with Sunny’s prayer, may the Lord give us focus, perseverance and endurance to fight the good fight of FAITH.

March 23, 2023

Oh, Lord. The world and America have been hijacked by demons who hate your Holy Name and want to destroy what you have given to us. Forgive us for our apathy, our indifference and our fear of the enemy. You did not give us a spirit of fear. You said Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you. I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’

You do not want us to roll over and let evil have it’s way. I pray in Jesus’ name that your Church, the Bride of Christ, stands BOLDLY against the evil that has taken over our schools, government, cities, states and yes, even our churches. Father, open our eyes to what actions we need to take and to pray without ceasing!! Help us to realize that it is time for us as Christian Soldiers to march as to war because we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. We praise and thank you for this opportunity to defeat the enemy and it is in Your name we pray. Amen

Onward, Christian soldiers
Marching as to war
With the cross of Jesus
Going on before

Christ the royal master
Leads against the foe
Forward into battle
See His banners go

At the sign of triumph
Satan’s host doth flee;
On, then, Christian soldiers
On to victory

Hell’s foundations quiver
At the shout of praise;
Brothers, lift your voices
Loud your anthems raise

Like a mighty army
Moves the Church of God;
Brothers, we are treading
Where the Saints have trod

We are not divided;
All one body we:
One in hope and doctrine
One in charity

Onward, Christian soldiers
Marching as to war
With the cross of Jesus
Going on before.

    Karen E. Kendrick
    March 23, 2023


    March 23, 2023

    You’ve prayed my heart Sunny, I’d love to have a copy to blast fb with it! Praise God for your words, you’ve covered every aspect of the needs! We must accept the fact that this is war & fight like never before, Amen

      March 23, 2023

      Thank you, Anna. By all means use it on fb and anywhere else that would encourage people to get into the battle for God’s Kingdom. God bless you, Anna.

    March 23, 2023

    Amen Amen Sunny!!!

March 23, 2023

Then you need to pray against corrupt Joe biden who is doing all he can to devalue America and value and help China! FATHER GOD please remove biden quickly in JESUS MIGHTY NAME! Amen!

Karen Secrest
March 23, 2023

Now we sk for the Spirit of Wisdom to come upon us since past actions show disinformation is policy: you never let the right hand know what the left in reality is doing.
We trust your Word Lord that says you hear our cry even before it is uttered And you Answer. Our Trust remains inn you Lord God for protection and guidance every step we take..Amen


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