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I Prayed have prayed
Jesus You are a worthy King! With everything in us we praise You Lord. All honor and blessings are Yours.
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Patricia Bates Martinez
August 9, 2019

HE IS WORTHY!!! Our God intends to sell again with us!!! What hope, what joy, Who but our God?

August 8, 2019

Oh yes my great God And his son Jesus is worthy of glory and honor and all praise now and forever!

Dorothy Black
August 8, 2019

Thank you Jesus you alone are worthy.

Albert Klasky
April 18, 2019

The context of the question comes from Revelation chapter 5. This powerful moment has yet to happen in end times events. Jesus will be found worthy to take the scroll and break its seals. When He takes it the 7 years of the worlds last “week” as we know it will begin. Note verse 13!!! When Jesus takes the scroll PRAISE will break out starting at the Throne and reverberating down on to the whole world. Every created thing will Praise Him. WE WILL KNOW when Jesus has taken the scroll because the world will stop and say, “TO HIM WHO SITS ON THE THRONE AND TO THE LAMB, BE BLESSING AND HONOR AND PRAISE AND DOMINION…”

Cheri Frey
April 16, 2019

Thank you jesus , for you are worthy to break into the darkness and remove our dark stain of sin, so we can celebrate new life in you!! We praise you and worship you for the work of Your cross, for it brings victory to all who bow their knee before you. Amen jesus, amen!!

DaRynda Crocker
April 16, 2019

Americans, please pray for our Nation


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