I Prayed have prayed
Father, help truth and justice to be revealed in this investigation.

The Republican-controlled Wisconsin state assembly on Tuesday passed a resolution to authorize an investigation into the 2020 presidential election.

The resolution passed on a 58-35 party-line vote. . . .

The Associated Press reported: . . .

“The Republican-controlled Wisconsin Assembly passed a resolution Tuesday to authorize an investigation into the 2020 presidential election that President Joe Biden narrowly won in the state.

The resolution, opposed by Democrats, is needed to give the committee authorization if it decides to issue subpoenas to compel testimony and gather documents, said Rep. Joe Sanfelippo. He is vice-chairman of the Assembly elections and campaign committee that would conduct the probe.

The resolution authorizing the investigation passed on a 58-35 party line vote, with all Republicans in support and all Democrats against. It passed after Republicans last month ordered an audit of the election results.

Republicans said they wanted to gather more evidence to see if laws were broken, but Democrats said they were trying to score political points, undermining the public’s faith in elections and insulting election clerks, poll workers and others who ran the election.” . . .

President Trump had a sizable lead in Wisconsin on election night when crooked Democrat elections officials stopped counting ballots. . . .

Overnight Wisconsin had a huge dump of votes all for Joe Biden, notice the blue line below:

Joe Biden ended up ‘winning’ Wisconsin by 21,000 votes.

The Democrats used every trick in the book to steal Wisconsin, including increasing the number of “indefinitely confined” voters who can vote without IDs.

The total number of “indefinitely confined” voters, or Express Votes ballots for individuals with disabilities skyrocketed from around 60,000 in 2016 to over 240,000 in 2020.

No photo ID is required in Wisconsin for indefinitely confined voters. . . .

In addition to the IC ballots, the observers in Dane County found thousands of ballots with the initials ‘MLW’ on them. We don’t know if these ballots were completed correctly or not as well. But like the IC ballots, these ballots were in pristine condition and had no creases on them. They could not have been mailed in during the election.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said he wanted to proceed with the investigation into the 2020 election, which would be more public than the audit, to see if any other issues are raised that need to be considered. – reported Madison.com. . . .

Share your comments on this investigation. . .

(Excerpt from The Gateway Pundit. Article by Cristina Laila. Photo Credit: Getty Images.)

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Sharon Culp
March 26, 2021

Jesus we call on You as our Advocate who pleads our case. Lord You are the defender and our defense. Shine Your light over the secrets of darkness and corruption that took place in this election. I pray for humbled hearts, integrity and God honoring words and actions in this investigation. I pray for the former Leaders to speak Truth in a way that honors You Lord. Ultimately Lord we Trust that You are working all things for America’s good and Your plan. In Jesus name. Amen

Stanley wright
March 26, 2021

I pray for all theywill be held accountable, wrong or right people will be judged according to The God of Abraham.
Father forgive give them they know not what they do

Lorene Warren
March 25, 2021

Thank you God for the investigation being done in Wisconsin concerning the presidential vote of 2020 May the truth come out about how the Democratic party stole the election in Jesus holy name amen

Carolyn Jenkins
March 25, 2021

This is wonderful, and long overdue!

March 25, 2021

Father God, I pray that truth and justice will prevail in this investigation and pray that election integrity will prevail in more and more states. Election results should be openly reviewed for fraud. In Jesus name.

Jeanne Allison
March 25, 2021

This is a much needed step to election integrity and to the U.S. Constitution integrity and for law abidance thruout our country. All elections must account for fair and just rules to insure that legal and true citizens only must vote. It is insanity and completeltely wrong for any deviance to be allowed. To allow any one to vote without legal identification is an open door to cheating and dishonesty. It is completely wrong and unfair to all legal citizens who do obey the law. Who permitted such a wrong rule? And WHY? I want to know!

Debi Lentsch
March 25, 2021

Election results in every state should be openly reviewed for voter fraud.

March 25, 2021


Dona Lofland
March 25, 2021

I am ecstatic to hear about this investigation. I believe my vote was stolen and that has been very demoralizing. I was so excited vote in November, and it never crossed my mind my vote would not matter. It’s unbelievable that such egregious corruption was allowed to occur and
prevail in spite of all the hard evidence of systemic fraud.

Vickie Skelley
March 25, 2021

America is rapidly self destructing right before our eyes. Only the blind can’t see it. Now, a transgender man is serving as Director Health and Human resources. A man who identifies as a woman and believes little children should be able to pick their sex and have life altering surgery without parental approval. This is demonic. The Democratic party is demonic. Even so called moderates voted for this man who claims to be a woman. This man also was caught in his state doing an something totally immoral with regard to his own mother and the COVID19 nursing homes. Removing her before she was affected with COVID19 because apparently this man (who thinks he is a woman) knew they were going to put sick seniors back in the nursing home. YET, still so called moderates voted in the Senate, democrats for this man. And even 2 Republicans!!!! The elections have been manipulated. If I’ve born false witness, please correct me but this is what I learned about this man who is now, thanks to Biden (whom I will never call President because he is not, they stole the elections, just watch on Rumble “Absolute Proof”) Biden put this man who thinks he is a woman into office. They prove it. The Republicans, most, are useless. It will be up to God Almighty to deliver us my friends, my sisters and brothers in the Lord. I’ve prayed, I’ve sought, I’ve cried over this country’s demise. When a country forsakes God Almighty and is so wicked for so long, the cup of God’s wrath is at a brim. America has killed legally over 60 million little defenseless babies. This could be God’s wrath. Perhaps the church will rise up and like Nineva, repent. I don’t know. God does thou. God sees. God’s people are not appointed to His wrath now or in the end. But we are appointed to persecution for persecution always comes because of the word. Scripture is clear, the true church will suffer persecution and folks we better be prepared. This is not the America we grew up with. The current administration does not give a flying fig about the constitution. Two democrats stood up yesterday and declared they will not vote for any of Biden’s appointees unless they meet a certain race or orientation. This is against the 1960s Civil Rights act. They are brash and bold about their agenda. OUR CHILDREN ARE THEIR TARGET. THEIR MINDS. Be prepared for persecution and jail when we refuse to bow down to Ceasor (the state) and instead worship Jesus. We pray for the wicked to repent. Evil is now controlling America, in every area. Could this be God’s judgement? I believe it just may be. Even the church of Jesus Christ has departed from the word of God and created another Jesus in the image they want Him to be. This is idolatry. This is what happens right before a nation falls. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”. The true Lord. The one that we worship is Spirit and in TRUTH. I’m sorry brethren, but if this is God’s judgement, America is in big trouble. She already is.

March 25, 2021

I’m praying that these things will go through Congress faster than the perverse unneeded laws the far left conjures up!!

    Nancy Berkey
    March 25, 2021

    I wish this would happen in Pennsylvania. We had a crooked election too. I pray in the Name of Jesus Christ that allthe states involved in crooked elections would reveal the truth and these corrupt people in the Whitehouse and DC WILL E REMOVED. AMEN

March 25, 2021

I say a big AMEN to what is transpiring in Wisconsin and here in my state of Arizona. May the other 5 states that were robbed of their election by deceitful measures follow and begin as well to bring Justice to America.
I for one am BELIEVING and not giving up that TRUTH and JUSTICE is going to be revealed in all 7 states. BELIEVE.

March 25, 2021

And let this be a beginning to other states, to keep justice in front, not hidden, no matter!
America was founded on for the people by the people!
As all keep Jesus Christ as the Head of our country, we seek truth in His Name, no other name.

Blanca Holland
March 25, 2021

Let the fire of the HOLY SPIRIT KADOSH fall upon this nation and bring the truth of the matter of the hidden theft by the enemy:

March 25, 2021

I am glad to see another State auditing the 2020 election. We need hard, cold,undeniable evidence of election fraud and the role Dominion Voting Systems played. Those huge vote spikes in critical swing States were no accident. Father, empower the people of Wisconsin to continue to search this matter out, expose crooked computer software programs and fake ballots! Send forth your Light and your Truth in Jesus’s Name. I bind every hindering spirit, witchcraft, or any demon power that would try to hide fraud, corruption, or conspiracy in the 2020 election in any State. Lord, I also repent on behalf of the CIA or others who may have orchestrated election fraud in other Nations, forgive us Lord, and close any legal doors the enemy has to devour our land. I trust in you for the victory Faithful God, thank you!

March 25, 2021

About time!

Cheri Gardey
March 25, 2021

I do hope someone responded to the democrat in WI who claimed this will undermine the public’s faith in elections – they should know and understand that the public already has lost faith in our nation’s election process and they don’t trust the process because to many irregularities have been uncovered along with video evidence of ballot dumps in multiple states. All people should want transparency in our election process. The shrill comments from democrats since the 2020 election only prove they don’t want transparency or even one vote per legal voter. They don’t even want voters to provide identification proving they are legally able to vote because that is the only way democrats will stay in power. Every voter should have to provide government issued ID in order to vote. The population is angry about the stolen election and now the overreach that democrats showing. They know they will be voted out of office with a truly fair and transparent election. Restoring our elections to that of one vote per legal voter is an uphill battle but this is a start. Our democracy will now longer exist without election integrity and transparency . I pray for their success in this investigation.

March 25, 2021

God is with us & working in what may appear as strange ways. Please give us strength Oh Lord to follow in your footsteps,leading us to redemption and salvation. Be with our political leaders as they bring forth truth and justice. In your holy name. Amem.

March 25, 2021

The corruption in the recent Presidential election needs to be investigated and totally exposed. Those responsible need to be brought to justice and safeguards put in place so it never happens again. Only through the light of transparency and implementation of justice will trust be restored to our electorate and democratic process.

We need to strive for and maintain our right to free and fair elections. If we lose that then we lose our country.
It will not be a country “of the people, by the people, and for the people” any longer. It will be a country owned by a corrupt corporate media and tech industry, a cabal of unelected bureaucrats who think they should decide what is best for the public, and an elitist globalist agenda that seeks to weaken the U.S. in order to implement their plans.

Because of the recent election fraud I believe our country is at a tipping point. It can easily, from here, tumble into a state of totalitarianism or we can hold onto our remarkable 250 year sanctum of liberty. Where we end up will be determined by an educated and involved citizenry. This is why we see the blatant censorship and fascist tactics employed by Big Tech, the MSM and a certain corrupt political Party. They do not want knowledgeable educated voters determining who wins elections. Will we let the corruption stand or will we hold those responsible for it accountable?

I pray that our Sovereign, Gracious, Merciful Heavenly Father will bring spiritual healing and revival to our land. That He will expose the corruption and that our citizenry will be motivated by morality and truth.

March 25, 2021

Praying that your light shines in Wisconsin! Praying that we continue to endure and pray for truth to be honorably disclosed in the Wisconsin elections and all states.
In Jesus name let His righteous kingdom rule come.


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