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Lord God, we pray for legislation that will promote fair and just elections and we pray You prevent legislation and laws that weaken election laws.

BREAKING: Rep. Kat Cammack posted a great video about the ‘voting rights’ bill that the House of Representatives voted for last week–they took an old NASA bill, left the title, and edited it to be a re-do of HR1 and HR4. What’s in the bill?

  • Mechanism to bar states from requiring voter ID
  • Bar states from banning ballot harvesting
  • Allows non-citizens to vote
  • Taxpayer funding of political campaigns

Watch Rep. Cammack’s  powerful video here at Gateway Pundit. Learn also why the democrats want to end the filibuster. Ending the filibuster is the only way they will pass this bill. It’s time to call your U.S. Senators and tell them you support the filibuster and that you do not support this so-called voting rights act. Rep. Cammack gives great direction on exactly what to say when you call your senators. We highly recommend this video.

You can send a message to Congress about this “bait and switch” bill. Click here to send your message on election integrity and the NASA bill today!

Democrats in Congress are unable to move forward on their massive spending bill because of bipartisan opposition. Polling showed President Biden’s Big Government Socialism Bill was wildly unpopular with the American people. That is no surprise when you consider it did not address any of the significant issues facing American families today like sky-high gas prices, rising food costs, spikes in violent crime, and a shortage of products because of a failing supply chain.

So, what’s next for the radical progressives in Congress? That would be pushing another wildly unwanted, unnecessary, unpopular bill.

The Left now wants a complete federal takeover of our local elections. The U.S. Constitution gives state legislatures the right and responsibility to decide how they will conduct elections. After all, what works in Massachusetts may not work in Montana, Mississippi, or Maine. However, the Left is fixated on trying to convince Americans to believe a more invasive federal government is somehow the answer to everything.

I will pose the question this way: Does it make sense to let the federal government run our state elections? After all, this is the same incompetent federal government that botched the Afghanistan withdrawal, leaving thousands of Americans stranded. It is the same federal government that has given us gas prices 82 percent higher than last year; leaves our borders open to drug cartels, human trafficking, and child smuggling; and admits to being caught so flatfooted on dealing with COVID that it does not have enough tests, is denying therapeutics to American citizens, and has seen more deaths in 2021 than in 2020.

And this is the federal government the Left thinks should control more of our lives?!?

The Left gave this bill a disingenuous name on purpose — so that you may be fooled by what it truly does. It is called the “Freedom to Vote Act,” but when you look at what it actually does and does not do, it really should be called the “Freedom to Cheat Act.”

Here are a few reasons why.

The Freedom to Cheat Act would ban the need for voter photo identification to cast a ballot. Eighty-five percent of the American people support voter ID.

Across America, there are almost 2 million dead people still on the voting rolls. The Freedom to Cheat Act would prohibit states from cleaning their voter rolls before an election. Eighty-eight percent of the American people support cleaning voter rolls, which is key to fair and honest elections.

82 percent of Americans support the commonsense reform that all ballots should be returned to election officials by Election Day, but the Left’s Freedom to Cheat Act would extend the deadline to over 2 weeks after the election. . . .

Eligible and registered Americans should vote one time, their ballot should be counted only once, and that ballot should be protected from any possible tampering. The American people demand simple reforms like these at the state level, and they most certainly deserve it. One illegally cast ballot is one too many.

The Freedom to Cheat Act not only prevents states from implementing safeguards to protect voters, but it would also put federal laws on the books that leave us all exposed to fraud, abuse, and other illegalities.

Voter ID, cleaning the voter rolls, and returning ballots to election officials on Election Day are commonsense reforms that the American people support. Many of these measures are being introduced in state legislatures across the country and would help restore faith, trust, and confidence in our election system. The Freedom to Cheat Act is a federal government takeover of our elections, and the reform-killing measures in it would throw open the doors of our elections to allow even more cheating and more fraud.

Ken Blackwell serves as Chair of the America First Policy Institute (AFPI) Center for Election Integrity and previously was Ohio’s Secretary of State.

What are your thoughts on this new bill? Let us know in the comments below!

(Excerpt from Breitbart. Article written by Ken Blackwell. Photo credit: )

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Janet Lokensgard
January 19, 2022

Wrong if I have to show my ID to even go on airbnb but someone can vote illegally. Messed up USA if the left pushes this through. If it is legal for any Tom, Dick or Garry to vote then I can vote 10 times? The left is opening up a can of worms that will do nothing but corrupt us here in this land that use to be the greatest.

bruce southern
January 19, 2022

Have u people lost your collective minds. READ the Constitution….

January 18, 2022

In Jesus name, by the authority He has given me, I BIND this Freedom to Vote Act from ever passing! Matthew 18:18 and 16:19!
Come on people, use your God given authority! And, believe you receive when you pray!
Matthew 21:22

C and C Nelson
January 18, 2022

Lord we ask for your protection and intervention in preventing this law from moving forward or passing. We ask that your holy spirit would come like a flood over the hearts of millions in our nation – spurring them to stand firmly against the passing of this satanic inspired bill. We humbly ask you to send mental & verbal confusion into all people who have been complicit in the schemes to bring this falsehood to Americans. Open the eyes of all Americans to see and understand what is going on. We give the people planning this federal takeover ruse into Your hands. We pray that somehow You will get through to them Lord & save them. We also pray that if they continue to reject You, Your voice and Your way of truth – then do with them as You please in justice and discipline. Shine Your light on their purposeful deceit and lies and allow it to become public with no restrictions.
Remove them from office – replace them with Godly people or those who will follow Your commands. Allow the deceitful liars to be caught on hot mics even though they do everything to try and stay hidden. We claim by the power of Jesus and His blood that schemes will be continually exposed and that no amount of their efforts to hide their deceit will work. We ask this in Your holy name… amen.

Esmeralda winchell
January 18, 2022

I watched this video from representative Kat Cammack last Friday. She is very thorough on what was voted and passed by the House. She tells you exactly where to go to find out who your senators are and exactly what to say. I called over the weekend and left a message. We must take action and be heard. I prayed before I called.

Johnny Talbott
January 18, 2022

When does the phrase By the people for the people fall in to place for the Government.

Mrs Iona Gorham
January 18, 2022

At what point will we start using the brain our Father gave us for righteousness?

Jay DeFee
January 18, 2022

If passed, free America becomes an idea of our history.

Frankie Hutchens
January 18, 2022

This is surreal but it’s our reality today. Although cheating has gone on in the elections for years, it hasn’t been at the level it grew to in 2020, and the ensuing “stollen election” with proof.
I’m in awe that those in power on the right have not lived up to their responsibilities but have allowed this to move forward to the clustermess it is today. This fake administration and our federal government are a disgrace to the United States of America, everything the U S A stands for and all of humanity. The clown president, with his wizard behind the current snd the nitwit witch are a laughing stock for sure. They won’t be laughing when the are no longer and meet their maker.
For the left:
Elect a clown, expect a circus!

Jerry Frank Forestieri
January 18, 2022

Early -one stop- voting without real picture ID by anyone who can give the last four of a social security number, birth date and place of residence in the county where they choose to vote is an invitation to voter fraud. To protect election software Wi-Fi or any wired internet access is not allowed at polling places. Thus the “information” can’t even be checked before a completely anonymous ballot is deposited untraceable and irretrievable in the ballot box. It is checked the next day at the county Board Of Elections (BOE). Even so our leftist led state North Carolina State Board of Elections (NCSBE) has forbidden us to compare signatures with voter registration cards when we suspect fraud. Federal and state judges have gutted our voter ID law here in NC.
As a BOE member in my county I will be voting for only one early voting site to operate because that is the minimum allowed by law. Without unanimous agreement with the other Republican and three Democrats on our BOE the state NCSBE will decide how many early voting sites we operate. Our BOE mission statement has been to conduct accurate legal elections. The goal of the left via “lawfare” is to strip the word accurate from the mission statement and leave us with election results that are false but legal. An election is not a defendant in court with a presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Every election needs to prove its veracity. State legislatures that verified the 2020 results without that abdicated their oaths of office. Very serious reform is needed including the right of States conducting accurate elections to challenge and void election results in States that conduct legal false result elections.

    Charles Smith
    January 18, 2022

    Dear Lord, please support and intervene with Jerry Frank for election reform in North Carolina. Protect their elections in Jesus name……Amen!

January 18, 2022

Our Lord is the Way, the Truth and the Light. May truth prevail. I know many ignore all information on election integrity and believe the lies that are repeated by media and government officials. We must continue to tell the truth. Truth always wins, sometimes it just takes time. Have courage!!!

January 18, 2022

Our government has been overthrown by global communist and like a bull dozer will continue to tear down and take away our freedoms. Answered Prayer to the Father in Jesus Name is our only hope. But if we think God will restore a godless people we are fooling ourselves. Our prayers first and foremost should be that we as a nation which is made up of individual people, one by one repent and turn to the Jesus of the Bible. Without true Biblical faith in the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Gospel message. Our prayers will not be heard. Lord have mercy

“Let thy mercy, O LORD, be upon us, According as we hope in thee.”
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭33:22‬ ‭

Jessica Renshaw
January 18, 2022

It’s a Freedom to Cheat Act all right. It’s counter-productive and doesn’t make sense. It’s not in America’s best interest.


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