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Lord Jesus, it brings great comfort knowing that one day all our tears will be wiped away. Until then, may our tears bring great healing to our hearts and minds as we await this glorious promise.
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Precious intercessor, the Word of God provides assurance that every tear you’ve shed has not been in vain. The King of Kings holds each one in his hand, all the while carrying your burdens on his shoulders. These tears are more than just drops of salty water. Born out of great care for humans, God fashioned tears with a special design and purpose. Far more than a physical response, the act of crying brings miraculous benefits to the body and soul.  

You have kept track of my every toss and turn through the sleepless nights, Each tear entered in your ledger, each ache written in your book (Psalm 56:8 MSG).

Is this verse difficult to comprehend or believe? Could it really be true that God is aware of every tear that has trickled down our faces, as well as the circumstances behind each painful drop?

Recently, my eyes were opened to the importance of tears and why God created them. At the time I had been overwhelmed by the stresses of life, as well as the current political and global turmoil in our world. As a writer, it’s part of my job to research the dark agendas wreaking havoc in our society. At one point, the weight of the information became too much. Unable to hold back my distress, I broke down in tears. Another person witnessed my small outburst and quickly told me that crying would only make the situation worse. They emphasized that my actions were causing more stress to my body and the best thing I could do is to take charge of my emotions. I quickly shut off the tears, feeling rather embarrassed.

For many months after this encounter, I resisted the urge to cry. I thought that maybe I needed a thicker skin, as well as a heart that wasn’t so easily affected by life’s ups and downs. But something happened that I didn’t expect. During this time, I noticed my blood pressure slowly going up. This was very unusual for me because it had always been low and steady. My diet, exercise routine, and lifestyle had not changed, but something else had. In actuality, I was keeping my frustration and sadness bottled up and locked down tight. Even worse, I was not releasing any of it to God. All the while it was building up like a soda can that had been shaken with great force.

My mind went back to the person who told me that crying would only make things worse. As I meditated on their words, the Holy Spirit spoke very clearly to me. There is healing in your tears. At that moment, I realized that perhaps I should do some research on tears and what God has to say about them.

Tears are More Than Just Salt and Water

An article titled “The Miracle of Tears” posted by Answers in Genesis revealed some amazing facts which showcased God’s grand design within human tears. While the most obvious function of tears is to lubricate your eyes, this is only one of many purposes instilled by our Creator. Interestingly enough, tears are more than just moisture because they’re a key component to achieving optimal health, and a positive mental state. God’s blueprint for tears highlights not just His intelligence, but also His mercy and ingenuity. Foreseeing that in a fallen world humans would encounter many pressures, disappointments and stresses in daily life, He made not just one kind of tear, but three. These drops of water would accomplish more than just the physical task of sustaining and maintaining the health of the eyes. They would provide healing to the heart.

Not All Tears are Created Equal

Scientists have discovered that God did not design all tears alike. While they are all secreted by a network of glands, sacs and ducts, their specific purposes are different. Reflex tears clean away harmful debris from your eyes such as dust, smoke, foreign bodies or strong fumes, whereas basal tears act as an essential shield against dryness, protecting your cornea from damage. It is the third type, however, which demonstrates God’s never-ending compassion.

Tears Help Humans Cope with Stress

Known as emotional tears, these drops remove chemicals, stress hormones, and toxins from the body that have been built up during times of hardship, tension or trauma. Moreover, researchers have found that emotional tears also release oxytocin and endorphins, both of which help with physical and emotional pain. Answers in Genesis explains, “Suppressing tears increases stress levels, and contributes to diseases aggravated by stress, such as high blood pressure, heart problems and peptic ulcers.” Repressive coping, (which includes holding back our tears) can lead to anxiety, depression, and a compromised immune system.

Interestingly enough, only humans shed emotional tears — their presence can increase attachment behaviors which encourage closeness and support from family and friends. Crying isn’t a sign of weakness, but rather an indication that the heart is working out stressful emotions and circumstances.

Jesus Shed Tears

Jesus knew about crying, weeping and extreme mental anguish. Before his arrest and crucifixion, he felt a deep pain that no human can truly comprehend.

And being in agony he prayed more earnestly; and his sweat became like drops of blood falling to the ground (Luke 22:44).

One of the shortest verses in the Bible powerfully states, Jesus wept (John 11:35). Jesus’s friend Lazarus had died and although he knew he could raise his friend back to life, he invariably understood the emotional turmoil that death brings to mankind.

Jesus also wept over Jerusalem. He knew that God’s holy city, temple, and its people would experience great destruction and bloodshed. Not one stone would be left upon another because the people did not recognize the coming of their Messiah.

Jesus understood deep sadness.

He understood political and global turmoil.

He understood sin, betrayal, injustice suffering, and death.

Jesus shed tears and so do we. After all, we are created in His image.

Intercessor, don’t hold back your tears. The Living Water, Jesus Christ, is holding out his hands to catch them all.

Revelation 21:3-5 declares that God will wipe away every tear from our eyes. One day there will be no mourning, crying, or pain. The former things shall pass away.

Until then we must live in this broken world where tears will flow like streams of living water. But take heart beloved one, because in the future, all those tears will turn to joy.

Do you believe it? I pray you do!

Lord Jesus, thank you for the miraculous gift of tears, which bring healing to our body and soul. May each drop remind us of your lovingkindness, and the promise of eternal happiness and restoration.

What issues or problems cause you to shed the most tears? In what ways do those tears bring healing?

 Angela Rodriguez is an author, blogger and homeschooling mom who studies the historical and biblical connections between Israel and the United States. You can visit her blogs at 67owls.com and 100trumpets.com. She is also the author of Psalm 91: Under the Wings of Jesus and her first children’s book, Hallelujah’s Great Ride, was just released in September 2023.

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June 25, 2024

I thank you my Dear Father for a heart that is tender and a spirit that “feels.” The fact he keeps our tears in a bottle (king james version) and also has the hairs of our head numbered were things my mom told me when I was young and it meant a lot to me that God cared about me like that. I can’t hear or see someone else crying, even when I don’t know them, and not feel sad also. I usually cry “with” and offer tissues. I don’t want to have a hardened heart and it may be that the tears he has us shed are a way to keep our hearts moistened and pliable so we can stay in tuned with him.

Father, you are Magnificent. I stand in awe of how you created us, how everything works together perfectly. Keep working on me and in me to perfect your plans and your Will. Help me to be obedient and ready for your soon return.

Stephen Bennett
June 23, 2024

During more than the past few years, I have wept rather often and have in my spirit ineffably experienced the inimitable witness of Holy Spirit Himself that such is prayer, prayer deeper than words, prayer reaching the throne of all grace and glory, for the One Beautiful God to be exulted in, and extolled ever the more, for my personal sanctification of more closely conforming to the character of Christ, and for the needs of others to be adequately met in our Creator’s time and way, especially widows and orphans, other desperately poor bereft of basic sustenance, and the violently persecuted bride of Christ.

brother Don
June 23, 2024

Many times when we bare our hearts before the Lord in sincerity, humility and honesty a great release with tears will come.

Donald Johnson
June 22, 2024

Tears…I can not say for sure, perhaps the soul and spirit cry at some point because of length and depth of what goes through life, and one physically go numb.
Psalm 73 is my example and my go to Psalm for life.

Darlene Estlow
June 22, 2024

Thank you Angela. After my grandson died at 18, I would go to be with the Lord and worship and my tears would fall. I was confused. I asked the Lord why would I cry in worship out of my broken heart when worship should bring joy. I felt him say that tears are healing. So I don’t hide my tears. When I am worshipping and I cry, I let the tears come. When I am praying and cry from the heaviness of what is happening around me in our country and world, I let the tears fall. God is good and he bids us cry.

June 22, 2024

Appreciate very much this article as one who prays I won’t cry during singing at church. It becomes embarrassing and I have had people hug me afterward and tell me I am loved. I know I am loved yet God has caused my heart to be especially sensitive, which is valuable for intercessory prayer so I remind myself I should be thankful for this unique attribute.

Actually researched tears myself but this is new and interesting information. Another Christian writer likened tears to announcing one’s vulnerability, a description that I prefer not doing. Yet feel God makes tender our hearts to care for the things He cares about so I am trying to think more fondly of this habit of mine.

Mary Beth
June 22, 2024

I suffer from “dry eye”, which is caused not by a lack of tears interestingly – but caused by the oil glands in our eyelids becoming blocked or not functioning properly, which allows the fluid to evaporate and cause the eyes to dry out. It causes blurriness of vision. Before I knew and understood the cause, I would find myself blinking constantly, in order to clear my vision. One day while blinking, I heard the Lord say gently, “You can see more clearly through your tears!” I knew He was speaking a spiritual truth as well as a natural one, and I’ve come to recognize that in intercession I’m more effective sometimes when my heart is tender and compassionate and I’m prone to tears. Anger is an easier response, and often warranted because of the injustice we’re made aware of – but I always hope it doesn’t stop with anger, but I am moved to tears because they help me see more clearly. May the oil of Holy Spirit anointing flow freely over my spiritual eyes, so I don’t suffer from “spiritual dry eye”.

June 22, 2024

After all, the Holy Spirit prays thru & for us with groanings, sounds, & I find weeping also, when we do not know what to pray. Romans 8:26-28. Jeremiah was known as the weeping prophet.

June 22, 2024


June 22, 2024

Thank you for this article. I am a crier and always have been. Several years ago a well-meaning person told me I was too emotional and needed to not let my emotions rule me aka STOP CRYING! Those words were a curse spoken over me and my tears did dry up. Three to four months went by before I realized I hadn’t cried when praying or in worship with the Lord. Or anytime! In His graciousness, one morning in my prayer time I felt God ask me to lie on the floor before Him. As I did that, as I lay on the floor, a release of sorts happened. Sobbing from deep within me came out and I cried before God Almighty. Cried in worship! Cried in adoration to Him. Cried tears of healing and tears of bringing a stronghold. He made me a crier and I will worship Him in my tears. Praise the Lord!

    June 22, 2024

    That should read “breaking a stronghold”.

      Mary Beth
      June 22, 2024

      Yes, Debbie, it does break strongholds! Your comment brought tears to my eyes, because I can testify to the same experience.

    Stephen Bennett
    June 23, 2024

    During more than the past few years, I have wept rather often and have in my spirit ineffably experienced the inimitable witness of Holy Spirit Himself that such is prayer, prayer deeper than words, prayer reaching the throne of all grace and glory, for the One Beautiful God to be exulted in, and extolled ever the more, for my personal sanctification of more closely conforming to the character of Christ, and for the needs of others to be adequately met in our Creator’s time and way, especially widows and orphans, other desperately poor bereft of basic sustenance, and the violently persecuted bride of Christ.

Wenona Andress
June 22, 2024

Angela thank you for this… it’s timely! Just this last Thursday we attended Unite SA, a new Christian business fellowship (think Acts/ storehouse) in San Antonio. As he spoke about Moses and humility, the founder, Jonathan Serenil, was crying over the need for unity. Later, the speaker, Doug, a very buff peace office, had tears rolling as he shared his heart for San Antonio!
God send us more warriors who are not afraid to mourn over the condition of our people. Many are without hope and God in their world. WHERE are our tears? We ask for hearts that mourn for the Bridegroom. Come, Lord Jesus!

Linda Rice
June 22, 2024

The Lord told me that my tears, many years ago over a family situation, kept my heart soft. When we can’t cry, our hearts are in danger.

Wendy DeMarco
June 22, 2024

An excellent article and timely for many in this season. I too did research and a study on tears a few years back and found many of these same revelations. Having been one to shed tears in the past for various reasons and now even more as the call of intercession weighs heavily on my heart, I am most encouraged by the reminder that tears are not only okay but good for us. I came to the realization that they seem to clear the windows of my soul as I lean ever closer into the arms of Jesus who treasures them and assures me He sees and knows my heart’s cry. Tears find a way of cleansing my spirit and my mind and opens freely the moving of Holy Spirit to do what He does best…Make something beautiful of my pieces. Again, loved this article and the reminder to let them flow!

June 22, 2024

Thank you Lord for Angela Rodriquez. Teaching us about our tears, and God’s love and care of them, for each of us.

Thank you for our tears God and their warm embrace; Your embrace

Thank you God for the embrace of our soul, in times of sorrow, and extreme joy, with our tears of freedom flowing freely upon our cheeks.

Thank you for the ‘water’ you structure, specifically, for our tears. Our bodies are Your marvel.

Give us the peace of mind Father, if any soul tries to stop our tears, to share Your great gift to each of us in our tears. Turning our tears into more than our own healing, but a witness to Your glory.

Father we are learning so much about Your ‘water’ and how our bodies use its various forms for optimum health. Father we are learning that you structure our water various ways, and Your water carries memory with it.

You remember our tears God, and thank you for this great unearned grace. May we add, in times of strife, our tears to our shield of faith as we pray it on each day.

In Jesus name we pray. Amen !


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