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Father, show us what and how to pray. Let us pray without ceasing and to seek You first. Encourage our hearts as we feel discouraged. Guide us in Your truth.

Moreover, as for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the LORD by ceasing to pray for you; but I will instruct you in the good and right way. (1 Sam 12:23 AMP)

This is part of the prophet Samuel’s farewell address to God’s people. He was a judge, priest, and prophet. In the previous chapter, the Israelites cried out for new leadership. They wanted to be like the other nations. They no longer wanted judges or prophets to rule over them. They wanted a mighty king. The Lord told Samuel that by them wanting a king, they were rejecting Him personally. He gave them what they wanted with a dire warning describing what kind of king will rule over them. (1 Sam 8) 

A few chapters later, Samuel gave his farewell address and pled his innocence before the people. He recounted the history of the nation, from how God delivered them from the Egyptians to how He raised up judges. He reminded them how even after God’s great deliverance, they turned their backs and worshipped idols. After Samuel’s speech, he prayed and the Lord sent thunder and rain. The people cried out to Samuel to pray for them and he did. He told them, “make sure you worship the Lord with all your heart. And do not turn aside after empty things (idols) that cannot profit or deliver, for they are empty” (1 Sam 12:20-21). He concluded his speech with these final words, God forbid that I should sin against the Lord by ceasing to pray for you.”

Samuel was still a prophet and priest, however, his role as judge was officially over. They wanted an earthly king, and they got one. Look at the posture and humility of Samuel. He could have left them to the mess they made, but instead, he said, “God forbid, that I should stop praying for you!” He didn’t abandon the nation even though he saw the outcome of what they wanted. He continued to intercede for them. He also said, that I should sin against the Lord by ceasing to pray.” He knew that giving upon them, and no longer praying for them, would be a sin against the Lord. Think about that. 

Samuel prayed for the nation, but he also prayed for King Saul. After Saul disobeyed the Lord, it says Samuel wept before the Lord and cried out to the Lord all night. (1 Sam 15:10-11) 

Samuel prayed until it was the Lord who found a man after His own heart that would be the King. 

Until God chose David, Samuel was faithful to pray and give Saul guidance as God led him, even weeping at Saul’s disobedience. This is the posture of intercession. We stay faithful to pray, but God is the one who decides the action to be taken. He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. (Dan 2:21)

It’s official, whether you agree with it or not, whether you recognize them or don’t, we have a new president and vice president in the White House. Maybe you’re thinking, how can I possibly pray for them? Maybe you don’t feel like praying for them. 

We are called by God to make intercession for those in authority over us. We don’t have to agree with their policies. As long as there are anti-biblical values, we shouldn’t agree with them, but we must separate the policy from the person. The Apostle Paul was once a religious leader, a zealot of the law. He led the way in persecuting the church and consented to the murder of Christians. He called himself the “chief of sinners.” Yet God had a plan for Saul to become Paul. Christians, we must stop deciding who deserves to be forgiven and who doesn’t. To do that means we are putting ourselves in God’s place. 

According to this verse in 1 Timothy 2:1-4, a blueprint for intercession is laid out. If you are unsure how to pray, here is a good place to start. 

I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them.  Pray this way for kings and all who are in authority so that we can live peaceful and quiet lives marked by godliness and dignity. This is good and pleases God our Savior, who wants everyone to be saved and to understand the truth. 

  1. Pray for all people. As intercessors, we have a calling from God to pray for all people. Political affiliation, denomination, gender, age, and race – none of these labels matter. They may matter to man, but not to God. It says, “Ask God to help them.” I don’t know about you, but it seems to me this nation and people without Jesus need God’s help. We are called to stand in the gap and intercede on their behalf. 
  2. Pray this way for kings and all who are in authority. Paul then states to “Pray this way for kings and those in authority.” What did he mean when he said “this way”? The same instructions apply, “Ask God to help them, intercede on their behalf.” We are being instructed by the Bible to intercede on behalf of our leaders and ask God to help. President Biden and VP Harris will never come to know Jesus through hatred, name-calling, memes, or anything else, but there is a God in heaven who once humbled a wicked king named Nebuchadnezzar. This happened because there was a prophet named Daniel who interceded for his nation while in captivity. His character and prayers, in spite of ungodly leadership, testified of the true and living God. 

The fruit of your prayers for our nation and leadership is listed in this very same verse: “So that we can live peaceful and quiet lives marked by godliness and dignity.” When we intercede to God on behalf of the people and leaders, in turn if they turn to God, we live peacefully marked by godliness and dignity. If you are reading this and are upset at the thought of praying for our new president and vice president, please consider the last verse.

This is good and pleases God our Savior, who wants everyone to be saved and to understand the truth

God considers our intercession on behalf of all people and ungodly leaders good and pleasing.

God our Savior wants everyone to be saved and to understand the truth. Yes, you read that right. God wants Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris to be saved and understand the truth of the gospel message. We do not get to decide who is worth saving, because the blood of Jesus and His death on cross is for whosoever is willing to accept Him. When Paul wrote this letter, the people were under Roman emperors. We only need to study history to see how the Jews and Christians were treated by the Romans. Yet, Paul admonishes the church to continue in intercession for their leaders. Yesterday, I felt a flood of emotions. I felt heavy-hearted and had so many questions. I hopped on a prayer call and joined intercessors who were praying for this nation and our leaders and that is where I will stay. 

Dear intercessors don’t lose heart. Don’t grow bitter because what you prayed for and what you expected didn’t happen. Our expectation should always stem from our hope in the Lord and not man. Our job as intercessors isn’t over because President Trump left office. Your prayers are needed now more than ever. We do not know what lies ahead, but we know Who does. He knows the end from the beginning. We tend to focus on the “how”, but God knows the “why.” He is Sovereign. His thoughts and ways are higher than ours. Will you continue faithfully in intercession? If you have been discouraged and have pulled back on your prayers, will you recommit yourself? Intercessors, watchmen, gatekeepers – will you continue to cry aloud and spare not on behalf of America? Do you still believe that God has a redemptive plan for this nation regardless of who sits in the White House? I do.  

For Zion’s sake I will not hold my peace, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest until her imputed righteousness and vindication go forth as brightness, and her salvation radiates as does a burning torch. And the nations shall see your righteousness and vindication [your rightness and justice—not your own, but His ascribed to you], and all kings shall behold your salvation and glory; and you shall be called by a new name which the mouth of the Lord shall name. (Is 62:1,2 AMP-C)

I have set watchmen upon your walls, O Jerusalem, who will never hold their peace day or night; you who [are His servants and by your prayers] put the Lord in remembrance [of His promises], keep not silence, And give Him no rest until He establishes Jerusalem and makes her a praise in the earth. (Is 62:6,7)

Although Isaiah wrote this about Jerusalem, what I do when I pray is put America’s name in there too. Let’s not hold our peace until we see the righteousness of God and vindication go forth. 

Watchman, remind God of His promises day and night. If He promised you a third great awakening is coming, remind Him. If He promised you Roe v. Wade will be overturned, remind Him. Whatever He promised you, remind Him. Put the Lord in remembrance of His promises. We are in a time like no other. We were put here on this earth for such a time as this. Let’s stay the course dear brothers and sisters, and stay faithful to intercede. Let’s continue to believe that God still works through the prayers of His people. 

Because he bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath! (Ps 116:2)

One day Jesus told his disciples a story to illustrate their need for constant prayer and to show them that they must keep praying until the answer comes. (Lk 18:1 TLB)

And in a similar way, the Holy Spirit takes hold of us in our human frailty to empower us in our weakness. For example, at times we don’t even know how to pray, or know the best things to ask for. But the Holy Spirit rises up within us to super-intercede on our behalf, pleading to God with emotional sighs too deep for words. (Rom 8:26 TPT)

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. (Rom 12:12)

Be faithful to pray as intercessors who are fully alert and giving thanks to God. (Col 4:2 TPT)

Never stop praying. (1 Thes 5:17)

Author Gloria Robles is a passionate intercessor with a prophetic voice for today. For more from Gloria, go to Spotify or Anchor to listen to her podcast Something To Share. (Photo Credit: Unsplash.)

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2509 People Prayed
15022 People have read this article

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161 Replies to “WHAT NOW, INTERCESSORS?”

  1. You all heard nothing of what the post said. ☹️ How sad. Lord bring them out of darkness into your marvelous light. I take authority over the stronghold of bewitchment and break it’s power to effect their minds off everyone who reads this. If that be their case.

    In Jesus Name!

  2. Here is my prayer for the Presidential Occupant and his puppet masters:

    I pray for their repentance. That You to give the enemies of Your people a spirit of revelation in the knowledge of Yeshua, that the eyes of their understanding may be enlightened. I bind the lying spirits of deception and deceit over our enemies and break the stronghold these wicked spirits have over their minds. I loosen the spirit of revelation of Jesus Christ onto and into them. While I pray for their individual repentance, O Lord, I also pray that You uphold the righteous under persecution and break arm of the wicked in our day.

    It is written: “There was in a certain city a judge who did not fear God nor regard man. Now there was a widow in that city; and she came to him, saying, ‘Get justice for me from my adversary.’ And he would not for a while; but afterward he said within himself, ‘Though I do not fear God nor regard man, yet because this widow troubles me I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming she weary me.’” Then the Lord said, “Hear what the unjust judge said. And shall God not avenge His own elect who cry out day and night to Him, though He bears long with them? I tell you that He will avenge them speedily.” (Lu 18:2–8). Therefore, “I will continually cry out to You to get justice for us from the adversaries of Your people. Therefore “I pray constantly against the wicked and their deeds (Ps 141:5b).” Lord hear my plea for justice and righteousness to prevail.
    In the mighty name of Jesus the Messiah.

  3. Does anyone remember the prophetic dream that appeared in the IFA Blog in October or November that mentioned either a river or horses and something running red; the interpretation was that not only would Donald Trump be re-elected, the House and Senate would end up being red as well?

  4. Amen!!! especially, ” the Holy Spirit empowers us…” We need to pray for the Body of Christ to be stimulated by this disappointing and horrifying travesty in our nation, stimulated to seek to know, understand and submit to the Holy Spirit. Much of the Body of Christ is flying on one wing (probably not intercessors) but the regular members and many pastors. The “Promise of the Father” is like an unopened present. But THE Holy Spirit is not optional, We need Him in order to have the discernment of what Father is doing, and the power to live obediently in this hour especially. We need to pray for the Body of Christ and for the pastors!!

  5. While praying for the present administration that they will find God, repentance and salvation as they lead the nation…I am also praying that God is raising up new presidential, VP and other leaders that will already have a heart centered on God and dedicated to follow Him in obedience.

    Amen! 3
  6. What a wonderful reminder to pray for others, even those we don’t agree with. I did not vote for Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, but God’s Word says I am to pray for them, and I will. I pray they will first seek God’s will in their lives, and then seek His will for our country. I pray that they will turn from their support of abortion and Planned Parenthood – may their eyes be opened to the fact that this is murdering innocent lives. And lastly, I pray for God’s mercy on the U.S.

    Amen! 4
  7. What a glorious reminder….of GODs interaction with US….and then..a poignant PUSH of a…..somewhat….radical need…that requires ACTION…on our part.
    ..a relationship defines itself in the mutual respect given…one to another…as IS THE CASE….when in a relationship..with the CREATOR OF EVERYTHING….and in WHOSE… MERE WORDS….bring forth reality….AND LIFE….
    He wants us TALKING… INTERACTING…asking….and the main vein in this ever moving dynamic….of conversing with GOD HIMSELF…..what he wants more than anything….is….the DEPTH OF OUR HEART…AND SOUL…all pointed all focused…..on HIM.

    Amen! 4
  8. God is revealing to me that this is the test of my faith in Him. If I could humbly and genuinely pray for our now “leaders” in spite of how they got to the post…. God’s word says, that he requires obedience and not sacrifice – therefore, with God’s help and His spirit, I submit my will to Him; because he want ALL to be saved, by the power of the Holy Spirit, make my heart and my will submit and pray for President Biden and VP Harris, Mrs Pelosi and Mr Schumer that may God have mercy on them and soften their hearts that they may know real peace and real love through our Lord Jesus Christ. Be encouraged.

    Amen! 6
  9. Lord Jesus, We thank you for our nation. We know you have not abandoned us. You have a wonderful plan and we must be aware of it! Give us the vision, the perseverance, knowledge, and faith to hold on to Your promises. You said in your Word, we would reap if we do not faint! Galatians 6:9. Thank you that You are listening. Amen

    Amen! 11
  10. My heart is totally, totally broken.
    It’s as though God’s children have given up on our God to overturn this election to the rightful winner, President Trump.
    Man’s ways have failed, Jesus never!
    The Holy Spirit calls me on to continue to pray for President Trump to be our president, now.
    Yes, I pray for Joe Biden, his soul to be saved, his eyes & heart to be opened to our Jesus. I will obey Jesus in praying for all my leaders.
    My Bible tells me to trust in the Lord with all my heart, not leaning on my own understanding.
    It tells me to hate wickedness, first in myself, then in others. It tells me that righteousness exalts a nation. This election was stolen, and by the ones that should be first to obey the laws of the land. God is not happy, and He is Lord.

    IFA supports moving on. I am very happy for getting to pray with this organization, & I will continue to pray with them, but I will also pray for God to arise, & scatter His enemies.We need His justice to prevail.
    Thank you for listening to my heart!! Amen

    Amen! 16
  11. I too have struggled to pray. When I find myself unable to pray, I begin with the Lord’s prayer, then ask God to bless and protect those vulnerable to the actions of this administration. I am also praying that God will speak to the hearts of those on the other side who do not understand biblical truth, but are motivated by a desire to help people. I imagine there are some decent people who will be appalled by the vindictive actions of those who want vengeance, and we can pray for them to have courage to oppose policies intended to hurt others. We can also keep praying for truth be revealed and win out, and elections to be fair. I know of decent people who voted foolishly because they did not like Trump’s style, not fully realizing the consequences. We can pray for God to bless America, and empower and use the church to reach others. Maybe in time I can do better than this but it is a starting point.

    Amen! 10
  12. What a great reminder…we need to pray for our enemies. I get so caught up in their evil that I forget to have that attitude that they are in need of the Lord and His salvation. Great article.

    Amen! 7
  13. Father God, teach me how to pray is these discouraging times. I pray that righteousness and justice will prevail and that vindication go forth. But Lord, I now that Your Holy Spirit will intercede for us and will help us know what to pray. Even when we don’t know what to pray, You listen to our hearts. Father God I know You are still in control regardless of who is in the White House. But still, I wonder was it FALSE prophets who were declaring that Trump would serve four more years? The only reason they are determined to impeach Trump is so he will not be able to run ever again. I wonder how they could impeach a president who is no longer in?? They are SO focused and obsessed on trying to literally destroy him is really disheartening! Jesus name I pray, Amen.

    Amen! 10
  14. Praying for our country, leadership, that shouldn’t be in there…Praying for clarity WHY ?
    I wondered how all the prophets could be wrong, that Former President Trump would serve a second term…so disheartening…..and now they want to impeach FPTrump 🤔🤔
    Teach me how to pray for a man that didn’t win this election fair and square…..
    The corruption in Washington and across our country is horrific….how do I intercede the right way, literally praying for our enemies, as we are called….
    Faith Tested…..
    In Christ Alone,
    DeeAnne Wuebker
    1924 N. 16th Street
    Fort Dodge , Iowa 50501

    Amen! 8
    1. It is so easy to feel that way, but we are not called to feel. We are called to trust! I think of Jonah. How he didn’t want to go to Nineveh because he thought the people didn’t deserve God’s mercy. He didn’t trust God’s judgement. God’s will is that none should perish. My prayer is for salvation for our leaders and that anything in the dark would be brought into the light. This does not mean they will not have consequences on this earth if they walk away from their evil deeds. The thief on the cross gave his life to Christ, but still had to fulfill his earthly punishment. This will make it even harder to choose Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
      Does our nation deserve mercy? No! Is God a merciful God? Yes!! As I’ve reminded others, we are to TRUST – Proverbs 3:5,6 and WAIT – Isaiah 40:31.
      God has a plan and purpose for each of us. As Christ followers we hang onto Jeremiah 29:11 – I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. After Joseph had his dream of being in leadership, he spent a lot of time in prison before his dream came true. The reality is that it did come true. Don’t give up on our country. God is still God and He’s still in control. Trust and wait. While you’re doing that start thanking Him for what He is doing!!

      Amen! 9
      1. Thank you for the reminder of these two, actions & reactions. Keeping in mind that it was another generation before God totally used Joseph, we can get grips on that it may be our progeny who will benefit from our today’s prayers. There must be hundreds of lesser-known folks spoken of in the OT who, on research, I could find have the Spirit of praying, regardless of what they saw in their current situations. Because of this article and the responses I am convicted of what I have sensed since November, that giving up praying for ‘them’ has been akin to giving myself over to Satan’s goal for Christians. So now, include in the Leadership prayers, those Pastors who are Christian In Name Only, as in those Prophets of old who led the ‘pretend’ life and their congregations with them. I will return to the deliberate concentrated praying, I will continue to depend greatly on IFApray for assist. thank you all so very much.

  15. Thank you for this reminder. I too thought it would be a different outcome, but didn’t know what to pray. However, I did pray for President Biden that God would give him wisdom and discernment.
    Am so encouraged. Keep it up IFA. Norfolk. UK

    Amen! 4
  16. Thank you. This article was very helpful in counterbalancing my attitude about praying for a wicked and illegitimate administration, especially the role model of Samuel praying and weeping for the people and for Saul. Do note, though, that Samuel also was used by the Lord to confront Saul in his rebellion and iniquity, and letting him know that God had rejected him as king (1 Sam. 15:22,23).

    Amen! 6
  17. Father, reading this article brings to mind the struggles I have had and am having seeing such evil abounding. But my Father, to pray in Jesus name and know that Your Holy Spirit is bringing my desperate, helpless prayer to you in perfect form as the article mentions. To ‘be still’ and faithful to You my Lord and Savior, in Jesus name, Amen

    Amen! 10
  18. Lord. We don’t understand your ways but we trust your ways are better than our own. I am standing on the promise for USA, I pray that as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his steadfast love toward those who fear him. psalm 103:11
    Lord, We pray for our leaders in local, state and national level… for those who know you and those who are lost. WE pray for your hand to move and change the hearts and mind of those who are ruling over our Nation especially when they sign laws that are contrary to your commandments.
    Lord, Hear our prayers and forgive us who are Christians who have not stood up when abominations that is against you were passed as laws. Please help us to stand firm and to promote your will in this nation. In Jesus name we pray. We cry out to you to open the eyes of those who are in Washington… in the house of representative, senate, the justice of peace and the lawyers, & lobbyists. We pray for those who are fighting for righteousness and that you are sending angels and archangels fight and to support and to make YOUR will and ways done in the white house with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
    We pray all this in your mighty name JESUS! AMEN

    Amen! 15
  19. Agree, Amanda Grace word from the Lord, said they are trying to steal what was not theirs to take. Illegitimate does not make them our leaders.

    On God’s time HE will expose the evil, Satanic worship, pedophilia, etc so that all will know that these people are illegitimate and very evil.

    Praise our God Almighty who is TRUTH AND LIGHT and reigns forever. Amen

    Amen! 11
    1. Gloria,
      I’m grateful to the Lord Jesus and to you for bluntly calling us out. Since the inauguration, I couldn’t bring myself pray for them because I know what Father said about pres. Trump and they were illegitimates. This past Saturday morning while in prayer, I was reminded of this little nugget. “It doesn’t matter who is in power. You are the armor bearer”. 😲That was Sunday morning before pres. Obama’s second term.
      Until the Warrior Who never lost a battle shows up with His plan or says otherwise, we must pray for them; even if they’re going to jail. Righteousness avail a nation. We can’t be like them.

      Amen! 11
  20. Thank you, Gloria, your insight, as usual, is right on the mark and encourages me to continue in my post! I have jotted down the scripture references to use in my continued intercessory prayer time and to encourage others. As the ranks of prayer warriors grow there are some who are specifically called to encourage the ranks and you are definitely called to that post!

    Amen! 19
  21. I agree. We intercessors and the church need not to lay down our weapons. There is much to pray for. We need to pray that the President will make righteous decisions. We have to remember God gave us authority over principalities and powers of darkness. Our weapons of warfare are not carnal but mighty through the pulling down of strongholds. The door hasnow been opened to our enemies (China, Russia, and Iran). With the new President people are now comfortable and at ease. They laid their weapons down to a certain point along with the witches, satanists etc. I heard a lot of people making comments saying now we can breathe and move forward. They are now glorifying the President as God and the saviour. We have much to pray. We have advantage over the enemy because their weapons are down. It’s time the church and intercessors rise up strategically take back territory. Seek Gods wisdom and continue to fight and share the gospel. God gave us promises we need to endure until they come to pass. I have to realize that he gave me promises but I have to pray them into His timing and season.

    Amen! 28
  22. Proverbs21:1 The heart of the King is like a stream of waters in the hands of God, and he turns it wherever he chooses.

    Yaweh, Father, Great I AM you who part the mighty seas can surely turn a simple stream wherever you choose. Father fulfill your word in our day, You have not limited yourself in this verse to only turning the heart of “good” kings.

    Father you know Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and each member of their administration more intimately than any human ever could, you know their thoughts and words before they themselves do, i pray that you would speak to them in a way only you can, consciously and subconsciously, mentally, spiritually and emotionally, convicting and instructing Them, turning their thoughts and hearts and decisions like a stream in the direction you choose, for Your glory, their Good and the good of America, utilize what ever of part of their minds and senses and other means you can use to raise up a deep and undeniable consciousness of you, your sovereignty, right and wrong toward american citizens, and toward you. Father utilize compassion, fear, love, and any emotion necessary to move their hearts in your direction to use their position for the greatest good toward America preserving our constitution and sovereignty, not using their power for evil, anoint a holy vessel to deliver your word often to them in away that will reach any and all roots of unbelief or hardheartedness toward American taxpayer and poverty stricken Americans, turn their hearts to make sound, wise, Godly decisions that will bless our nation, our people especially the poor and middle class who need it most and see the folly of allowing foreigners to have a free ticket at our expense after the many generations we have struggled to keep our households afloat financially, many americans who were not able to afford college who work at trades and even multiple jobs to provide for families. Father raise us up as true intecessors who will not relent in prayer on their behalf In pleading with you and trusting you to do these things, may we be true intercessors who gladly shut down social media and the tv and the distractions of life as a True and wise servant, a living sacrifice, to sit before you to worship and receive your thoughts and intentions for this administration and help us by your spirit to effectively pray it through. We want to hear “well done” from you, and we need your help and spirit to work together with you to accomplish that. Thank you

    Amen! 30
  23. Do not allow your faith to be shaken brothers abd sisters. Gid has spoken through many prophetic words and dreams that this is not over, He is not finished with America and a great awakening is coming. I am praying for truth and justice to be revealed (only God can do that), praying against the demonic activities in our country (and world), praying for me, my family and church to be used of God in the upcoming revival that God is about to send on the earth and prayong for Salvation of Joe Biden specifically as I feel his life is in danger from the socialist party. Brothers and sisters, we are living in the last days. What an exciting time to lean into Jesus…we will see His face soon!

    Amen! 22
  24. Thank you for sharing this. It is encouraging and helpful. Honestly, I dont know how to pray, but I trust the Holy Spirit to pray for me. I am grateful for this community of believers and intersessors to spur me on. Let us carry on to do the works He has called us to. Praise Him!

    Amen! 19
  25. My Sister in Christ, we may never meet on this earth, but in heaven. I pray so. These words from the Lord spoke to the cry of my heart. Ever since the election ended and all the aftermath, it seems as if my faith has been shaken. Yes shaken. My walk with Jesus started long ago, but my calling and confirmation as an intercessor came later, multiple times. There is no doubt of my faith and calling. With all news etc I’m hearing. In this country, USA, we have really been blessed. Also, to whom much is given, much is required. God has been good to me. He has saved me from bodily harm, once as a teenager from a gang attack and another as a young adult from a major car wreck. And as an intercessor, he used me to intercede on behalf of my church months before a long revival broke out. For all of this, I’m so thankful and humbled everytime my God wants to us me. Because he knows my heart and all my infirmities. But, even then. He still provides opportunities for service. Thanks be to God. Before I write a book or reach my word limit. Thank you and I thank the God of Heaven and earth that I do live in a time such as this. Even though the world may tell us, you’re too old,your contributions aren’t needed anymore. My Saviour, my Lord Jesus Christ says different. I’m encouraged and strengthened in the Lord. Thank you.

    Amen! 20
    1. Cast Down but Unconquered

      7But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us. 8We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; 9persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed— 10always carrying about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our body. 11For we who live are always delivered to death for Jesus’ sake, that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our mortal flesh. 12So then death is working in us, but life in you.

      13And since we have the same spirit of faith, according to what is written, “I believed and therefore I spoke,” we also believe and therefore speak, 14knowing that He who raised up the Lord Jesus will also raise us up with Jesus, and will present us with you. 15For all things are for your sakes, that grace, having spread through the many, may cause thanksgiving to abound to the glory of God.

      Seeing the Invisible

      16Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. 17For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, 18while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.

      Amen! 9
  26. Lord, forgive me for wanting to run and hide for 4 years and not pray for our nation or leaders. I can see from the 1 Samuel passage that I sin against You when I do not pray for my leaders even if I can’t agree with them on anything! Wash me clean of all iniquity and create in me a clean heart. Help me to not lean on my own understanding but in all my ways acknowledge You. You are the judge of our leaders; I am not. I pay that President Biden and Vice President Harris will come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord of their lives. I pay they will give their lives to You as living Sacrifices and they would be in constant praise and thanksgiving for Your forgiveness of sin and new life in You. Teach them Your ways, Lord, that they would glorify You and govern our nation in Your values and laws. May they do all things justly, have mercy and walk humbly with You, Lord. I pay in Jesus Name. Amen.

    Amen! 16
  27. I just spent an hour writing a message from my heart and because I forgot to check the second box, my message is deleted. I can’t believe it is gone. Isn’t there some way you could capture it and let me check the other box so it can be posted?

    Amen! 4
    1. Suzanne i know that awful feeling! I now routinely do a select-all and copy of my text first before submitting it so if it fails to post for some reason I have it inna back up form, nevertheless God saw and heard your prayer!!! The beauty of this forum is that we can all also see and agree to each other’s prayers to utilize the blessing of the biblical power of A Godly united community praying in agreement.

      Amen! 11
  28. In John 17 Christ prays for his own not the world. Liars, the wicked, the antisemities the marxists those who reject G-d are rejected by him. Psalm 35 is the great avenger psalm and Psalm 37 is comforting when the evil devices come to pass – G-d will judge. He abounds in mercy but by no means clears the guilty. People are thier ideas and policies. Trump is a CHRISTIAN and his policies are light and goodness. The Biden administration is dark and basically evil. No one is a born again intelligent Bible fearing christian.

    Amen! 5
    1. I appreciate the time you took to express your thoughts and opinion and i understand the bitterness toward hardened Selfish leaders Who use their positions of power for self gain and evil, but the bible says God is willing that NONE perish, none means NONE, no matter how wicked. God did attempt to reach wicked Idolatrous rulers such as Pharoah who would not listen to the word of the Lord through Moses, so God had to allow his heart to be as hard as Pharoah chose, each time he was offered another chance to the point where he would have no choice when he saw the miracles/judgments. Eventually he hardened his heart to the point where he and his army saw the Red Sea standing up like a wall and instead of praising God for it they continued to pursue evil and were drowned. The point is God did try, so our prayer could be that God deals with the new administration as he dealt with Pharoah.

      God did break through to Nebuchadnezzar through Daniel, Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego. Nebuchadnezzar did finally admit the God of Israel was the true God.

      Amen! 10
  29. I remember feeling this way when Obama was elected and then reelected. He could have done so many things, but chose to do nothing, but lie, lie, and lie. This new administration is so much like 3rd term of his, and hearing the treats in the inauguration speech has made it really difficult for so many to pray for this new administration, myself included. I appreciate so much the articles like this, so we can all shake off these feelings and help us turn our eyes back on Jesus and his teachings. Keeping our eyes and our hearts on him will help us all to start praying again and being more positive in our thoughts of how to view tomorrow as well.

    Amen! 17
    1. Thank you for sharing Karen. I much like you had so much bitterness I also refused to pray for Obama. My heart was unforgiving, and the Lord had to humble me. I promised not to make that mistake again. It has indeed been difficult to pray at times, but my eyes are fixed on the Lord and not man. Only God deliver us, and he does it through our prayers. Thank you for sharing.

      Amen! 1
      1. My eyes too are on the Lord, and obeying something my Grandmother told me many, many years ago. Don’t say anything, think before you speak, and be tactful in all you say. Being wise and never hurtful in anything I say and do. Never speaking out in anger, and never saying anything spiteful gives the enemy no entrance into your life or those you love. After prayer and Fasting and when the Holy Spirit gives me something to pray, I will. Not before then, as
        when you are in grief it is also unwise to not watch what comes out across your lips.

        Amen! 1
  30. Forgive me Lord for finding it hard to pray for those in power now. But we are told to pray, trusting in You, and do good. Help us as Lord as Your children to be faithful, bold, and shine for You no matter what. May You be glorified in our lives, churches, and nation. Amen

    Amen! 20
  31. I think we are forgetting this was a stolen election. Joe Biden didn’t win this election. Trump won 89,000,000 to his 60,000,000. Because God is a just God he will never bless evil. We should not be in agreement with this lie. Hope is not gone we can still pray for God to change this outcome. The promise of 2 Chronicles 7:14 still belongs to the believers. I encourage everyone to listen and re-listen to the message from Derek Prince titled Ruling by Prayer this message is so awesome.

    Amen! 16
    1. I really like Derek Prince. His spiritual warfare series is superb. I am praying for repentance for this administration from their evil and if they continue in their evil may in the mercies of our G-d, let G-d bring down judgements.

      Amen! 7
  32. The early church believed that the most powerful weapon was prayer AND fasting.

    Through #fasting and praying, we allow Him to come and satisfy the deepest hunger that we experience in the depths of our being: the hunger and thirst for God. [Pope Benedict XVI]…#Fasting means abstaining from food, but includes other forms of self-denial to promote a more sober lifestyle. But that still isn’t the full meaning of fasting, which is the external sign of the internal reality of our commitment to abstain from evil with the help of God and to live the Gospel . . . [Pope Benedict XVI]….“#Fasting cleanses the soul, raises the mind, subjects one’s flesh to the spirit, renders the heart contrite and humble, scatters the clouds of concupiscence, quenches the fire of lust, and kindles the true light of chastity. Enter again into yourself.” St. Augustin

    Amen! 6
  33. I would like to point out here that Nebuchadnezzer was warned by the prophet Daniel of God’s intention to judge him for his boasts against the Most High. He ignored them until he lost it, then he repented and God restored him. Some of Biden’s first actions can be seen as boasts against the Most High:

    The best that I can do is to pray for their repentance, and that must be with the qualification that neither of them have blasphemed the Holy Spirit

    Heavenly Father just as you turned me around and I was turned, if it is your will, turn the Biden Administration.

    Amen! 21
    1. I believe they both refuted God and showed great disdain during the fake inauguration. Biden put his hand on a book with upside down satanic crosses and Harris refused to touch the bible. Instead she put her clutch purse on top of the bible.
      Blasphemous actions it would appear.
      Satanists never touch God’s Holy Word.

      Amen! 2
  34. I pray for our country, but I’m having trouble praying for those that commit horrible, evil acts. Please pray that I’m able to rise above these difficulties and to “pray for those that persecute you.”

    Amen! 10
    1. It’s humbling being reminded of Jesus while he was nailed to the cross, having endured the worst possible abuse in every form, he prayed “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” And while in his agony in the extreme, he reached out to those being crucified with him to offer them salvation. Wow. Maybe our agony now is emotional, but God wants us to stay focused on Him so we are not deceived by satan’s attempts to distract us and get us to dwell in defeat or despair. This battle is the Lord’s and we have the final victory already. Let’s remember that vengeance is the Lord’s, and be clear that we are doing the will of Almighty God when we pray for people in government. How do we know what God is preparing to do in the hearts of men and women as we pray for them! Regardless of the results, we are blessed for our obedience to our Father.

      Amen! 2
  35. As I read your prayers and pleas dear intercessors, I hear the frustration, dismay even anger at the loss in faith in America.
    Might I encourage you to look at the US from a different view? We as God’s people are called the “the sheep of His pasture.” Where is His pasture? In Heaven. Can you visualize flocks of sheep waiting to enter the sheep gate? Some already have their front feet in the gate.
    We have a choice to grumble about the state of the holding pen (the US) or share the gospel with sheep who are blindly even frantically mulling about.
    We have a job to do and it is to lead the lost toward salvation’s gate. This place called America is but a rudely constructed holding pen – rejoice in that.

    “We praise you God daily for the reports we are hearing of new believers. 1000 in California 100s in war torn Sudan. These sheep now have a new shepherd. HELP US TO PUT OUR FAITH IN YOU O GOD and Pray for our leaders who have lost their way.” Amen

    Amen! 23
  36. From the Traditional Prayer Book

    Almighty God, the fountain of all wisdom, who knowest our necessities before we ask, and our ignorance in asking; We beseech thee to have compassion on our infirmities; and those things which for our unworthiness we dare not, and for our blindness we cannot ask, vouchsafe to give us, for the worthiness of thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN.

    Amen! 13
  37. sharing a powerful video with my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus!
    facts we need to know to not fall prey to the mainstream nay sayers- illegitimate prez don’t fall for it.And helps me how to better direct my own prayer as an intercessor.
    As it is so important as you said to Continue to pray and educate ourselves on our rights too to be used as a light to illuminate the location, from the candlestick from where you are placed in this beautiful world GOD gave us.

    Romans 8:28

    “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”
    pray and share

    Amen! 10
    1. This is a very informative article with so many videos to cause our minds to mull so many things over and over. This presentation gave me so much hope and direction in prayer. Thank you for sharing it with us. It is a privilege and joy to be called to pray for such a time as this. Jesus has the government on His shoulders, and He has amazing plans for His people and revival in this world. We pray and anticipate something awesome will unfold – not as we thought, but so much better. Thank You, Jesus!

      Amen! 6
      1. Mary, So wonderful to hear that. I debated whether or not to send it to everyone on our threads but I know many are waiting on the Lord’s direction so I didn’t presume to know better or show things in the natural vs the spiritual. I hope you too will share it and continue to war the darkness I am, put on your full armour of protection,It really did help where to better focus and an important thing like Hank K. & Mario Murillo pointed out we need to be careful who we call “president” or congratulate even. So I think perhaps the whole IFA group would benefit from this knowledge. I wrote to IFA but we will see if they get it or share the info.
        Absolutely he does and I’m happy to be a part of lifting such a heavy burden on your shoulders with the video, we know our LORD sit’s on the throne and is in charge of it all even wen they don’t believe it. Revival is coming I too can feel it! We decree that The white house will be a beacon of liberty and hope for the rest of the world to follow and America will be saved! Amen

        Amen! 3
  38. It is so sad to see professing Christians post hateful, critical, and downright nasty comments, criticism, and wishes on social media concerning the election and the Biden-Harris administration. In Matthew 5:44, Jesus tells us, “Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven.” Proverbs 25:22 adds: “In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head, and the LORD will reward you.” God is sovereign and in control. As His people, we are to follow His Will, Word, Way, Path, & Plan, loving and working with ALL people, and trusting that His justice will be served and His plan completed in His perfect way and on His perfect timetable. While this takes effort and discipline, the Holy Spirit will lead us and God will bless us as we follow His guidance.

    Amen! 17
  39. Amen and amen!! I continue to pray, standing firm on the promises of God and wait to see the manifestation of His working. All praise, honor and glory to Almighty God! 🙌🙌🙌🙌⚓💖

    Amen! 14
  40. These people have no legal or spiritual authority in this land the election was stolen and all they do is total fraud it is and was obvious and clear and just because evil compromised people hand stamped it does NOT make it legal in the COURTS OF HEAVEN!.

    I believe God is going to act supernaturally in a way that we’ve never seen before that the evil that they have and are perpetrating will come down on their own heads and they will fall into the pits their own hands have dug And that’s how I’m praying!

    Amen! 26
    1. I agree!!! I am praying for their repentance (where I guess they would have to remove themselves😁) OR their removal by the King of Kings. That’s it. Totally illegitimate REGIME.

      Amen! 20
    2. AMEN!!!! PRAISE YOU, LORD! We believe YOU, Lord! In Kat Kerr’s prophetic message below, the Lord calls Biden the “villain” and “illegitimate”. Who am I to give Biden a higher title that the Lord won’t. Check this video out. You will be encouraged and grateful you haven’t backed down!

      May God Bless you and your household.

      Amen! 9
  41. Let us make a clear distinction: Jesus loves people but he hates evil. I have no problem praying for the removal of those in authority who practice evil and praying in opposition to everything evil they do. Biden and Harris are evil. They chose it. Evil rulers need to be removed, and in Gods mercy we have a government that allows us to do that via the vote—when it is NOT STOLEN! This presidency is not legitimate, and we should pray for them to be removed. That’s very different from praying for mercy on their souls and Gods redemption of their humanity.

    Amen! 27
    1. I hear what you are saying Tom but how to you align that with these words from Romans 13?

      “Everyone is to obey the governing authorities. For there is no authority that is not from God, and the existing authorities have been placed where they are by God. Therefore, whoever resists the authorities is resisting what God has instituted; and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves.”

      This is the most difficult time that I can remember and many times I have crawled forward kicking and screaming (in my spirit) but it is not how we feel but what we are commanded to do. In John 6, Jesus told us the work of God is to believe in the One He sent. To me, that means all of it and in this day, even the hard must embraced. May my Praise of Jesus Christ, at this moment, embrace you in power and peace. Shalom!

      Amen! 4
      1. Blessed Mary herself declared “God Casts the mighty from their thrones and lifts up the lowly. He fills the hungry with good things and sends the Rich empty away.” Mighty in arrogance and Filled with THEMSELVES ..we can pray likewise.

        Amen! 5
      2. It would be so if he won legally, however he didn’t. The election was stolen. Look up the Bid administrations polices, and look to see what Executive Orders in put in place this week and tell me if you think this is of God? We can still change this out come. God can never bless evil. I recommend this message from Derek Prince called Ruling by Prayer very powerful.

        Amen! 3
        1. Regina, in my two attempts to respond this morning, both failed. For some reason the page closed and I couldn’t retrieve… trying again.

          I believe the current admin. is ruled by wickedness:
          “Both hands are skilled in doing evil;
          the ruler demands gifts,
          the judge accepts bribes,
          the powerful dictate what they desire—
          they all conspire together.” Micah 7

          I must pray as led in the spirit:
          “Nations will see and be ashamed,
          deprived of all their power.
          They will put their hands over their mouths
          and their ears will become deaf.” Micah 7

          I believe President Trump won. I heard in prayer, “Tump Wins!” but don’t yet understand:
          “Who has known the mind of the Lord? Or who has been His counselor?” Romans 11

          I believe I am in exile but am praying our Father will shepherd these “leaders” and they will fulfill all His purpose. Isaiah 44:28

          I believe President Trump’s statement, which he wrote in response to one of my letters to him:
          “The firm resolve of the American people to face challenges boldly is a great blessing to our country. I remain confident that together, with trust in God, we will overcome any hardship and build a stronger and more unified country for future generations.”

          I believe God has built His army of warriors “for such a time as this.” Isaiah 41:10
          “Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you; I will help you; I will hold on to you with My righteous right hand.”

          I believe my Lord and Savior who I heard say, “they have opinions, I have a Plan!”

          I believe you are beloved sister in Christ and am thanking God for you passion for righteousness and truth!

          this has not been edited as I fear this too will be in vain if not sent quickly : )

          Amen! 3
    2. AMEN! Standing in complete agreement! The video below will confirm your convictions! Praise the Lord for your discernment!

      In Kat Kerr’s prophetic message below, the Lord calls Biden the “villain” and “illegitimate”. I will do my best to watch my words and that includes not giving people a title that does not belong to them in the natural or supernatural.

      Amen! 6
  42. Thank you Gloria for this encouragement. May the church rise up in intercession in the same Spirit that Daniel did in his day, walking in obedience & rising above the chaos. Daniel was highly esteemed & his prayers were answered, he was given wisdom & insight because of his humility. May we humble ourselves, pray, seek His face & turn from our unrighteous ways to follow His higher ways! Then our healing will come. He is faithful to His word, He is watching over His word to perform it.

    Amen! 22
  43. I agree that Christians should pray for both non-Christian and Christians leaders and I Timothy 2:1-4 supports that position. I lift up unsaved leaders in particular and the Biden administration is definitely in my prayers. However, the statement made, “It’s official, whether you agree with it or not, whether you recognize them or don’t, we have a new president and vice-president in the White House.” I, too, was disappointed that the inauguration took place on the 20th in spite of the fact that it was not a fair election. However, I am convinced that in God’s perfect timing, Joe Biden will be removed and Donald Trump will get back in office. I cannot help but think of when Mary and Martha’s brother Lazarus died, Jesus arrived several days later. When all hope was lost, Jesus performed a miracle when their brother was raised from the dead.
    The prophetess and intercessor Kat Kerr heard from God and He told her, “Even if they inaugurate the villain and try to put him there, I will kick him out.. I will remove him and every obstacle that is in the way.” A powerful 11-minute You Tube video to watch is titled, “Kat Kerr, Flashpoint, and the Re-election of Donald Trump. Another encouraging one is titled, “Kat Kerr: Prophetic Message: Great Powerful Words of the Lord.” It is nearly 10 minutes long and worth watching. I understand that many Christians are discouraged because a major event did not happen by a certain date. Be encouraged because God’s timing is different from ours and He is never late. That is why it is important to keep believing and praising God for President Trump’s re-election. The third valuable You Tube video is Hank Kunneman’s “Important Message to the Church.” Blessings to you as you reflect on the messages of Kat Kerr and Hank Kunneman.

    Amen! 22
    1. I would like to share this video message with you. There is so much more than a stolen election, all those lies about the Coronavirus. If you was not aware they brought that virus over here from China. President Obama sent money to the Wuhan lab, all this has been an attempt for a Global take over and I don’t think we as believers should sit back and accept this. God can and will never bless and be in agreement with evil President Trump won the election, the evidence doesn’t lie. Instead of agreeing with this lie we should be praying for the truth to be revealed. Derek Prices message is Ruling by Prayer very encouraging and needed to remind us that we have the power to change history.

      Amen! 5
  44. Precious Heavenly Father have mercy on us all, please bring those who are not believers to come to trust Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. I pray for Biden and Harris that you would have your perfect way in their lives. Please break the power of evil that surrounds Biden and Harris turning them to what is right and good in your sight or please remove them from the power that many including yours truly is convinced that they and their supporters have stolen. In all these things dear Lord please accomplish your purposes here on earth as you do in Heaven. Also please remember Mr. Trump, Melania and the Trump family, guide them into whatever you have for them now helping them to focus and keep their eyes upon you. Grant us Lord always, courage, peace and love for others as only you can give… in Jesus mighty and precious name, amen.

    Amen! 25
  45. In the seventh chapter of Matthew, Jesus says, “…I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!”.
    Only he that does the will of the Father, can enter the kingdom of heaven according to Matthew. Salvation is not decided by us but salvation is decided by God.

    God knows His Children. I agree that God can decide to save Biden but that’s not my decision . I have known lots of people who truly believe Jesus is the son of God; but who do not believe God is sovereign and Jesus is Lord, like I do.
    But How can a person sit in church for 78 years and say he is a Christian, then sign legislation to abort many more of God’s children.

    Amen! 19
  46. Jesus, please pray for the leaders of our America. Especially for President Trump that he might again be the President of Our country. God bee with uss, now and forever.

    Amen! 11
  47. I have been SHOCKED in this hour of people who are called by the name of GOD to be willing to place themselves in such a terrible position as to be Judged by God himself. None of us is perfect and I am not sitting in Judgement of them, I am one calling out from the desert saying Christian WAKE UP! The scriptures command us to Pray for those in leadership over us. There is so much to this I pray Lord give me the words, you would have me speak and not of my own. First I pray those with anger and hatred have their hearts open to learning about serving the Lord your God and what is right and Good to do. First lets get the difficult out of the way. Yes the Lord commanded us to pray for our leaders. If you wont because your flesh says no, or you just don’t want to do it, sadly you are placing yourself in risk of being Judged by God. Why? you say. Because you are ignoring Gods word (Jesus) and that’s a dangerous place to be. The Word states JUDGE NOT LEST Ye BE JUDGED. Did you come to Christ without sin? That is the reason Christ died for us. Please as the scripture also says, Repent (turn away) from what you are doing and pray, read the scriptures. Ask God to help you be rooted and grounded in His Word. I pray for all of you who refuse to pray that The Lord will open your eyes, that you would follow Him and Not your Flesh. I believe this in one reason God has allowed this to happen. He desires that no man (woman) be sent to hell. God is graceful and wants all his people awake. Serving Him. He has allowed you time in this instance to repent. We have to look at things from his Word and perspective. I pray Life to you and Love in the name of Jesus Christ. Awake and put off the flesh. Then put on the full armour of God, that you might DEFEAT the wiles of the Devil.

    Amen! 18
    1. “Ask God to help you be rooted and grounded in His Word. I pray for all of you who refuse to pray that The Lord will open your eyes, that you would follow Him and Not your Flesh.”

      Yes to this and to each word! I read them all and say Amen.

      Amen! 7
  48. I will be honest. I cannot call Mr. Biden and Mrs Harris president and vice president as believe they are counterfeit and illegitamate. I do however pray for them mostly for their salvation and character and for the justice of God to come as God sees fit as he is the head. I decree that the church will be even more passionate to pray and press into God for guidance and direction on prayer and action for his purposes. I decree that this is not hope deferred but is hope and trust in the Lord of LOrds and the King of KIngs. WE are empowered even more in the midst of progressive persecution and rise up in serving God in a more passionate way. I decree that we will embrace the destiny purposes God has for us and we will cooperate with the destiny purposes God has for America and obey his leading. Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. God has a covenant with America and America is His nation. I believe in signs, wonders and miracles and the ekklesia has been given authority by Jesus to execute his will on earth as it is in heaven.

    Amen! 24
    1. I do not accept Biden and Harris as the legitimate leaders of this nation, but I do pray for all to come to the truth and knowledge of Yeshua Messiah, repent of their sins and be saved to the praise and glory of YHWH Elohim.

      Amen! 24
  49. I feel that God allowed this to happen to bring more people to HIM! The Dems were so
    deceived by the fake news, many have no idea what really went on with the election.
    They continue to be deceived! Our God is great and as our nation moves forward many will be brought to their knees by the prayers of the faithful. We need to pray for everyone. God loves us all the same! He wants all of us to be filled with the all the gifts of the Holy Spirit: Love, Patience, Understanding, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Generosity, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-Control.
    Let us use these gifts as we pray for all those that need to know the truth and be saved.

    Let us remember who is in control and loves us all

    47:2-3, 6-7, 8-9

    All you peoples, clap your hands,
    shout to God with cries of gladness,
    For the LORD, the Most High, the awesome,
    is the great king over all the earth.

    God mounts his throne amid shouts of joy;
    the LORD, amid trumpet blasts.
    Sing praise to God, sing praise;
    sing praise to our king, sing praise.

    For king of all the earth is God:
    sing hymns of praise.
    God reigns over the nations,
    God sits upon his holy throne.

    Amen! 16
  50. This was a good article on persevering prayer and believing that God will right the wrongs that have been done to America.
    I will pray for the salvation of this present ( illegitimate ) administration. But ,frankly,I’m much more concerned with the future deaths of millions of babies ( Biden is going to codify Roe vs. Wade into law so that even the Supreme Court can’t overrule it ), the moral corruption of our youth with their transgender policies and their willingness to cancel culture our spiritual heritage and eternal truths than I am about Joe and Kamala’s salvation. Sound harsh? Well I look at it from the “the greater good” stand point. They need to repent quickly or they need to be deposed in whatever way God chooses because their evil policies will do irreparable harm to the eternal souls of millions.
    This is, in my mind, a spiritual war manifesting itself in our natural world. There is a point where the cup of their iniquity becomes full and the judgement of God falls. Mercy is being extended to Biden and his crew but not for much longer. Soon the Heavenly gavel of justice will fall. There will be “ wailing and gnashing of teeth” for those pursuing evil but the righteous will rejoice.

    Amen! 29
    1. After reading your comment I went to Isaiah 5….Woe! It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God! Hebrews 10:31

      “Woe to those who call evil good
      and good evil,
      who put darkness for light
      and light for darkness,
      who put bitter for sweet
      and sweet for bitter.”

      Amen! 25
    2. I agree about being much more concerned for the death of millions of babies and the transgender agenda to destroy the youth and also I grief greatly for the sex trafficked kids of all ages crying for their mommies. If these leaders do not repent of their wickedness and turn away from it, may Ps 108:9 apply.

      Amen! 10
      1. “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better to have a millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.” (Matthew 18:6) God, for those instituting evil laws against children and those who carry out heinous acts, let a millstone be fastened around their neck to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

        Amen! 6
  51. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This has been on my heart but you put it into words and His words. I pray we take a collective exhale then inhale His air to begin anew. Thank You, YHWH, for IFA and their faithfulness to me and all Intercessors. Lord, may we bless YOU with our trust in You alone, dear Savior and Lord, Ruler and King. May we sing Your praise as we meet with You in our prayers. Hallelujah! In Yeshua Messiah’s Name…Hallelujah!

    Amen! 13
  52. They may be God’s children so their salvation is not my call but God’s. But I don’t see how we can pray for these so- called leaders when they have obtained this office illegally to begin with. Nothing can change that. So to accept these leaders is to accept fraud in our Nation. I don’t think God wants us to accept this. I will continue to pray for their removal and if God wants to save them that is his business but they will never get my respect because of how they ushered themselves in in the first place.

    Amen! 11
  53. Thank you for this article and that it will teach me how to pray for our new leaders and all leaders everywhere.. it makes me remember that I was once a great sinner but Jesus came and lifted me up and saved me.. I will continue to pray for our leaders our nation and in my heart I know God will not abandon America. God bless you all and thank you this article has really helped me today.

    Amen! 20
  54. Lord You have allowed things to go the way they have. We have new leaders, may these leaders be guided by You to do Your will. Guide them in the Way You want them to go. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

    Amen! 16
    1. Amen Phyllis. I stand in agreement.

      Biden crime family is named so for a reason. Do a bit of research and check out how Biden, who has worked in govt his entire life, now owns several mansions. Find out how his brother became so wealthy. And how about Hunter’s laptop? It is beyond shocking, sadistic and satanic.

      God’s prophets have prophesied His annointed for many years. It is not Biden. The enemy is trying to take what is not his to take. God will expose the corruption and filth of this admin plus much more. It will happen on God’s time.

      God is not done with America. We are still His nation.

      I am praying expectantly for GOD Almighty to step in with our Red Sea moment.

      Amen! 1
  55. this parallel doesn’t fit this situation. and it is not official treason has been committed and there is an impeachment trial scheduled. I’ll be praying as The Lord has not released me. I am not delusional I shouldn’t have to assure discerning people of this fact. you intercede until God releases you and not one second sooner as if God considers our time line when He intervenes in the affairs of men. we have no stomach for protracted warfare- this phase was a little over 70 days good grief! if God doesn’t answer by the end of an episode of desperate housewives, a video game or a football game we tantrum and pout because we didn’t get a desired income. so, you’re telling us to move on…

    Amen! 8
  56. Lord,

    Thank You for providing encouragement and direction through this article. I praise You for You have granted the gift of prayer and have promised that if we pray in Your will, it will be done. Lord God, give us wisdom, endurance, perseverance and patience as we continue to occupy! Guide and direct our steps. Give us confidence not in ourselves or in government but only in YOU! You who placed the stars in the sky and know each one by name. YOU who determines the number of hairs on each head and who loves us with an everlasting love! Oh God, how wonderful are Your ways and perfect are Your acts! We trust in Your unchanging character and in the blood of Christ. He who gave His life as a random for all who would believe. Praise the Father, Praise the Son and Praise the Holy Spirit! In Your Name Lord Jesus, we pray! Maranatha come quickly! Amen

    Amen! 11
  57. Interesting, thought-provoking article, Gloria. I know that we need to pray for our leaders, and that they are not bad people. The fact that they are under the influence of the evil one is the biggest need for our intercession. Lord Jesus, work a miracle in both President Biden and Vice-President Harris. Please cause them to see the error of their ways, convict them of their wrongdoing, and guide them by Holy Spirit into all truth. Show them the futility of continuing on with their radical agenda, and please make it clear to them that they need to change for the sake of America’s future. We ask all these things in Jesus’s mighty name. Amen.

    Amen! 39
      1. They are God’s children, and they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, just as we do. We need to pray for them. They are, at the very least, under the influence of demons. We need to continue to lift them up in prayer. Only God can perform the miraculous intervention that they need!

        Amen! 2
  58. Forgive. Jesus did not overthrow the government in His day. Our politicians had opportunity to change results and every level failed. So now we see the exposure and know God’s people are called to bring solutions and be involved in governmental leadership.

    Amen! 22
  59. I sense that a great awakening of the unsaved will come when there is a great revival of the church. A revival of God’s people will come when the church repents of her sins against God. We must repent first of all of our pride. We must recognize that easy divorce, easy abortion, homosexual and transgender philosophies, and naturalistic evolutionary beliefs have deceived and infiltrated many churches. One of the root sins attacks the very first verse in the Bible and robs God of the glory He is due for designing and creating the whole universe. The church should proclaim without hesitation that God created all life and all humans. Secular humanism has managed to deceive whole generations into believing that all life, including humans, evolved by means of natural selection and other natural processes, and anyone who doesn’t believe this is ignorant and uneducated. The church should be the first place where God is praised for the amazing forms of life on earth, and especially for the humans He created in His own image.

    Amen! 33
  60. Yes Lord. I know the battle belongs to you Father. So i pray Jesus you would go in behind the enemies lines and bring Mr. Biden and Camilla and into Your light. May their hearts turn from the blind wickedness satan has covered them with. Im asking Lord go and breakthrough and tear down those walls of injustice in our seat of government for this country. And i pray as they are set free that we, as your body go and help them recover from the trauma of being prisoners of war. Help us to know our place. And to remember why we are here. For such a time as this. Mercy God. Have mercy on us all. In Jesus name.

    Amen! 33
  61. Thank you. I would also encourage everyone, but especially women to listen to Cece Sheets on Give Him 15 this morning. It speaks both truth and beauty and above all Hope to How we process emotionally and how to apply hope scripturally.

    Amen! 19
  62. I continue praying that the leaders will be saved. However, if they deny the Lord and will not turn from their wicked ways and refuse his forgiveness, Then my prayer is that God will remove them from office. Also I am praying that God will expose all the evil and that justice and truth will prevail. This is done in accordance with GOD’s Holy Word.

    Amen! 50
    1. I completely agree and pray the same. As Saul (Paul) also did, these people have caused mass destruction already not to mention fraud. They may deserve salvation as that is not my call, but God’s but they certainly do NOT deserve to be in office!

      Amen! 13
  63. Thank you Shelley! I do believe we are being tested as well. I am blown away by this comment. I hadn’t even considered how our cursing of the new admin. relating to the cursing that went on over President Trump.

    You said it best here, “Love the people. Hate the sin. Fight the real enemy which is powers and principalities and spiritual dark forces in the world. And set people FREE instead.”

    God bless you sis.

    Amen! 24
  64. This message touched me deeply. I so easily get discouraged and your message has reignited my desire to pray for all God’s people. What greater miracle could there be than the total conversion of Biden and Harris and all they’ve placed in office.

    Amen! 18
  65. This article is so right on….as hard as this pill is to swallow, the Lord is bringing His Intercessors to a new level of spiritual growth….As we look at the cross and see Christ in the midst of His great suffering He called out to Father in intercession for those who were against Him. I believe this is all part of the process of The Lord refining His bride. We cannot share in His joy and not expect to share in His sufferings. I am praying for myself to have His mindset and attitude of prayer in these days ahead. I believe as we all settle into this season of prayer God will strengthen us and grow us into a more unified beautiful body of believers.

    Amen! 38
  66. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Home run. This is a test that America must pass this time. There were people that were tested with this same test for the last four years. Did they pass? Did they pray prayers of blessing over President Trump or did they curse him? He had witches come out to curse him.

    We are called to bless and not curse. If you can’t bless right now, ask God to heal your lips and your heart from which those lips speak or just refrain from speaking.

    Curses being spoken – not even prayed, just spoken right now against Gods decision should raise red flags for Gods people. The scripture is full of examples of how He feels about that.

    When we operate in divination, or rebellion, it is no different than witchcraft.

    This does NOT mean that you let sin run rampant. Or stop praying for righteousness and justice or goodness or faithfulness or repentance in this nation. ALL of those are blessings. There is a nuance here that is important.

    Love the people. Hate the sin. Fight the real enemy which is powers and principalities and spiritual dark forces in the world. And set people FREE instead.

    Thanks for this Gloria! Well done.

    We all need to pass the test and set and be an example of how to do that this time.

    Amen! 35
    1. Yes, and if we have God in perfect perspective…HE CAN TURN THINGS AROUND IN AN INSTANT!! OH YES HE CAN!! We are not defeated and should not act like we are!! Our Weapons are not natural weapons being used by natural but they ARE SUPERNATURAL AND MIGHTY WEAPONS …the dark side has much faith in their supernatural albethem very dark indeed weapons…I KEEP HEARING THE LORD SAY…”WHERE IS YOUR FAITH?” HE WANTS TO KNOW. Great faith or little tiny seed sized faith even an atom sized faith…where is it…HOLY SPIRIT had me study the word “WHERE” as He used it when confronting the frightened disciples who woke Him up as He was sleeping through a storm. I found it to mean… “IN WHAT PLACE” then He said, ” IN WHAT PLACE IS YOUR FAITH?” It doesn’t matter the size of your faith …is it square in HIM AND IN HIS WORD? or HAVE YOU PLACED IT IN ANOTHER PLACE? Is your faith in another person, in a certain outcome, in parties, in names, in a nation, in a prayer, in a ritual, in your praying, in your deed, in your fasting, in your faithfulness, in your priest, in your job, in your things…if it is in anything other than in Jesus it is mis-PLACED
      Jesus already said that He will build His church and even the gates of hell WILL NOT prevail against us… ON CHRIST JESUS THE FOUNDATION OF HIS CHURCH…WE STAND IN FAITH WITH ACTIVE BELIEVING!! Amen So Be It…IT IS F I N I S H E D IN HIM TO THE GLORY OF GOD

      Amen! 14
  67. Wonderful reminder of who WE are – we are the faithful Samuels who have not lost their calling of priest and intercessor. Governments and leaderships may change but we remain the warrior priests/ambassadors we have always been. If a country changes leadership, we do not remove our ambassadors. Instead, we have the ambassadors try to come to or maintain an agreeable relationship with the new leaders. If it is hostile, we try to establish a working relationship. That is our role. We are to bring a new spiritual relationship to those who lead us now.
    Father, give us a new vision and a new zeal for our purpose. We ask that You remind us of Your great works and great love. We ask that You flood the White House with Your presence so strong that they cannot deny You and Your will. Place barriers to keep them from doing harm to this nation. Bind up the spirit of division and hate and all the other demon spirits working to steal the peace, joy, and hope of what this country stands for. Let our words and prayers rise to Your throne as we seek to establish a new thing. Birth a new understanding of Your will and purpose in those who lead. Protect those who stand for You. Give us what we need to run this race. In Yeshua’s name. Amen

    Amen! 28
  68. Thank you for the uplifting article which has been used to give me some answers and direction. Especially for those who now occupy the White House. The reference to Samuel and the role he assumed inspired me. God bless you for the words spoken. Pray we must, pray we will.

    Amen! 23
  69. We know of people in law enforcement who are concerned about a planned attack with mass casualties making it out to look like we did it. Please join me in praying against such a thing.

    Amen! 33
    1. In the mighty name of Jesus, we come against and cancel all the plans of the enemy to make ANY attack look like it came from God’s people. Lord move in our mist and intervene. Make all this work for the good of those who love you and for Your glory! In Jesus’ name.

      Amen! 6
  70. Very encouraging. I will keep praying. I know President Biden attends the Catholic, where hopefully he has heard Scripture all his life; so one of my prayers for him is that God would bring His Word to Biden’s mind and resonate the truth of it in his heart.

    Amen! 25
    1. Respectfully I say that People who are Christians aren’t baby slaughterers ready to open the doors for millions of babies to be aborted up to The moment of birth. There is not one single Christian attribute that I have seen in that lying, thieving, illegitimate fake “president”. He and his drug addled, toothless son sold this country to China. He says that it’s a-ok with him if an 8 year old wants to get a sex change. He has inappropriately sniffed and fondled little girls in MANY clips on YouTube. I saw enough to make me nauseated literally and could not get through watching them. He is a reprobate. We all will figure that out before this is over.

      Amen! 3
  71. I agree with the word. I agree we pray for our enemies. AND We pray for justice. I DO NOT agree that God put Biden in office at all. He stole the election. This is all demonic. I can feel it. God doesn’t want America to be wiped off the face of the map. He hates abortion. We pray for freedom, for righteousness, we pray for justice. We pray God restores what the enemy has stolen. We fight in prayer and we don’t give up until we take back what was illegally stolen from us.

    Amen! 48
    1. Amen & AMEN

      We will NEVER recognize this as our President, Vice-President or Administration…
      Congress or Supreme Court!
      1st we violently pray asking GOD take over our heart, soul, mind & body… Then we violently ask GOD to take back our Nation!
      That the Word of GOD is True & it is! Our Ways still do Not please GOD!
      We have to run to HIS LIGHT, LIFE & LOVE until we are delivered from all deception…
      GOD is NOT mocked!
      We have torn 60 plus million babies apart & we are going to see a Nation judged in time being ripped apart! Unfortunately, we are the generation to witness the Holiness of GOD!
      GOD is NOT out of control, just because you don’t like what HE is doing! Don’t let your ways be greater than HIS WAYS! HE IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH & THE LIFE! JESUS IS LORD!
      PS GOD allowed the Prophets to speak a false Word about this election. I don’t know ‘WHY’, but NOT one Prophet I heard all of last year said this is where we were going!
      There are so many questions, but seeking GOD for ourselves is the only answer!
      We can pray these days be shortened…

      Amen! 27
      1. As the children of the Righteous God, we will be held accountable for accepting and submitting to a self-proclaimed illegitimate authority that is anti-Christ. What would Samuel say to an illegitimate self-proclaimed king? He certain would not tell God’s people to submit to the fake authority, especially when the fake authority promotes killing of unborn babies and lawlessness. What did the children of God learn from Absalom and Adonaija? Rebellion never sits well in the Kingdom of God. This is a spiritual battle for the future of this country, and there is no need to play nice to the enemies, in which in this case, the demonic force that is behind the illegitimate Biden/ Harris Administration.
        In the name of Jesus, I curse and speak death to the Biden/ Harris administration. Death will follow this illegitimate administration like a shadow. I proclaim that all the anti-Christ and anti-American policies and plans of this illegitimate administration shall not prevail. I curse that the root and the branches of this illegitimate Biden/ Harris administration to be dried up, dead, and pulled out as it does not produce the Fruit of the Holy Spirit.
        In the name of Jesus, I speak life, resurrection, and restoration to the Trump’s second administration, which is endorsed and anointed by the Almighty God. I proclaim that the Trump’s second administration to be planted next to the River of Life and rooted in the salvation and promises of Jesus the Lord. I speak blessings to the Trump’s second administration that all of their love-God-love-people polices will prosper. I declare that the Trump’s second administration is full of the Fruit of the Holy Spirit.
        Heavenly Father, for your glory, you will evict the evil ones from the White House and reposition your anointed one, our President Donald J. Trump, to his rightful position for 4 more years.
        Praise the Lord and pray in Jesus’s Almighty name. Amen

        Amen! 11
        1. I do not see Biden as my President. He is there in The White House. I can pray that God’s Will be done and that evil hearts would be changed.

          I believe God makes all things happen and creates all things. We need to remember, God is merciful but He is also wrathful. He is very angry at us for allowing unlimited abortion, same sex marriage and creation of test tube babies , gender surgery. Many more atrocities.

          My biggest question and concern is how a man can sit in church for 78 years and not accept a call from God. Biden goes there all the time and says he is Christian but his way of life and actions do not bear this conclusion.

          Amen! 7
    2. Sandra, I stand in agreement with you. I continue to fervently pray for TRUTH LIGHT and JUSTICE and that God Almighty will reveal the evil hiding in dark places.
      The enemy placed these people. It was On display immediately as Biden signed an executive order providing billions of our money for ABORTION around the world!!! Sacrifice to Baal his first priority!
      How many more babies will be killed by this evil group? Kamala Harris has no problem with infanticide even at full term. My heart is broken.

      I rebuke this abomination. I rebuke all evil spirits, satanic spirits, witchcraft, spirits of human sacrifice, pedophilia and all manner of demonic activity. Send them straight to the lake of fire.

      I continue to pray for God to do a mighty Red Sea moment and restore our nation back to freedom and fully back to One Nation under God. I pray that Our true president be seated and lead revival around the world.
      Come quickly Lord. We know You hate this evil. Your intercessors are fully armored and fighting with your Angel armies to secure the victory. Send Holy Spirit to fill us with wisdom and disccernment, courage and strength. We are YOURS Abba, Father. We praise Your Holy Name. Glory to God. Amen

      Amen! 31
  72. No one is beyond Your grasp, Lord. Saul was the perfect example of that. Our battle is not against man, its against the demonic forces in this world so actively trying to blind and control us. I pray that Satan will be bound, that the blinded would clearly see truth, and that Your glory would be revealed to all. Bring repentance and salvation to our land, Lord. And make us ready to bring in the harvest. Hallelujah!

    Amen! 44
  73. Thank you Gloria. Yesterday my soul was in agony; this morning Jesus enable me to say, “Father forgive Joseph Biden for he does not know what he is doing!” It feels great to be free of anger and hate! To Our Father be glory today and forever! Amen

    Amen! 23
  74. What we can do is pray intercessors. Trust in our GOD, GOD’s got this. Watch the victory channel on (YouTube) toward the end Kat Kerr. GOD is speaking! Wow powerful. Stand back watch and see what our GOD will do. May be a couple ruff next couple months, GOD is revealing the evil truth that’s going on in the government! We need to see this. How bad this really is. Do not give up! Believe! Amen

    Amen! 29
  75. Yes, we stand as one nation under God to intercede for our leaders and that their hearts will turn towards God and his mercy and grace would be poured out to them for their salvation. Amen

    Amen! 28
    1. Intercessors PRAY, GOD has heard are prayers. Watch and see what the almighty GOD does in the next couple months. Victory hallelujah praise GOD. Watch the victory channel on (YouTube) toward the end Kay Kerr! Wow this is what GOD is saying! Stand back!! Look out!! He is GOD

      Amen! 10
      1. Yes! Thank you, Cindy! Praise the Lord! Some kind soul on the ifapray comment section recommended the group to look at the The Victory Channel for great encouragement and I am forever grateful! If it was you, thank you so much!

        The FlashPoint Program on The Victory Channel, in particular, has been a great, tremendous nourishment to my soul during this these past couple of weeks. My family has become hooked too. The mood of our house has lifted and it brighter. Praise the Lord!

        God Bless you and your household and thank you for sharing!

        Amen! 4
  76. Thank you for your wise words. I believe that they reveal the heart of our loving God.
    God has been reminding me that he created the whole world, that He loves everyone and that He sent His Son to die for all … so all may live. When we walk with hate, we are unable to love. We can pray for those God puts on our hearts IF we are able to separate the sin from the sinner. And we are able to do this IF we can see/believe that it is the devil who fills these people with hatred. Then we are able to ask God to fill them with His love. Only the love of God can set them free.
    I desire to pray God’s heart at all times … to agree with God and never to walk a path of prayer that God has not walked. He is our leader and we must follow Him. If we try to lead, most likely we will fall into the pit that the evil one dug for us.
    May God always be our leader. Amen.

    Amen! 32
  77. Heavenly Father we cry out to you to heal the hearts of all the peoples of the earth that they may recognize You as their loving Father! We beg you to send forth Your Holy Spirit to renew in us the fire of Your Love! We have sinned against You and are languishing because of our disobedience. For the sake of the sorrowful passion and death of Your Beloved Son have mercy on us, forgive us our transgressions and renew the face of the Earth!

    Amen! 34
  78. I pray for salvation for both President Biden and Kamala Harris and their seed. I pray Gods cleanses both chambers of the House from infighting and desertion. May God rest His spirit upon this great nation and cleanse her of sin, defilement and rebellion. Cause our leaders to do so by love of God and His righteousness in Jesus name!!!

    Amen! 39
  79. Forgive me,Lord.I have been in shock the past few days that there have been so many to pray for this particular election, and yet the one who sought spiritual counsel,Your counsel; the one who held You up before our Nation and reminded us that we are One Nation under You, God; that one, Donald J.Trump has now been retired as our Nation’s leader to be replaced by a man who has rushed into the expansion of abortion, the killing of your precious children.I know You do not approve, yet even after all the prayers, You have allowed this choice.We did pray for “ Thy will (to) be done” and we have to believe Your Will has been declared.We are a generation chosen “ for such a time as this.”We must get over ourselves and get on with the task before us and pray for America with its new Biden/Harris leadership.Help us to loose our hold on America, to give her back to You for Your Will to be done.We know there is an end to all things as we have known them, before You can return.If that is possibly what You are saying, may we accept Your timing and Your ways.Rekindle my desire to pray for our new leaders and to pray for Your Will in the future of America, her leaders, her people, her place in the world in these last days.Bring your harvest into Your Kingdom now, and May I remain faithful to You by praying and sharing the Gospel.In Your precious name, Jesus I pray.Amen

    Amen! 42
      1. Thank you Regina.I listened and recommend this teaching by Derek Prince that was a great reminder of how we are to pray to change America!
        He gave specifics in how to pray, also some interesting examples!♥️

        Amen! 1

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