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Father, we pray that You would stop this evil globalist mindset immediately. Protect us, Lord, from those who wish us harm and stand in opposition to Your Word.

Infamous globalist Yuval Noah Harari recently called the majority of people “unnecessary.” Why is this man with his strange views allowed such prominence in elite circles?Let’s pray against this antibiblical lie. The Bible says that God knew us before He formed us and planned us before the beginning of time. We know that every life is precious and that we are not commanded to limit and destroy life, but to be fruitful and multiply. 

From NOQ Report. [World Economic Forum’s] Yuval Noah Harari, who is described as [Klaus] Schwab’s “right-hand man,” is on a promotional tour right now shilling a new book he allegedly wrote. That manuscript asks questions like: What do we need so many humans for? …

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Harari says the common folk below him are right to be fearful about the future because their lives could end at any moment. And it would not be any great loss, he says, because non-globalists are “redundant.” …

In a future run by “smart people,” Harari went on to state, common people will naturally face increased feelings of anxiety and fear about being left behind. And he is technically right: those who refuse to board the ark of Christ will, in fact, be left behind in Harari’s globalist dystopia.

“We just don’t need the vast majority of you,” Harari stated out loud without shame, believing himself to be invincible.

As we previously reported, Harari, an Israeli historian and professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, openly admitted that he and the rest of his globalist cabal are unleashing transhumanism as their own personal “technological Noah’s Ark” – meaning they believe the lie that tampering with their DNA and genetic blueprints will somehow grant them eternal life while the rest of us are either eliminated or turned into their permanent slaves.

Talking about this kind of thing used to be scoffed at and labeled conspiracy theorism, but now we have the plan coming straight from the mouths of the globalist cabal itself – right out in the open with no shame. …

“George Orwell warned us about these times,” writes Baxter Dmitry for Newspunch. “He said they would convince us that war is peace. How right he was.”

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(Excerpt from NOQ Report. Photo Credit: Rob Curran on Unsplash)

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George Leaf
November 6, 2022

Father I stand with your people in intercession for those so deceived as to believe their imagination is more truthful than your word. Father I pray the spirit of pride which tries to keep them blind to your mercy and grace be broken. That they understand the simplicity of the truth before them. It says in your word, you garnished the heavens with the firmament. Billions of stars, galaxies, and nebula. Garnish Father, garnish, it is all as important as the sprig of parsley next to the steak dinner. Just something to look at that is pleasant. But what is important Father is Every Thing that was made was made by your Word. If it is not your word then it is imagination. And like garnish will be discarded in its time when true truth is known. Akeem’s Razor… when you can make the Universe…. Then you can make the rules. Oh Father may they come to know your truth, your wonder, and your mercy. That life eternal is only with you. By your grace. In confession of faith in rescue by your Lamb sacrificed to pay our price. that we can not save our selves. The earth waxes old like a garment, the age of this eternity is nearly full .May every one who reads these words walk like they see the end of the age. Amen


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