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Of the increase of His government and of peace there will be no end…the zeal of the Lord of hosts will do this. (Isaiah 9:7 ESV)

There is a boldness that is greatly needed among the people of God as our culture continues to self-destruct. We know that truth must be shared, and the Kingdom of God proclaimed. And yet, the critics and trolls are ever present, ready to pounce when we begin to challenge the status quo. Though we want to see change and long for victory, we are hesitant to step in the ring and add our voice to the fight. Not only do we fear the enemy’s counterpunches, we wonder if our own friends will cry foul and condemn our speech.

Personally, I am an introvert by nature and one who usually waits to speak in a crowd. It does not come “naturally” for me to speak up or go against the grain. I’m like most people who would prefer to be liked and appreciated for my perspective. Even in my writing, I usually try to take a more conciliatory tone in hopes of making a gracious appeal, rather than to outright confront a wrong.

Even so, there are times I cannot hold back and am compelled to speak up—regardless of the consequence. Something happens deep in my spirit and begins to burn in my soul as a fire that has been kindled. It is not just raising a complaint or confronting a lie. It is the anointing of the Holy Spirit that fuels my passion and ignites a righteous indignation on behalf of those who are lost and without hope. It is a zeal that goes beyond my personal preference and need for validation and breaks through the fear of man. When this anointed zeal begins to burn in my heart, it consumes every other doubt and silences every other voice.

For the Lord your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God. (Deuteronomy 4:24)

When one is touched by the fire of God, nothing can put it out. It is entirely different from the anger of man or impatience of the flesh. It is a supernatural ignition of the heart. It not only awakens us to the eternal realities at stake; it reveals a voice deep within our spirit that is not our own. It is the Lion of Judah hidden within the recesses of our spirit waiting for the time to roar. Its power is love and its purpose is redemption and restoration.

The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion. (Proverbs 28:1)

We all have that roar within us. It is a sound that is greater than the cacophony of voices vying for our attention and it cuts through the static of enemy interference. It is a boldness that breaks the yoke of the oppressor and calls attention to the Lion Himself who alone is worthy to rule and reign. Though we are the conduit of this sound, it is HIS voice that bursts onto the scene, dispelling the darkness and silencing our accusers. It is this roar that will fuel our boldness and give us the courage to say what others fear and the enemy dreads.

Jesus demonstrated this zeal when He tore through the temple and removed the idol worshipers who had set up shop (see John 2:13-17). That which would have been considered treasonous and even violent, became an act of holy intervention that awakened the masses and stirred His disciples. The zeal for His Father’s house consumed Him with a passion for holiness and a fierce love for His people.

For zeal for your house has consumed me, and the reproaches of those who reproach you have fallen on me. (Psalm 69:9 ESV)

This bold roar does not come without cost, nor can it be summoned at will. It can only come by being in the presence of the Holy One. If we are to raise this roar over our households, our communities, and our nation, it will require us to get before the throne of grace and gaze upon His holiness. It will require a readiness to be branded by the Spirit and forever seared by His presence. If you have fully surrendered to His Kingdom purposes and sold out to radical obedience, the Lion will speak through you if you let Him. Do not disqualify yourself from the ring because of seeming weaknesses in your personality or lack of any skill set. The zeal of the Lord is not of this realm. YOU are not of this realm. We serve a higher Kingdom and a greater King.

Therefore, let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe, for our God is a consuming fire. (Hebrews 12:28-29 ESV)

You do not have to try and be bold. Boldness will come as a result of being in the holy place. It will be the fruit of a love so intense and a calling so sure, nothing will stop it.

395 People Prayed
3966 People have read this article

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  1. Excellent word! I am reminded of Rev 3:16, this is no time to be lukewarm. We are either completely vested in advancing the Kingdom of God by speaking the truth in love or out.

      1. Agreeing totally Wanda! The Lord brought me to that same Psalm 69 scripture this weekend as the ‘insults of those insulting You were calling on me”. Let His holy zeal and wisdom rest on His Beloved in this time of ‘peyh’ – the Hebrew year (and decade) of speaking.

  2. Yes and AMEN! May the LORD fall upon HIS children! MAY HE speak to us and through us! MAY we speak HIS truth. Truth to lies, be light in darkness, and offer freedom to all in bondage. Jesus Christ is LORD!! We have nothing to fear! Be BOLD brothers and sisters… The salvation of many who you love may depend on your willingness to speak the TRUTH!!

  3. My personal prayer for increased boldness has intensified over the last year and was fueled after reading a passage from Acts 4:23-31. Peter and John, having just been released from custody, did not shrink back and hide, but, instead gathered with other believers and prayed for greater empowerment to speak freely and courageously. Verse 31 states, “Each one of them was filled with the Holy Spirit, and they proclaimed the word of God with unrestrained boldness.” The Greek word is parresia. Commentary says parresia is “more than confidence. It carries nuances not easily brought over into English. The person who speaks with parresia will say everything that is on his mind with no restraint, flowing out of his heart with confidence. It involves being frank and honest, hiding nothing and speaking directly to the heart…it refers to speech that is not tailored to make everyone happy but to speak the truth, in spite of what that may cost. It is the courage to speak truth into the ears of others.”
    Lord, we pray as Peter and John, listen to their threats against us. Empower us, as your servants, to speak Your Word freely and courageously. Stretch out Your hand of power through us to heal, and to move in signs and wonders by the Name of Your holy Son, Jesus! May we be filled with Holy Spirit and proclaim Your Word with unrestrained boldness (parresia)! In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

    1. In reading this article I agree we need Holy Boldness but not rejection of someone who needs God. Meaning we can reject their sin but not reject them. As Debora wrote, Jesus is sad that this person has gone the ways of the world. He still loves them and shares the message of God. An invitation that says God and I love you but we don’t accept your sin or lifestyle. It is empty and nothing will fill that void until you accept Jesus’s salvation , turn from your ways and sin no more. God and I still love you and want the very best, love for you which is Jesus Christ

  4. I am so thankful for your message, Wanda. It was so informative and very well written. Many blessings to you, Wanda.

    I experienced the Lord working through me when I recently went to a City Council meeting to simply ask a City Council member for a copy of the Anti-Gay Non-Discrimination Ordinance the City Council publicly announced a week prior to their meeting that they were considering taking up. I suspected I’d find some LGBTQ+ at the meeting, and was concerned for my safety, as I was not in favor of the Ordinance. I prayed about the matter before leaving my home, as soon as I arrived at City Hall, and periodically during the City Council meeting. After the meeting ended, I approached one of the City Council members from my Ward, (whom I learned after meeting her was a lesbian), and asked her where I could get a copy of the Anti-Gay Non-Discrimination Ordinance. Just as soon as I approached her, the six LGBTQ+ Activists circled their wagons around me. It was the strangest thing I had ever experienced. It was interesting to note that without me having said a word to no one there, these LGBTQ+ Activists knew I was a Christian. All of them had gotten up and given their input on the Ordinance when the City Council made time available for the public comments to be heard on any subject matter, so I knew who they were, but it was my first time there and I had remained silent. Nobody but the LGBTQ+ Activists made any comments on the Ordinance.

    Although I was scared to go to the meeting, once I got there, I was at total peace. And despite the LGBTQ+ Activist’s circling around me, cutting off my ability to have a private moment with the City Council Member that represented my Ward, and immediately calling a certain emailer a bigot, a hater, and other awful names, I continued to feel at peace. I also felt God’s deep sorrow for their lost souls. I could feel the Holy Spirit using me as a vessel to try to touch their heart, soul and mind. I felt God’s deep love for them. I heard and felt the Holy Spirit praying for them. I had said no words to any of them. I had no words for them. I realized that the Lord did not send me there to have me say anything to them, He sent me there so that they all might feel HIS presence through me and for them to see HIM through my eyes. I felt bold and strong before these Lions.

    When it can to speaking with my City Council member, the Lord gave me just the right words to speak to her.

    I left feeling very blessed.

    Two business days later, the City Council announced that they had decided to drop their consideration of the Ordinance.

    I encourage Christians to trust the Lord to send you where He wants you to be for HIS sake. He will not leave you nor forsake you. Let the Lord use you today.

    The Lord is Mighty to save!

    Hallelujah to the King of Kings!


      1. Thank you, Wanda.

        I’ve become bold in my walk with the Lord due to you and others at IFA, and I am grateful. You are making a difference for the cause of Christ. Praise God!

        Much love and prayers go out to you and the rest of you at IFA. 💞 🙏🏻

  5. Father- Thank you for the challenge raised in this article by Wanda.It makes me think of the passage from Isaiah when he sees the throne room…
    “I saw the Lord- sitting on His throne, and the train of His robe filled the temple. The mighty Seraphim proclaimed- “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Heaven’s armies. The whole earth is filled with His glory!hen one of the Seraphim touched my lips with burning coal and said -“Now your guilt is removed, and your sins are forgiven.”
    Then I heard the Lord asking- Who will go for us?I said,”Here am I. Send me.”
    May we see you in all your holiness and majesty and glory. You are the Holy One- the One who is pure and righteous and just. We bow to You – the One who is fully deserving of our adoration and praise. Be lifted up in our hearts, our lives, our homes and everywhere we go. May Your Name be glorified and may we have Your message to share- Your words- Your heart- Your passion.
    Here we are- send us.

  6. Such a vital, good message. I relate. I agree. May we all do the preliminary work of being in His Rest, His Presence. He will turn His sheep into royal war horses. I want to be used, effective for Him. I, too, love your president and am appalled at our givernmentbproblems, church problems and social media problems. He has it all. All of us, more introverted types…how awesome for His Fire to consume and work in us!

  7. I so enjoy your challenges to us. Yes, no matter what our personality, He has given it to us for His purposes. Until I received the Holy Spirit I knew Jesus and loved my Father, but after the baptism in the Holy Spirit I was radically changed . We all need to begin to take a stand for justice locally and nation wide. We are seeing Luke 12:1-5 coming forth in the midst of what appears to be chaos. Light is exposing the darkness and things whispered behind closed are going to be heard. It is not time to fear man but to have a holy,reverential fear of Almighty God. We need a cleansing of the church. This hypocrisy to be exposed and dealt with. The awakening must begin in His body. I love Daniel 9 where Daniel confesses the failure of his nation but cries out for God’s mercy and grace. Apart from this we too are in a hard place. He is a God of restoration and I believe we will see our nation restored. In every state in this nation there are intercessors standing together as one. Let us be like the prophet Habakkuk and wait on our watchtowers.

      1. Thanks for that conformation…I also found psalm 101 and think it is a very timely prayer for our president ,especially verses 6-8…How Exodus 18:21 tells the character of me that should be surrounding him. Thanks again for your comments..God’s richest blessings o you and your family…

  8. I am very grateful for this ministry and for the information you provide. Thanks for this great article because is helps me to be bold. I love President Trump (even though I wish he would keep his mouth shot and would keep on doing without saying much). I pray for him everyday. But his decision against the Kurds is hindering his administration way beyond one could even imagine. What he did to them is a foreshadow of what the nations are going to do to Israel, and what we as the church of God cannot and should not do. How we respond as Christians to the trodden upon Kurds is a good indicator of how we will respond to the people of Israel when Jacob’s final trouble come. Let’s pray for the president to open his eyes. Let’s pray for the administration. Let’s pray for the nation because we will see the consequences if we don’t pray and act. The Kurds are being massacre. There is no truce and there has not been.

  9. Amen. It’s time to roar with the voice of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. We can no longer be quiet or silent. Holy Spirit stir in Your people that zeal and boldness that Jesus had. I declare that a spirit of fear and intimidation will no longer stop the people of God from advancing. The Kingdom of God will prevail and Truth will stand. Thank You Jesus!

  10. I’ve had several conversations about this very thing just this past week!! This world NEEDS to hear the HOLY ROAR of the LORD!! I plan on distributing this article to many! Thank you and God Bless!!

  11. Amen! Yes we are all awake and prepared for a mighty stand:) I love HIS truth and fire on this article. Personally I have felt the same for the last year and am not an extrovert either. My life is not my own and I will obey the LORD of my heart. Jesus is coming back and His bride is not a coward. I can hear The Lion of Judah roar! Let’s forsake everything for His Kingdom. Amen

  12. Thank you for a “he who has ears to hear, let him hear” article.

    It is summed up in, “It will require a readiness to be branded by the Spirit and forever seared by His presence. If you have fully surrendered to His Kingdom purposes and sold out to radical obedience, the Lion will speak through you if you let Him.”

    Your opening scripture, Isaiah 9, is so full of promise of Messiah and His Government…

    “There will be no end to the increase of His government or of peace, On the throne of David and over his kingdom, To establish it and to uphold it with justice and righteousness From then on and forevermore. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will accomplish this.”

    So much to unwrap. What stood out to me is, “zeal”. In the natural a Zeal is a herd of Zebra, and when running together are impossible to detect by adversaries, a sort of camouflage, with all the moving patterns (no two are alike), an individual can not be selected. It confuses thier enemy. Unity is so important.

    To be branded is an identity, we belong to Him. His Spirit produces Fruit, Love, the Cross Life, that sends us sprinting into obedience, radical obedience, becoming more Christlike as we go.

    The Zeal of Zebras is the Bride of Christ un Battle Array, waiting for her orders.

    1. Loved your picture of the zebras ad the coming together of the body of Christ. psalm 133 talks about where there is unity the blessing resides. Jesus was zealous for His Fathers’ House…

  13. Thank you for writing this article. I’m in total agreement with you and about to undertake a project directed by God to do my part to awaken the Body of Christ to the age in which we live. I greatly appreciate this website and the information you provide. Again thank you.

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