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Pray for full exposure to enemy tactics that try to deceive the Church.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. (Gal 6:7)

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In just under a decade, Texas has grown by more than three million people, which many Texans say is a big reason why Democratic Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke is polling historically well against Republican incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz.

That’s why President Trump came to Houston Monday night to help his former primary opponent.

“Gotta vote for Ted Cruz,” Trump told the crowd. “The Democrats are a big risk to the American family and our country cannot afford to take those kinds of risks. This will be the election of the caravan, Kavanaugh, law, and order, tax cuts, and common sense.”

John Graves, president of Vision America tells CBN News he’s not surprised to see Republicans losing a grip on the conservative stronghold.

“I’ve been telling people for years Texas is trending that way,” explained Graves. “Donald Trump won Ohio by 8.1 percent, he won Texas by 9 percent – people think of Ohio as a purple state, they don’t think of Texas as one.”

Vision America works with pastors to encourage Christians around the country to vote and participate in elections. Their nonpartisan voter guide for Texas shows where both candidates stand on issues like the Supreme Court, right to life, and protecting religious liberty. Over the weekend, however, an unknown person made fraudulent copies of the guides changing the text of the issues and mixed them into piles passed out at multiple churches in Texas.

“They snuck into churches to deceive church members,” said Graves. “I’ve been around this for over 25 years and I’ve never seen or heard anything like that.”

O’Rourke has seen support from some pro-life women in Texas unhappy with the families being separated at the border, and the fake guide claims Senator Cruz supports this. Cruz told CBN News he strongly opposes the policy….

The fraudulent guide also claims O’Rourke supports the right to life because he increased access to healthcare, without showing his stance on abortion.

“I will only vote to confirm a Supreme Court Justice who believes in a women’s right to make her own decisions about her body,” O’Rourke proclaimed at their last debate.

O’Rourke strongly opposes the president, saying he will vote for impeachment if elected and will not support a wall on the southern border.

Cruz, on the other hand, has embraced the president, inviting Trump to headline the Monday rally where tens of thousands gathered….

O’Rourke has raised more than twice as much money as Cruz’s campaign, but with a short window left until Election Day, Cruz still holds a substantial lead in the polls. (Excerpts from Abigail Robertson article on CBN News)

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October 25, 2018

Father, in the name of Jesus we pray for that all deceit and wickedness would be exposed before voters go into the polls. I pray for Holy Spirit conviction on those who perpetrated this deception. Psalm 5:6 says You destroy those who tell lies; bloodthirsty and deceitful men the LORD abhors.
Indeed O LORD, their mouths are full of curses and lies and threats; trouble and evil are under their tongue.
Father I pray Ephesians 5:6 over those voters that they would not let anyone deceive them with empty words, for because of such things God’s wrath comes on those who are disobedient. Therefore do not be partners with them.
(Rom 16:18) For such people are not serving our Lord Christ, but their own appetites. By smooth talk and flattery they deceive the minds of naive people.
Father, we perish for lack of knowledge. Instruct us and give us wisdom to make choices that honor You and not political parties or skin color. Protect this Nation from those who hate her and from those who want to dismantle our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Be praise and glorified in this Country we pray.

Donna L
October 25, 2018

A vote for Orourke is a vote for abortion, plain and simple. He will follow the democrat platform, Pelosi and Schumer all the way. Do not be deceived, he is lying to gain votes, it is the modus operandi of the leftists, anything, and I mean anything to gain power and money. Anyone thinking they are Christian and voting democrat is deceived and/or blinded by the lies and deception they proclaim. Better to not vote at all than to vote for the platform of the democrats and that is what you do, like it or not.

Felicia Penner
October 25, 2018

Lord God, we ask that you would bless Senator Ted Cruz, that you would educate the churches in your wisdom, dear Lord. We pray that all those who got a false voter guide would be made aware of this. We ask that pastors would fill the churches they lead that this type of voter fraud has happened. Lord, do not let the wicked gain in any way from their deception. We ask that you would make this crooked road straight before Senator Cruz, bless the work of his hands. Call all evangelicals to vote Lord, and give them your wisdom. Preserve Texas as the conservative voice it has always been we ask, dear Lord


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