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Father, help us to be bold in proclaiming Your name and truth. Open our eyes to see clearly as You do.

Watch this short clip of Articia Bomer speaking about the voter fraud she witnessed at polling places in Michigan. She finishes her testimony by pleading the blood of Jesus over the ballots and fraud.

Watch Articia Bomer’s full testimony below:

(Photo Credit: Unsplash.)

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Ken Laurion
December 2, 2020

God has answered our prayers by exposing and revealing the fraud and corruption in this election. It is now time to pray into what God will do with the evidence He has revealed. He knows every detail of every act and every plan for He is omniscient and omnipresent.

Lord God, we acknowledge your sovereignty and that nothing is hidden from you. Bless and honor those who risk jobs, friendships, and even personal safety to come forward. Now that you have answered our prayers for exposure, we pray for ears, hearts, minds, and eyes to respond and acknowledge. We pray that their sins will find them out. Moreover, we pray for the battle that you are waging in the heavenly places wherein Satan and his demonic host will be bound. We pray for mercy to all who will respond to Holy Spirit’s conviction. To you be all Glory, Amen

December 2, 2020

Heavenly Father, we approach the throne of grace for help and mercy in time of need. Please make it so that in Michigan that one honest vote is counted one time, and the dishonest votes are revealed and disqualified. We pray the dishonest actors will be revealed and that they will receive just punishment for their crimes. Please make sure that all future elections in Michigan are administered in an honest way full of integrity. Let there be witnesses from both parties present when needed within a short distance away, especially when votes are counted. We pray finally that from now on Michigan voters will vote according to biblical values, and know which values the candidates represent. Please open the eyes and ears of the court officials, especially the judge, and may truth, righteousness, and integrity prevail in every detail of the proceedings. We bless your name Jesus, Amen.

December 2, 2020

Thank you Lord for the courage and bravery of our sister in Christ in this video. I stand in agreement in prayer that those who participated in fraud will not sleep or be at peace until all is exposed. I thank you Lord that you have given us the honor to pray and see Your hand at work.

In Jesus name

December 2, 2020

for all those that are testifying to the fraud and cheating they witnessed.
God Bless Articia Bomer!
And all that are making a stand for righteousness and justice. May they bear much fruit! May You cover them with Your wing. Protect and guard them with Your angel armies. Cover them with the Blood of Jesus. Strengthen them to stay faithful to fight against
the corruption in our country. May all Your children be faithful to pray and stand and speak up to glorify YOUR NAME! Thank You for loving us and wanting all to come to repentance and faith in Jesus as their Savior. In His
Precious Name. amen

December 2, 2020

Church, Have faith. At some point we can stop praying FOR something to happen and start praying INTO it. God IS exposing voter fraud, that’s clear. We can trust him with this. We need to keep praying for God to give the people of this great nation ears to hear.

Thank you, GOD for all the truth that is being shouted from the rooftops and whispered in the inner rooms of this nation. The TRUTH IS marching on. Hallelujah!!!


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