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Father, we pray for Maj. Samuel Sigoloff. Protect him as he seems to do what is right and to honor You.

Maj. Sigoloff, a doctor who helped fellow soldiers become exempt from the covid vaccine, may have been labeled a threat by his superiors.

From The Epoch Times. A U.S. Army officer was deemed a possible threat, according to newly disclosed emails.

Who is praying on the wall?


Maj. Samuel Sigoloff, a doctor, was ordered to stop seeing patients earlier this year after granting exemptions to the military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Sigoloff has attempted to leave the force but the Army has refused to process his resignation, according to his lawyer.

On Aug. 1, Sigoloff was sent an email from David Prince, a plans officer at Fort Huachuca in Arizona. Four other officers were also sent the message.

“ALCON, Here is some information on the subject of tomorrow’s Threat Working Group,” Prince wrote.

The subject was Sigoloff, according to the missive, which was reviewed by The Epoch Times.

“Why are they having a meeting about a doctor being a ‘threat’ when he’s not made any threats? That doesn’t make any sense,” Sean Timmons of Tully Rinckey, who is representing the major, told The Epoch Times.

Timmons thinks the message was meant to signal to Sigoloff that the military is focusing on him for what he’s done.

“They’ve been so frustrated by his exposure of the corruption that they’re now engaged in Hail Mary desperation and reprisal through intimidation,” he said….

How are you praying for Maj. Sigoloff? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from The Epoch Times. Photo Credit: Diego González on Unsplash)

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August 6, 2022

We must be aware of what God is showing us. This biological warfare waged by agents of darkness (Choshek) will be waged again after the followers of Messiah Jesus are removed prior to what is called the tribulation. After the tribulation, the mark will be forced on everyone who values themselves more than God’s word. Don’t misunderstand me, many got the injection to provide for their families. What will happen is the proponents of the mark will say something to the effect of; “Mommy, Daddy, you love me, don’t you? I’m hungry, please get the mark”, and / or, “Mark up (your town), don’t let your family go hungry.”
Father, we bind any and every word, thought and action that is hurtful to any part of America, and this man who loves this nation which You established for Your glory and our relationship with and in You. We loose heaven upon upon this situation. We ask You to rebuke, bind, cast down, expose and expel this hatred for You and our nation, both of which they hate.
Remove the corrupt from every position of authority, then turn their hearts to You. In the name of Jesus.

Nancy Bryda
August 6, 2022

The demonic manifestation of government hiding the covid corruption aimed at depopulation and control of the people is being exposed. Lord be with this truth telling officer, protect him and continue to expose the devil’s agenda in America. The ekklesis has authority over demonic entities and we say no weapon formed against this brave officer shall prosper. Covid was a weapon used for political purposes and the church has authority to defeat this evil agenda against God’s people. God’s truth is marching on. David cut off the head of Goliath and we are running at the demonic and saying – You have NO authority in Jesus’ name. King Jesus has given us His authority here on Earth.


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