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Lord, Your word calls us to be good stewards with our money. We pray the U.S. government will be responsible with our money and follow Your way.

The U.S. government will spend more than half a million dollars to provide residents of a tiny, poverty-stricken African nation with condoms. The money, $700,000, will help fund a National Condom Strategy launched by the Ministry of Health in Eswatini, a landlocked south African country smaller than New Jersey. Until recently Eswatini was known as Swaziland but its tyrannical ruler, King Mswati III, changed it so the country could break with its colonial past.

Estwatini is Africa’s only absolute monarchy and most of its population of about 1.4 million lives in poverty with the world’s highest rate of AIDS and HIV.  King Mswati however, leads an openly posh lifestyle and has 15 wives, according to an African news report that lists all their names. The king has an annual budget of $61 million, owns two private jets and several fancy cars, including a $625,000 Rolls Royce and a $500,000 Maybach 62. He is also a renowned violator of human rights who has been blasted by various international groups over the years. Just last month Eswatini’s National Commissioner of Police announced that social media critics of the king will be hunted down and arrested. Around the same time, human rights advocates were arrested for denouncing King Mswati’s oppressive, dictator-like policies.

None of this is stopping Uncle Sam from cutting a fat check for the African nation’s condom endeavor, created in 2018 to improve access to quality and affordable male and female condoms for all sexually active individuals in order to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections as well as “unintended pregnancies.” Among the key populations targeted by Eswatini’s National Condom Strategy are “men who have sex with men, sex workers, their clients, and their partners,” according to the Ministry of Health document, because they have the highest incidence of HIV. “Thus, a successful prevention program for the country is crucial and must account for this unique HIV infection context,” the document states, adding that a key strategy to achieve the project’s goal includes hiring “experts in condom programming.”

The U.S. government already funds 90% of public sector condoms in Eswatini through various programs that distribute them to target populations. However, “condom promotion is currently unstructured,” the  grant announcement says, and needs “structured and consistent approaches.” Evidently, the U.S.-funded condoms are randomly distributed at retail outlets and health facilities but that isn’t enough. Among the goals is to “centralize all condom storage” at the African nation’s medical stores and consolidate support for condom promotion resources to coordinate and target their use. “To ensure sustainability of condom distribution and access in Eswatini, there is a need to increase the commercial sector market share for those willing to buy condoms and target the free condoms to those unable to afford them,” according to the U.S.

The $700,000 that the U.S. is dedicating to this cause will be distributed to regional and international organizations interested in working with condom programming, according to the grant announcement. The money will flow through the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) African regional division, which is dedicated to addressing the HIV/AIDS crisis and mitigating food insecurity and supporting democratic processes. Besides having the world’s highest rate of HIV infection—26%—Eswatini is facing a “staggering pandemic” of Tuberculosis that has lowered life expectancy to a mere 50 years, according to USAID. The agency has given Africa billions of dollars in aid, including several billion to a scandal-plagued initiative to combat Ebola. In 2018 Judicial Watch reported that two Congolese men were federally indicted for stealing loads of malaria drugs sent to Africa by American taxpayers and selling them on the black market. Years earlier a mainstream newspaper published a scandalous exposé (“Thieves Hijacking Malaria Drugs in Africa”) detailing how organized networks steal large quantities of U.S.-funded malaria drugs that end up for sale at street markets throughout Africa. At the time they had a street value of about $60 million.

(Used with permission from Judicial Watch.)

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February 12, 2020

Father God, You are Holy and righteous and Your Word teaches against sexual immorality, any sex outside of the marriage covenant is sin. Father we pray for Your truths to go forth in this nation, for abstinence is the only way this consequential disease will ever be overcome. We pray in the name of Jesus that You send workers into this nation that know You. We pray for this dictator to be drawn to You or cast down. May he no longer hold a place of position and power over this nation. May this nation to to You as their one true God. Amen

Donna A Gantt
February 11, 2020

Father God I pray for honesty and integrity in government wisdom and discernment and direction. For an American government and for the governments of African nations God bring about righteousness and Justice father. I pray that the money is it is sent. To the people of poverty-stricken nations would be used for the good of the people got not in foolish ways to make some rich While others starve. God bring down unrighteous. Government Bring down unrighteous men and women.Father God may their Hearts be changed and turned to you, but if not bring them down.

Caroline Eagan
February 10, 2020

I pray our Lord God would give our leaders in Washington True Wisdom that can only come from you. Help our leaders to stand up to this nonsense.
I agree wholeheartedly with our sister’s above mentioned comments and especially, how this is “foolishness”. What is some matter with us, these dictators and outlandish rulers from poor world countries are using our “Hard Earned Tax” dollars to fund their lavish lifestyles. We need to start sending food vouchers, clothing, water, and call it a day, but no cash,sorry, and even the vouchers, monitored. This is ridiculous.
Lord, please help our leaders to stop this waste in anyway we can.

Darlene Estlow
February 10, 2020

Father, I pray that this foolish expenditure of money would cease. Give our government your wisdom in the aid we give. Forgive our foolishness. I pray for the leader of this small country that you would give him repentance for his evil behavior and a desire to walk in righteousness and humility before you.


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