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The United States is again ranked as one of the worst countries in the world for human trafficking. According to a recently released report by the State Department, the top three nations of origin for victims of human trafficking in 2018 were the United States, Mexico and the Philippines.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered the Trafficking in Persons report, which is created annually by the State Department to document human trafficking in the year prior, and highlighted the growing focus that government agencies and nonprofit organizations have dedicated to stopping human trafficking. The Department of Justice provided more than $31 million for 45 victim service providers that offered services to trafficking survivors across the country. It was a demonstrable increase; the DOJ only provided $16 million to 18 organizations in 2017, according to the report. . . .

[T]he industry is fueled by an unceasing demand. It’s here that officers focus their enforcement actions. And it’s where advocates focus their education efforts to end the illicit trade.

“We have a major issue here in the United States” Geoff Rogers, co-founder of the United States Institute Against Human Trafficking (USIAHT), said in an interview with Fox News. “The United States is the No. 1 consumer of sex worldwide. So we are driving the demand as a society.”

In 2018, the DOJ began 230 federal human trafficking prosecutions, a drop from 282 in 2017. Federal convictions rose from 499 in 2017 to 526 in 2018. More than 70 percent of the cases resulted in jail sentences of more than five years, according to the State Department report. . . .

We’re also driving the demand with our own people, with our own kids,” Rogers said. “So there are tremendous numbers of kids, a multitude of kids that are being sold as sex slaves today in America. These are American kids, American-born, 50 percent to 60 percent of them coming out of the foster care industry.”

This assertion is confirmed by the State Department’s report, which found that children in foster care, homeless youth, undocumented immigrant children and those with substance abuse problems were especially at risk to fall into the human trafficking trap.

Rogers says that because the demand is so great in the U.S., traffickers are filling that demand with an increased supply of forced sex workers.

“So the demand here in the United States is a global one,” he said. “We do have men traveling the globe to go to places like Thailand and other places in East Asia to purchase sex with kids. But, in fact, the demand is so great that the supply has needed to be filled here in the United States.”

“Because of the demand, then these traffickers are filling that demand with supply. And the demand is so great here in the United States that they’re filling the supply with our very own kids,” Rogers continued.

According to a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services report, over 300,000 of America’s young population is considered at risk for sexual exploitation. It’s also estimated that 199,000 incidents occur within the U.S. each year. . . . 

Brook Bello, the founder of anti-trafficking organization More Too Life in Florida, focuses on helping develop skills to lead a successful post-trafficking life.

“We work with victims that are 3 years old and up,” Bello said. “The average victim that we work with, that’s over 18, started being raped at three. Trafficking in America, if you are trafficked in the United States, 85 percent of victims that are trafficked here are from here.” . . .

The State Department’s report similarly echoes the domestic nature of sex trafficking in the United States. Despite the growing focus and concern surrounding human trafficking, gaps exist that leave victims and survivors without the care and resources they need to build a life beyond the abuse. (Excerpt from Fox News. )

Does this issue strike a chord with you? How is the Lord showing you to pray? Leave a comment.

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Heather M Peterson
July 17, 2019

Father God, Search our hearts and humble us and make us aware of our own sin–the ways in which we contribute to the sins of America. Help us see the sinful disobedience in our own lives–the fear of man that holds us back–the laziness or complacency that keeps us from fighting the good fight. The movies, jokes, lifestyles, relationships that we will not give up in order to be Holy. Give us eyes to see our own responsibility around us. Stir up our hearts that have grown cold, our love for neighbors that does not exist, our passion for salvation, our zeal for Truth. We humble ourselves before You now and seek to be whole-hearted rather than half-hearted in our pursuit of Holiness. We seek Your face and listen for Your Voice. Have mercy on us Father–to deliver us from evil. Drain the swamp in our own lives so that we can walk before You in Holiness and so You can hear our prayers for Holiness in our nation. So many that call on Your Holy Name only bring shame and confusion to people because of their own sin. Let it not be so, Lord. May the Voice of Holiness rise in the Land. For how can there be Glory without Holiness!? Let us yearn for it and pray for it and strive to live our lives Holy and Set Apart for You, Lord. Let it be so in Jesus’ Name.

Gordean Ash
July 11, 2019

Father, you have told us that if we respond by humbling ourselves, praying, seeking Your presence, and turning our backs on our wicked lives, You will listen from heaven, forgive our sins, and restore our land to health.
I pray for your love to sweep this nation drawing all hearts from wicked despairing in evil thoughts and practices; release people to serve you in love with quiet hearts, pleasing to you.

Raylene Berryman
July 8, 2019

Raylene from New Zealand here. I love to pray for the US. Things to prayer include resources for org. working to help those trafficed. Laborers for the harvest field. More intercessors to pray into this area. Strategies to identify trafficking rings. God to frustrate the plans of those who have wicked intentions re trafficking. Healing, life, hope, salvation, and a future and destiny according to God’s plans for those abused. Shutting down of the trafficking rings. Protection for the vulnerable at risk. Training and educating those bought out of trafficking. God bless America and spread of the gospel.

Jerry E Sauls
July 7, 2019

For many years I have been praying about this issue; this info increases my concern and impacts me to continue praying and that I will. Oh God my Father, please intervene on behalf of these children who are being Trafficked; bring a halt to this kind of gross sin and wrong happening in our Nation, a nation with the best education system in the world; a nation with more money than any nation and this is the way we treat our children. Bring this ungodly conduct to a halt for the sake of these little ones in the Name of Jesus, the lover of children, Amen!

V. Barnes
July 7, 2019

Lord,help us!!!! Matthew 15:23

Felicia Penner
July 7, 2019

You, our Father God, are the Father of the fatherless. You say if our Mother and Father forsake us, then you, Lord, will take us up. We ask you to do this with all these children whose mind and bodies have been rent by rape, whose souls believe that they are not worth protecting, or worse, that sex is what they are made for. Lord God, be the champion to these children, to rescue them and heal them of their brokenness. Lord God, now we come and ask you to bring judgement on the sex offenders. That generational curses would be broken in the mighty name of Jesus, that those with demonic possession would be incarcerated and that they would cry out to Jesus. We pray that Web addiction would be rendered defeated, that pornography would be replaced by godly marriage, that your children would clean their own houses and then stand in the gap for all the others in their neighborhoods. We pray your completed mission, our Jesus, in the lives of these abused children and that men and women would change from darkness to light by the power of the Gospel. In Jesus name, Amen

Ken Budz
July 7, 2019

Dear Lord God Almighty thank You for everything. Lord thank You that light is coming to this horrible issue. People are becoming more aware that this is going on. May awareness turn to action. May people pray to You. May they report to the police any issues they are aware of on this issue. May those who are involved stop this sinful action. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Melissa Rudolfs
July 7, 2019

Dear and most Holy Lord,
In the name of Jesus, Your name, oh Holy Jesus, I come against the spirits of pride and selfishness, the spirit of lies, the spirits of lust and sexual immorality, the spirits of rebellion and anarchy in the lives of men and women who abuse and exploit children. I bind, by the power of the blood of Christ, each of these spirits: pride, selfishness, lies, lust, sexual immorality, rebellion, and anarchy in the Name of Jesus and I declare each spirit bound and thrown into the lake of fire for all of eternity. In the name of Jesus, these spirits no longer have any hold on the people of America! In the name of Jesus, I NOW declare the plans of the enemy for these people and the vulnerable children in this nation NULL and VOID.

In the name of Jesus, I declare that these men and women, by the power of Your Spirit, receive a true revelation of their sin and of their need for you. Lead them into Your peace, Your mercy, Your forgiveness, into Your very Presence. May they choose to receive You as Savior and choose righteousness. Lord, You have said that You hold Your people by the hand and will not allow us to be hurled headlong. I pray that these people repent, accept you as their Savior and Lord, take your hand and WALK WITH YOU ALWAYS. By the power of the blood of Christ, I pray all these things , in the mighty and powerful Name of Jesus. Amen and Amen.

July 6, 2019

I agree in Jesus mighty Name!!!

Eileen Alexander
July 6, 2019

Lord, I praise and thank You for your people who intercede on behalf of these little ones. And I thank You Lord for those who work to rescue and restore the wounded children and young adults who have been trapped and oppressed in this kind of bondage. These young souls also need to be delivered from the lie that this life they’ve been experiencing is normal or they will perpetuate the same lie to future generations. Lord we trust You to bring deliverance and hope to these that have been so deceived and abused.In Jesus name and by the power of His shed blood I claim this lord for these Your children!

July 6, 2019

Oh, Lord Jesus, help us. Change hearts and minds. Deliver the abused and the abusers from the evil one and his lies. We need You, Lord.
In Jesus holy name, Amen

    July 6, 2019

    Yes..God turn it around by your great sovereign power..this country needs God desperately..turn your spirit loose on this once great country..bring morality back to us we pray and rescue and protect the little ones….

John and Cindy Norton
July 6, 2019

Father, Father – we call upon your Name to bring about that Great Awakening that you have been leading Your people to pray for. The enemy seeks whom he may devour, but greater are You that are in us than he who is in the world. Please deliver these precious children from his
vicious attacks. And You have told us to pray for our enemies, so we pray that you would
reveal yourself to them and have mercy and show them the way to eternal life with Jesus. May your people be brave and courageous in fighting this battle. Thank you for Intercessors for America through whom we have learned so much.

July 6, 2019

I pray that the Holy Spirit will show us when and where this is happening so we can report it to police and aid the victims. I pray for our Foster Care system that more loving Christians will be foster parents and drive out foster parents with evil intent. I pray that Christian programs to help former foster kids will flourish.

Jeane Whiteside
July 6, 2019

Father. Your children are being exploited and their lives being perverted and their destinies being crushed just as with abortions. You give us the authority to become families of God. Forgive us for not cherishing and nurturing children. Heal Fathers and mothers Lord that they might be equipped to keep precious covenant with You and be light for You and Your purposes on earth as in heaven. Raise up churches to higher love standards that we might be known as Yours. Each person in each family is precious to You. Let us be families who rescue families. Expand our boundaries oh Lord. We need Your wisdom and love; Your grace and mercy to triumph over judgement. Let us raise up a standard of morality that blind eyes can see. Thank you for Your son Jesus. The blood was shed for all times and I apply it to the doorpost of the minds and hearts and souls of Your people Protect and provide as You guide and lead us on paths of righteousness for Your namesake. I love You Father and know You heat and respond. Your arm is outstretched and we come to your throne room to ask what we will. For we know it’s Your will. Amen

    July 6, 2019

    I agree in the name of Jesus Christ amen

    Sylvia Thur
    July 6, 2019

    I agree in Jesus precious Name, the Name above all names.

    Margaret Collins
    July 6, 2019

    Yes, I agree with this prayer in Jesus Name.

    Betty Beardsley in WI
    July 7, 2019

    Father, I agree with Jeane’s prayer. Your Word says where 2 or 3 gather in Your name that You are there. Thank You Father for being here with us as we pray for the children being trafficked for sexual pleasures. Father, we bind the spirit of lust and sexual perversion in those who are committing these crimes. Set them free from the power of satan. Also Father I pray for the children & young adults that they would also would be delivered from the trauma that is being committed against them. Father, Your love and deliverance is the only healing that will set these people free. We love You. We need You. Guide and direct our prayers & actions to bring forth an end to this horrible sin. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

July 6, 2019

Lord ..I Pray for the ones committing these crimes against children be highlighted , arrested, and harsh punishments applied. I pray for dreams, Visions ,encounters, and visitations for these little ones at risk, victimed, and abused and I pray protection over them and a way of escape be shown to them. I pray for greater awareness through publications and teaching in schools, governmental foster and welfare organizations and of warning signs of sex trafficking and predators and alternatives set in place for high-risk youngsters.

    July 6, 2019

    I agree with this prayer in Jesus is mighty name. Amen

    July 6, 2019

    Yes, I agree with this prayer in Jesus Name.

    July 7, 2019

    We are seeing in the news that billionaires and millionaires are part of this ugly trade. Thank you dear Lord that these people who are making so much money off of this disgraceful business are being found out and caught. May they be punished severely and may this horrible business end. Praise the Lord.

Melodie Benfer
July 5, 2019

In the mighty name of JESUS we pray that you FATHER GOD would uproot, reveal, and convict those who are abusing precious little children, teenagers up into young adulthood and lead them to repentance and deliverance. Help law enforcement and other agencies save the victims and bring the abusers to justice. Put the fear of God in those who are doing so much harm to innocent little lives. Bless those who are reaching out to help those that are freed from sex trafficking. Heal their hurts and make up for the wickedness done to them by those who profit from this sin and those who use them like garbage. You save and restore with Your love and power. Thank You for Your saving grace in our lives.

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