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Father, we pray for those who have been affected by this shooting. We pray that You would comfort the families of the victims and strengthen the schools so that this never happens again.
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Following the tragic shooting, Texas’ Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick discusses the value of prayer and the hope we have for the future. At around 3:30 Tucker asks him what prayer means. You will want to hear his answer.

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(Video from Fox News. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Lea Rockford
May 29, 2022

I’m so glad I watched that, the governor of Texas is a Christian!!!
It gives me such hope when I see Christians, real Christians who aren’t afraid to say the Lords name, in our political arena. I say arena because it just feels like all the politicians are in a battle with each other.
I lift up the families of the 19 children and 2 teachers that lost their life in this horrible shooting. Please comfort them Father, and let them reach to You for guidance. Amen.

Dan Sheehan
May 25, 2022

Outstanding. No politics, just a sincere man professing his sorrow and belief in God You just dont see that much anymore. God bless you Lt Gov Patrick.

May 25, 2022

With another realization of just how dark it has gotten in America when 21 children, plus a teacher, plus the killer’s own grandmother were gunned down, light and hope flooded into the soul of Christian Americans when they heard the Lt. Gov of Texas speak truth in an interview with Tucker Carlson. When are we going to repent of leaving God out of the curriculum and turn again to the Only One who made America Great in the first place? Because America was founded on Biblical principles, is why. at a time like this, “all of America weeps” for this loss in Uvalde, Tx. We know what LIFE is! We know what LOVE is! We also know the depravity of one who is without HOPE and LOVE! May God comfort the 1st Responders; all of Law Enforcement; all who suffer the loss of loved ones and give grace to leaders who humble themselves before Almighty God for the peace and solutions they are seeking to end such atrocities..

Glenda Starn
May 25, 2022

I hope the movie industry will take blame for their part in causing violence. I wish people would quit watching the violent and low moral movies and games that flood our TV’s and computers.

Dennis Michael Lynch said today, within his daily newsletter, that we didn’t experience these shootings when prayer and The Pledge of Allegiance was part of daily schools mornings.

Gloria Robles
May 25, 2022

My heart was so heavy on learning about this. I’m praying for the Lord to comfort and strength the families. I’m praying for this, while the Lord has laid a massive burden on my heart to really intercede for the state of Texas as well.


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