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Lord, we pray for President Trump in his legal battles. Expose the truth, and bring forth Your justice in this case, not man's.
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Judge Juan Manuel Merchan has donated to Democrat causes in the past, including the campaign of President Joe Biden. Was he the right choice to preside over Trump’s hush-money trial? One legal expert thinks not.

From The Daily Wire. Speaking on “Fox & Friends” on Monday, George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley implicitly criticized the choice of Judge Juan Manuel Merchan for the Donald Trump business records trial in New York, pointing out that the judge had made a political contribution to Joe Biden.

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“A lot of people are confused by this because it’s very clear that they say you can’t make political contributions,” Turley commented. …

“What’s also concerning for many is that Merchan was not randomly selected; he was hand-picked as the judge for this case, and many of us don’t understand it,” he continued. “You’ve got a judge who is a donor to the president, whose daughter is a major Democratic operative, you would think this would be an easy call. There are plenty of other judges.” …

“So he’s not going to be held accountable to the bar association, but this is one of the many aspects of this trial that are troubling for those who view this as the weaponization of the system,” Turley opined of Merchan. …

What do you think of Judge Merchan? Share your thoughts and prayers in the comments.

(Excerpt from The Daily Wire. Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America – Donald Trump, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikimedia Commons)

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Harry Drew
May 25, 2024

Judge Merchan has only one job to do and that is to interfere with the upcoming election, and to put Trump in jail if that is at all possible!

Michael Briney
May 24, 2024

Judge Merchan has shown to the public that he is not interested in a fair and unbiased trial. Because of his contributions to the Biden campaign, he should have disqualified himself from presiding over this trial. However, because he is only interested in the Democratic Party’s agenda he has not disqualified himself. This trial is a kangaroo court trial and if President Trump is found guilty it will be overturned in the appeals court.

May 22, 2024

LORD, You are bigger than all the evil that is coming against Trump and this nation.
Praise You God for allowing us to partner with You in intercession.

People are praying and we know you hear. Thank You LORD that the prayers of the righteous availeth much.Glory , praise, and honor belong to You, LORD of lords and King of kings.
Thank You for allowing us to partner with You.

Darlene Estlow
May 22, 2024

Father, may your justice and righteousness cover President Trump’s trial. Although the jury will from the looks of things, convict him, open their eyes to pursue justice rather than man’s ideas about getting rid of him. As the instructions go to the jury soon, may they be aware of the truth and abide by it, casting aside their own likes or dislikes, deciding what is just.

Nancy Bryda
May 22, 2024

This is a season where the justice of God is falling due to the bowls of inequity being full. This case qualifies as when mercy is given and rejected time after time, justice in God’s Issachar timing occurs. I decree this is a season where corrupt judges on Earth are on trial in the courts of heaven and many will be found guilty. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, just ask the couple in Acts that lied to the Holy Ghost. Just ask Paul as he was knocked off his donkey. I bind lawfare and unequal justice and loose the justice of God over the judicial system of America. The courts of heaven are ruling, and judges take notice. The heavenly father does protect his children and his justice is perfect. Vengeance is mine says God. Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. Our God reigns!!!!!!

Susan CC
May 22, 2024

O God, Be Not Silent https://biblehub.com/bsb/psalms/83.htm

Lord, I know David was talking about the nation of Israel, but thanks to Jesus Christ, we are now Your children. Don’t be silent; don’t be speechless; don’t be still, O God…. As fire consumes a forest and as a flame sets ablaze all before it, pursue the unjust and terrify them. Cover their faces with shame, so they will seek You, O LORD….let them KNOW it is You alone, whose name is the LORD, who is the Most High over all the earth. You are the Just Judge. Jesus is Your Son, who is One with You and the Holy Spirt, in whom we are SEALED! You are the Triune God of Israel, America, Juan Manuel Merchan and Donald Trump. I pray in this day, Your best for Your glory and the good of justice in this trial and every court in our nation. Amen

Diana Altieri
May 22, 2024

Criminal…God reveal the truth in this situation and bring fairness forward


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