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Father, we thank You for the privilege we have to live in America. Let this land remember its Lord this holiday season.

As many on the left detract from America, it is important for us to remember what has made and still makes our nation truly great.

From The Daily Signal. “By the sweat of your face you shall eat bread, till you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; for you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

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Within the first few pages of the Bible, Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden. The man and woman were living in Paradise, but instead of basking in gratitude for all they were given, they gave it all up for the one thing that was off-limits.

But before you condemn Adam and Eve, know that their story is our story. When people are born into a life of comfort, they’re apt to mess things up.

America is by no means Paradise, but on this side of eternity few—if any—nations can compare. We Americans inherited a rich and prosperous land founded on the notion of natural rights laid out in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, paid for with the blood of hundreds of thousands of soldiers and sailors, and strengthened by the bonds of strong civic institutions that unite us despite our differences.

We should be proud and grateful to call America home. Americans invented much of the modern world, from the airplane to the assembly line to the microchip to the personal computer to most modern medicine.

America was instrumental in defeating Nazi Germany and bringing down the Iron Curtain. America has shone like a beacon of freedom to millions around the world living under tyranny who would give anything to have what we have.

But today, many in this country take America for granted.

Some would—or think they would—trade our rich inheritance for the rotten fruit of socialist and Marxist ideologies. Even though the average American is better off than all but the most politically well-connected in any socialist country, Americans under the age of 30 view socialism more positively than capitalism.

Those who have lived through socialism know that it brings only misery.

Socialist leaders promise the moon, enshrining constitutional rights to things like “quality” health care, but such promises aren’t worth the paper on which they’re written.

The “right” to services cannot be guaranteed without compelling others to provide those services, and the more the government coerces health care providers, the less desirable those professions become. In Venezuela, for example, underpaid doctors and nurses fled the country in droves, leading to a near-complete collapse of the health care system.

Here in America, the media, university professors, celebrities, and activists decry the disparities that allow some to build great wealth while others live in relative poverty. But they don’t simply call for people to have more equal opportunities. They want an “equitable” society, where people experience equal outcomes.

As long as mankind is born with an imperfect human nature, a world in which everyone is assured the same outcome is either impossible or dystopian. Who would want to live in a world where nobody is allowed to prosper more than the most self-destructive of addicts? For that matter, who would want to live in a world where you can’t accumulate wealth over the course of your lifetime?

The ideology of equity is incompatible with how humans are wired. People work far less if they have nothing to work toward. The more the government seizes and redistributes the fruits of our labor, the less inclined everyone is toward work, and everyone is left poorer.

But it’s not just America’s economic system that some on the Left would abandon. They also want to reorient America’s moral compass away from faith, family, and virtue and toward self-indulgence and hedonism. In the process, they distort the very idea of American liberty.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is not about libertinism.

When Hollywood, schools, and society promote the pursuit of base desires from sexual promiscuity to drug abuse as being about “freedom,” they trivialize the fundamental natural rights that Americans should cherish.

A drug addict is not free in any true sense.

Some may view religious faith and moral virtue as inhibiting ideas, but life is more fulfilling when it’s lived for a higher purpose than immediate gratification.

As we Americans celebrate Thanksgiving this year, let’s be grateful that we live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Let’s not take our many blessings for granted. Let’s remember all that is good and worthy of praise.

And let’s rededicate ourselves to the task of ensuring that future generations of Americans continue to enjoy such blessings for many years to come.

Are you thankful for America? Share your prayers and scriptures for our nation below.

(Used with permission. From The Daily Signal. Photo Credit: Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦 on Unsplash)

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Neil Sogge
November 24, 2023

Thank You, Lord Heavenly Father, for this nation that guided to come to be, for giving the very early settlers–the pilgrims–the vision that they were starting a civilization in the wilderness that is devoted to You–“a city on a hill.” We have freedom here, and freedom we have still as long as we realize our freedom is most empowered by a worship to You, a devotion to You. Thank You for Your Word, our moral guide and confidence. Give us a deep desire in our freedom to come often to it, and to come often to prayer. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

BK Jackson
November 23, 2023

Lord rip the veil of deception off of ungrateful and misguided eyes in our nation. We thank You for your bountiful provision from the founding of our nation. For forbears who desperately wanted to be free to worship You; for founding fathers who knew that our constitution had to be founded on the principles of Your Word.

We give thanks for all things great and small which You have provided. And Lord I ask that on this Thanksgiving holiday that broken families may be healed and restored, and that strong families would be strengthened even more. In Jesus’ name, amen.

November 23, 2023

My Lord i pray for the systems that have to be changed in America,:
The Education System , that has been invaded by Socialism and Communism which are taught as utopias for living a peaceful life .that can never exist instead of instructing the students of
what is going on in Venezuela right now,
Teach them about Stalin, Hitler and all these tyrants.
The control system in China.
Teach them the Word of God that are the principles of Liberty, Truth and righteousness.
“ The heart is desperately wicked who can know it”?
Teach them The Word of God which is the Principal Thing”.
Lord I pray to keep them out of all the lies of the enemy. This is a beautiful Nation and our hearts break to see how people sell their souls for money to receive this concepts of tyranny influencing university professors that embrace these lies and teach them to the students.
We pray for ur mercy
We pray for a real change in the Nation in Jesus Name.
Use us Lord to bring this change Amen.

Brian lynch
November 23, 2023

Lord, I am extremely grateful for ALL of Your abundant blessings. I am very blessed to live in America. I pray that the Radical left/New World Order people will not be allowed to prosper in our nation. Lord, please restore America to its traditional values and beliefs, most importantly our individual freedoms. Thank you, Jesus.

Darlene Estlow
November 22, 2023

Father thank you for this country and our freedoms, given by you and the Constitution you gave us. Give us leaders that love our country and you. Give us repentance for our sinful ways and draw us close to you.

Susan Malone
November 22, 2023

I am especially thankful for the providential appointment of Mike Johnson to the Speaker of the House. I pray he will have the LORD’s discernment and
strength and judgement from the Holy Spirit. Amen

Maryjo Coleman
November 22, 2023

God’s Providence has truly been on this nation. Thank God for the fortitude, resilience and the determination of the Pilgrims, and many that followed. And our incredible Founding Fathers! Somehow many in this culture have forgotten this. We desperately need the fear of the LORD to return.

November 22, 2023

In contrast to the rest of the nations of the world ..America has a brief history. We are only 245 years old ..approximately. Other Republic type societies have struggled with the privilege of freedom in the long history of the human race. Often they have fought against tyranny to maintain that freedom. Obviously I’m not saying anything that is not already known.. however-,some do not know.. and while many are becoming more aware-, it does not hurt to bring the focus back to that responsibility. As it always has been stated, America is an experiment in Freedom. This has been brought to our attention by Wallbuilders and also the conservative and Christian platforms online to a great extent… Dutch Sheets comes to mind-.as an example, with his platform -give him 15. So it is not that unusual that our freedom.. which many do not realize was founded in God’s word, the Bible, would be challenged by Satan.. which is what is happening.. that freedom being challenged by globalists who are the puppet of Satan.. willing puppets albeit.
It seems to me that a logical focus of this awful evil and vile season that we are going through.. could be sifted down to the awareness that has also been repeatedly stated- if we do not wake up fast enough and claim our inheritance from God as a free people with responsibility of carrying the mantle of freedom for the entire world-, we will lose it. Thank God in heaven that is happening now-, as we pray here ..and hopefully happening fast enough.

Lord thank you for Intercessors for America- and these articles from the daily signal. Lord thank you God you hear our prayers as we exercise this great privilege and carry out our responsibility in various ways becoming more involved in this process, praying it is not too late. I for one am willing to admit that I do not believe we can do this without your help as the evil one has been sowing evil into the soil of America for hundreds of years and the fruit that is now being seen of that evil is what we are battling against and it is easy for us to grow weary.
I thank you for so many intercessors and such strong prayer warriors that have such a great awareness of the situation and I pray Lord that as you used a Remnant in Israel that you will use us as a Remnant- and anyone who’s going to join us, Lord-, let the joy and love of your Holy Spirit flourish in our land, Lord and fill the hearts and Minds to overflowing of those of us who are standing in the gap to bless others around us that they would be overwhelmed with encouragement and awareness to have their minds and life continue to be willing to stand in the Gap against evil. Thank you for so much Revelation concerning the corruption in our government and those that have been willing to stand up against it, – Patriots citizens and legislators alike. Thank you for all the reports of good things that have been happening amidst the admittedly and seemingly never-ending reports of evil. Help us to not grow worry Lord remembering your promise that you will never leave us, nor forsake us. I praise you and thank you Lord for the Bounty of goodness that we enjoy and that I pray can be preserved for future generations of children and grandchildren as we celebrate on this Thanksgiving Day
In the mighty name of Jesus, – amen

Amy Austin TUPE
November 22, 2023

Back in the 70’s I was in Northern California and the Lord reminded me that all the rebellions and drug problems were a consequence of sins of the past. While many noble things have been done, wicked things have also been done to Indians, to slaves, to babies on the womb. A spirit of repentance, which indeed happened in the 70″s needs to happen again at every level as new waves of sin have risen. Praise God for the work of IFA.

November 22, 2023

Oh Blessed Father may your truth be spread everywhere in this nation and especially spread to our younger generations who have been so brainwashed. Capitalism is a superior form of government that works well in reality. The other systems of government continue to fail the people living under them and only sound good verbally or on paper. Heavenly Father may we all be extremely thankful for this God-Given country as we celebrate the day of Thanksgiving. No other country on earth has been blessed by God as we have. It’s the world’s most desirable country to live in!! Thank you dear Lord. Glory in the highest to your Holy Name. 🦃🍁 Amen.

Roger Collier
November 22, 2023

Father in the name of Jesus we thank you! All is through your son Jesus all is done in his Holy name. Nothing is greater than you Father. You have blessed us because we have keep your word over the years. Help this nation to turn back to you with fear and trembling! Thank You again Father in the mighty name of JESUS!

Marianne Allen
November 22, 2023

In his 1986 Thanksgiving Proclamation, President Reagan eloquently expressed the simplicity of Thanksgiving. He wrote, “Let us pause from our many activities to give thanks to Almighty God for our bountiful harvests and abundant freedoms. Let us call upon Him for continued guidance and assistance in all our endeavors. And let us ever be mindful of the faith and spiritual values that have made our Nation great and that alone can keep us great.”

November 22, 2023

Almighty God, please bless our nation. We are grateful to You for this place we call home. We are thankful and blessed to enjoy the heritage given by its founding fathers. May we stand strong and united, vigilant to guard the freedom we enjoy in this land.

Margaret Mayfield
November 22, 2023

Thank you Father for giving us a Godly man as our Speaker of the House. Please give him uncommon wisdom, strength to carry the heavy load of decisions he must make for the good of our country, and the power to forgive his enemies that will be necessary for him to be who you would have him to be. Lead and guide him Lord, he is dependent on your mercy and grace as he navigates this office!! Bless he and his family abundantly, more than they could ever ask or imagine!!

cindy stewart
November 22, 2023

This Thanksgiving, Don’t Take America for Granted

Father, we thank You for the privilege we have to live in America. Let this land remember its Lord this holiday season

Ellen Hoffman
November 22, 2023

Lord, Thank You so much for our rich heritage. Thank You for freedom. Lord, help us Your people to stand up for truth, freedom and justice. We need You Lord!

Marsha Gruenbaum
November 22, 2023

Oh Lord, we thank You for the privilege of living in this wonderful country. Let those of us who know You, stand firm. Keep us from being discouraged. Let our prayers flow with power and trust in what You can do. Let Thanks-giving be our “weapon of choice” this season, confident in You.

Bob Huseby
November 22, 2023

Father our united prayer is that the original America will NOT be lost !! We stand boldly against this mounting movement of Islamic ideals which is growing by leaps and bounds here in YOUR America. We pray only in our beloved Jesus name AMEN


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