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1270 People Prayed
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Father, we thank You for not only giving our nation freedom, but individuals as well. "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." John 8:36

You will be encouraged by the surprising results of a survey commissioned by the Young America Foundation. Young people are not as down on America as the mainstream media is telling us:

We celebrate Independence Day in America this week. Despite our imperfect history, the United States is an exceptional country that still attracts masses from around the world because of the freedom and opportunities available to our citizens.

The chaos and destruction across the country seen over the past month have left many people wondering if the majority of us — particularly younger citizens — are proud to be Americans. A recent poll of high school and college-age students, however, gives us hope for the future — particularly among those who have yet to finish 12th grade. . . .

The survey was commissioned by Young America’s Foundation . . . and polled 800 current high school students and 800 current college students from the general population between June 21 and 26, 2020. The results may surprise you. . . .

88% of the high school students and 69% of the college students said they were very or somewhat favorable to the U.S.A. Additionally, 91% of high school students and 73% of college students were very or somewhat favorable to the American flag. . . .

The numbers dropped for the following descriptions: “a country that offers opportunity for all who work for it” received 63% support from high school students and 45% from college students. “A country that is a good example for other countries” received 55% and 37% respectively. And for the phrases, “a country that values justice” and “a country that values equality,” high school students listed support at 56% and 52% while college students were at 37% and 34%.

Interestingly, 85% of the high school students and 74% of the college students believed in the following statement: “If I work hard, I will have the opportunity to succeed in life.” Whether they call it or not, our young people still believe in the American Dream.

Students were also asked if they were glad to live in the United States of America. Of those in high school, 85% said they strongly or somewhat agreed, while 73% of the college-age respondents said the same thing. When asked about the statement, “Lots of people from around the world would love the opportunity to move to the United States of America,” 88% of high school students and 77% of college students strongly or somewhat agreed.

The students’ top reasons why people would want to come to our country? Good job opportunities, our freedoms, and constitutional rights, and the ability to strive for “the American dream.” Not exactly what we see in the news or on social media these days. . . .

When asked about the statement “while America may not be perfect, it is a work in progress that is always improving itself,” 81% of the high school students strongly or somewhat agreed with 66% of the college students agreeing with them. On the statement, “Americans should be proud of their country,” 79% of high school students strongly or somewhat agreed, while the percentage for college students was 60.

Finally, students were asked, “Do you think that Americans should celebrate Independence Day (July 4th)?” Of those in high school, 87% said yes. Of those in college, 74% said yes. . . .

The good news is that the fundamentals are there as young people understand the concept of the American Dream. They believe that working hard can lead to success and they believe the United States offers opportunities for those who work hard.

An objective view of U.S. and world history, along with basic economics, will affirm the strengths of our country and reveal the ongoing fight to provide liberty and prosperity for all. From ev’ry mountainside, let freedom ring!

These are the founding principles we celebrate. Happy Independence Day!

(Excerpt from The Washington Times. Written by Scott Walker. Photo by Isabella and Louisa Fischer on Unsplash.)

We are so thankful for you! Share your comments on how you are praying for the youth of America.

1270 People Prayed
6195 People have read this article

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  1. The last chapter of the book of Malachi speaks: “The Fathers shall return to the children and the children to the Fathers”. God’s word does not return void. We are a courageous and strong nation who believe in God, fanily and country! Hallelujah!

  2. this is most encouraging as i have been down on those mobs that have desecrated, have supported BLM as being the young, clueless, ignorant and totally gone. Thank you. I’ve been praying for our education system that has been in the indoctrination mode for years esp. now with the gender issues. My mind/heart is changed to pray for these above beliefs to strengthen and spread among their peers and that as one of God’s creations we can engage in meaningful relationships/dialogue one day soon.

  3. The Christian position of Vice President Pence is extremely important to President Trump. That should give him great confidence in his daily performance of duties.

    I would certainly feel the added protection if I were in his position. There is nothing quite so valuable as having strong & loyal
    People around you each day.

    Much credit for the loyal, devoted support of Vice President Pence. The long history of the Bible clearly reflects that God provides His chosen Leaders with such support. Such examples are well documented.

    Mike Pence provides a wonderful example of a faithful servant. Being a God Appointed Servant is a Great Honor, unlike the connotation that this current world system places on the word “servant”. I can not think of a greater title than to be a servant of The Most High God of Heaven !


  4. I am praying for our young people. They are the future of America. I have met and know some great kids of much integrity who are going to be excellent leaders. I do know that we also have a group of very insecure, misguided, and angry young people. We all need to be lifting each other up in prayer. Our Lord is hearing our prayers. He cares about His children and delights in them. May we all stand for truth in God’s word and live each day to share Him with those who do not know Him. May we be encouragers to the youth of the United States and teach them to respect others but also to stand for truth and not be easily swayed in their thinking by their peers.

  5. America is completely ashamed of the so called “Democrat Party” that has become the emissary of Satan. Only Satan can devise the level of downright hatred for America expressed by the people that follow such an evil group.
    Beware; God’s Holy Sprit also known as the Sprit of truth, has been sent by the actual creator of earth to offer the Lucifer Rebellion and Satan inspired hate mongers’ relief for their miserable Godless lives. Soon that option will be shut off completely and the retched left will be abandoned to lay in the slime they have created.

  6. Thank you very much for the reply. We do not serve a do-nothing God ! We should instead serve him with all our strength, all our might, all our courage & all our devotion. Our God is a powerful God & Greatly to be feared by our enemies.

    He is no “Sunday go to church weak pitiful being”. – He is the God of Glory who carries a very sharpe sword & knows how to use it – His enemies flee in fear before Him !

    He instructed David to Destroy His Enemies ! He is no one to play with !


  7. PTL numbers of freedom God fearing youth survey much more hopeful than expected. Looks like college is where they begin pushing opposition governments. Praying for leadership in colleges to know what is going on in the classrooms and colleges. We must look closer to those that are selected to run our universities. We can defeat opposition socialists teachers/classes by exposing them.

  8. Th latest from Kenneth Copeland:
    God Is Healing Our Land

    Shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect? God forbid.
    – Romans 3:3-4

    Faith-filled words. That’s what changes things. They’ll move mountains into the sea. They’ll turn sickness into health. They’ll turn a sinner into a saint.
    They’ll also take a sin-ridden nation and turn it into God’s own country. That’s right. Then, if we believers would back up the prayers we’ve been praying for this nation with words of faith instead of doubt and discouragement, we’d soon begin to see spiritual resurrection in the United States.
    God promised us that if we, His people, would humble ourselves and pray and seek His face and turn from our wicked ways, He would heal our land. And let me tell you, there are prayer warriors all over this country (I hope you’re one of them) who are doing what that promise requires.
    But, even so, you don’t hear many people saying, “This is great! God is healing the land.” You don’t hear people speaking out by faith the promise of God. Instead, you hear them saying, “Oh my, oh my, did you hear what those terrorists are doing?” or some other destructive thing they’ve seen on television.
    Listen, we need to stop preaching what the terrorists are doing and start telling what God is doing! God said He is healing this land.
    We must start speaking about this country by faith instead of going around spouting bad news all the time. Of course, that will sound odd to most people. Some of them may even think we’ve slipped a few cogs. But that’s nothing new.
    Let me tell you something: One handful of believers who are listening to, trusting in, and speaking out the good news of God are more powerful than all the devils on earth. One handful of believers is more powerful than a whole army of unbelieving doomsayers. The unbelief of the doomsayers will not make the faith of God of no effect!
    That’s why over the last 25 years, Gloria and I have learned to turn a deaf ear to the bad news and just start praising and thanking God for His deliverance. Every word of praise we speak releases faith in our heart.
    Get determined with Gloria and me right now. Take a firm stand with us that things are changing in this country. Settle it in your heart as you pray. Speak it out. Call it forth. God is healing the land!

    1. This is such an IMPORTANT word! We know that faith without works is dead and whatever comes out of our mouths has a lot to do with our works. As a man thinketh in his heart, so IS he. And from Luke 6:45 out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

      As Christians, our hearts should be so filled with GOD’s Word from our time spent with Him, both alone and in communion with others, that only His hope, His Truth, His encouragement — His redemptive thoughts and expressions — should emanate from our lips and our actions. This, indeed, is a BLESSED nation; a fruitful nation, a strong nation; the majority of people who live here LOVE, follow, imitate and honor GOD and GOD is LORD over our nation. This is what we expect to continue to SEE!

      For those of us who are parents, we remember and are living with the fruit of the words we have spoken over our children. It is time for us to OBEY GOD in our actions as well as to speak those same kinds of life-giving words over our nation. Remembering Paul and Silas in the Philippian jail, we need to continue with obedience to DO those actions He is directing us to take as well as to increase our times of praise, worship and rejoicing in the nature and ways of our KING of GLORY. Then, we will see the shackles come off ALL those who have been in bondage …. Let’s start SINGING!

  9. I praise the Lord that our young people are waking up to the truth and out there preaching it. This is sooooo encouraging. I am 83 and still spreading the Good News via my computer. I think America is Great and I want it to stay that way. Down with the anti-Americans…..all of them!

  10. America’s greatest strength is its independence; it is also her greatest weakness.
    Many in this blessed land live lives ignorant of GOD’s Word and independently of GOD’s will.
    Sadly, it’s not only non-Believers that live independently of GOD’s will as the current state of affairs
    today would indicate that far too many Believers are also making choices without first taking the time to consult GOD to understand what HE wants.

  11. I am praying for the protective power of the blood of “Christ our Passover” to cover the precious youth of our nation and keep them from the evil one.
    I pray that the Holy Spirit will hover over them day and night. I pray that they will experience the glory of God and see Him as the perfect Father Who loves them with an everlasting love – the One who brought them into the world for such a time as this – the One Who has a specific plan for their lives which He wrote in a book before the foundation of the world (Psalm 139:16) – the One Who longs to have a personal, deep, and intimate relationship with with them. For He is the PERFECT Father Who heals broken hearts and brings joy and hope in perilous times.
    I pray they will be used of Him to start Bible studies and prayer groups within their schools and in their neighborhoods.
    I pray they will use the gifts God has given them to share the Gospel in music, the arts, sports, writing, and entertainment. And I pray that signs and wonders will follow their “preaching” — that God will use them mightily to usher in the last great outpouring of His Spirit in these last days.
    I also pray that those of voting age who know Jesus will be faithful to vote their Christian values in the upcoming election. I ask and receive by faith, the answer to my cries – in Jesus’ Name with Thanksgiving! Amen
    And I believe with all my heart He has heard and will continue to hear and answer my cries, in Jesus’ mighty Name!
    All glory to God alone. Hallelujah!!

    1. I agree with your prayers, and I add that I pray God will raise up mature Holy Spirit-filled young men and women as leaders in our local, state and national government positions; in business and finance, families and churches, schools and universities, and the news media. May this be done powerfully and bring great glory to God in the name of Jesus. Amen.

  12. As we remember and celebrate the historical events that led to the establishment of The Declaration of Independence for these United States, may we first and foremost celebrate the fact that the absolute ‘declaration of dependence’ on Almighty GOD came first. GOD has blessed our nation royally and to HIM be the glory now and forevermore!

    Blessed is the nation whose GOD is the LORD; and the people He has chosen for His inheritance. Psalm 33:12

  13. Door to the Spirit realm:[Celebrate Independence from the false church system]
    Why are the illegals in the USA, because it was authorized by the church, by allowing illegals in the pulpit. Only those with an anointing & office from God Almighty have authority to legally lead an assembly, and this authority structure has been defined in scripture; 1st Corinthians 12:28, and neither pastors nor evangelists are not called to lead an assembly, they are not qualified or created for that purpose, although they do have a part in the congregation in general. 🕊🦅🕊🐴🕊🐃🕊
    The way to tell if you are in a scriptural assembly is simple: 2nd Corinthians 12:12 is there an apostle leading the church doing Mighty Miracles? You see Miracles have to be there to establish the word, as in Luke 16:20. In some or many churches Satan worshiper have discovered an easy way to get a paycheck is to go to seminary and become a pastor, and as many pastors with no anointing from God Almighty, they can hide unnoticed, but that doesn’t seem to bother many church attendees, just more illegals in the church authorizing it in the government. 🕊🌹🕊💖🕊🇺🇸🕊🦅
    One way to identify a God given assembly is everyone must participate, because you don’t want an illegal assembly, but of course this takes prayer and dedication to Jesus: 1 Cor 14:26 What then, brethren, is [the right course]? When you meet together, each one has a hymn, a teaching, a disclosure of special knowledge or information, an utterance in a [strange] tongue, or an interpretation of it. [But] let everything be constructive and edifying and for the good of all. AMP🕊🦅🐃🐴🇺🇸
    Why do you think socialists and communists have taken over the democrat party, because giving has to be by the Spirit of the Eternal Lord, it is called “The Way,” the early church walked in “The Way,” or in the Spirit, they didn’t have scripture at least the gentile churches like Corinthians didn’t, and those that did, only had the old testament. When you don’t have a scriptural church you authorize it in the heavenly realm, because it is loosed in you on the earth and empower the prince of the power of the air [the accuser or devil] where it is also loosed. If you follow Jesus’ directions it leads very quickly to miracles: 1 Cor 12:28 And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondly prophets, thirdly teachers, then miracles, then gifts of healing, helps, governments, (divers) kinds of tongues. ASV 🕊🦅🌹🐴💖🐃🇺🇸🕊🦅🌹🐴
    Were you aware God Almighty El Shaddai doesn’t change his mind: Heb 13:8 Jesus Christ (is) the same yesterday and to-day, (yea) and forever. ASV🇺🇸🕊🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸🐃🇺🇸🇺🇸💖🇺🇸🌹🕊
    Fortunately Pres. Trump is an apostle and is protecting the church world wide, so guess what, the illegals are not going to be able to enter the USA soon. The Economy is a miracle and an ongoing miracle, so Pres. Trump qualifies for an apostle and the main servant of the church

  14. This may be the most important 4th of July ever ! Why doin’t we fully back our President. No, he ain’t perfect but he is who God has appointed for this time. Why are God’s people so timid as to not offer a LOUD voice expressing their support for an appointed LEADER ?

    Get with it & stop this anarchy in it’s steps !


    1. Niel, I support him and everyone I come across eventually knows it. I am not worried that people may not like me, or reject me. I send encouraging emails to him when I have something to important to say. I don’t know if he personally reads them, but he has someone that I hope let’s him know.

    2. Thank you very much for your comments. Bottom line – we serve a very powerful God that does not play games ! There is no limit to His Power !

      He does what He says & means exactly what He says.


      1. Niel, may I also add something to encourage Christians to stand behind our President. Look at who he chose for Vice President. Mike Pence doesn’t hide his strong Christian faith. Another reason why the enemy hates this President.

  15. Quite a few years ago (15?) I read the results of a survey of Christians between the ages of 21 and 45? The questions and answers that stood out to me were in marriage relationships, though it was obvious those surveyed had been compromised in Devotion to Jesus.

    An alarming majority saw NOTHING WRONG with fornication, sodomy relations, or marrying the same set! In the World and not of the World meant little, then there was the World View questions. I keenly felt the label “Remnant”.

    As a follower if Jesus in a public high school teacher 1974-2012, I witnessed the gradual decline of Common sense, moral & ethical convictions in general, and the slow erosion of student conscience and their confusion about God, themselves, and Life.

    Quality of life moved from Virtues to Careers, Laze-faire secular attitudes like those Church young adults surveyed, were rampant by my retirement. The Patterns of Creation long forgotten in the general public, and our vertical suitability between the human spirit and God’s Spirit substituted for lesser things.

    This survey spoke volumes to me and directed my intercession more succinctly. One day, God will separate the sheep from the goats! None want to hear, “depart from me I never knew you”. Or spend eternity ‘gnashing’ thier teeth.

    This survey from young people on America is promising. Our prayers must by eternal value be much higher. Reinhardt Bonnke’s motto says it best, “Robbing Hell to Populate Heaven”.

  16. Thank you, Scott Walker— missing you as our Governor!
    May we continue to encourage one another in the body of Christ Jesus to “be steadfast [in our service], immovable [ in our suffering], always abounding in the work (with great love) of the Lord [ ministry], knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord.” (1 Cor. 15:58)

  17. Let this Independence Day remind us of our dependence on You, Lord. For we as a people cannot do great things if do not fear Your rebuke of sin in the land. Your word says that you will vomit us out. After all the fear, violence, and hopelessness is gone, may you find a people completely reliant on You. We can’t rely on Man, in his sinful condition, to make decisions that we know are wrong and lead to disaster. Guide and lead Your people in this battle to fight the good fight of faith, no matter how much the enemy comes against us. We are Your warriors. In Your name we pray. Amen

  18. Revival among this generation 🙏🏻A holy outbreak that Jesus saves….if the spirit of God The saving message Of Jesus Christ was unleashed and spread across this land..America would be godly great again! 🙏🏻 This would bring deep conviction and sweeping repentance! A holy movement… Lord save🙏🏻♥️🇺🇸📖🔥

  19. Let it rain,
    Let it rain,
    Open the floodgates of heaven.
    Father God, let Your Spirit rain, Your mercy rain, Your freedom rain, Your justice rain, Your peace rain, let righteousness rain, Open the floodgates of heaven over our nation: United States of America. We thank Baba, that we celebrate another independence day. Oh Father we thank you. Today we ask that your open the floodgates of heaven and pour out all of You on our nation – north, east, south, west and all between.Pour out Your Spirit upon America Lord. Let our sons and daughters prophesy; let our young men see visions; let our old men dream dreams. Even on Your servants, both men and women, pour out YourSpirit Lord. True liberty comes from Your Spirit because where Your Spirit is, there is liberty. Many shed blood for the freedom we enjoy but the greatest freedom that cannot be compared with any other is the freedom we gained through the blood of Jesus. I plead the blood of Jesus upon our nation – let the freedom in His precious blood be seen, felt, and understood in every sphere of our nation. Protect our youth and children. Cover them with Your eye upon them. Save them and comfort them. Hide them in Your secret place Father. Fill them with Your Spirit and grant them courage. Thank You Baba, thank You so much and let Your grace and peace forever be with the United States of America in Jesus name, Amen.


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