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Father, we pray that our Afghan brothers and sisters would be hidden by Your hand so that they escape detection. We ask You to provide for them, and lead them to safety.


What we are witnessing right now is the decimation of the country and people of Afghanistan. We are watching twenty years of work and the strengthening of a nation being destroyed in a single day.

The Taliban has a hit list of known Christians they are targeting to pursue and kill. The U.S. Embassy is defunct and there is no longer a safe place for Believers to take refuge…

Please pray for the Afghan Church to have strength and endurance. They continue to lead Bible studies, prayer meetings, and are proactively evangelizing during the very events you are seeing in the news. Pray for them to be hidden supernaturally by the hand of the Lord just like in John 8:59 when Jesus disappeared into the crowd.

The Afghan Church and GCM believe that the best days are before us, and we will witness the greatest movement of salvation among Muslims from the ashes of this catastrophe.

  • Pray for those fleeing to the hills to be protected (Psalm 73, Psalm 91)

  • Pray for miraculous protection for women and children being forcibly taken and those that have already been taken for their protection, salvation, and deliverance. (2 Thessalonians 3:1-5)

  • Pray that the Afghan Church steps into her identity in Christ and walks in unity with the Holy Spirit. (Ezekiel 37, Romans 15:5-6)


We are storing up a “war chest” for our believers. It will include emergency funds and supplies to help get them to safety, to assist in relocation, and for medical and physical needs of the families. These believers that have fled to the mountains currently need essential supplies of food, water, and basic vitamins…

Do you feel led to pray and give? Share your thoughts and prayers in the comments below.

(Excerpted from FAI Mission. Article by Global Catalytic Ministries. Photo Credit: Paula Bronstein /Getty Images).

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Lynnmarie Nati
August 22, 2021

Father, please protect these precious people from the vile evil that has come upon them. Satan, we, the millions of us that love Jesus, REBUKE YOU, in the NAME OF JESUS, and we command you to flee, in Jesus name. Get behind us and under our feet, where you belong.
Father. these precious people have been forced to endure pure evil from the pit of hell, and I ask You to please intervene and in a way that only you can, protect them and stop this evil. Father, please pour out the entirety of Your wrath on these vile evil demonic terrorists, in Jesus name, pour Your wrath out on them now. Your Word says that You will bring good from every bad situation, Father i pray for that to happen and that You would quickly defeat this evil force that has taken over Afghanistan, just like you helped the Israelite people, thousands of years ago, defeat all the armies that wanted to destroy them. You, Father, defeated the enemies back then, that could have wiped out all of the israelite people, and I ask you to wipe out this evil group of terrorists, now Lord.
in Jesus name I pray

Catherine Seybold
August 22, 2021

Thank You, Father, for Your Loving kindness and tender mercies. Thank You for Your goodness and Grace. Thank You for Your faithfulness. Thank You that You are delivering Your people from unreasonable and wicked men. Thank You for help that comes from You. Their confidence is in You. Thank You for guiding them, directing them and protecting them. In Jesus name. Amen – 2 Thessalonians 3:2-5, Psalm 121:2, Psalm 33:4, 1 Thessalonians 5:24, Matthew 18:19

August 20, 2021

I believe one thing we must begin doing today immediately is to begin speaking those things that be not as though they were: Roman’s 4:17. (As it is written, I have made thee a FATHER of many nations,) before him whom he believed, even GOD, who quickened the dead, and calleth those things that be not as though they were. When GOD called Abraham a father of many nations, Abraham against hope believed in hope, that he might become the father of many nations. All of us are descended from Abraham, both believers and unbelievers. GOD is the same yesterday, today and forever! Let’s call Afghanistan free and the people protected! No matter what we hear or see!
Let’s call the taliban null and void in power! FATHER GOD we thank YOU for providing safety and a way of escape for all of YOUR children in Afghanistan! Today we believe in hope against hope no matter what it looks like that YOU are fighting this battle for those that are weak. Give YOUR children knowledge of witty inventions so they will know exactly what to do and when to do it just as YOU directed Joseph and Mary to protect them from the enemies of JESUS. Help us stay focused as we stand in the gap and make up the hedge so the enemy cannot go through, around, over or under our hedge of prayer in JESUS Name. Smite the enemy and deliver the people from harm. We claim salvations as miracles of deliverances are seen daily. We honor YOU and thank YOU for hearing this prayer in the Name of JESUS. Amen! Remember the WORD of GOD says we will have whatsoever we say so let’s call forth miracles both in Afghanistan and America!

August 20, 2021

Unimaginable EVIL has been loosed on the Afghan people! Hide these believers, under the shadow of your wings, Lord. Guide and direct them to places of safety and refuge. We pray for Your hedge of protection over the children, the women and men. We pray for supernatural miracles to happen on their behalf, Lord. Make a way for them where seems to be no way, Father. Send Your mighty warring angels to do battle for them, Father! We ask for Your mercy, Lord. Father, we lift up our eyes, Lord, unto You, from where their help, and our help, comes from, it comes from You Father, the Maker of heaven and earth! Thank You and Praise You, for what You are doing for our brothers and sisters in Christ! Nothing is impossible with You!

August 20, 2021

Lord, I ask that you would dispatch your hosts of angels over this entire Nation of Afghanistan. Let the fire of the living God fall over all the people who are in danger, lead them to safe places. May food and water be manifested miraculous to take care of their physicals needs. What was meant for evil will turn around for their good. We stand in faith that you will deliver them in Jesus name.

Susan CC
August 20, 2021

My heart is breaking for Afghanistan…I join in prayer with my brother and sisters across the globe in an appeal for mercy. Father God, maker of Heaven and earth, save these people, Your people. And to those evil men creating this terror, show them how “terrible it is to fall into the hands of the Living God.” It is dreadful, fearful, terrifying…show them, I ask in the Name of Jesus Christ. For Your people suffering, let them feel Your power and protection as they are held in the hands of the Living God. I pray in every ounce of conviction Father that you will rescue the suffering from the hands of the evil one. I pray in the Name of The Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ and in the Name of the Holy Spirit. Amen

August 20, 2021

Oh dear God. We thank you for your continued blessings. We know you are working in Afghanistan to deliver all your people from evil. Your promises will not be broken. They will be kept and even better days are ahead.
God, please save all your people from harm and bless them even during times of change.
Thank you for all we can’t see today. You never disappoint us God. We look to this day for great miracles and blessings.
We ask of this in the name of your wonderful son Jesus. Amen

August 20, 2021

I pray for sacrificial gifts of prayer and financial support for our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan; indeed for the overflow of the presence and love of Jesus Christ for the Afghan people. He starts with me. May His Church arise! May His Bride be found ready to receive her Groom. “Fleeing to the mountains” = Revelation.


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