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Father, we pray that You would stop The Satanic Temple. End their attacks on the unborn, God, and help them to see babies as You do.
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From LifeNews.com. The Satanic Temple isn’t just promoting the killing of unborn babies in abortions anymore. It’s actually killing them through a new “religious” abortion practice in New Mexico.

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On Wednesday, the satanic group launched a new “religious medical services arm,” TST Health, to begin doing abortions. The Satanic Temple believes aborting unborn babies is a religious “ritual” and compares it to communion or baptism for Christians.

The name of its first “telehealth” abortion practice doubles as a covert death wish to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, who wrote the decision that overturned Roe v. Wade last year.

The Samuel Alito’s Mom’s Satanic Abortion Clinic in New Mexico will offer abortion drugs to women ages 17 and up who are up to 11 weeks of pregnancy, according to Fox News. …

“In 1950, Samuel Alito’s mother did not have options, and look what happened,” said Malcolm Jarry, co-founder of The Satanic Temple, in a statement. “Prior to 1973, doctors who performed abortions could lose their licenses and go to jail. The clinic’s name serves to remind people just how important it is to have the right to control one’s body and the potential ramifications of losing that right.”

According to a press release from the group, “anyone in New Mexico seeking to perform The Satanic Temple’s abortion ritual will be able to receive free online medical services.”

Licensed medical workers will screen patients during a virtual appointment, and then prescribe abortion drugs through pharmacies that will mail them in “a discreet package,” the group said. …

The satanic group claims killing unborn babies in abortions is a religious ritual, and restricting it violates its “fundamental tenets,” according to an article on Glenn Beck’s website. …

Use these scriptures as you pray against what The Satanic Temple is doing:

Luke 8:17 – Expose the darkness in the light
Deuteronomy 31:8 – God goes before and with us
Mark 11:23 – Speak to the mountain
1 Chronicles 29:11 – God has the Victory, Power and Glory

How are you praying about this evil? Share your prayers and scriptures below.

(Excerpt from LifeNews.com. Photo Credit: Canva)

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February 17, 2023

Oh, Father Ancient of Days we humbly appeal in the name of your Son, Yeshua – the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Captain of the Hosts of Heaven, Righteous Judge of the heavens & earth, our Eternal High Priest of the Most High God (after the Order of Melchisedec), without father, without mother, without descent, having neither begining of days, nor end of life. (Hebrews 7 v 1-3)

Your Ecclesia boldy approach the Courts of Heaven (Yeshua and the Holy Spirit as our Advocate) for an immediate Restraining Order against satan and his diabolical plans orchestrasted through the wilfully deceived humans aka satanists et al. We ask that you would grant repentance to those humans who repent but to those who rebel and ‘double done’ that you show them as much mercy as they have shown the unborn.

We ask that You enforce satan’s cosmic defeat at the Cross as You declared ‘It is finished! and render immediate JUDGEMENT against Baal /Molech/ Satanism the diabolical forces behind the Abortion Industrial Complex and the BIG LIE that Abortion is a Woman’s Right that has been sold to the Women of the World.

We pray that YOU would remove the scales from the eyes of Women and the veil from off the Nations of the Earth.

We ask that YOU Arise like a Mighty Warrior and dressed for Battle to crush ‘principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in heavenly places’ and make a public spectacle of them and their unrepentant defiant human minions.

We ask that YOU to raise up a destroying wind against the altars of Baal and Molech (Jeremiah 51 v1) throughout USA and all Nations and put a final end to Child Sacrifice (Infanticide) in every Nation in the Earth!

We ask that YOU would take out every temple of satan in the earth by unconventional means just as YOU toppled the Tower of Bable, the Walls of Jericho and in our life time the Georgia Guide Stones!

Do it again our LORD GOD SABAOTH

the leader and commander of the armies of the nation, who “went forth with them” (Psalms 44:9) and led them to certain victory over the worshippers of Baal Chemosh, Molech, Ashtaroth and other false gods.

We pray this and more in YESHUA’S NAME

Pat M
February 15, 2023

Jesus! Confound YOUR enemy! Give us the courage to be YOUR voice in this wilderness of sin. We do not agree with any death culture but remember Jesus, that YOU died to save the lives of all mankind who choose to follow YOU. We remember YOUR divine intervention with earth at the tower of Babel and Sodom & Gomorrah and ask for YOUR divine assistance–even supernatural revival to turn hearts back to our life source–CREATOR of all the universe, the God of Love, who formed Adam from the earth and breathed YOUR life into him. Come Lord Jesus Come!

Anna Rechel
February 9, 2023

Thank you Lord for continually exposing evil. Thank you that evil cannot hide their evil deeds. We know Lord that You Kingdom is coming and Your Will will be here on earth as it is in heaven. All evil will be exposed and taken down by the Lord through the prayers and declarations of Your saints. So we Praise our Lord and Savior!!

February 7, 2023

This absolutely makes me sick. It is plain murder and evilness.

Kevin Williams
February 5, 2023

This is a prayer that I have been praying against the abortion industry since about 2008 or nine. It is from Job chapter five:
“he frustrates the devices of the crafty so that their hands cannot carry out their plans, he catches the wise in their own craftiness and the counsel of the cunning comes quickly upon their own heads. They meet with darkness in the daytime and grope at noon time as in the night but He saves the Needy from the sword, From the mouth of the mighty and from their hand so that the poor and afflicted have hope and injustice shut her mouth.” I pray this in the matchless and changeless name of Jesus Christ amen.

February 5, 2023

This entry is both comment and prayer! I have lived in beautiful New Mexico my whole life; both sets of my grandparents came to this state from Indiana and from Missouri just over 100 years ago. We have the oldest capital city in the USA, starting out as the capital city for all of New Spain — “Santa Fe,” which means “Holy Faith”! That capital city is also the highest capital city in the USA — at 7,000 feet above sea level! We are blessed in so many ways by the Lord in this state — the rich history = “His story”; the many cultures of our people living peacefully with each other; the richness that God put in and under the earth; the beautiful mountains, the high desert, the glorious blue sky, the perfect climate with 4 distinct seasons to enjoy, and so much more! This state has a Godly heritage with Judeo-Christian Roots! Please pray for our deliverance from the wicked in authority who have taken over our state government AND all those who represent us in Washington, D.C.! We are in bondage here under wicked power-hungry people who openly have “sold out to the devil” — and we are in grave danger in so many ways, including with our southern border that is wide open by order of the governor! It is the intent of these wicked rulers to make our state the “abortion capital of the world.” This latest news — the satanic temple now coming to our state to conduct freely and openly abortions as part of their “religious practices” is the “last straw” and the “death nail in the coffin” for my beloved home state. My city, county, and whole part of the state totally disagree with all that is happening in our state. Because of that, we have no voice/vote that counts anymore and are in great danger of persecution in many ways by these wicked in authority. For example, my city has been a “sanctuary city for the unborn” for many years — the state legislature is working on a bill right now that will take away any city’s (in this state) right to be pro-life and block abortions in their ‘”sanctuary city for the unborn.” Our freedoms are being destroyed in all ways possible, and I humbly ask for all of you to be praying for us, your brothers and sisters in the Lord, here in this state of New Mexico. Certainly, focus on what they are bringing here through this satanic temple — may it be “dead on arrival,” so it does not come at all! But enlarge your prayers to include everyone in this state to be freed from the wicked in authority over us — and soon! To God be all the Glory for our deliverance, as well as the deliverance for our beloved nation of the United States of America! Proclaim and Pray daily for our Liberty and Freedom to be restored throughout this entire Land — a Constitutional Republic that was founded on the Judeo-Christian Principles of our Faith and in Covenant with our God — the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob! In Jesus’ Holy Name I pray. Thank you for your prayers from across this nation for both our nation and for my beloved home state of New Mexico!

February 4, 2023

This literally makes me want to throw up. Shades of Rosemary’s Baby. Lord, please bring Your Overwhelming Presence to hinder this hideous practice. I praise and thank You for putting the Temple to death. Amen.

Patricia Hunter
February 4, 2023

By law they should be arrested for murder. Religious ritual can’t be compared to communion or baptism because neither of these two murder an innocent human being. Satan is a defeated foe, with no religion & with no satanic bible, no satanic health card nor satanic hospital. In the Name of Jesus we pray, Captain of the Host destroy before they murder any Child of God. Hallelujah! Almighty God! To God be All the Glory!!! 😩

Ronny Webb
February 4, 2023

The truth is, this is a religion as it was in OT times where they mutilated babies for sacrifices. Every life is special and needs protection.. Lord please protect the children in the womb. In JESUS NAME.

February 4, 2023

They say that the enemy always ‘tips & overplays his hand.” I think this is just what he has done! ha, ha, ha Christians have been saying this for years–what the bloodletting of our children is Really about, but ears were believing the lie that it had to do with a woman’s right to her body. And now, the enemy has made it Very Clear!! It is a Satanic Blood Ritual!! Not a right!! A Blood Ritual!! Show this to your unsaved friends, families & neighbors!! How deaf & blind could they continue to be?? Satan=evil A Satanic ritual=evil Abortion= satanic ritual Abortion=EVIL!!

Mary Buckley
February 4, 2023

!There is only one GOD. GOD always wins and delivers Truth and LOVE. GOD is LOVE forever!

February 4, 2023

Dear Abba Father send out angel armies Lord to defeat these evil demons. May the eyes of the wicked be opened and may they turn from their wicked ways. God is on the throne… Satan is defeated☝️☝️☝️ Use us Lord to spread the light and love of Jesus mightily in these last evil days in Jesus name Amen

February 4, 2023

Part comment, part prayer.
There are several satanic groups that have been granted IRS tax exempt status as religious organizations. May we find a way to get the IRS to reverse these gratings to satanic groups. [Their logic holds, in a perverse way, to allow human sacrifice rituals in the name of their religion. Which is ONE of the many reasons their IRS status needs to be reversed or overthrown.]
There is One Elohim. There are no other gods. It is an affront to the name of the One True God to allow any other group worshipping any other god (or satan) to be granted the same status as religious organizations that do intend to worship the One True Elohim.
May this nation return to the One True Elohim, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. May we throw down the evil altars of the idols (devils, satan, etc.).
We plead the blood of Yahshua Mashiach that evil is overthrown and that the will of YHWH is done on earth, in this nation, as in Heaven.

Grant Windholz
February 4, 2023

Always pray for the unborn who do not have a voice 🙏! No matter how wicked and evil this world becomes, NOTHING will ever defeat Lord God and his creations!!

Trudy Lapp
February 4, 2023

Praying The Lord would Raise Up more Intercessors, that Their hearts are so toward the unborn, Especially in light of the Anti-Christ’s’ new plan to decimate Our next generation! Jesus Is Still Lord of All. But, I Believe The Lord is wanting to take action in Our Prayer life! He Is Calling Us to Himself. And Saying Are You willing to Truly lay down Your life to Seek My Face , And Hear My voice, And Be My Voice in This dark world. And So Let Your Light Shine as Never Before. I Know He has spoken to Me., to go deeper. We All Must answer His Call And Be The Doers He asked Us to be in His Word, for Those that Don’t have a Voice. Thank You Lord,!

Christine LaPorte
February 4, 2023

This is extremely disturbing and just like the devil to deceive people into thinking this is acceptable as a religious ritual. I, of course, prayed against this heinous practice and will share this information with others.

February 4, 2023

Lord, we pray that Your supernatural presence would settle into the entire area surrounding the building and surrounding land. We pray that presence would carry with it conviction, love, the presence of forgiveness & hope. We pray that there would be Your presence would greet those women looking to abort their child & that it would cause women to change their mind. We pray that no matter how much those dedicated to satanism would try to convince & comfort women to go through with it… that their words would fall to the ground & that Your Holy spirit would reveal the deception to these people. Let the children inside the women cry out from the moment someone considers doing this. We pray there would be continuous violations of building codes that would not allow it to operate. Under Your watchful eye, let problems arise with the building that would not harm people but would be a continual stumbling block to operation.
Send your warriors from the area around to “help save the children going to slaughter”. In Your holy name we pray.

February 4, 2023

Father God you will be done on Earth as it is in heaven you are Almighty all powerful you are in full charge thank you Father God

Sarah Williams
February 4, 2023

[email protected] I received this email from a friend and I’m so glad she sent it to me. I have a ministry called Making Life Disciples which partners with Care-net. I don’t know if my local Care-net knows about this atrocity but I’m going to pass it on to them. Please use my email to send me any further developments on this situation. I greatly appreciate it and thank you for what you do.

February 4, 2023

I pray that the Satanic will not get their way with their deception.

February 4, 2023

I live in New Mexico. I had no idea this was taking place. I will share this with my church. I and several others Interceed 3 times a week. It’s time to do more warfare.


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